It Was a Cold Damp Evening

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It was a cold, damp, evening when Jessie came home from work. Rain had been falling most of the day, and she couldn’t wait to get inside the house where she knew it was warm. It was Friday night, and work had been awful all week. This seemed like the appropriate weather for a long gloomy week. All she could think about was her date with her best friend Allie. They had become best friends in high school, and after Jessie’s divorce, they had come to rely upon each other even more.

Allie had called on Wednesday and suggested they go out tonight and see a movie and grab dinner. Allie knew Jessie was having a difficult and long week at work, and a little down time was just what she needed. Nothing fancy, just a fun movie, pizza and drinks at the local bar.

Jessie put down her briefcase, kicked off her shoes, and went straight to the answering machine. It was routine with her, there always seemed to be a message about a crisis somewhere that she would have to take care of immediately. Alas, as she got closer, she could see the light flashing. “What now,” she said out loud.

“Hey kid! It’s Allie!” Jessie could hear a lot of voices in the background. “I’m on my way to St. Louis. They need me to be there by morning. I’m sorry about having to cancel on you at such short notice, but go see the movie and get out for a while. You know it will do you good. And you never know who or what you will find out there!” Jessie could hear her friend laugh as she said it. “My plane leaves in 30 minutes. I will call you tomorrow and we can talk about your night. Don’t stay home! You need to get out some, and who knows, maybe with your good looking friend not there, you may just get lucky! Be good Jess. I will call tomorrow. Love you . . . bye.”

Jessie was still laughing at her friend when the tape stopped. Allie always teased her about her looks. Jessie was a beautiful woman. She never had a problem turning men’s heads. She was intelligent, witty, and she could hold a conversation with anyone and make them feel as if they were old friends. Allie was never jealous of her friend, she just watched in awe of how people reacted to her. Allie knew they were always looking at Jessie. How could they not? With her striking auburn hair, blue eyes, long legs that seemed to go on forever, and a slender frame… she was a stunning beauty. She looked years younger then her true age, and worked out to keep her lithe form.

Jessie really had been looking forward to the movie with her friend. She could use a good laugh, and her heart was set on the pizza too. She could live off of pizza. She always thought that pizza should have its own food group. “Oh well,” she thought out loud. She really didn’t want to go alone. It just didn’t feel right.

Jessie headed down the hallway toward her bedroom. She took off her jacket and threw it on the bed. A nice hot bath to warm up was all she could think of now. Her skin was still cold from the night air. She walked into the bathroom, and began to run water into the tub. After the water was the right temperature, she added her favorite scented sea salt, and began to get undressed. She looked at herself in the mirror as she unbuttoned her white linen blouse. Her breasts were small, but still firm. She ran her hands under the straps of her white lace bra, and slid them down her arms.

Her black skirt was off quickly and she stood there admiring her slender form in the mirror. Her black thigh highs and black lace panties were all she had left on. She looked good in black. It always gave her a powerful, yet extremely sexy feeling. She looked for another minute, admiring the form she saw in the mirror, then finished slipping out of her clothing.

The water felt warm and inviting, and the scent of the bath salts wafted thru the air. She closed her eyes as she settled against the back of the tub. She scooped up some water in her hand and slowly released its warmth down her neck and over her breasts. She felt every sensation of the water caressing her body. As she lay there moving the water across her body, she was reminded of how long it had been since she had been caressed by a man’s hands.

After her divorce, she had gone out on very few dates. She worked 55-60 hours a week, and found it easier to just ignore the intimate touch, then to have to get out into the dating pool again. She hated it when she was young, and now it didn’t seem to be any easier. Yes, men were interested in her, but to trust a man again was something she just didn’t think she was ready to do.

Her thoughts slipped away to the last man she had spent the night with. His name was Lance. They had known each other for a few years thru work, and he had asked her out for dinner after a late night meeting. They got along well, had a lot in common, but she didn’t want to get into a long term relationship at the time. She cut it off after a few weeks, and more then one night of heated sex. “Now. He was good!” she giggled to herself.

The more she thought of him street blowjobs porno and how he stimulated her body, the more she was getting aroused. Her hands moved slowly over her breasts, her nipples already hardened by the thoughts stirred up inside her. She began rolling her nipples between her fingers, the sensations evoking an excitement in her. Her body was becoming more aroused as she slipped her hand under the warm water to her sex. Her clit was swollen and sensitive to the touch. Her fingers deftly swirled around her folds, and over her clit. She lightly slipped a finger in and out of her, keeping up the stimulation on her clit with her other fingers. She massaged her clit, increasing the pace as she brought herself closer to climax. With one final plunge of her fingers into her slit, a wave of joyous ecstacy consumed her body.

She lay there in the warmth of the water, satisfied and sedated. She needed that release. It had been a while, and as she regained her composure, she knew it had been too long since she had felt the pleasure of a good orgasm.

She finished her bath, and stepped out of the tub. She finished drying herself off as she walked to her closet. She thought about going to see the movie, but instead wanted to save that for when her friend got back to town. However, the pizza still sounded good, and the bar that served it was a place she had been many times before. The owners knew her, and would not think anything of her being there alone. They had tried on many occasions to set her up after her divorce.

She grabbed a pair of jeans out of the closet, threw on a black turtleneck sweater that hugged her curves and accentuated her long neck. She checked her makeup, put on some lipstick, and brushed her shoulder length hair. “Good enough” she said to herself. She wasn’t going out to pick someone up. She thought just a quick drink, a hot pizza, and maybe some friendly conversation with the other patrons.

She grabbed her black leather jacket and car keys and headed out the door. She always had a pager and a cell phone she left in the car, so if she was needed, she could quickly answer. She eased herself behind the steering wheel. The cold leather seats sent chills thru her body. The engine revved and she headed out the driveway. The bar wasn’t far from the house, and within minutes she was pulling into the parking lot.

She entered the door and immediately saw the smiling face of the owner. Jerry had known Jessie since he had taken over the place five years ago. She was one of his favorite customers, and she came into the bar at least once a week, when she was not out to town on business. Jessie didn’t drink much, sometimes she only wanted her “pizza fix.”

“Hey, Jessie!” Jerry said. “What’s it been? A week?”

She laughed at his joke. “No. As a matter of fact, I was here six nights ago, if you want to be technical about it!” she quipped back.

“Well should I tell James you want your usual? Or are you going with something special tonight?” Jerry liked to tease her about her fondness of her favorite food.

” I guess my usual will be fine. I was supposed to meet Allie here, but she is on her way to St. Louis. Make it a medium. I can take the rest home and have it for breakfast!”

“All right.” He said with a chuckle. “You want a table or do you want to sit at the bar?”

“What do you have on the t.v. tonight? Any football games on?” she replied.

“Yeah, I think there is one. Let me put in your order and see what I can find. Then I get you something to wash down your dinner with.” With that said, Jerry was off to the kitchen.

She took a seat at the bar, across from one of the t.v. sets he had playing. She took off her jacket and put it on the back of the bar stool. She didn’t mind sitting at the bar. The chairs were comfortable, and she could watch the t.v. and talk to Jerry occasionally.

She looked around the bar to see if there was anyone there that she knew. No one she recognized was there. Jerry came back, went behind the bar, and grabbed the remote.

“I think the game is on channel six,” he said as he handed her the remote. “If not, try channel eight. If that is not to your liking, you have the remote, put on anything you like. Now, what can I get you to drink?”

” I guess a glass of wine. What goes with pizza?” she laughed. She knew he would get her a glass of Merlot. She liked a strong, full-bodied wine.

” For you my dear, everything goes with pizza! I am guessing, though, that Merlot would be fine for you tonight!”

“Why not!” she continued to chuckle.

He brought her the glass and walked off to seat a couple that had just walked in. She watched as the couple was set at the table across the room. Jessie remembered when she was part of a couple. It seemed like forever ago, but it had only been a year. They were laughing and holding hands. Oh, how she longed for those days again.

She turned her attention back student sex parties porno to the t.v. and settled herself back in the chair. There was a football game on, and it was one of her favorite teams. She knew football. There was no aspect of the game she could not converse about. She grew up watching from the sidelines as her father coached the local high school team. On Sundays, professional football was on the t.v. as her father and his brothers gathered at the house. She had, on more then one occasion, let her emotions over the game fly from her mouth in the bar. She could make a sailor blush if she got riled enough. Good looking yes, but she was no Barbie Doll.

She got engrossed in the game, so much so, that she didn’t see him come in.

Jerry started to laugh, and that brought her out of the intense stare she had on the screen. She looked in his direction and saw Jerry talking to a gentleman by the door. They were animated in their talk and body language. He then turned, and she recognized him. It was Jerry’s brother Jeff. He was a handsome man. Deep blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, and she guessed about 5’11” tall. He was well built with broad shoulders, and as she could see before he turned around, a great ass. He was casually dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt.

She watched as Jerry came back around the bar. Jeff took a seat about four chairs away from her. She couldn’t get her eyes off of him, until Jerry asked her if she wanted another glass of wine. Jeff looked in her direction as he sat down. He smiled a warm smile, and told his brother he would take a beer when he had a chance.

Jerry brought her another glass, and set the beer in front of Jeff. He could see that they had caught each others eye, and figured he would help out the situation by introducing them.

“Jessie, this is my brother Jeff. Jeff, this is Jessie. Jessie, if you have any problems with him, I am telling you now, you have my permission to throw him out.”

They all chuckled in amusement.

“Now I don’t think it will come to that,” she said. “But if he gets to talk badly about my football team, we may just have a problem!”

” You like football?” he asked.

” I grew up with it,” she answered back.

“Wow, beautiful and a football fan. What more could a guy ask for?” He was teasing her now, but it just made her that much more interested.

” Well, I also know about auto racing. Does that do anything for you?” She was teasing him right back.

” Well, let see…… yes?” he was laughing with her now. ” I think it does! But, do you know anything about jell-O wrestling? Because if you say you do, I am not sure I will believe you.”

” Let’s see . . . ” her voice trailed off for a brief moment as she looked up, pretending she was thinking very hard about that question. She touched her lips with the tip of her finger, looked at him and said, “I don’t think I have ever seen that before. I could be mistaken, but I am quite sure . . . yes, almost positive that I haven’t seen that.”

Her delivery was flawless, and he laughed at how well she presented her answer. Her touching her lip was a nice touch, and something that hadn’t gone unnoticed. He looked one more time at her beautiful full red lips and then tried to compose himself enough to talk again.

” Miss Jessie. Your pizza.”Jerry said as he put the pie in front of her.

” Ah. Thank you my dear Jerry. You have saved my life for yet one more week!”

” Jeff,” Jerry turned and addressed his brother. ” Miss Jessie and I have been having an affair every week for almost five years now. She says I give her everything she said she wants out of life. And this, is all she wants.” He pointed to the pizza pie sitting between the two of them.

“Yeah . . . yeah . . . I know. I guess I could go somewhere else and miss seeing you every other week, but you’re the best there is out there.” She grabbed his hand and began to caress it gently, teasing him like a lover.

” Stop that! You are such a flirt! Wait! What am I saying? Go ahead!” They were all in a full bellied laugh then. Jerry was still chuckling when he walked back toward the kitchen.

“Are you going to eat all of that?” Jeff asked with a playful tone in his voice.

” Actually, no, I didn’t plan on it, but the night is young, you never know! I am willing to share, and with pizza, I normally don’t do that. Would you like some?” She slid the pizza in his direction.

” Well I know the owner, and I was just going to have him make me one, but, how about we do this instead. Let me buy this one, we can eat it, and if you are still hungry after, I’ll let you buy the next one.” He wanted to continue his conversation with her, and the thought of sharing drinks and the pizza was a good start.

” Thank you. Your sweet, but let me warn you, if you cross the middle line of this pizza and eat more then your half, you’re in deep!” She made a mock line submissive cuckolds porno across the middle of the pizza with her finger. With that they began to eat away at not only the pizza, but at the distance that strangers have when they first meet.

Conversations ranged from sports to politics, to jobs, family and relationships. He had been divorced from his wife for two years, and had one daughter that was seven. He talked about his daughter with a gleam in his eye. You could tell that she was something very special to his heart.

The night flew by as they talked, and to get out of the way of the party crowd that had come in for Friday night drinks and food, Jerry told them they could move into one of the smaller private dining areas. They really enjoyed the conversation they were having, and neither wanted to stop what was happening. It was almost three in the morning when Jerry told them he was going to lock up. He handed his brother the keys, told them there was a fresh pot of coffee started in the back, and he set out a pastry to go along with it on the counter in the kitchen. He smiled sweetly at Jessie, and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“I don’t want to keep you from anything . . . ” Jessie’s voice trailed off as she looked at Jeff.

” Are you kidding? I have spent a most engaging night with a beautiful woman and you think I have something better to do?”

They had flirted with each other off and on all night. They were both very good at it, but she had such a sensual way with her body language that it had on more then one occasion driven him to discomfort. He didn’t want this night to end any more then she did. It didn’t matter the time, neither one had paid attention to it all evening.

“Let’s see if that coffee is done.” He offered his hand out to her, and led her into the kitchen. The desert Jerry had set out was a puffed pastry with whipped cream and strawberries. It looked sinfully decadent. Jeff poured the coffee and asked if she wanted anything in it. She shook her head no. She had drunk her coffee black since she was in her teens. He added a little cream to his coffee and then came over and stood next to her. He looked down at that wonderful desert.

“Now this could get us into trouble.” He smiled and winked at her as he said it. She set two plates down on the counter, and he began to slice slowly into it. He dished out one portion and handed it to her with a fork. He picked up the plate that had the remaining desert on it and began to walk off. They both started to laugh.

“I told you. This could get us into trouble.”

They walked back to the main dining room and sat down in a booth toward the back of the restaurant area. They began to eat their desert and chatter on about life issues. He watched as she put each bite into her mouth. She would gently wrap her lips around the fork and slowly draw it out. She knew she was exaggerating the movement some, and she liked teasing him. Never so much had he wanted to be a food utensil.

They slowly made their way through the desert, talking and laughing and enjoying each others company as each minute passed. He loved the way she smiled, how her perfume would occasionally pass his senses, how her eyes twinkled. He had an urge to kiss her all night, to taste those luscious full lips upon his own. He had tried to put it in the back of his mind for hours now, but he couldn’t resist much longer.

She had paused in her conversation with him when he reached over and touched her hand gently.

” I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with you tonight. From the moment my brother introduced me to you, you have captivated me, first by your looks, then by your wit and intellect. Every second has been an absolute pleasure.” He looked deep into her eyes as he continued. ” I know we have just met, and I don’t want to scare you away, but I have had the urge to kiss you all night.”

She looked back into his eyes. He had made her moist on more then one occasion that night too. She had thought about his kiss, his hands upon her body. Her mind had wondered more then once that night to how it would feel to be close to him.

” I have thought about that too, Jeff.”

With that, she slid her coffee cup to the side and leaned closer to him. His hand gently touched her cheek as their lips met. His warm lips against hers shot electricity through to her inner core. The kisses started soft and gentle, and as their passion began to build, his hands began to sweep through her hair to the back of her neck to pull her closer. He stopped kissing her long enough to pull back, look into her eyes, and tell her how wonderful he thought she really was.

He stood up, held out his hand to her, and lifted her up to her feet. She looked into his eyes again, lustfully wanting him closer, feeling his kisses on her lips.

He wanted her so desperately, and he could feel his cock growing, causing a strain against the fabric of his pants.. Reaching around to the small of her back, he pulled her close. They began to kiss with a passion that not only excited and stimulated them both, but that signaled this was not going to be the end of the dance. Their hands continued to explore each others bodies. The warmth of his touch across her back, feeling it move down to her waist and over to her buttocks.

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