Italian Art

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I hope you like this brand new one! I’ve always wanted to try this! Enjoy!

It’s late afternoon as Rachel finishes setting up for tonight’s session. She takes a quick inventory and waits for Vicente’ to arrive. Plenty of paint, brushes and canvas. “Let’s hope this goes well,” she tells herself.

She saw him in the bookstore and knew he would be perfect for this project. He was so gorgeous standing there thumbing through a book. She had to ask him. She couldn’t believe it when she spoke to him and he returned her greeting in a heavy Italian accent. “I must have looked like a complete idiot.” she thinks. She stood there staring at him for what seemed like forever before she could even get her name out.

He grinned mockingly as he introduced himself, his full, luscious lips turning up at the corners. His features are classic Italian, dark hazel eyes so large you could drown in them, a strong, not too roman nose and a bit of sexy stubble across his chin. She had never seen such a good-looking man in person. She thinks about that long, curly mane of black hair and what it will look like freed from the band holding it.

Her hands shake as the time nears for his arrival. She occupies herself with raising the shades to get a good view of the setting sun. The light warms the loft with hues of orange and pink and the shears move gently with the breeze.

The light is perfect. “I just hope he doesn’t mind being painted in the nude.” She thinks she probably should have mentioned that while they had coffee but she didn’t want to scare him off. His body looks fabulous under his clothes, lean and toned. He has no reason to be shy. He is very tall though and she hopes that won’t be a problem. He is at least 6’3″.

Rachel’s heart skips a beat as the doorbell rings. “Calm down” she thinks to herself. “A man that gorgeous has to be gay”.

Nervously she opens the door to find him standing there with that same slanted smile. Her cheeks blush lightly as he says hello with a very teasing look in his eyes. It’s like he can read her mind and the room suddenly feels too warm.

Vicente’ ducks his head to get through the door and she realizes he is even taller than she thought. He looks incredibly sexy in a black turtleneck and leather jacket. His tight jeans show off lean, muscular legs.

“Have a seat and get comfortable” she says when she manages to find her voice. His eyes never leave her while she pours them some Merlot. The two engage in light conversation as they sip the wine. His eyes reach into her the entire time and hold her captive. Vicente’ leans forward and touches a light brown curl; He gently slides the back of his fingers down the side of her face.

” You are very beautiful,” he says and he kisses her tricky masseur porno softly.” So do you really want to paint me? Or did you just want to get me in bed?” Well at least now she knows he’s not gay.

She explains to him that she would like to paint him and what exactly she wants him to do. He grins slyly at her. “After that we’ll just do whatever feels right.”

He laughs when she takes his hand and shows him to her studio, which is just the other side of the loft hidden by a divider. He tells her how much he loves her place as he begins to remove his clothing. She admires his olive complexion while she mixes the paints.

His body is long and lean but not overly muscular. He has the build of a runner. She asks if he runs and he tells her that he plays soccer. His abs flex into hard ripples as he bends to pull off his boots. Off come the jeans, revealing hard-muscled, long legs and a half erect penis which looks to be as long as the rest of him. He seems completely relaxed about standing in front of her nude. She approaches him and his eyes burn into hers.

Rachel had always wanted to do a project like this and the fact that he is so attracted to her is a wonderful bonus! She asks him to move to the center of the room where the light hits his body perfectly. She comes to him and takes his hair down. He shakes it out and thick black curls tumble over his shoulders. She arranges it so that the curls frame his face.

She saturates her brush with yellow paint and brushes it on the bridge of his nose; he crinkles his nose at the creamy wetness. “Try to be still you’ll make it run” she giggles.

He smiles and gives a little chuckle. She notices the slight dimples and dabs a bit of olive green in them. She paints his strong jaw and his cheeks, across his forehead, his eyes studying her. She then begins to feather some hot red onto the soft curls around his face, then some purple highlights.

He trembles as the brush sweeps across a tight nipple and he begins to laugh and steps back. “I can’t stand that, it tickles.” He pushes her hand away each time the brush comes near. She can tell he is very ticklish.

“We have to get this done before the paint dries! I’ll just use my hands.” He agrees and her fingers reach for the orange, she coats his chest with a firm touch so as not to tickle him too much.

They both begin to breath heavily as she runs her hands over his body feeling every crease and crevice. Soft, wet hands move down strong arms and over the tops of his fingers. Different shades of pinks and peaches smooth easily over his hard abdomen making his six-pack stand out. He is really trembling now as her hands apply shades of blue to the large muscles of his legs.

She türbanlı porno can’t help but notice he is now fully erect, his cock points straight up to the ceiling. Now it’s his turn to blush! He looks down with those large eyes and shrugs his shoulders.

“This is perfect,” she tells him. She mixes some paint in a hot red color and puts a tiny bit on, making sure it doesn’t sting. He seems to be enjoying the process so she continues rubbing the slimy mixture on his stiff cock. She can’t believe how long it is and she imagines how good it would feel inside her.

He looks magnificent, the perfect work of art. She snaps a few photos quickly and then brings over the large canvas. Vicente’ wonders how much more of this he can endure before he ‘makes a mess’ of her painting.

She spritzes his body to rewet the paint. He is so tall she must stand on a stool to press the canvas gently to his face. He feels her hands molding canvas to capture every bit of color. She takes the canvas away from his face and he takes a deep breath. All this is unbearably arousing her. He can see it in her eyes when they meet his. Rachel begins pressing the canvas to his body moving down from her perch. It proves to be a difficult task because she can’t press firmly enough to soak the canvas.

He can see her frustration; he is feeling the same way but for a different reason. She touches his erection and that’s all that he can take of this slow torture.

Vicente’ lifts her and holds her tightly against his body pressing his lips to her, thrusting his tongue in to take possession of her hot mouth. Wrapping her legs around his back she returns his kiss with the same aggression. Strong arms hold her as they move to the floor. Their hips thrust together with the canvas still between them. He rolls her over on top of him, grabs the side of her face and kisses her possessively. “I want you now” is whispered in her ear while he rips her blouse off.

He sits her up and long fingers cup her perky breasts then in one swift movement he lifts her to her feet and stands, the canvas falling away. Carefully he picks it up and lays it across the easel.

“Now it is my turn,” he says. He fills his hands with paint and squishes the wet paint onto her breasts and rubs it in. The cool, creamy paint sliding over her skin is such a sensual feeling she is ready to burst. He holds her chin up to see the almost violet eyes blazing into his. “See what you have been doing to me?” He pulls her close and runs his fingers through her hair.

One more impassioned kiss and he pulls her jeans off, then rips the red lace panties from her body. Large hands caress her thin, firm body. Feverish kisses spread over her neck and body. türk porno He grabs her ass and lifts her once again, this time no barrier lies between them.

Paints spill over and brushes click and bounce on the floor when he carries her over to the wall. She is held captive against the hard wall when he at last thrusts that hard pole inside her. Her pussy is so wet and ready he slides in easily, she almost comes with that first thrust. He pounds into her, thrusting deeper inside with each stroke.

He looks like a savage with the remnants of paint all over, his body dripping with sweat. The sweat turns his curls into tight ringlets. She runs her hands through that luscious hair and thrusts her body downwards meeting his strokes with the same force. Her pussy tightens around him again and again in waves of rapture. His mouth finds a hard nipple and he sucks it hungrily as her orgasm subsides.

He is ready to explode himself; it’s taken everything he had to hold out this long. He wants that pretty little ass. He lowers her to the floor and whips her body around. Hands cup her breasts and he kisses her neck, biting gently.

“I want to fuck your ass, cara” his sexy accent whispers in her ear.

She obeys and bends at the waist, she feels his fingers thrust inside her pussy. She is dripping wet in anticipation. One finger, then two probe that tight asshole, he fingers her clit while he works his fingers in and out getting her ready to take him. He grabs her; using her hips for handles he pumps her pussy a few times. Then he slowly pushes into that tight hole, just the head at first with small strokes.

She loves feeling her ass opened wide by that big dick. Her fingers work like mad on her swollen clit and he slides all the way inside her. His long cock goes deep, hitting that perfect spot that makes her crazy.

The sound of their bodies slapping together fills the room. He pounds her ass with increasing speed and she backs into every thrust. He grabs her shoulders and rams hard into her, he groans and she feels hot cum squirt deep in her ass. The sensation makes her orgasm again; her hot cunt tightens entrapping him until the last contractions fade away.

She stands and he caresses her body while kissing her soft, white shoulders. She turns to be held tightly and they lay on the floor, their energy completely drained. They lay together, her head on his shoulder until the morning sun shines in and wakes them. He kisses her forehead and they untangle stiff limbs to get up.

Loud, boisterous laughter echoes through the room as they both realize they are covered in paint. “I hope that painting looks better than we do.” Vicente’ laughs. They both go over to take a look.

Rachel squeals with delight when she sees it. “It came out great! Look how the colors mixed, you can just feel the heat.” They admire their masterpiece for a few minutes before she leads him to the shower. “I think I’ll call it ecstasy in motion” she tells him and kisses his cheek.

Janna Covington

© 2004

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