Jane’s Revenge

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Thanks to Papaya_Lynne for the proof reading and editing.

Jane wiped away what seemed like the millionth tear she’d shed since last night when she found out about her husband’s cheating. How could she have been so stupid she thought, all the signs were there. Late nights at the office, a whiff of perfume that she’d never worn and a sex life that was none existent. No wonder, he’d been fucking that slut of a secretary for six months.

She stood and moved to the full length mirror in the corner of the room and opening her kimono, cast a critical eye over herself. At 35 she wasn’t that bad she thought, her jet black hair, as always immaculate; make up a little smudged from crying but what could anyone expect? Her eyes moved downward, tits maybe a little too big, but that’s what most men liked, wasn’t it? Her eyes continued their downward exploration to her neatly trimmed pussy, a fine line of hair leading to plump pouting lips that he used to love to lick and suck. She wondered what his secretary look like ‘down there’, probably shaven with a cunt grip like a vice, that’s what attracts men.

As another tear formed at the corner of her eye the door bell sounded. Tightening her kimono Jane hurried to the front door and looked through the spy hole. “Who’s there?” she asked warily, seeing only the back of a person’s head. He turned and flashed a boyish grin, “flowers for Mrs. Smith,” he called out. Knowing they would be from her husband Jane resisted the temptation to tell the boy where to put the flowers, instead she opened the door. The boy that stood there couldn’t have been anymore than 19 or 20, wearing a tee shirt sporting some florist’s logo and tight shorts.

“Come in,” she said, “I’ll get czech gangbang porno my purse.”

The boy entered the hallway and closed the door. Standing just inside he flashed the whitest smile she’d seen since the last toothpaste advert.

“Thanks, it doesn’t matter really, the view’s worth the visit.”

Good grief, he’s flirting with me, Jane thought, I can’t be that bad, she laughed “would you like a coke or something?”

“Something would be nice,” he smiled.

Jane’s stomach lurched, I want to fuck him, she thought, feeling instantly embarrassed.

“Follow me,” she said leading the boy into the kitchen and towards the fridge. Opening the door she could see the boy’s reflection through the polished surface. He was definitely checking her out. She reached into the fridge and grasped the bottle, her hand shaking. Rather than turn she backed away as she closed the door, nudging into the front of the boy and feeling his hard on through the thin fabric of his shorts. Turning, her hand slipped down and cupped his balls.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. The boy smiled and stepped back, removing his tee shirt. Jane placed the bottle on the work surface and reaching forward ran her hands over the boy’s hairless chest.

Reaching down the boy cupped Jane’s face and raising it slightly kissed her gently on the lips, then more urgently thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. She responded, sucking on his tongue before pushing her own deep into his mouth.

Suddenly his hands moved to her hips and lifted her onto the worktop. He opened her kimono and studied her before lowering his mouth to her throbbing nipple. Sucking first gently then with more urgency he drew the hard bud into his mouth, czech harem porno chewing on the rubbery texture. His hand moved lower, down to the junction of her thighs, cupping her pussy and making circular movements on her erecting clit.

Jane put her hands on the boy’s shoulders and pushed him lower until his mouth was level with her sopping cunt. He looked into her eyes seeking encouragement. He could see by her look what she wanted and so parting her moist lips he moved forward, his tongue snaking out licking the erect bud that was her clit. Alternating between licking and sucking he soon had Jane on the edge of her orgasm. Raising his head slightly he pushed first one then two fingers deep inside her. The boy finger fucked her, raising his hand to his mouth occasionally to taste her juices. Her orgasm engulfed her spreading from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, then, centring itself in the depths of her hot cunt.

She eased herself from her precarious position and bent to her knees pulling the boy’s shorts and briefs with her. His erection sprang free, already precum leaking from its single eye. First licking the salty seepage away Jane pushed the hard cock deep into her mouth. The boy bucked his hips, fucking her mouth, driving his cock deeper to the back of her throat until with a loud groan he sprayed hot cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Lifting Jane upright he bent her over the worktop his hand parting her thighs. Easing her pussy lips apart he pointed the head of his still erect cock at her opening and in one thrust drove the full length inside her. Jane gasped at the onslaught then relaxed as the boy started his in and out motion, fucking her slowly and relentlessly. Reaching czech sharking porno around his fingers made circular movements on her clit as he drove his cock into her cunt. She felt her orgasm building as the boy pounded into her until she climaxed, her body shuddering. He removed his now limp cock from within her, his cum running down her legs. Jane reached down gathering his sperm and lifting it to her mouth sucked her fingers clean.

“You still want more?” the boy smiled.

“Have you got more?” Jane asked.

“I haven’t, but we can find something,” he said reaching out for the coke bottle. Removing the cap he drained the contents in one swallow then pushed Jane once more over the work surface.

“I’m not sure about this,” Jane whispered, “I’m not that kinky.”

“Hey, you’ve just fucked the delivery boy, why stop now.”

He eased Jane’s cunt lips apart and placed the neck of the bottle against her opening, easing it forward, gently penetrating her. She found the first couple of inches easy as it was smaller than the boy’s cock she had just accommodated. Then as the bottle went deeper she felt as though her cunt was being stretched beyond its limit.

“Stop, that’s enough,” Jane cried out, sweat dripping from her face onto the worktop.

The boy appeared to stop but he was still inserting the bottle, a millimetre at a time until it had all disappeared into Jane’s cunt.

“That’s incredible,” the boy gasped “It’s all in there.” He started moving the bottle in and out but not going quite as deep as before. Another orgasm gripped Jane and the boy sensing it eased the bottle the full length into her whilst rubbing her clit with his other hand. Jane came again, the contractions forcing the bottle out and into the boy’s hand. Jane collapsed to the floor, exhausted.

Jane didn’t see the boy dress, only heard the click of the door as he left. She arose from the floor, a satisfied look on her face. “Must leave a note for my husband ‘send more flowers’,” she laughed out loud.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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