Jerry’s Sophomore Year

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My second year of college started off…well pretty shitty to be honest. My girlfriend of two years had left me for another man. Jose was his name and apparently he was more of a man than I could ever hope to be. Not only that, but my roommate had flunked out early and I spent most of my time sulking and brooding in my room. Not exactly the most enjoyable month of my life.

And apparently being heart-broken wasn’t enough. By a sheer stroke of irony, I was put in a co-ed hallway, right next to the woman’s bathroom. So I was constantly being exposed to half-naked girls, dripping wet and wrapped in towels. Which would have been great, if it didn’t evoke images of my beautiful Samantha stepping out to greet me after her afternoon shower, every single time.

So I would go to class every day, greeted by giggling, half-naked girls, try to work, go back through the halls of beautiful girls and cry myself to sleep.

Well about five weeks into my sophomore year, and coincidently six weeks after my break-up, I seemed to be haunted by this one particular girl. She was beautiful, a little on the heavy side but in a way that gave her a sexy swaying ass and deliciously large breasts. Every day I would catch glimpses of her, sitting in her room, chatting with other girls, and… stepping out of the shower, the towel not quite able to cover that gorgeous ass.

One day, as she stepped out of the bathroom, her dark hair framing a set of beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile, my eyes began trailing to that sexy backside of hers. My mind began picturing my hands grabbing onto that ass. I couldn’t help it. She was just so intoxicating. I felt my cock growing in my jeans, when I noticed she was looking at me.

“Hello there, sir,” she said sweetly. I sensed an edge in her voice, and I realized why. She had also noticed the tent in my pants. “My name is Diana.”

“Hi,” I muttered, “my name’s…” I couldn’t spit it out. I was just staring into those gorgeous blue eyes. I saw something glinting in them.

“Is…” she mocked. She smiled at me and I collected myself.


“Well, Jerry, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.” she turned and began walking back towards her room. I sighed; perhaps she hadn’t noticed my hard-on. Because that would have been so… “Oh, and you might want to cover that up.” She giggled as she skipped into her room and shut the door.

After that first little encounter, I started getting back into the college swing. I spent less time moping, and even less time thinking about Samantha. Which made sense, my mind was focused on other things. And not just schoolwork, kiddies. It was focused on my dreams.

In my dreams, I’m much braver you see. So in my sleep, my mind replays that first encounter the way it should have gone…


“Hello there, meet suck and fuck sir. My name is Diana.”

I smile at her and come in closer. “My name is Jerry, Miss Diana. And I have to say that you are looking quite beautiful this morning.”

She blushes. “Oh, well. Thank you, Jerry.”

I lean in a little closer. “In fact, I’ve thought you were beautiful since the first time I laid eyes on you.” I kiss her.

She gasps and pulls away. “Jerry, I…” but I kiss her again and words become a light moan in my mouth. I release her and grab her by the hand and lead her into my room. I kiss her again, as my hands take the towel from her and it flutters to the floor. She slides my shirt over my head and throws it to the floor as I begin to nibble down her neck. I lower her onto the bed as she tries to undo my pants. I stop her, moving her arms to her side as I lower my mouth to her breasts. I take my time, kissing and licking around each of her large, delicious breasts until I reach the nipple of the first. I flick it with my tongue and begin to suck on it. She moans as I take it into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. I move to her other nipple and do the same, kneading the other between my fingers. I then move back up to miss her.


It was at this point in my dream that I awoke on this particular day. It was a Saturday and I had slept until late that afternoon. And as usual with this dream, I had awoken with a hard-on. I decided that in order to avoid any accidents like before, I should take care of this problem. So I shuffled off my pajama pants and grabbed onto my cock. I’m about 7 inches at full length, though my cock does have an odd curve that woman seem to enjoy. I began stroking myself, thinking about Diana’s naked body beneath me as I teased her. Completely exposed and trapped beneath her secret lover. I had started moaning a bit at this thought when I thought I heard something. I looked up towards the window, but didn’t see anything. I continued my stroking until I heard a door shut. I jumped at the noise but then reminded myself that there are a lot of doors nearby and college kids are always coming and going. I had closed my eyes as I began working myself faster.

But then something grabbed a hold of my hand. I opened my eyes and was met by a pussy being lowered onto my face! My first instinct was to yell, until I noticed who the pussy belonged to. I was staring into those same deep, blue eyes.


“Shhhh,” she whispered putting a finger to her lips. She was wearing a blue mini-skirt, and a yellow t-shirt pressed tightly against her chest. I could see the bra through the material and she smiled as I admired her ensemble. She moved forward a bit until her pussy was right in my face. Her pussy was already wet and the mobil porno smell coming from her was driving me crazy. “I’m sorry to barge in on you during your ‘private time’ but I couldn’t help it. Ever since that meeting outside the bathroom, I can’t get you out of my head. And then as I was going to take a shower, I heard your low moaning coming from your room. And I just couldn’t help myself.”

I smiled at her and my cock got a little bit harder as she finished her story. Perhaps she had been dreaming about me too.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I hope you don’t think I’m a sex fiend or anything. I just thought, maybe you felt the same way. But I suppose if you want me to leave…”

Just like in my dream, I cut off her words. But this time it wasn’t my lips on her lips, it was my mouth on her pussy. I began by licking the opening of her pussy, sliding my tongue over every inch of her. I nibbled her nearby thighs and she let out a sigh of relief and a soft moan of pleasure. I then slowly worked my tongue from the flesh surrounding her clit, which was already poking out to greet my mouth, to the opening of her wet pussy and back again. I grabbed onto her ass with my hands as I began circling my tongue around her clit. She grabbed onto my head as I took her clit into my mouth and began sucking. She must have been really aroused because shortly afterwards, she started to cum. But it wasn’t just cum that came out of her, Diana squirted into my mouth.

“Oh my God, Jerry. I’m so sorry.”

I didn’t answer her verbally. Instead I began licking all of the juice off her pussy and off of my lips. Diana moaned again as I spent a little extra time sucking the juice off of her clit. Then she moved down and began grinding her pussy against the head of my cock. She pulled off my shirt and began kissing and scratching down my chest. Finally I was able to reach my hands around her and grasp that ass proper. It was nice and soft, as I had pictured it, and she moaned as I grabbed tightly onto it.

“Jerry, I know that I interrupted your personal time, but I think I know how to make it up to you.” She grinned devilishly and I saw that same look that I had glanced in her eyes the first time. It was lust.

She turned herself around, her gorgeous ass and still dripping pussy just inches from my face. “I don’t want your tongue to distract me from my work,” she giggled devilishly. Then she lowered her head down and swallowed my cock into her mouth. She began slowly sucking on my cock, taking her time to run her tongue along every inch of my rock-hard member. She then began sucking on the tip of my cock, and it drove me crazy. I started writhing as she massaged my sweet spot right near the head of my cock. I couldn’t let her make me lose it like that. So I lifted my hand up and slid a finger deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly with mofos porno my cock in her mouth and I slowly slid a second finger inside her, fingering her shallowly with two fingers. She began to refocus herself and resumed sucking on my cock. And then she surprised be, my taking my entire cock into her mouth. A loud moan escaped my lips and to reward her, I slid both of my fingers deep inside her wet pussy. At that point she lost it and started cumming. She moaned loudly as her body convulsed against me, grasping onto my cock as if she would fly away. She stopped sucking me as I resumed my steady switching from two fingers shallow, one deep, two shallow, two deep until she was getting close again. I told her to scoot her ass up here and when she did, I started tonging her ass. At that point she came hard, drenching my fingers as her pussy clamped down around them.

When she had finished, I asked her if she wanted more. She gave me a look as if I asked her if she wanted to keep breathing but then smiled and nodded. I motioned for her to get up and then lay back down on the bed. She complied and I lowered my head down to her pussy and began sucking on her clit. She started to moan but before she could get used to my tongue against her, I slid my two fingers back into her pussy. She started moaning really loud again and soon was on the verge of coming. I curled my fingers inside her and started tapping on her g-spot and once again her body was rocked with a powerful orgasm. She told me her clit was too sensitive now and I got up. I started to move towards her clothes and she grabbed me from behind.

“I didn’t say we were done, Jerry,” she grinned as she pushed me hard onto the bed. She then climbed onto of me and lowered her pussy onto her cock. It was a little tight at first, but she slowly inched her way down, until my throbbing member disappeared into her. She then began thrusting onto me, moaning as my cock slid in and out of her. I soon decided that I didn’t want Diana to have to work so hard. I grabbed onto her hips which made her halt her thrusting. When she did, I began pumping my hips slowly into her and she moaned as she came around my cock.

“Oh Jerry, fuck me.”

“I would love to Diana.”

I soon began thrusting faster and faster into her wetness, my cock soon coated with her cum. She came a second time after I had started thrusting harder and she asked me if I was close. I told her I was and when I asked her if I could come inside her, she told me that she was on the pill. A huge smile lit across both of our faces but hers soon faded into screams as I started bucking my hips off the bed, forcing her pussy to rapidly ride my hard cock. At last she couldn’t hold back and another orgasm hit her. This time when her pussy squeezed around me, I exploded. I felt my cock release as we both came together. Finally, when we were both spent, she crawled off of me and snuggled against my arm.

“You look beautiful, Diana,” I said kissing her cheek. She could tell I meant it too and she turned and smiled at me.

And it turned out to be the best semester of my life… *to be continued*

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