Katrina in Training

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Teen (18+)

The characters and events of this story are purely the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidence.

This story is a sequel to Katrina in the Sun. My thanks to those readers who have voted for the first story and for their comments. This sequel is the result of requests for a continuation of the story of Katrina and Brad. I hope those readers find the sequel as enjoyable as the original.

* * * * *

This is a continuation of the story I began In Katrina in the Sun. Katrina is the daughter of a friend and twin sister of my daughter’s boy friend. She had become determined to lose her virginity and asked for my help. After I overcame my stunned amazement at the request I realized that if I didn’t help her she might end up with someone not willing or able to do what she asked without causing terrible permanent damage. I finally agreed to help her do as she wanted and ended up having a moving experience of my own. This part of the story tells how I began to teach Katrina about making love and begins the morning after her deflowering.

The sun awakened me the following morning, and my bladder was so full it was painful. When I went to get out of bed I was reminded of the warm body next to me. As I headed for the bathroom the events of yesterday and last night came flooding back. While I relieved myself I reflected on what had happened. Katrina had come here to seduce me and in a way she succeeded by getting me to help her loose her virginity. The event was accomplished to my conditions and I think we made it something she would remember fondly for a long time.

I returned to the bedroom and stood in the doorway watching my sleeping beauty. Her blond hair lay in tousled profusion across the pillow next to mine, and her face was angelic and peaceful in slumber. The sheet had fallen to her waist and one arm was bent across her partially hiding her lovely breasts. After a moment watching her sleep I carefully returned to my side of the bed and reached for the sheet to remove it completely. Her entire back was naked before me. The skin that was velvet to my touch covered the well-toned muscles of her back, buttocks and legs. Each curve was accentuated as she stirred in her sleep.

My hands seemed to itch with the need to touch her. Almost on its own my hand reached to the point of her shoulder and with gentle fingertips traced her upper arm to where the elbow rested at the waist then over the swell of hip and down her leg. When I reached the ankle I reversed course and my fingertips caressed her shapely calf then crossed the length of the thigh. This movement was rewarded with a gentle sigh and slight undulation of hips. I smiled because I knew from last night that Katrina was very sensitive there. At the buttock I had to use my palm to mold that lovely globe and give it a light squeeze, then fingertips again as my hand crossed her sleek back. Her back arched in pleasure like a cat’s at the sensation.

Fingertips were no longer enough and I gently slid the short distance between us to spoon myself to her back. My penis began to enlarge at the touch of our skin and nestled into the cleft of her bottom. I placed the palm of my hand on her hip and slid it down the front of the thigh to the knee and returned along the silky inner thigh. The back of my hand lightly brushed the delicate blond curls covering her center. Katrina’s hips began a gentle movement, and my palm crossed the softness of her lower tummy to repeat the caress to the other thigh. There was a loud sigh with a slight stirring and I knew she would wake soon. I looked up to see her hands move to rub the sleep from her eyes then her crystal blue gaze fell on mine.

“Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?”

“It was awesome. I haven’t slept like that in a long time.”

I had taken advantage of the raised arms to move my hand to her chest. It was caressing and massaging those fabulous pillows in turn. Katrina indulged in a morning stretch and I was delighted by the lovely contortions of her form. I began to remove my hand to enjoy the moment.

“Don’t move your hand Brad. It feels too good to stop.”

She rolled to her back as my hand returned to its pleasure and I added my mouth to increase her pleasure and mine. I felt a hand running through my hair and caressing my scalp as my mouth encircled a nipple and plied it with lips, tongue and teeth. My hand attended to the other breast and nipple and Katrina arched her back to increase the sensations. One hand descended across her tummy and through the light forest of blond curls to cup her mons. It began to massage slowly and Katrina’s hips matched the movement. Moans and sighs were escaping her lips and my palm was damp from the moisture our lovemaking was creating.

Katrina’s hand began to caress my chest then descended slowly to finally encircle my erection. She squeezed gently and began to stroke slowly. She looked in my eyes and said, “Brad, I want this in me again, and I want to be on top. Can I?”

“Your wish is my command princess.”

I rolled onto my back and brought her to lay full length on top. We shared our first kiss of the day that was full of heat, dueling tongues and passion. izmir escort bayan Our mouths were ravenous for each other. Hands roamed over tender skin and gentle mounds of flesh, while our bodies moved against each other sensuously. Katrina broke the kiss to place her hands on my shoulders to rise and brought her knees to either side of my hips. When upright she took my erection in both hands and stroked it lovingly. Satisfied with her efforts Katrina placed the crown at her opening and I felt moist heat enfold the top of my staff. She lowered herself slowly and we both enjoyed the electricity created by slow penetration.

Katrina’s face was a mask of pleasure and erotic happiness. When she placed me within herself her mouth formed a small o, and as she descended around me her eyes got bigger as each inch entered. A loud satisfied sigh erupted from her when our pubic bones met. She seemed content to sit for a moment enjoying being so full. Her hips began a gentle rocking motion allowing only and inch or two to move in and out. Her eyes closed in pleasure as the erotic feelings began to spread. I lifted my hands to her breasts to massage and caress adding to the already reeling emotions. Small moans could be heard at the completion of each stroke. When I pinched those turgid nipples there was a sudden gasping moan as her head went back and hands covered mine pulling them tighter to her chest.

Katrina tried to keep the stroking slow to prolong the sensations, but she began to loose control. Her hands went to my shoulders again to provide leverage for the onslaught she new was coming. This movement brought her breasts within reach of my mouth. I took advantage by gobbling first one then the other suckling with abandon while my hand took care of the one not in my mouth. The hip movements sped up a notch at the attention. I smiled because I knew what I was doing traveled in a strait line from her nipples to her sex.

“Oh lover, this feels so wonderful.” She panted above me. “I don’t ever want to stop.”

Katrina’s hips began to plunge with great force as she raced to the pleasure she was seeking. I took my hands from her breasts and grabbed a hip in each to add their strength to hers. My hips began thrusting up to meet each downward plunge of hers.

“Oh Brad I’m there. Yes, yes, yes. I can’t hold back, can’t wait, got to go now!”

“Go for it baby. Take everything I have to give and milk it from me.” I said through clenched teeth.

Our bodies were slapping together in the heat of climbing the mountain of passion. Squishing noises came from where we were joined, and Katrina’s breasts bounced with every thrust. Her blond hair was thrown about her head as she thrashed her body in the throes of ecstasy. We both longed to jump into the abyss of orgasm and our bodies were taking us there. Katrina and I jumped together into climax, and I don’t remember how long we thrashed against each other in our bliss. The next thing I remembered was Katrina’s body trembling on top of mine then our ragged gasps for breath. Her head was buried in my neck and I began to stroke and caress as we calmed down, and kissed the damp hair clinging to her face.

When speech finally became possible Katrina said, “What an awesome way to wake up. I never knew it could feel this good or be this much fun.”

“We will have to try it again sometime kitten, but right now we both need a shower. Then I will make us brunch.”

“Good, I’m starved.”

The hot water was all gone when we finished showering together. Katrina was still drying her hair as I left for the kitchen and I said she could find something to wear in my daughter’s room then join me when she was ready. She was bouncing down the stairs as I put our brunch on the table. Her attire consisted of brief running shorts that showed off her excellent legs, and a tank top tucked in that showed the ample swell of her breasts.

True to her word Katrina was starved. She ate like a lumberjack. The amount of food she put in her body was amazing. There was very little conversation during the meal, but I enjoyed just watching Katrina. When the dishes were cleared away, and Katrina had a second orange juice and I more coffee, it was time for talk.

Katrina broke the silence with, “Brad, I never knew that having great sex could give you such an appetite.”

I chuckled and said, “My darling Katrina, I didn’t have sex last night.” I got an incredulous look but continued. “I don’t know about you, but I made love to a beautiful woman last night.”

She blushed prettily then said, “I didn’t know there was a difference. I thought it was all the same.”

I smiled and shook my head in wonder. “Katrina, now your education truly begins. I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed yourself last night I know you did. The reason I know is because I made it my job to ensure you enjoyed it. As a result my enjoyment was beyond my wildest expectations. When two people make love to each other their only concern is their partner’s pleasure. The outcome is ultimate enjoyment for self in sharing and contributing to the partner’s greatest pleasure. This sort commitment to another’s pleasure requires a degree of caring for each other beyond the attraction of hormones. escort izmir On the other hand, when two people have sex the objective of each partner is their own satisfaction. If the other partner receives satisfaction it is a nice plus, but self-satisfaction comes first. You will find more men like this than women. That’s why in movie sex scenes you often hear one partner ask if it was good for the other. Anyone who has to ask that question has missed the boat. That person will never truly satisfy a partner and will miss out on the ultimate in pleasure. If I can help you learn the difference you will know what you want and not have to settle for less. It is amazing how many people go through life settling for really mediocre sex at best.”

“I never thought of it like that before. Is that what you meant by it getting better and better?”

“That’s a big part, yes. If you can add creativity and inventiveness the result can be truly amazing.”

“I have a lot to learn. When can I have another lesson Brad?”

“I’m not sure Katrina, but it’ll be soon I promise. Call me on Wednesday I should know something by then.”

“Ok, Wednesday it is then.”

“Baby, please don’t let what I’m about to say make you think I believe what we did was wrong, it was anything but. However, my sons will be coming home from camping a little later and I don’t think you should be here when they do.”


“For your information my sweet we both have a look on our faces that says we enjoyed great intimacy with someone very recently. Brad Jr. will pick up on it in a heartbeat. There has been nobody since my wife and I want to make sure how the kids feel about my having somebody in my life. A relationship by itself may take getting used to, but one with somebody not only their age but whom they know may be too much to ask. I would like to have an idea of their feelings before I’ll feel comfortable if the cat gets out of the bag. Your family may be a whole different matter but we’ll cross that bridge if we have to.”

“That makes sense Brad.”

Katrina collected her things then we had a warm kiss before she left. After she’d gone I finished the dishes and set about putting the den back in order. The movie I had decided to watch had just reached the closing credits when my sons burst through the front door. I met them in the kitchen and besides a little sunburn they didn’t look any worse for wear from their weekend.

“How was the camping guys?”

“It was great dad,” my younger son Jeff said. “It’s too bad you couldn’t go with us.”

“After this past week I would’ve loved to, but I just couldn’t get away.”

“How was your weekend dad,” Brad Jr. asked? There was a tone in his vice and a look on his face that let me think this situation wouldn’t be too bad after all.

“It was interesting I’ll say that much. I did get most of the yard work done though. What’s up with you guys this next week?”

“Jeff and I both have baseball practice three times this week plus hanging out and leaving for a week at the farm on Saturday.”

“That’s right, I forgot you kids were spending the second week of vacation with your grand parents. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it too, but I plan to visit later in the month.”

I told the boys that the den and TV were theirs because I had work to do in my study, and to order pizza when they were ready for dinner. I left them assaulting the refrigerator to tide them over until dinner. Except for having pizza with the boys I spent the rest of the day in my study getting ready for the meeting the next day. The ship’s clock on my desk was ringing bells for 10 PM when the front door opening told me my daughter Chris was home from the mountains. I hadn’t realized how long I had been at it. Chris must have seen the light on in my study because she appeared in the doorway a short time later. She’s a beautiful girl and the spitting image of her mother.

“Hello kitten. How was your trip?”

“Hi daddy. The mountains were gorgeous. We had a great time just hiking and taking in the scenery. How was your weekend.”

“It was quiet,” I said as I stood and turned off the desk lamp.

I turned to the door and she held her arms up for a hug. She said, “I’m going to bed. I’m beat.” I gave her a warm fatherly hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll be right behind you kiddo.”

The following week was worse than the one before. Between meetings, brainstorming sessions and everyday problem solving I had done a week’s work by Wednesday. The late hours on Monday and Tuesday took a toll on me too. I came home to an empty house and found notes in the kitchen telling me where the kids were. They all had cell phones if I really needed them. My only objective for the evening was to soak in the hot tub. I went to the deck to get the hot tub started then went upstairs to change. Moments later I was neck deep in the hot churning water with a glass of good single malt scotch washing my stress away. The portable phone next to me began to ring disturbing my relaxation. I reached for the offensive instrument with the intention of growling at the caller for interrupting my stress relief. As soon as I pressed the talk button I heard Katrina’s voice.

“Hello, izmir escort Brad?”

“Hi Katrina, how are you?” All thoughts of growling had disappeared.

“I’m fine.”

I could hear a lot of voices and she sounded like she was talking in a tunnel. I asked, “Where are you calling from?”

“I’m at the mall. Chris and I decided to hang out a while.”

“My Chris?”

“Yeah, is that a problem?”

“No Katrina, no problem at all.”

“Brad, you told me to call you today about our next lesson. Did you forget?”

“Honey, with the week I’m having I’m lucky to remember my own name. Thank you for reminding me.”

“When do you think we can get together again Brad?”

“You sound anxious Katrina,” I chuckled.

“Baby, you have no idea.”

“How about Saturday then during the day sometime.”

“That’s great Brad. I have to go off with my folks that night, and I don’t want to skimp on my lesson. Would 9 AM be too early?”

“Not at all. I’ll be waiting for you sweetie. See you then.”

“Right. Bye.” And she was gone. I switched off the phone and went back to my relaxing. I now had thoughts of the beautiful Katrina to take my mind off the stress.

I got finished early on Friday and was able to leave by two in the afternoon. When I arrived home the kids were packing the station wagon for their trip the next day. They were leaving early in the morning for the six-hour journey. We enjoyed each other’s company for dinner and the rest of the evening. The boys turned in early and I decided on a movie to help me unwind before bed. As I pushed the button to start the movie Chris joined me on the sofa. The movie was one we both enjoyed and had seen several times. She snuggled up next to me and I put my arm around her shoulder. A few minutes into the move she said, “Daddy, we missed you this week.”

“I know kitten, and I’m sorry. I worked late almost every night and by the time I got home you and the boys were either out or in bed. We haven’t had a lot of family time lately have we.”

“No we haven’t daddy, and the boys and I miss it.”

“I’ll tell you what Chris. By the time you get back from the farm things at work should be calmed down. I’m going to take some time off and we can do what ever you all decide. How’s that?”

“It sounds like a plan. I’ll talk to the boys about it tomorrow in the car. We’ll let you know when we get back.”

“OK kitten. It’s a date.”

“By the way daddy, I think Katrina has a boy friend finally.”

“Oh, what makes you think so honey?”

“I stopped at their house to see Mike before I came home Sunday. Katrina was there and she was not her usual talkative self. She also had the look.”

“Which look is that Chris?”

“The same one you had on your face when I got here that night. The one the says the person has recently had fabulous sex with someone.”

“Oh, that one, ” I said sheepishly. “Well I’m glad Katrina has finally found someone to make her happy.”

“I asked her about it when we went to the mall the other night. She admitted the great sex, but refused to tell me anything about the guy. It was all rather mysterious. I would like to meet him sometime.”

“Maybe you will one day kitten, maybe you will. I need to know how you feel about the other though. It happened so suddenly I didn’t think about you and the boys until later.”

She sat up so she could look in my eyes and smiled. “Daddy, mom and I used to have some very long talks. One of the topics was sex in general and sex with you in particular. I guess she didn’t want me ending up like her on my wedding night not knowing how to please a man or myself. She once told me that if anything happened to her she would not expect you to be celibate. She said that if she couldn’t have you it would be a crime to keep someone else from enjoying what she had for all those years, or words to that affect. If mom didn’t have a problem with it I sure don’t.”

“Thank you for sharing that with me Chris and for your understanding. What about the boys?”

“I don’t think it’s a problem daddy. When I get a chance I’ll bring up the subject while we’re gone. I’m pretty sure I know what their answer will be.” She kissed me on the cheek then snuggled back against me to finish watching the movie.

Early the next morning we had a big breakfast and then it was hugs and kisses for dear old dad before the kids piled in the car. They waved until they were out of sight. I looked at my watch and saw that I had an hour before Katrina was due. That gave me enough time to find the tapes I wanted to use for our next lesson. I had just dug them out of a closet and was coming back down stairs when Katrina came through the door like the fresh breeze that she was. She came to the foot of the steps to wait for me. It was warm that morning and she had dressed for it. Her top was a cut-off tee shirt that showed off her flat midriff and was so short that the bottom swell of her lovely breasts would be seen if she raised her arms above her head. Her bottom was covered with very brief running shorts of a shiny material that showed off her shapely legs. The legs were cut so high that the beginning swell of her luscious behind could be seen easily. No make up adorned her face and there was no need for any. The blond hair that was so soft to the touch was pulled back in a ponytail that made her look younger than her eighteen years. In short she looked good enough to eat.

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