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Okay, first of all, I’m a nice girl. Or I was. In my nineteen years I had been with maybe eight or nine guys, and all but one of those were oral only. I shared my virginity with a long term boyfriend in high school, but it was nothing to write home about. We had been making out so long that when I finally consented to him entering me and by the time he got the condom on, we had about thirty five seconds of passion before he climaxed. It was underwhelming to say the least, but that is not to say it didn’t feel good. It just didn’t feel good long enough. And it burned a bit down there as well. It didn’t really hurt, but the pleasure was very underwhelming.

The rest of the guys had been oral only. When I got to college I found out that every girl there was sucking dick and it was an expected practice in the world of dating. If a girl didn’t suck dick, she didn’t get asked out very much. I was a “third date” girl my freshman year. I went by the campus clinic and got birth control, but didn’t put out that way. By the spring of my freshman year I was a “second date” girl as third dates rarely occurred. As a result I got pretty good at giving head, or so the guys told me, and I was never short of requests for dates. This is not to say I was a slut, I was selective, and I was blowing a lot less guys than my dorm mates were. I think this is just a thing a girl in college goes through these days.

At first the idea of putting a guy in my mouth was gross but after a couple tries I started to look forward to it. The idea of a guy jizzing in my mouth was far grosser, but the first time I had to walk into the dorm with a top covered with cum stains I got over it. Again, after a few times I began to relish the flavor, so that now, for the most part, cum was okay by me. The process was just gross and nasty enough now to be exciting in a taboo kind of way.

Secondly, boys are assholes who use women and toss them aside. I said before I was selective, but apparently not selective enough. Russell was a well known guy in the dorm, having banged a good number of the girls there. Of course I wasn’t looking for a long term relationship, but he was quite good looking, fit, well groomed and had money. His personality was a bit superficial but he seemed like a nice enough guy.

We met when the previous guy I was dating, Tony, took me to a party at Russ’s house. He either rented or owned off campus, and that was rare enough amongst my circle of friends. There were about fifty people there and it was kind of wild. Several kegs were tapped and Tony had some excellent weed which we shared on a balcony outside one of the bedrooms.

I should tell you that weed makes me horny and alcohol lowers my inhibitions. This information may be circulating among the guys in my social circle as dates usually involve both, and that is okay. I’m a sexually active college student, much like %99 of the girls I go to school with it seems.

As soon as we came back into the bedroom, Tony’s arms were around me and my lips were pressed to his. He wasn’t a bad kisser, but at the same time he made it obvious that kissing was not his final objective. A hand touched my breast and warmth spread through me. Another squeezed my butt, scrunched up the light dress I was wearing to my waist, then found its way to the front of my body and slid into my panties.

I had no intentions of fucking him, but Tony as it turned out was pretty good at fingering me and my temperature rose along with the volume of my moans. A guy finger banging me has always been my second favorite way to get off, the first being my own fingers. The one time I had intercourse before then had been unsatisfying to say the least. Still, fingers didn’t go soft too soon or leave a genetic puddle in my underwear to clean up. Yay.

In a minute or two I was so worked up that I had to stop kissing in order to pant for breath. My girl parts were sloppy wet and my nipples hard as rocks. Two fingers were forcing their way in and out of me, which given that I was standing up and guys who had gotten that far had trouble getting more that one in me, was a miracle. I had been told my vagina was very tight, a problem to be remedied by child birth when I settled down no doubt. In the mean time, guys seemed to like it.

A couple minutes after that I was so close to climax that I was bucking my hips against his invading digits and was out of my mind softly moaning. Just as the first jolt of orgasmic relief hit me, well he let me cum, so just after that, Tony slowed his handiwork and pulled his fingers from me, dragging the wetness on them across my shaved pubic mound and to my hip.

“Why don’t get go to the bed and do this right? I really need you Karen.”

“No, you want me” I thought to myself as my mind returned to my body. It was our second date, so he was going to go home satisfied, but not that way. I saved my vag, well the inside of… well, I kept penises out of it until I wanted real intimacy with a guy. A blow job was a physical gift that carried some intimacy, but reality kings porno fucking was restricted to guys I really did want a long term relationship with.

“I’m sorry, that felt great, but I’m not there yet, I mean, we’re not. But…” I let my voice trail off as I sank to my knees and began to unzip his pants. I could see his erection pressing outward in them and it appeared to be of a decent but manageable size.

I wasn’t disappointed. It popped out and was as large as any I had before, maybe six or seven inches (I don’t carry a measuring tape with me) and was sure it would feel just awesome in my pussy. But it wasn’t going there of course.

I try to be coy when blowing a guy for the first time, acting like I’m nervous and not sure of what I’m doing. Plus I like to take my time admire dicks I guess. They are a beautiful sort of ugly. The first time I saw one I thought it was repulsive, but after psyching myself up I stuck it in my mouth anyway. Then it got fully hard and wet with my saliva and was fucking my mouth as I pursed my lips to shield my teeth and wiggled my tongue. Then he came, it didn’t take long, and a couple tablespoons full of fluids that came out of a guy’s body were in my mouth. It tasted like a couple of tablespoons of fluids that came out of a guy’s body, only saltier. But all in all, not bad. At least tolerable, and the guy I was with was in a state of euphoric bliss and swearing that I was the hottest and best girlfriend ever. I let most of it drip out of my mouth to fall I thought to the floor, but it coated my oral cavity and I swallowed the rest. That was the night I walked into the dorm with cum stains on my top. Awkward.

I had grown and things had changed and I didn’t expect that sort of reaction from Tony. Blowjobs were not the end all of intimacy like they were in high school, that was probably reserved for anal now, and I had never done that and had no plans to.

As I looked up into his eyes I extended the tip of wet tongue and gave his head a tentative lick. Then I smiled and gave it another before slowly sliding it into my mouth. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned to let him know he had the best tasting cock ever (he didn’t but I do that for all my guys.)

I bobbed my head up and down a few time to wet his shaft, then stroked him with my hand in a swirling motion up and down his dick while sucking and licking the head and an inch or so of shaft. He was groaning as if he had died and gone to heaven. Given his reaction I figured he would last about two minutes, but he surprised me by almost lasting three. Just as my tongue was getting tired of flicking against the underside of his head so I never had to extend it and start mouth fucking him deeply, Tony gasped and ejaculated his semen into my slutty coed mouth. He tasted like a protein shake that someone had added salt to, so in terms of cum taste, not bad. My only gripe when blowing a frat guy that has been drinking beer is that the aroma you smell is like sticking your face in a toilet full of two week old produce. Hopefully his hygiene would improve on our next date.

I know I sound like I’m complaining but I really love giving head. I do! I really do! It is very empowering and in my opinion all the down sides are just part of being a coed these days. Guys love it, and guys love the girls that are skilled at performing it. And I love the control it gives me over guys. I especially love the feeling of a cock growing hard in my mouth and knowing that the owner of that cock is depending on me for satisfaction. I try to focus on their reaction to what I am doing and comply with the moaned requests they make and I have, I think, developed into a great cock sucker. I know, weird, right? Some girls just put up with it, but as bitchy as I might seem writing this, I relish the chance to blow a guy. So much that I was considering being a first day girl for guys that were really nice, or cute.

Of course as I said before, guys are assholes who use women and toss them aside so you run the risk of once you suck a guy off he goes off to find a new conquest to get sucked by and tells all his guy friends what a great cocksucker you are. The upside is that gives more dicks to suck and the cycle of blowjob life continues. Usually I blow a guy four or five times before they take off for new ground to tap, and usually I can tell it is because I am not quick to give up the pussy.

Such was the case with Tony. I had no more swallowed his load, I always swallow no matter how sweet or vile it is, when I stretched out on the bed to make the room stop spinning. It was seriously good weed. Tony laid on the bed beside me, telling me thank you’s and how beautiful I was, which was sweet but a load of crap. I like to think I’m a little better looking than average although I have no subjective proof to support that claim.

I dozed off at some point. I guess I just felt that relaxed with Tony’s arm around me. The party was dying down and the noise was lower and I guess I just went to sleep.

When sexmex porno I woke, probably two or three hours later, Tony was gone. Russ was beside the bed staring at me with a smile.

“Comfy?” He asked when my eyes opened and saw him.

“Ughlabarag” I think I replied, then as I woke and my brain remembered that I only speak English added “Yes, I’m sorry, I must have dozed off.”

“You’re Karen aren’t you?”

“Yes, and you’re Russell, we met earlier.” I smiled, reminding him that Tony had introduced us when we arrived. “Sorry, I, we burned one on your balcony and I relaxed too much I guess. I’ll find Tony and get out of your way. Need any help cleaning up?”

“Already clean, everyone else left by one.” He smiled.

“What time is it?” I asked in confusion.

“About three, I was just about to crash but when I walked by I heard you, uh rolling over I guess.” He answered.

I noticed he was looking at the lower half of me when we spoke and his eyes kept darting up to mine. I glanced down and realized my dress was bunched up so much that my legs were fully exposed and my butt was practically hanging out. I’m not sure what he could see from his point of view, but I’m sure it was more than I wanted to show a near stranger. I tugged it down as I sat up in a token effort at modesty after the fact. It wasn’t like he could un-see at this point.

“Oh, don’t get up. You might as well stay now. Tony left two or three hours ago and I’m in no shape to drive you back to campus.”

“Shit. How does he expect me to get home?” I rhetorically asked. I really needed to get home as blowing Tony had started my whole horniness cycle over again and I felt like I needed to rub one out until late afternoon. Plus, although I wasn’t intoxicated any longer, I still tingled from the pot. I had not drank much so feeling the after effects of that wasn’t a problem. I was just damned horny.

“No idea, but I’ll drive you in the morning. You want something to sleep in?”

“Uh, no. I mean, I’ll sleep on the couch. If that’s okay. Thanks.”

“Why not in the bed?”

“Russell! I barely know you!”

“It’s Russ, most people call me ‘Russ.’ And this isn’t my room, mine is down the hall. This is a guest room.”

“Oh.” I thought for a minute, it would be okay to stay, but I probably shouldn’t finger myself in his spare bed. Maybe in the shower… then I noticed the bulge in his jeans and nearly gasped aloud. He was packing some serious meat.

“Oh?” He asked as he caught me staring.

“Yes. Oh. I was thinking, well, I don’t want to put you through any trouble. I can just call a cab.”

“By the time a cab gets here I could drive you home. Stay. Its alright. I’ll even cook breakfast, but only if you answer one question for me.”

“What’s that?”

“You and Tony, is that a thing?”

“No, I mean, yes, we’ve dated a couple times but its not serious and its not really, I mean, I don’t think either of us really thinks its going anywhere. Why?”

“Well, you are a very attractive girl and I would love to get to know you better.” He replied.

Damn he was good looking and his eyes could just melt me.

“Hmmm, what did you want to know?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You wanted to get to know me better. What about me did you want to know?” I grinned.

“Oh. Right. Well, just tell me about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Whatever you feel like telling.” He smiled.

“Hmmmm” I mumbled, and then we spent the next half hour telling our life stories. He was from out west and was in school for business and audio engineering. I was a nursing student from the midwest who went to school out of state to get away from my small town. He worked for his uncle’s business, a matter he was vague about, but apparently did alright. As he talked sat beside me and then finally lay on his back.

Yes, the bulge was still there. I know because I stared at it a lot. And I was still quite horny and warm downstairs for that and the previous reasons. He stared at my legs and boobs a lot. Which I was used to anyway, I get that from guys, but rarely from one as good looking and nice as Russ, no matter his reputation.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure” he replied.

“Why did you want to know about me and Tony?”

“Well, it would be rude to ask you out if you were seeing someone.”

“Oh. Were you going to ask me out?” I said as I laid down on my side facing him.

“I might if I thought you would say yes.”

“I would probably say yes.” I smiled. “In fact, why don’t we count this as our first date?” I giggled.

“Why don’t we count the party as our first date, then this could be our second?” He smiled.

“Oh. What do you know about second dates?” I laughed, thinking from his reputation he had never been on one.

“What? I go on second dates. I go on long strings of dates.” He said, clearly confused by my comment.

“No no! I didn’t mean… its a joke in sindrive porno the dorm. You know the rule about not having sex until the third date?”

“Uh, no.”

“It from a stupid book. Anyway, in the dorm we figure its now the second date owing to the changing times.”

“Oh” he said as he rolled toward me and placed his hand on my hip. “Lets definitely say this is the second date then.”

He kissed me, and I practically melted into a puddle of gelatinous goo. He was great at kissing, his lips were soft and sweet and he didn’t force his tongue deep into my mouth but rather reacted to mine. We must have been like that for several minutes, and I don’t know when I noticed that his hand was gently massaging my breast through my dress. The warmth had already spread through out me and my body was reminding me know that I still craved attention down stairs.

Russ kindly provided it by sliding his hand down my body and pulling my dress up, then, freed from its interference snuck his fingers down my panties to my throbbing clit. He had the softest touch, almost tickling me and a nice spasm of goodness shot through me.

His hand left my pussy and returned to my breast momentarily before beginning to unbutton my dress. I had always done things around my clothing, never really removing them, so I was nervous at first. Of course I had never really had the assurance of privacy that I had in Russ’s home either. It was difficult, especially if I thought about it. No guy had seen that much of me, not like this. Sure I wore two pieces at the beach, but my lips weren’t nibbling on a really hot guy’s then. Still, I forced myself to relax. I was a grown up woman and this was something grown up women did.

I was glad I was wearing a pretty bra and panty set that matched. Usually I didn’t worry about such things, I went for comfort and always in a color that wouldn’t show through, but since I figured Tony would at least get glimpses I had dressed accordingly. Russ was smooth and clearly experienced with women’s clothing. He carefully unbuttoned each button the slid it over my shoulder and I reacted by pulling my arm from the sleeve. I was exposed to him and now really glad my bra and panties matched. His lips left mine and he kissed slowly and gently down my neck and tremor of goodness shot through me as his lips approached the flesh between my breasts. I closed my eyes and relished the sensation.

He unclasped my bra, it was a front clasp one, I like those because they are easy to put on and my girls don’t require a lot of support, and soon his lips were on my exposed breasts. It felt wonderful, he was so gentle and his lips so warm, most of the guys that had gotten to my tits seemed to try to suck milk from them, but he was more about teasing them to maximize my pleasure. I didn’t even notice when his hand slid down my abs and began carassing me through my panties. Well, I didn’t notice until his hand got there. He was as gentle on my stuff with his hand as he was on my breasts with his mouth.

He must have felt my clit swollen through the lace as he gently touched it and I purred with excitement. He didn’t linger there though, he ever so softly moved his finger tips up and down my slit before returning to circle my hot spot again. I couldn’t wait for him to finger me, with his touch, it was bound to be amazing!

He stopped touching me and suckling my nipple long enough to kiss his way down my abs and with a hand on each side pull my panties off, and pull me the remaining few inches to the edge of the bed. I desired his touch so greatly I lifted my legs and feet up to accommodate him even though no guy had never really gotten me this undressed before, at least not with the lights on. The weed had relaxed me though and while it was weird having a guy’s face so close to my junk, when his finger entered me I forgot all about it.

Russ kissed me all around my tummy while slowly sliding first one finger, then two, slowly in and out of me. It was a euphoric feeling and my excitement grew. Just as he started to increase the tempo of his fingers fucking me, his tongue and lips landed on my clit and I nearly exploded. I had never let a guy do oral on me, it was just too much of an invasion of personal space and the idea of a guy licking my junk was just gross. But damnation it felt good!

His wet tongue fluttered across my most sensitive spot, while he gently slid his fingers into me then pressed against the front of my vag slightly as he pulled them back out. He repeated this move over and over again and soon I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me. Within minutes my eyes were closed as I drifted through a state of ecstacy thanks to his attentions. At some point his tongue was replaced by his thumb slowly rotating on my clit while his fingers continued to gently probe me. No words were spoken other than my soft moans and heavy breathing as I approached climax. What little bit of my mind that was working made the assumption that he had stopped licking because his mouth and tongue were tired. That had happened to me a number of times when blowing guys and like Russ I switched to using my hands, so I could relate. It didn’t occur to me that he needed to reorient himself to drop his pants until he stopped altogether and I felt the head of his penis press between my labia and into my vag.

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