Keith , Ramona

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Keith and Ramona had been having a flirtatious affair for months now. They lived in neighboring towns and had chatted innocently online. Their conversations began innocently enough, chatting about localisms, finding they had many similarities in views and interests. During their conversations they found that they both were married but there was something lacking and mused over how they could find this missing link.

Keith called her at work one night and they talked for a long time. Her husband had taken the car home that night so Keith offered to give her a lift home. She spent the remainder of her shift wondering why she had agreed to let him pick her up. She was as nervous as a teenager as he pulled up in front of the building a few hours later. As she directed him to her home though it was as though they had known each other forever and she relaxed. They arrived at her house and he spied an out of the way spot just up the road and pulled into it so they could talk further.

Their eyes met during the conversation and their lips soon followed. The kisses began innocently enough but soon a hunger overtook them and they were sitting there necking like a pair of teenagers on her parents couch. Each time their lips parted they shared the look of love starved lovers. They continued their embrace and kissing until some cars started passing and they awakened to the real world where they found themselves as two married adults sitting in a parked car stealing illicit kisses.

They separated and he pulled from the spot to the front of the house where she got out and vowed to talk later. On the drive home he thought about Ramona in his arms, kissing her lush lips, and how much he needed to make love to her. In the mean time she floated up the walk and into the house, Keith’s kisses still burning on her lips and in her memory. She went in and sat on the sofa replaying the past hour in her mind. The hunger yet softness of their kisses and the warm feeling brought over her being in his strong arms. She fantasized about making love for hours with him. She got up and went to change her clothes and get ready for bed still thinking about their encounter.

Later that day they found one another online and began chatting, but their chatting had taken on a new and different path just as she knew it would, it now had the slight nuance reserved for lovers. Both knew they had to have one another and it had to be soon, they began plotting their tryst. They talked daily still but besides their normal chat they began trying to align schedules and finding a local for their meeting. Finally he told her he found a friend who had a place they could use at a nearby lake but they could only have it on Tuesdays. They found a Tuesday they both could get away and now all they had to do was wait. He rode her home a few more times from work. As the day neared he encountered a problem: he had to work midnight shift the night before their day. Her heart dropped because she feared they would have to postpone but he said they would just have to find a closer place so they didn’t have to drive so long. So they agreed on a local motel and made reservations.

The long awaited day finally arrived, she packed her children off to school, put on a pot of coffee for her husband when he got up and then began to get ready herself. She carefully applied her make-up and got dressed as sultry yet casual as she could, wondering with each passing minute if she was doing the right thing. In the mean time he was finishing his shift, more anxious than normal to get out of there so he could meet his Ramona. Even though he was anxious he was having his own second thoughts. Both knew it was too late to turn back now even though neither really wanted to. Both settled into thoughts of how romantic and sexy their meeting would be.

At 8AM on the dot he pulled in front of her house as she was walking down the walk all dressed in black. She was a vision to behold in her black tank top, jeans and heels with a flowing overshirt. She got in the car and they were off to their rendezvous. After they got away from the house he motioned for her to slid over beside him which she did. During the ride tot he motel she marveled to him how she hadn’t sat next to anyone in a car since she escort buca and her husband had dated, he hadn’t either.

They pulled into the motel and he went in to register. He signed the book, got the key and came back to the car and drove in silence around the building to their room where they exchanged nervous glances before he got out of the car. He held the door while she slid under the wheel and out of the car. They walked to the door of the room and with nervous trepidation they entered. As the door closed behind them the finality of what they were doing set in and they found they had left their doubts on the other side of the closed door. He walked across the room and set the radio to the local romance station as she set her purse on the table and sat nervously on the edge of the chair.

He walked back towards her and extended his hand to her. She timidly put her hand in his and he gently pulled her to his feet and his waiting arms and they danced to the slow soft music. As they danced he slid the flowing shirt down off her shoulders and dropped it into the chair she had vacated. She reveled in the strength of his arms and the musky smell of him as he took in her curves pressed against him and her soft breath filtering through his shirt. He bent down and gently kissed her bare shoulder, the strap of her top, noticing the silky black strap peeking from under it. Now his mind raced to what might be under her form fitting black attire, he loved sexy lingerie on women and hoped against hope that this silky strap was more than a bra strap.

They danced slowly till the end of the next song, when he tipped her face towards his and kissed her for the first time. It was a long lingering kiss full of tender passion yet iced with fiery lust. Still kissing he sat her gently on the bed and laid her back. They lay there kissing, bodies pressed close, arms and legs entwined for what seemed an eternity. The heat was too much and he shed his shirt. He wanted to feel her naked against him but didn’t want to rush her. As he haphazardly tossed his shirt she escaped his grasp and stood. He immediately thought he had panicked her till he saw her pulling her tank top over her head and begin to unbuckle her belt. He reached tentatively for his belt and paused to look at her and she her slight nod of approval. He went about the task of removing his shoes, socks and jeans, meanwhile she stood by watching him as he anxiously undressed. He dropped his jeans and turned slowly exposing his risen manhood barely concealed under the thong underwear his daughter had bought him as a joke one Christmas and saw her watching him.

The look in each of their eyes told the other that each knew they had made the right choice. She noticed an odd look in his eyes and suddenly wondered if she had made the right choice in her lingerie but then she noticed the incredible bulge he was sporting and knew it was the right one. She stood before him still all in black, a bustier lifted her ample breasts almost to the point of spilling out and the black sheer thong panties exposed her luscious rump while the heels called attention to her calves encased in the sheerest black silky hose, it was then that he noticed the red trim on her outfit and the ruby hearts on her ankles. he was so impressed he thought he could stare at her forever and yet he wanted to run the distance between them and take her into his arms. They glided across the room and fell into each others arms renewing their fire laced kisses while teasingly rubbing together. “Oh baby'” was all she could moan as they dropped onto the bed.

They kissed and groped each other again like those love starved teens until they were naked except for her stockings which he left only because he couldn’t figure out how to gently remove them. He rolled her onto her stomach and began kissing at her neck, trailing his way from the curves of her neck down her back slowly working his way to her ass, which he took great pleasure in kissing over and over, all over. She moaned and gasped her delight and approval. He could smell her womanly scent as he kissed, to which he kissed his way back up to her neck. His kissing her neck caused her to squirm which he used to his advantage to roll her onto her back buca escort bayan now and kiss her lips again. She tried to reach for him which gave him an urge to tie her down: which he had never had before. Her skin was so soft under his kisses and she tasted so sweet he didn’t want even her to interrupt his tasting every inch of her. At first she struggled against him as he pinned her to the bed but she soon resigned herself to just laying back and enjoying his ministrations.

She had never before had a man do as Keith was doing to her, never been made to just lay back and enjoy without having to do something in return. She felt a bit guilty not doing something. Her guilty thoughts were soon interrupted by a slight wonderful pain as he nipped her nipple. As he kissed, licked and nibbled her breasts his hands kneaded her fleshy breast. Gradually he began trailing down her body to her belly button which he rimed with the tip of his tongue. Suddenly he darted his tongue tip into her belly button as if it were a hard cock entering a wet pussy. Gasping moans escaped her lips making her think someone else was in the room. He smiled up at her knowing she was enjoying herself and yet knowing the best was yet to come.

He trailed further down her belly towards his reward only to find her smooth mound. He was so anxious to taste her sweet nectar and yet he didn’t want to get there too quickly. As he licked her smooth mound he allowed the tip of his tongue to graze ever so lightly into her slit. With each graze tiny gasping moans escaped her above him. When he finally reached the bottom of her slit he laid his tongue flat against it and lapped at the dripping juices flowing from her. Suddenly he let his tongue dig deep inside her womanhood. She tasted so sweet he just knew he cold lap at her for days until he found the swollen bump under his tongue.

He stopped to lash at it with the tip of his tongue a few times before finally sucking it between his lips like one would a dainty straw. Her gasping breaths now came deeper with moans interspersed. He took her swollen love knot between his teeth, locked his lips around it and licked it all at once. Her body began to quiver and then to shake as she tried in vain to pull him up her body because she suddenly had a dire urge to feel him deep inside her but he had other ideas. While she was trying to pull him up he shoved his tongue deep inside her cavernous depths, lapping and sucking up her sweet nectar making slurping noises as he did.

This only incited her further and she came so fully that her body began to shake in twitchy shakes and she gasped and squealed all at once. Just as she thought she would pass out he slid up her body and planted his rock hard cock so deeply inside her she thought it would come out her head. Within moments she was cumming again in a new and wonderful way as her spamming pussy began to suck him deeper inside, which caused him to pump harder and faster until finally to such an explosive orgasm for both of them that they collapsed in each others arms. He realized all his weight was on her so he gently slid to her side still holding her with her head on his heaving chest.

As they caught their breath he realized he was still hard inside her. Finally she allowed him to roll away form her. All this time no words had been spoken with the exception of the occasional oh and ah and plenty of gasping. He broke the silence with “Honey are you all right?”

She sighed “Never better.” She had never felt so completely pleasured and there was so much more she wanted to do.

He was lost in his own thoughts, still marveling at his hard cock. He decided they both could use a drink and a cigarette so he lit one and started across the room picking up his scattered clothes along the way. “Where are you going” she asked.

“well I’ve been to heaven so I thought I’d go for a soda” he chuckled.

“Oh OK” she cooed as she rolled to the other side of the bed to get her cigarette case. She perched gingerly on the side of the bed suddenly aware of her nakedness in the daylight creeping past the curtains. She was quite content with her physique but not altogether used to it being viewed in the daylight she caught herself being buca escort a bit self-conscious. As if sensing what she was thinking Keith told her she looked more beautiful in the afterglow of their lovemaking. She felt somehow relieved. He handed her the cold glass he had fixed for her and sat his on the bedside stand. He plumped the pillows and reclined back against them to enjoy his smoke and drink. She leaned over him to flick her ashes and then decided to just stub the cigarette out.

A sudden urge overcame her and she handed him her glass with a mischievous look in her eyes. She had taken a last drink before handing him the glass. With the hand the glass had been in she began teasing his nipple and like a flash her mouth, still chilled from the drink encased his cock. He let out a gasp of shock at the cold of her mouth and yet with the cold there was the soft warmth of her mouth. She proceeded to take him deep within her mouth all the while her tongue teased the underside of his ever-growing rod. She grasped the base with her free hand and began stroking in the opposite direction from her mouth. He had never felt anything so wonderful. As she continued he wanted to plant himself back inside he but now it was her turn to hold him back. For what seemed to be days she brought him to the edge of cumming and back down again only to renew her movement. Just when he thought he could stand no more of this wondrous abuse she climbed atop him, firmly planting his rock hard manhood deep inside her hot wet box.

She began riding him as one would a galloping horse, her breasts bouncing with each stroke. Again she teased him unmercifully bringing him just to the edge and backing off again. As she rode him he alternately sucked on her tits. Finally he could take no more and he flipped her over and raised her legs up on his shoulders and he began teasing her with his strokes. He would take long slow deep strokes and then pound deeply and rapidly until he felt her muscles start to tighten at which point he would go back to the slow strokes. He had her ass lifted in the air so she couldn’t buck as well against him and he was in total control.

“Please honey, please fuck me hard, I can’t take this teasing anymore” she begged. To which he was only too happy to comply. He stroked slowly a few more times and then raised her higher and pounded so hard into her he thought he could feel bottom. As soon as he felt the muscled tightening again and get wetter he blew his load deep within her recesses.

“Baby you’re amazing,” she whispered into his ear as she pulled him closer on top of her. This time she went to get the soda. While she was fixing the glasses he snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her cupping her breasts and whispered, “So are You.”

He let go of her and ducked into the bathroom as she went to sit the glasses on the stand and light another cigarette. When he emerged she went for her turn in the restroom. She returned to catch him checking his watch. She frowned as he said “How about we grab a bite before we head back up the road since you worked up this insatiable hunger in me.”

“I guess I could eat something too,” she murmured.

Slowly they dressed each lost in their own thoughts. She fixed her hair and makeup as best she could and regretfully they turned off the radio and lights, picked up their belongings and closed the door to their love nest. They walked arm in arm to the car and got in. They went down the road to the little diner they had seen and went inside. They sat side by side in the booth sharing one menu. The both lit cigarettes as they waited on their food. They began talking about how this was going to effect their friendship.

They decided they had taken a step neither regretted nor was willing to let go of, at least not anytime soon. They lingered over their drinks and cigarettes as neither wanted to get back in the car. Somehow the car had become a symbol of a finish to this dream answering day that neither was quite ready to finish.

“Come on Hon,” she whispered, “we better get going, we don’t want your wife or my husband wondering where we are.” Each knew this was true and they wanted to be able to continue this. He paid the bill and they walked slowly to the car. He kissed her before they got in and again she sat beside him as they drove up the road. Each tick of the odometer registered a click closer to their return to their everyday lives apart. Yet both knew that this would continue and were safe in the knowledge that they had formed a new bond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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