Jen Gets Back in the Game

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Alina Li

It was bright and early Monday morning and Jen was wide-awake. She had a very restless night and was lying in bed feeling depressed about the direction her life had taken. She had just recently turned 30 and it had been nearly nine months since she divorced her ex-husband Ken. The loneliness had eaten away at her and culminated last night when she reached an all-time low and had sex with her ex.

Jen and Ken were married for nearly 5 years. They met on Jen’s college graduation day. Ken was the older brother of one of Jen’s sorority sisters and fellow graduates. When they met, Jen thought he was the hottest man she had ever laid eyes upon. Ken was 6’1″, 190 pounds of muscle, and incredibly handsome.

As luck would have it, Ken lived in the county next to Jen’s hometown and they soon found themselves virtually inseparable. Although he was only 2 years older than her, Jen thought she had found herself a real man, unlike those immature college boys she had to put up with for four years. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love and after two years of romance; Jen found herself married to what she thought was the man of her dreams.

Not long after the wedding, Jen and Ken’s relationship deteriorated as quickly as it had blossomed. Ken started taking Jen for granted and spent more and more time away from home. When Jen got pregnant, she thought that would rekindle the relationship, but after their son KJ was born, things just got worse. Ken continued to spend most of time away from home drinking with his buddies or constantly working on his motorcycle or jet skis when he was at home. As time went on Jen felt more and more neglected and may as well have been a single parent.

As with the rest of the relationship, the sex also grew worse over time. Although Ken was never a particularly good lover. Jen vividly remembers the first time they had sex. They had been dating for about a month and by this time she was so attracted to him that her nipples would get hard and her pussy would get wet every time she looked at him. The first time she saw his dick she couldn’t believe her eyes. Not only was Ken incredibly handsome and well built, he was also packing a beautifully shaped 9-inch dick. Jen thought she had died and gone to heaven. Her bubble was quickly deflated when Ken blew his load a couple minutes after sticking his monster dick inside her. The worse part was that he actually thought he had rocked her world.

Unfortunately for Jen, their fucking never got much better. They tried fucking soft and slow, hard and fast, and every position imaginable, but nothing ever seemed to help. Jen even resorted to routinely sucking his dick to orgasm prior to fucking, but he still could not come close to making her cum. After a few years and hundreds of fucks, Jen finally accepted the fact that despite his huge dick, Ken was a lousy fuck.

The only good thing about her sex life was that Ken was great at eating pussy. As with most women, Jen could have intense orgasms from oral sex and in the beginning Ken was always willing to go down on her. This too changed and Ken’s tongue became a stranger to Jen’s clit. Over the last couple years of their marriage, the only time Ken would go down on her would be to get her just wet enough for him to fuck her.

Despite Ken’s selfish attitude and sexual shortcomings, Jen would have stayed in the marriage for the sake of her son had it not been for months of consoling and persuasion from her best friend, Alex. Jen finally decided to leave Ken and moved into her free apartment at the apartment complex she managed. Every so often she would get lonely and depressed, but she always had Alex and her son to pull her through. Sometimes she felt guilty about relying so much on Alex for support. Afterall, he was married with his own life and although she was cool with his wife, Katrina, the last thing Jen wanted was to put a strain on their marriage.

Having sworn off all men after so many years of frustrating sex with Ken, Jen was relying exclusively on her own fingers and the occasional toy to get her off. In fact she was convinced that the only way she could climax were by the skillful manipulation of her clit from her own fingers. As a result Jen and her magical fingers had reached new levels of intimacy and she became so good at masturbating that she could get herself off with only a few strokes of her clit.

With a dormant sex life of her own, Jen was fortunate enough to live vicariously through her assistant manager Mary, who was famous for telling every detail of her sexual escapades. Countless number of times, Mary would tell Jen her latest adventure and Jen would get so hot she would have to go in her office, close the door and let her fingers work their magic.

It was Mary who was indirectly responsible for Jen’s sexual relapse with Ken. When Ken came to her apartment to return KJ from the weekend, Jen was on the phone with Mary, who was telling her about her thorough fucking from the previous night. As usual the more Mary talked the hornier Jen fake hospital hastane became and when Ken arrived, Jen’s sexual arousal was in overload.

Forgetting for the moment how much of an asshole Ken had become, when she looked at him, all she could think about was her wet pussy and how good his big dick would feel in it. For the first time in years, Jen was dying to be fucked and she convinced herself that it was no big deal to take advantage of her ex-husband’s 9-inch dick. And who knows, maybe he had finally learned how to use it.

As soon as Ken returned from putting KJ to bed, Jen was on the couch buck-naked. When he saw her, Ken’s dick was instantly hard and within minutes they were fucking like old times. Unfortunately for Jen, it was just like old times and Ken came after only a few strokes. When he refused to go down on her after shooting his load, Jen kicked him out and vowed never to give him the pleasure of her pussy ever again.

When Jen finally dragged herself into her office after her restless night, she immediately called Alex. “I fucked Ken last night.”


“I was horny.”

“I thought you relied on your magical fingers.”

“I was desperate and lonely. And you’ve been constantly telling me that I need to get some dick.”

“I said you need some good dick … not the same dick and I bet he didn’t even make you cum, did he?”

“How’d you know.”

“I can tell in your voice.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Trust me Jen, when you get some good dick everyone will know.”

“Well from now on I’ll just stick to my magical fingers.”

“That’s ridiculous Jen. You are too fine to not know what good dick is and since I don’t think Katrina will allow me to show you first hand, it’s time you get back in the game and start going out again”

“I’m not ready to start dating.”

“Then do the next best thing, have girls night out. This Friday night, I’ll babysit KJ while you, Mary, and Katrina go out, have a few drinks, and see if you can get lucky.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Don’t think, just go.”

“All right, I’ll go, but only because I can’t believe you’re offering to babysit. And what makes you think you could give me some good dick?”

“If you don’t believe me, just ask Katrina.”

That Friday night, Jen and Katrina met Mary for drinks at Happy Hour. Alex and Katrina had hounded Jen all week to make sure she would go out and have a good time, so she decided to make the best of it just to get them off her back.

While dressed rather conservatively in slacks and blouse, Jen was still looking pretty good. At 5’3″ 110 pounds, instead of stunning good lucks, Jen had always been the cute innocent girl next door and despite her 30 years of age, she could easily pass for 10 years younger. But it was her incredible body that made her stand out and had boys eating out the palms of her hands since her breasts first fully developed at age 15. With a D cup on such a small frame she always appeared to have huge tits and what truly made them exquisite were their perkiness. She gave new meaning to the term headlights. Not to be outdone, Jen was also blessed with an amazing ass that was unbelievably round and firm. Alex routinely referred to her as pow-pow because it looked like her tits and ass exploded from her chest and hips. Without question, Jen’s body was the envy of most women and the lust of most men.

As the night went on, the girls were having a great time and later moved on to a dance club. The drinks were flowing and since it had been so long since Jen had gone drinking, she was feeling the effects more than Mary or Katrina. Unlike straight guys, girls have no problem dancing with each other and soon all of them were on the dance floor getting their groove on.

Since this was girls’ night out, they each repeatedly turned down requests from guys to dance. Instead Jen told the girls about a game she use to play in college with her sorority sisters. Knowing that most guys fantasized about girl on girl action, they would seductively dance together just to tease all the guys. Mary jumped at the idea and Katrina, who was tipsy as well by now, also agreed. The three ladies proceeded to put on a show that had the guys in the club drooling. When it was time to leave, virtually all the guys in the club came up to each of the ladies trying to get their phone numbers. Mary couldn’t resist and not only gave out her number, but she also took a guy home with her. Katrina smiled as she declined by flashing her wedding band and ring. Jen, ignoring the urging from Mary and Katrina to take a chance, refused to give out her number.

When they got back to her apartment, Jen and Katrina told Alex all about their night and how much fun they had teasing the guys. They even gave Alex a mini version of the show. As they were about to leave, Jen heard Katrina tell Alex, “take me home and give me some of that good dick.” Knowing she had overheard Katrina, Alex grinned at Jen, gave fake taxi porno her an I told you so wink, and said good night.

While in bed Jen started thinking about how many guys they had turned on at the club. Then she thought of the fact that at this very moment Alex was probably giving Katrina some good dick and Mary was fucking her latest conquest. As she was lying there, her nipples were standing at full attention and her pussy was soaking wet. Soon her fingers were working their magic and she brought herself to a quick orgasm. Surprisingly still horny, Jen went to her nightstand, turned over to her stomach, and proceeded to fuck herself with her special vibrating dildo. As she was grinding and humping and thrusting the dildo in and out of her hot pussy, Jen knew that she would no longer be satisfied with just her fingers. As she drifted off to sleep after fucking herself to a second orgasm, Jen knew that it was time she got back in the game.

Every weekend for the next few months, Jen and the girls would return to the dance club. Alex didn’t mind babysitting because not only did he see a happier Jen, but also each time they went out, Katrina would come home horny as hell and they would fuck throughout the night. Occasionally on the weekends that Ken had KJ, Alex would go out with them, but generally they continued to be girls night out. Each time they would start the night with their all girl performance before accepting dances with guys.

After a couple of weeks, Jen meet Scott, a friend of the guy Mary hooked up with the first night out. At 33 years old, Scott already had a slightly receding hairline and the stocky 5’10” was working on an obvious beer gut. Although she thought he was sorta cute, Jen was not attracted to him. Still the more she hung out with him, the more she realized how much fun she had when he was around. Despite his stockiness, Scott was a great dancer and each week, other than Alex, he was the only guy Jen would dance with.

As the weeks went on, Jen was feeling more and more confident with herself and her outfits began to show it. At work and at the club, Jen started wearing sexier clothes that accentuated her incredible body. She was pleased when Alex started calling her Pow-Pow again. She was also pleased with all of the attention she was receiving from Scott at the club. However, as much as she loved dancing and hanging out with him, she just wasn’t attracted to him and didn’t think he was the one who could give her some good dick. All of that would soon change and she had Ken to thank for it.

Another Friday night and Ken was late picking up KJ. When he arrived at her apartment, Jen was already dressed to go out and was looking incredibly sexy. Feeling a bit horny, Ken tried to put a move on her by rubbing his erection up against her ass. When she shot him down, he made the mistake of telling her, “you don’t know what you’re missing, you might not have another opportunity to have this dick again.”

On her way to the club, Jen was looking forward to seeing Scott and began thinking about what Ken had said. “He’s right,” she thought, “I don’t know what I’ve been missing. I haven’t given Scott an opportunity and I might be missing out on some good dick.” Jen made up her mind right there, tonight she was going to rock Scott’s world and give him some pussy.

When she got to the club, Alex, Katrina, Mary, and Scott were already there. After a few drinks and their traditional girls dance, Jen pulled Alex to the side. When she told him her plan, he said, “you’ve been back in the game for a few months, it’s about time you scored.”

Jen spent the rest of the night flirting and dancing with Scott. She danced much more seductively and knew it was having her desired effect on him when she felt the bulge in his pants as they danced. After the club closed, Jen invited everyone to the apartment’s clubhouse for an afterparty. At the clubhouse the party continued for another hour or so before Jen asked Scott to walk her home.

When they got to the door of her apartment, Jen thought she would have to make the first move, but she was quite surprised when Scott leaned in and kissed her. What surprised her even more was her reaction. The kiss was soft yet passionate and had given her goosebumps all over her body. Without thinking she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck, gently moaning, and hungrily returning his kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally broke the kiss and the only thing Jen could say was “damn.”

“I’ve been waiting three months to do that,” said Scott.

“You don’t have to wait any longer to do it again,” Jen responded.

As they kissed for the second time, Jen was relieved to find out that the first kiss was no fluke. The second time was even better than the first and her body was responding. The goosebumps were followed by her nipples hardening and an ever-growing dampness between her legs. Thankfully she thought the kissing was having a similar effect on Scott when she felt the family stroke porno bulge in his pants. Without breaking the kiss, Scott was opened the door, lifted Jen up and carried her inside.

Once inside, things got even hotter. Scott laid her on the couch looked deeply in her beautiful brown eyes and said; “I’m going to make you feel like a queen.” As he moved in to kiss her again, Jen could only respond with a nod. As they continued to make out, somehow without her even realizing it, Scott had managed to unzip her dress, remove the straps from her shoulders, and pull her dress completely off. Moving his kisses down her neck, Jen was in heaven as Scott’s hands gently caressed her arms and legs.

By now Jen’s body was in a full state of arousal. Her nipples were straining to be released from her bra and her panties were soaking wet. Seemingly reading her mind, Scott removed her bra and took her right nipple in his mouth. Swirling his tongue around her enlarged nipple sent shivers throughout her body and she let out a loud moan. As he moved back and forth from titty to titty and alternated between sucking and licking, Jen thought her body would explode and her moaning grew louder and louder.

She was able to feel his hands move to the straps of her panties and instinctively she raised her hips ever so slightly to allow him to remove them. As he kissed his way down to her throbbing wet pussy, she knew that if he worked his tongue on her pussy the way he did her tits, she would cum all over his face.

Scott began licking her juices from the area around her pussy lips and the anticipation of having this man eat her out was killing her. She was already on the brink of an incredible orgasm and began begging,

“please eat my pussy, please make me cum, please Scott, please.”

Ending her misery, Scott dove into her pussy headfirst. His tongue was swirling in, out and all around her pussy as his nose gently caressed her erect clit. Jen’s moans reached an all-time high as Scott masterfully ate her out. When he moved his tongue to her clit and inserted two fingers in her pussy, she couldn’t take it anyone. She froze for a split second and then as if struck by a bolt of lightening her entire body began convulsing as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

When she finally regained her senses, she looked up and saw Scott smiling at her with his face covered in her juices. Ready to return the favor, Jen led him from the couch to her bedroom. Amazed that he was still fully dressed, she was anxious to suck his dick and hurriedly helped him get naked. Just as she stroked his dick a couple of times and was ready to put it in her mouth, Scott stopped her and said, “I’m not finished treating you like a queen. Just lie back and enjoy the ride.”

Jen stood up, pulled him down on the bed on top of her and started feverishly kissing him. Having tasted herself on her own fingers countless number of times, she had no problem licking and kissing her juices off his face.

Scott, initially startled by her aggressiveness, managed to maneuver them on the bed so that his dick was right at the opening of her pussy. As he masterfully moved the head of his dick along her wet pussy lips and clit, Jen was no longer able to focus on kissing and simply fell back on the bed and moaned.

Knowing she was ready, Scott slowly entered her inch by inch until all of his six inches were deep inside her. He pulled out as slowly as he entered and repeated the process. He continued to slowly fuck her until she started begging.

“Please don’t tease me Scott. Please give me that dick. Please Scott Please.”

Once again, ending her misery, he increased the pace and was going in and out of her hot wet pussy with the same smooth rhythm he used on the dance floor.

Jen was on cloud nine. She had never before experienced such pleasure. She was meeting each of Scott’s glorious thrusts with her own hip gyrations and was moaning and panting uncontrollably, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, …”

Scott’s dick was working magic in her pussy and taking her to levels she had never imagined. She knew she was nearing another orgasm and then it finally happened. For the first time in her life Jen felt herself start to cum with a dick going in and out of her pussy. And cum she did.

The longest…

most intense…

most incredible orgasm she had ever had.

As she was cumming her pussy clamped on to Scott’s dick and took him over the edge. He shot load after load of his cum into her throbbing pussy until he finally collapsed on top of her. As he pulled out and rolled off of her, he noticed that Jen had literally blacked out after experiencing such a violent orgasm. He pulled up the covers, snuggled up beside her, and fell asleep with her in his arms.

The next morning Jen awoke with a huge smile on her face. “I guess that would qualify as some good dick.” When she realized she was alone in bed, she momentarily thought she had been dreamed it. Then she heard a commotion coming from her kitchen.

She put on her robe and headed to the living room where she say Scott in the kitchen naked as the day he was born fixing bacon and eggs. Watching him cook and thinking about the previous night, Jen felt a familiar feeling stirring between her legs.

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