Jamaican Bisexuality: Settling

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Raphael Stephenson is the kind of brother who always notices a nice ass, and it doesn’t matter if the owner of said booty is female or male, black, brown or white. He’s had his share of fun with both the ladies and the fellas, but now that he’s pushing thirty, the six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, handsome Jamaican-Canadian brother is looking to settle down with the right lady. No, Raphael is not one of those down low brothers who is trying to deceive a sister. He’s simply letting go of the fellas and focusing exclusively on the sisters. Nothing wrong with lifestyle changes at the end of the day.

All men, regardless of race, religion, nationality or sexuality, go through different phases in their lives. A man who enjoys the same things in his thirties that he craved in his twenties has definitely wasted a decade. Change is definitely the only constant thing in this life. In his twenties, Raphael liked to party, go out and get drunk, and he brought home lots of sexy, big-bottomed ladies, and the occasional hunk. In his thirties, Raphael wants to stop with the good times and possibly start a family. He doesn’t want to end up old and alone, like those creepy old guys without families or offspring who keep chasing the younger crowd. They’re pathetic and Raphael doesn’t want to end up like that.

There are a lot of bisexual men out there, even though the LGBT community and its agenda of bisexual erasure likes to pretend that they don’t exist. The island of Jamaica is considered a bastion of masculinity and traditionalism with its manly men, gorgeous women, and staunchly heteronormative way of doing things. Are there bisexual men on the island of Jamaica? Of course. Nothing wrong with that. The world would be a boring place if it were big ass porno made up of dull straight males and dull gay males. Bisexual men have the magical ability to appreciate female booty and male hardness, and it’s a beautiful thing. Truly a gift from mother nature.

Raphael Stephenson was born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to a Jamaican immigrant mother, Esther Mackay, and a white Canadian father, Raymond Stephenson. He studied computer science at Ryerson University, graduating with honors. Nowadays, Raphael lives in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He works as a systems admin for the Avaya Corporation, one of the Canadian tech giants in the post-Nortel era. As a good-looking brother who is educated and successful, Raphael mystifies people with his single status. If only a naughty sister could help him with that…

“Eat my booty,” Sabrina Stillman said, and the short, curvy young black woman grinned and spread her thick ass cheeks, exposing a fairly obvious target. Raphael Stephenson nodded and practically leapt on the bed. He came up behind Sabrina, ready and eager to enjoy this delicious plate of Jamaican-Canadian ghetto booty. He’d wanted some of Sabrina’s ass ever since he spotted her while walking his little dog Harry in the park in Vanier, Ontario. The sista with the thick ass was something else, and Raphael couldn’t let her slip through his grasp…

“Yes ma’am,” Raphael replied, and he playfully smacked Sabrina’s ass and kissed her derriere before he got to work. Raphael is a connoisseur of female booty and although Sabrina might not know it, she was about to get sacrificed to the booty warriors. Raphael inhaled the scent of Sabrina’s ass and smiled, then slid his tongue inside. There is an art to big tits porno eating female booty, and Raphael is as practiced as they get, savoring every bit of Sabrina’s ass as he ate her out.

“Hmm, just like that,” Sabrina cooed softly, and the short Jamaican cutie rubbed her nipples as Raphael ate her ass. A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Kingston, Jamaica, Sabrina is finally on her own and exploring her sexuality. No reason why Sabrina can’t excel in her business classes at Algonquin College and have wicked carnal fun at the same time. Raphael the smooth talking brother with the magic tongue was just what the doctor ordered as far as Sabrina was concerned. The brother gripped her thick ass cheeks roughly and wriggled his tongue inside her butt hole, driving Sabrina absolutely nuts. Seriously, where did Raphael learn to do that?

Raphael pulled his tongue out of Sabrina’s booty hole and replaced it with two of his fingers. Sabrina was not expecting that but she kind of liked it. The short young Jamaican woman found herself moaning in ecstasy while her new lover fingered her ass hole. Raphael kissed Sabrina’s pussy lips from behind and began munching on them. Sabrina shuddered as Raphael flicked his tongue up and down her pussy lips, teasing the hell out of her clitoris. Sabrina was in for a treat, and Raphael had a lot more in store for her…

“You taste delicious,” Raphael paused to tell Sabrina, and he resumed eating her pussy hungrily while fingering her butt hole. Sabrina moaned deeply, and wriggled that booty of hers, loving what Raphael was doing to her pussy and ass hole. In her twenty two years upon this earth, the lively, big-bottomed young Jamaican woman had a few lovers, mostly blacked porno men, but also a woman or two. None of them could equal Raphael’s level of freakiness in the bedroom. The mixed brother was hungry for Sabrina’s holes and she couldn’t deny him anything…

After Raphael gave her pussy and ass hole a tongue bath, Sabrina found herself hungry for some dick. She sat Raphael down, and took a look at his long and thick ebony fuck stick. Like a lot of guys in Canada, Raphael was uncircumcised but Sabrina did not mind. Nothing wrong with a natural man, especially if he’s manly and well-endowed. Sabrina knelt before Raphael and proceeded to worship at his altar. Raphael grinned as Sabrina tugged on his dick and began sucking him off. The Jamaican sister was freaky as hell, and he did not mind at all. Let the good times frigging roll…

“Cum for me,” Sabrina teased Raphael as she sucked his dick while fingering his ass. Raphael groaned and tried to resist, but moments later, he erupted. A lot of females tend to lose their shit if a brother shoots his cum on their face but Sabrina was not like that. The short, curvy and sexy, dark-skinned and big-bottomed Jamaican sister welcomed Raphael’s manly juice on her pretty face. Raphael sighed happily and Sabrina grinned at him. He pulled her on his lap and kissed her, then they continued with their freaky fun.

Much later, as Raphael lay in bed next to a slumbering Sabrina, he thought about his life. Normally, Raphael doesn’t let the ladies or the fellas spend the night after some stupendous sex. Raphael didn’t feel like putting Sabrina in a cab and sending her home. After he tapped that ass, they drank some wine, watched TV, talked, and then ended up falling asleep after some more sex. Raphael isn’t ready to get married right about now but he is definitely tired of being alone. Sabrina is smart, sexy and good in bed, and he enjoys her company. Why push away a fine sister? A brother only gets so many chances in this life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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