Kelly Ch. 6

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One night Kelly and I went out after class to our favorite hangout to study. I was poring over my accounting homework and she was doing her math. Under the table we were playing footsies as we pondered our homework.

After a couple of hours of this and several cups of coffee I moved from across the table sat next to her. I took her hand in mine and kissed her. She too was growing tired of studying and slipped her tongue between my lips.

“Your parents home tonight?” I asked her.

“Yeah, it’s their canasta night. How about your wife?”

“She’s home. I’m short of money, so a motel is out.”

“Hey, wanna go parking?”

“That’s so high school!” I exclaimed.

“Got a better idea?” She slipped her hand to my lap and started stroking my penis through my jeans. It immediately cam awake.

“Let’s go!”

We got into her car (it was bigger) and started driving around looking for a place to park. We finally came across an old church with a dark parking lot, perfect for a furtive tryst in car. We moved to the back seat and got down to business.

I slipped my hand under her shirt, caressing her breasts through her bra. She put her hand behind my head as we kissed. I could feel her nipple hardening under my hand so I started to slip it up and over her head. I reached between her breasts to unclasp her bra and I loved the feel of Kelly’s breasts in my mouth as I sucked each one. Each tug on her breasts brought moans from her and her fingers dug into my arms as the passions built up inside of her. Kelly didn’t resist when I finally went to remove her shorts and panties. She lifted her hips to make it easier for me to remove them. I easily moved my hand between her legs and started to stroke her pussy. Sam let out escort buca a long sigh and her body shook as I slid my finger into her hot pussy. Kelly’s pussy was already soaked as I fingered her, making her writhe in passion. I didn’t wait long, I moved my tongue over the inside of her thighs and when my tongue touched her pussy, Kelly dug her nails into my arms.

“Oh Joe! Yes!” Her pubic hair was so fine, that when I breathed lightly on it, Kelly shook violently.

I continued to work my tongue in and out of her pussy bringing more cries of passion from Kelly. I ran my finger over her anus while my tongue worked her pussy and her body bucked and heaved. I slid my finger into her anus and finger-fucked her ass, which brought Sam to a very explosive climax. Kelly’s grip on my arms was so tight I though she would leave a bruise, or worse.

“Ahh! Yes! Joe! Mmm!” Sam gasped out in ecstasy. Kelly watched as I pulled down my pants, freeing my already hard and throbbing cock. I was inside of her in a flash and slowly we found a rhythm that made it much smoother for the two of us. My engorged cock felt good inside of Kelly, her muscles stretched to accept my cock. I made sure to brush my shaft against Sam’s clit, driving her to move faster and faster.

I slowed myself down now, letting her recover a little from her orgasm. I went back to paying attention to her breasts. I thrust just enough to maintain my erection as I gripped her breasts and leaned down to suck her little pink nipples. Her fingers ran through my black hair as I did so.

“God, I love fucking you Kelly!”

“And I love the way you make me feel, Joe.”

I came up and kissed her, keeping up my slow rhythm, my cock easing in and out buca escort bayan of her gaping pussy. “You want to get on top for awhile?”


We switched positions as carefully as we could given the confines of her car. I held on to her ass as she rode my cock for all it was worth. I once again slid my finger into her anus and this brought her to another heavy climax.

“Damn!” she said. “You keep making me come like this, I won’t be able to walk in the morning!”

I moved her back underneath me. I was ready to come so I buried my cock into her in one hard thrust. She gasped as the force of my body took her breath away.

“I’m going to pound your pussy so hard that I break you!” I screamed. My hips were a blur as my ass tightened and loosened with every thrust. I was just about to warp speed when I felt the familiar tingling coming from my swinging balls.

“I’m gonna come!”

“Yeah, fill my pussy with your sperm!”

With those dirty words, which Kelly knew I loved, I unloaded inside her gripping pussy. “Yeah, baby! Give it to me!”

I pulled out and sat back, and Kelly took me in her mouth, licking up our combined juices. She tongued every inch of my deflating cock and balls as I tried to catch my breath. When she was done she kissed me and shared the last of my semen with me.

I rubbed her breasts, now covered with sweat, as she rubbed my cock. We had time to go once more, and I had an idea about that. I whispered in her ear and she followed me out of the car.

The parking lot was dark and deserted, but the slight thrill of being discovered only added to our lust. Once outside, I leaned her over the hood of the car. Her tight young ass was pointed up at me buca escort and I leaned down to lick both her holes from behind. Though she didn’t need any warm-up, I have never known a woman to refuse an orgasm.

Once her pussy was dripping again I took my hard cock and placed it at her entrance. Teasingly I slipped the head in and withdrew. Then I only put an inch or so into her.

“Fuck me you bastard! Stop playing around!”

With that I shoved it all in her. In this position her already tight pussy was even tighter but managed to stretch to accommodate my nine thick inches. I put one hand on each of her ass cheeks and thrust myself in and out of her hot cunt.

I looked down and gravity made her 34B tits seem a little larger as they swung beneath her. Kelly steadied herself with both hands on the hood but after we got into a rhythm she reached back and started rubbing one of her tits.

I took a finger and rubbed it along my shaft down to her pussy lips. I got it mice and lubed and then slipped it into her anus. She jumped a little but started thrusting back at me.

“God, Joe! So…good!”

“Rub your clit, Kelly. I want to come with you!”

She reached back and started diddling herself as I continued to fuck her hard. There was no finesse in this coupling, just raw energy and lust. When I heard her cry out and felt her pussy muscles contract, I sped up and unloaded another dose of baby batter into her. This time I just collapsed on top of her and kissed her back as my cock softened and eventually slipped out of her. A flood of my semen followed it and dripped onto the side of the car.

We kissed long and hard after getting our clothes back on. I drove us back to the coffee shop to get my car, her hand rubbing my cock the whole way. We just held each other in the parking lot, not really wanting to part for the night but knowing we should.

“Thanks, Joe. You really know how to show a girl a good time.”

You too, honey. You really know how to make me feel like a man.

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