Kelsey Drops By The Office

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By far the best thing that has happened to me this semester has been my relationship with Kelsey Blair. She’s the young college freshman with whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know intimately.

After our tryst last Sunday Kelsey and I had only exchanged friendly hellos and sexy smiles during the week. She had missed a couple of my classes and I had been busy preparing a mid-semester exam. But when Friday afternoon rolled around all of that changed when Kelsey came walking through my office door.

Jesus she looked hot. She was wearing a very short dress that hit her at mid thigh. Her nipples, obviously hard and erect were trying to poke through the thin material that covered her braless breasts. Her tanned legs, long and lean led down to a pair of brown summer sandals. Her auburn hair wasn’t in its usual ponytail today. It flowed freely about her shoulders.

“Mind if I come in,” she said as she closed the door behind her and took a seat across from my desk. As she crossed her legs I caught just a quick glimpse of her panty-less crotch. Damn, short dress, no panties, this sexy eighteen-year old new exactly how to turn a guy on. She had been in my office less than a minute and my cock was already beginning to stir.

“How are you Kelsey? I haven’t seen much of you this week,” I said with a smile.

“I’m okay,” she said. “I’m sorry I missed those classes,” referring to Tuesday and Thursday. “I heard we were having an exam next Tuesday and thought I’d better drop by and see what I missed.”

“You didn’t miss much, I told her. “I can make you a copy of my lectures. If you read them you should do okay on the exam.”

“What’s been going on in your life to cause you to miss two classes in a row,” I asked.

“My mom took me shopping on Tuesday, and Thursday I had the blahs. But I’m feeling better now,” she said with a smile.

Kelsey stood up and walked to the back of my desk and stood next to me. She looked down at me with an evil grin and took my right hand and brought it up under her dress. As she guided my hand up her thigh and toward her pussy she told me, “I have a surprise for you.”

As my hand continued on its unexpected journey I soon learned what the surprise was. Kelsey’s hot little cunt was as smooth as a new born baby’s behind.

“I shaved it just for you,” she said with a sexy grin. “Do you like it?”

As I slowly slid my hand up to her stomach and back down to her warm wet labia my cock began to grow leaps and bounds.

“Oh yeah, baby, I like it.”

Still standing Kelsey spread her legs slightly allowing my easy access to her pussy. I let my fingers slowly glide up and down her moist lips. Next I slipped a finger into her and began to pump it in and out. As I began to pump a little faster Kelsey moaned softly tossing her head back, and rocking her hips in perfect rhythm. With my left hand cupping her ass I slipped a second finger into her hot little cunt and pumped feverishly. Her moans became louder and her hip rotation more pronounced.

With her moans much louder now I began to panic as I wasn’t sure if we were the only ones on this end of the hallway. What if someone heard her? What the fuck I thought to myself. It’s probably too late to worry now.

With that thought in mind I slipped a third finger in her and proceeded to bring her to a near earth shattering orgasm. She trembled uncontrollably and she pushed her body forcibly against my hand before finally bringing her hips to a complete stop. Breathing heavily she leaned over and rested her hands on my shoulders. As I squeezed the cheeks of her now motionless ass I slowly pulled my sticky fingers from her juicy warm pussy.

As she slumped into my lap Kelsey’s breathing was still a bit irregular, her face was flushed and I could see a tiny bead of perspiration on her forehead. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she leaned into me and we kissed. We kissed once more before she pulled free and put her head on my shoulder.

“Oh, James, that was good. Really good,” she whispered in my ear.

“You liked that did you,” I teased.

As she ran her fingers through my hair and smiled that coy little smile of approval she didn’t need to answer.

Having caught her breath, Kelsey stood up and began to unbuckle my belt. She unbuttoned my pants and I lifted myself off the chair just high enough for her to pull them and my boxers over my hips and down to my ankles. As she turned her back to me she hiked her dress up over her hips and lowered herself over my throbbing member.

Taking my cock in her hand she guided it into her pussy. Once I was completely inside her she began to pump her ass up and down like a well tuned piston. With my hands on either side of her waist I held on while she worked her ass up and down pumping my cock. Her tight little cunt gripped me tightly and sucked me like there was no tomorrow. Fuck I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer at this pace. I just decided to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Once again Kelsey was breathing hard and I was sure she was fixing to cum again. Soon my balls began to swell and ache as Kelsey continued to pump me hard and fast. In a few seconds that familiar sensation began to flow through me as I shot hot cum into Kelsey’s sweet little cunt. As I moaned with agonizing joy, Kelsey increased her motion and cried out inaudible sounds of bliss. I could feel her beginning to cum as she continued to bounce up and down uncontrollably on my cock. As her pussy began to contract her ass slowly came to a stop. I wrapped my arms completely around her and she leaned back against me.

Spent, we sat quietly for several minutes. Cum had oozed out of her and I could feel the sticky mess it had made between us. When she finally lifted herself from my lap she grabbed a handful of tissues form my desk and wiped between her legs. She grabbed another handful and cleaned me off. As she pulled her dress down over her hips and smoothed it out I pulled my pants up and got out of my chair giving my legs a much needed stretch.

I pulled Kelsey to me and gave her a big wet kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair and leaned in and whispered, “Thank you, baby.”

And as quickly as she had appeared, Kelsey took a copy of my two lectures and disappeared out the door.

I fell back into my chair and closed my eyes reliving what had just taken place.

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