It’s a Date

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All that could be heard in the small office was the clicking of the keyboard as Kyle typed. He wore the typical slacks and button down shirt usually required in the business casual environment. Kyle was 28 years old, had light brown hair, a close cropped beard, and striking green eyes. He was the only in-house accountant at the company and often ended up buried in monotonous work. Letting out a breath, he glanced at the clock on the wall, frustrated that only another few minutes had passed since he last looked.

Kyle returned to the spreadsheet on his computer and continued working for several more minutes. He calculated costs and filled out paperwork to be faxed, and otherwise handled the companies finances. Despite his boredom, Kyle quickly got lost in his work and almost didn’t notice when his phone vibrated on his desk. Looking down at his phone, Kyle smiled as soon as he realized who had messaged him.

Janie: Just walked by your office, you looked bored! :p

Kyle smiled as he replied: I could be with you and instead I’m stuck here, so yeah; bored. :p Unless you wanna fool around at the office? 😉

Janie: Would you like that? 😉

Kyle: Bending you over my desk? Yeah, I’d be okay with that, babe.

Janie: So, giving you head under your desk is out? 😉

Kyle shifted his slacks in an attempt to hide his growing bulge as he imagined this. He figured Janie would never go through with something so bold, but he was definitely open to some sexting at work.

Kyle: Mmm, I’d push you to your knees and slip my cock into your mouth.

“Oh, you would?” came a sweet sounding female voice.

Kyle jumped and dropped his phone, looking toward his office door for the source of the voice. Leaning against the frame of his partially open door was a stunning brunette.

Janie was 27 years old and stood at a cute 5’4″ tall. She had bright, expressive green eyes and light brown hair that fell to her lower back. Kyle smiled at her, finding everything about this woman from her appearance to her personality incredibly attractive. It didn’t hurt that she had the cutest smirk on her face, her kissable lips looking even more inviting. Janie had only worked in the HR department of his company for about six months, but the two instantly hit it off and formed a close friendship in that brief time.

“Yes, I would.” Kyle replied. “I was hoping for a sexy chat.” he winked at her.

“Really, Kyle? At work?” Janie said as she slipped into his office. Closing the door, she leaned against it and smiled. She leaned against the door and smiled at him. Janie was wearing a pair of jeans and a conservative purple top that, while it didn’t show any cleavage, it wasn’t loose enough to hide her D-cup breasts. While admiring her, Kyle felt a flare of jealousy that HR was allowed to wear casual clothing.

“Well, the last time we did that you got so wet you had to rush to the bathroom and wipe yourself.” Kyle teased.

Janie laughed, scrunching her nose. The gesture made Kyle smile at her, he liked the sound of her laugh and the cute way she scrunched her nose.

“Tonight? After work.” Kyle asked, smirking suggestively.

Janie grinned mischievously and walked toward his desk “I might be able to make time for you.” she whispered in her cute voice.

“It’s a date.” Kyle smiled before looking at her curiously as she circled his desk. He turned his chair to face her. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“This.” Janie stated simply, placing a hand on each arm of his chair as she leaned down and kissed his lips. Her light brown hair framed her face as she broke their kiss and kissed along his cheek until she reached his ear. “I can’t wait until tonight.” she whispered in his ear before lightly nibbling on his earlobe.

Kyle’s eyes flicked to his door, grateful it was closed and the curtains were pulled shut, but still afraid someone could walk in. Janie’s hand reached lower massaging his bulge from outside his pants. “You’re crazy.” He whispered, giving a nervous chuckle.

Janie sat in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him again. Kyle buried a hand in her hair, her soft locks entwined in his fingers as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. The two of them began grinding as they made out passionately. She could feel her pussy getting wet as her crotch ground against him. Kyle’s hand squeezed one of her tits from outside her shirt, eliciting a soft moan. His hand at her hair held her head close and his other hand slipped lower to squeeze her ass. One of Janie’s hands buried in his hair as her body pressed tightly against his.

After a few minutes making out and grinding, Janie pulled away slightly and teasingly asked “How’s work, babe?” Without waiting for him to answer, she pulled his head to her lips, pecking him once before pulling away again and looking into his eyes.

Kyle smiled at her, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear with one hand “Eh. Trying not to think about the gorgeous lady grinding in my lap.”

“But I like grinding on it!” Janie winked ankara escort as she pressed her crotch down on his bulge, making him groan.

Kyle pinched her butt playfully “And it feels so good.” he replied, his other hand leaving her hair and running along her side, lightly caressing, exploring her body.

Instead of responding with words, Janie kept herself straddled on his lap, gently rocking and grinding as his hand on her butt helped her move. Kyle’s other hand pushed her shirt up slightly, caressing the bare skin of her side. Two pairs of green eyes met as Janie leaned forward, kissing him again and nibbling on his lower lip.

Janie continued grinding on his crotch, feeling how hard he was making her even wetter, her panties soaked. She kissed along his cheek, to his ear as she whispered “I know you’ve always wanted me to go down on you in the office.”

Kyle squeezed Janie’s ass, his other hand sliding further up her shirt to cup her large tit from outside her bra “We can’t do that here. Someone could walk in.”

Nibbling on his earlobe, Janie ran a hand down his chest seductively. “I want your cum.” she whispered in his ear. Janie knew her blowing him in his office would be a huge turn on; they had sexted about that particular fantasy several times. Janie always got hot knowing that she was fulfilling his fantasy and driving him crazy. Feeling how hard he was getting for her was making her pussy tingle and her nipples hard. She ground her crotch onto his bulge harder, moaning into his ear as he rubbed against her. Encouraged by her movements and words, Kyle’s hand slipped into her bra, cupping a firm tit.

Janie continued whispering in his ear, knowing she almost had him. “It really turns me on thinking about cum inside me.” Kyle groaned lustfully as Janie nibbled on his earlobe again. “Down my throat into my belly, being shot deep in my pussy.

“You want it now, babe?” Kyle asked, his voice thick with passion.

“Yes,” Janie said, grinding on him “I’m ruining these panties thinking about your cum on my face and down my throat.”

Hearing Janie whisper that flipped a switch in his head, making him give into his lust. “Get on your knees. Under the desk.” Kyle ordered, turning his chair so that it faced the desk. Janie grinned, her green eyes sparkling with lust as she slipped under the desk. Kyle quickly pushed the chair in slightly so no one could see anything if they came in unannounced. He was thankful the front of his desk ran almost to the floor, no one would be able to see Janie unless they got on the floor to peek under the desk.

Janie quickly got between his legs and unzipped his pants, freeing his thick cock. She stroked him in her hand, admiring the length before leaning down and kissing the tip. As she did, Kyle gasped, their eyes meeting as he looked down. His chair wasn’t all the way pushed in, so Janie’s head slightly peeked out from the edge of the desk, letting him see her pretty face.

“Put me in your mouth.” Kyle ordered, making Janie smile at him. Soon he could only see the top of her head as she lowered it to take him between her lips.

Kyle buried one hand in her long, thick hair as Janie’s head bobbed in his lap. He rested one hand on his keyboard, trying to pretend to work in case someone came in. Yet, as Janie licked back up to his tip and back down, while stroking him, Kyle gave up trying to work and just focused on the pleasure she was giving him. Removing his hand from the keyboard, Kyle reached down to squeeze one of Janie’s swollen tits, making her moan around his shaft.

Removing him from her mouth, Janie began stroking his length with one hand as she leaned down to take one of his balls in her mouth, lightly sucking on it.

“Oh, fuck!” Kyle moaned, burying his other hand in her hair.

With both of his hands on her head now, Janie kissed back up his length, taking him between her soft lips again. One of her hands massaged the inside of his thighs as she took him into the back of her throat. Kyle’s hips involuntarily arched up, burying his entire length in Janie’s throat. She moaned around his length, continuing to suck him. Kyle looked down, wanting to watch his cock disappear between her lips, but was only able to see the top of her head as it bobbed in his lap.

Gripping a handful of Janie’s hair, Kyle began guiding her head along his hard cock. Janie always liked getting face fucked and could feel her body responding to his actions. Reaching her hands down, Janie cupped one of her tits, squeezing it. Her nipples were, hard poking out slightly through even her bra. Her other hand started to rub the outside of her jeans while Kyle moved her head rapidly along the length of his cock, guiding her by the hair.

His breathing got heavier as Janie’s lips moved up and down him. Pre-cum leaked onto her tongue while he pushed her down his length. She could taste his pre-cum, urging her on, making her want more. Her hand pressed into the crotch of her jeans as the other squeezed her large tit. Kyle moved her head along his length escort ankara faster by the hair as she sucked. Janie gagged slightly, but kept sucking on him, loving the feel of him in her mouth. Kyle could tell how badly she wanted him to explode in her mouth, how badly she wanted to taste him.

Kyle tried not to cry out as his hands tightened in her hair and his hips bucked. Janie groaned in pleasure around his shaft as she felt him swell. His cock pulsed as warm, thick cum exploded from his tip and coated Janie’s mouth. Kyle kept Janie’s head pressed down on him, filling her mouth and throat with more cum “Don’t swallow!” he whispered, wanting her to show him. “Mmmhmm.” Janie moaned out around his cock as drops of white appeared at the corners of her lips. She pressed her hand into the crotch of her jeans, stimulating her clit as the last of his load leaked out onto her tongue.

When he came, Janie didn’t stop sucking, but instead kept taking him in and out of her mouth, his loosened grip letting her bob her head again. Kyle could feel his warm cum in her mouth as her tongue licked his tip and swirled his seed around her mouth. Janie continued teasing his sensitive tip until he couldn’t take it anymore. Gripping her by the hair, Kyle pulled Janie’s head off his cock, looking down into her eyes. “Show me.” he commanded.

Janie swirled her cum around with her tongue before opening her mouth, showing him how full it is with him. Kyle groaned as he watched Janie wiggle her tongue in the pool of cum “Do you wanna swallow?” he asked.

Keeping her mouth open to him, Janie simply nodded, her green eyes wide. Janie was so in control in her life, surrendering that control was a huge turn on for her. Her pussy was soaked for him. “Okay, swallow.” Kyle instructed.

Janie started to swallow before her lips were even closed. She cooed happily as his hot cum slid down her throat. When she opened her mouth to him again, only traces of his seed remained.

Kyle pushed his softening cock back into her open mouth for her to clean. “I’m going to fuck you.” he said. Janie nodded, looking up at him with need as she sucked his cock clean.

“Get me hard again.” Kyle ordered. Janie happily obliged, taking him back into her mouth, sucking on him and using all her oral talents to bring his cock back to full hardness.

Suddenly, a knock came at his door and one of the managers quickly walked in. Kyle froze, placing both hands on his desk and grateful that Janie was not visible. “Hey, Leslie. C-can I help you?” he asked, trying to keep his voice level.

“I just finished some paperwork for a large purchase and we’ll have a meeting on it in a few minutes. If you could check it over and then head to the meeting?” Leslie asked, placing the paperwork on his desk.

Kyle reached forward, taking the paperwork, trying not to act strange. It wasn’t easy to appear normal, since he currently had a gorgeous woman bobbing her head in his lap. Janie knew they weren’t alone, but kept sucking him, one hand massaging his balls as she worked to get him hard again. Having someone so close, but unaware of what she was doing, was turning Janie on. Her hand at her crotch had unbuttoned her jeans so she could reach in and run her fingers along her wet slit.

“Are you okay?” Leslie asked, looking at him.

“Y-yes, thank you,” Kyle replied as Janie took him deep into her throat “It’s just the heat.” he explained. “Is there anything else you need?” he asked.

“No, that will be all. Thank you.” Leslie said as she turned to leave, shutting the door behind her. She never noticed that Janie was beneath the desk, even as she pushed her fingers into her sopping pussy, her mouth full of Kyle’s cock.

“That was close.” Kyle said as Janie kept sucking on his rapidly hardening cock “I don’t think I’ll have time before the meeting to fuck you.” he said.

Instead of replying, Janie kept bobbing her head on him, rapidly taking his entire length between her lips and down her throat. Kyle knew he had to get back to work so he could make the meeting, but Janie’s mouth felt so good. Kyle returned his hands to her hair, pushing her down on his cock. Janie’s slight gag turned him on as he thrust his hips forward. She kept her mouth open for him to fuck, which he did, groaning as he hardened fully at the feel of her lips and tongue on him. Janie’s fingers were buried in her pussy as she enjoyed his face fucking. As she felt his cock grow in her mouth, on her tongue, down her throat, Janie circled her clit with her thumb. Her body shook as an orgasm washed over her. Janie’s body shook and quivered as little noises of pleasure escaped her lips. Kyle could feel her throat vibrate around his shaft as she came on her fingers, moaning loudly. His hips bucked again, making Janie gag as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

Kyle pulled Janie’s head back by the hair until only the tip of his cock was between her lips. He looked down at her, loving the sight of her lips stretched around him “Shit, babe. You keep this up and I’ll be cumming again.”

At ankara escort bayan his words, Janie made a noise of wanting around his cock, her lips tightening around his tip.

Kyle looked down at her, their eyes meeting “You want more cum, babe?” he asked, thinking he understood her meaning.

Janie’s eyes widened as she looked up at him. She gently nodded with his cock still in her mouth.

“Okay, I don’t have time to fuck you,” Kyle said “But if you keep sucking me, I’ll cum for you.”

He gripped her head tightly, pushing her all the way down on him until Janie’s lips pressed against his base. Janie breathed through her nose as he pushed him all the way down, making her gag. She opened her throat up to him and continued to suck as he told her, almost milking him. For a few minutes, Kyle kept Janie’s head on him, enjoying the feel of her tight throat squeezing him. His breathing got heavy as he began to swell “I’m about to cum!” he warned her.

The feel of his cock swelling in her mouth made Janie suck harder, knowing what would greet her. “Fuck!” Kyle groaned as cum burst from his tip and shot straight down her throat, into her stomach. Kyle could feel her throat contracting as she swallowed every drop of cum he had to offer. He groaned and released her head as the last few drops leaked out. Janie rubbed her pussy with her right hand as she gently sucked his tip and he reached a hand down to squeeze her tit.

Kyle was panting slightly as Janie crawled out from under his desk and stood up. He watched her button up her jeans before turning to him and wiping her lips with her left hand. A drop of cum had gathered on the tip of her finger, which she placed into her mouth, rolling her eyes up as she sucked it off her finger.

“I’ll say it again; you’re crazy.” Kyle said.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.” Janie laughed, as she watched Kyle put his cock back in his pants.

“I definitely did,” Kyle answered “Sounds like you did, too.”

“I always enjoy being filled with cum,” Janie husked, getting close to him again. She then held the fingers of her right hand up for his inspection “You got me so wet.” Kyle leaned forward and sucked her fingers into his mouth, tasting her juices.

When he released her fingers, Kyle looked up into Janie’s eyes “Sorry I didn’t have time to fuck you.” he said.

“Eat lunch in your office today.” Janie husked, knowing he was still way too turned on to worry about getting caught. “I want you so much.” She turned, flipping her long hair over one shoulder as she walked toward the door.

“It’s a date!” Kyle called after her, staring at her ass.

Laughing, Janie closed the door. Kyle quickly got back to work, longing for lunch time. He finished the paperwork and headed to the meeting. It was a boring meeting, but he did get a few dirty texts from Janie about what they were gonna do at lunch.

The meeting wrapped up and Kyle rushed back to his office. He didn’t even bother to eat lunch, instead waiting for a knock on his door. Instead of knocking, Janie just rushed in, looking at him with lust in her pretty, green eyes.

“Lock the door.” Kyle ordered, standing up from his desk.

Janie quickly obeyed, turning the lock on the door and making sure the curtains were closed. Their green eyes met as Kyle walked to the side of his desk, clearing a space. He stepped back from the desk and looked back at Janie “Bend over the desk for me.” he ordered.

Rubbing her lips together before smiling, Janie walked over to the desk, ready for him to take her. She turned around and bent over the desk as he told her, her tits pressing into the desk. Kyle stepped behind her and reached around to unbutton her jeans. He grabbed them with both hands and yanked them and her panties down her legs, leaving them stretched between Janie’s spread knees. She felt the cool air on her butt as goosebumps spread over her body. Janie looked back at him and reached for her pussy, rubbing in circles. Kyle reached forward and squeezed her bare ass as their green eyes met. Standing right behind her, he pulled his cock out of his pants and rubbed the tip along her wet slit, teasing her. “I wanna fuck you.” he said.

Janie bit her lower lip, her hair over one shoulder as she looked up at him “Then fuck me.” she husked.

Kyle finally pressed forward, burying his hard cock in her sopping pussy “You’re so wet!” he groaned.

She quickly nodded and whispered “You make me wet.” before turning and looking forward, concentrating on the feeling of his length spreading her pussy open.

With a tight grip on her hips, Kyle began a steady thrusting motion, the force of each impact pushing her against his desk. Janie reached back with both of her hands, spreading her pussy open more for him to fuck. His hands squeezed her ass as he looked down, watching his cock spreading her open and disappearing into her body. “Mmm, yes Kyle, fuck me!” Janie groaned.

Janie reached her hands forward desperately, pushing the keyboard out of the way as she tried to find something to grip onto while he moved inside her. His hands slid up her body, pushing her shirt and bra above her big tits. Janie lifted her body to help him and placed her hands flat on his desk, letting her tits bounce freely.

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