Ireland Never

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“Bridgid Monaghan!”

I heard my name shouted as though it was the voice of God—or the devil himself—calling me and I dropped the plastic bag of groceries in surprise.

“Sean Healey?” I turned and there he was standing, bold as day in my small town in New York State. Him all the way from Ireland, and how on earth he found me after all these months I’ll never know.

“Bridgid,” he purred, and then the great handsome son of Adam swept his arms around me, his mouth went to my neck, no matter there might be people coming out of the market who might see us, and I felt one hand reach down to cup my arse under my skirt. They were familiar fingers as were his lips, as though this was a package sent to remind me of other times.

“Stop it, you lout,” I said, but without the force I’d intended to scald his ears. “I left because you were never going to give me a your heart. And now you’ve come after me! There’s always a part of you that goes wandering and pinching other girls that catch your fancy, or you’re out drinking with your boys and leaving me to wait by the window.” My anger and hurt welled up, that he could just dance back into my life like this.

“Bridgid, you foolish cunt, it’s always been you. I went crazy when you left the Bluestack Hills of County Clare for America. There were no other lasses.”

I looked up into those blue eyes of his, and remembered the Croaghgorms hills. But where was the truth and could I trust his honeyed words? I had spread my legs for Sean Healey, gave him my virginity and put my heart on the floor for him to step on. Could I let him walk over me again?

“Bridgid,” he whispered as an old man gaped at my backside and then at Sean’s fingers pulling up my skirt, “Bridgid, there’ll be no cobwebs hanging about your pussy. I’m sure you take it for exercise as regularly as you wash it. Now, let’s pop over to wherever you’re living and put on the kettle for some tea.”

That was a lie, of course, about taking my vagina out as though I were opening my pocketbook. ankara escort I had only done it once, when I was overcome with loneliness.

It wasn’t tea Sean wanted. It was a wee dram of whisky and a chance to stick his great dick up inside me…but those blue eyes brought back memories of when we were this close to being man and wife. And I had equally good memories of that cock which would choke a horse. This six-foot-tall hunk of man was the talk of our town back then. The other boys would marvel when they talked among themselves and the women would ask, “How does he manage to put it all inside you, Bridgid! Does it fit?”

A woman has to be elastic, I’d tell them, and so should her cunt be just as accommodating. And her heart, beating like a little bird in her chest? It too has to be elastic as a pair of knickers.

“And how are things back home?” I asked when we were settled.

“Would you perhaps have a little whisky and we’ll save the tea for later,” he replied. “Things are as well as you’d guess. Mary Elizabeth is going to have Patrick O’Fallon’s child. I dropped in to see your mother who told me where I might find you.”

“She didn’t! She promised…”

“But she knew I was true to my word that I was coming to make sure you were alright, and so she had your best interest at heart.” His hand stroked my leg, rising from the knee up my thighs and gripping it tightly. “Didn’t you miss me, even a little bit?”

And, truth, I did because he was the first man who’d ever satisfied me, from being a schoolgirl losing my virtue in the back of his little car to doing it in the hills while the heather was blooming and then in a great roar of passion when he chased me naked through McGinnis’s barn before throwing me down on a pile of hay and entering me—with my help—in an explosion of love that left me pregnant.

“Did I miss being knocked up, you careless man? And did I not weep for days over the miscarriage? That’s why I left Ireland.”

“I am so sorry, Bridgid, and it will never escort ankara happen again.” Then he was on top of me and we fell from the sofa to the floor. My knickers were off and my new skirt was up to my waist as he drove his great strong rod up into me. I bit his neck against the pain of his thrust, but the struggle for entrance was over in a second and he was buried up in my pussy and near to banging my womb like a child poking through your closet to see what excitement was hidden.

“Oh, Sean, do it gently this time,” I cried and felt a nod that he would. But men never listen once they’ve conquered that most precious opening between your legs. His hands around the small of my back pushed my body up to meet each of his thrusts and, yes, I was willing to take all of that sword of pleasure into me even if it ruptured my heart.

His assault grew quicker, driving me across the floor till my head bumped a table, but the warmth in my loins grew with the magic of a climax I realized was moments away.

“Say it,” he grunted with each push. “Say you have the most marvelous cunt in the world.”

“Yes,” I shrieked. “I’ve waited for this minute.” We were both standing at the edge of a great cliff as my orgasm grew like a fuse burning toward the dynamite. Then the explosion went off in my body and I realized at the same time he was ejaculating great gobs of cum into my sad womb. Dear God, I prayed, don’t let me get knocked up again, but if he does I’ll always remember the pleasure.

Then the fire went out and his weight slowly sank down on my tired body. He rolled us over to the side and stroked my breasts. “Ah, Bridgid, I’ve missed putting those beautiful titties into my mouth and sucking like a baby. Don’t run away again, my darling.”

The tears came to my eyes unbidden. “Don’t give me cause, Sean Healey. Don’t break my heart again.”

“Here’s how I’ll seal the bargain,” he said, and I felt his rod getting harder. He pushed back deeper inside me, rolled me onto my back and raised my knees ankara escort bayan over his shoulders. The man was like a pile driver, pushing himself back into me and going deeper than before with my legs kicking in the air. I couldn’t not respond, feeling the orgasm growing in my stomach and breasts, knowing the tide was rising again and I would skyrocket into Heaven. This time it was my cry that rose from my throat and my nails that dug deeply into his arse. “Now, now, now!”

I was covered with sweat as though I’d come in out of a spring rain, and my clothes were all a tangled mess. I’d not been fucked like this—twice in fifteen minutes—since I’d left the old country.

“Now tell me you love me,” I said softly.

“I love you, Bridget Monaghan, and will not leave you the way you left me.”


“Not so, little bird. Now, I have to run out for cigarettes before the stores close, so let me up to go wash off.”

He slowly drew his great pike out of my sheath, gave me a kiss on the lips and said, “Stay just like that and I’ll be back for another go in half an hour.”

I lay on the carpet like that, knowing Sean’s half hours always stretched when something caught his eye or a bar door beckoned. Finally, I closed my legs and washed as much of his seed out of my body and scrubbed down my legs. Returning to the living room I realized Sean had forgotten his mobile phone so I couldn’t call him, even to say “I love you.” I’d forgotten to tell him that all was forgiven.

Picking up the phone, I opened his messages in curiosity. In horror I saw Mary Elizabeth’s name. “Don’t be gone long, cos I’m waiting and the children are asking after you.”

Mary Elizabeth, my childhood friend, had come to America with Sean. With their children. I dropped the mobile and fell to the floor wanting to die. Or wanting to kill Sean. Or do both. With tears spilling down my cheeks I put on new clothes and began walking to the church. Perhaps someone was at home there who could listen.

Time is a tide whose currents drew me from Ireland to a new world, but as I was dashed against the rocks of America I realized the new is truly an ancient story of betrayal, hope, and realization that there will never be a calm eddy to rest.

# # #

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