Kirsten Lives Dangerously

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Ben was danger with a capital D and Kirsten knew it. Not physically dangerous. He wouldn’t hurt her, even if he slapped her — her tits, her arse, her face. He was dangerous because she lost control. He took control of her and enjoyed her. He just took her when he felt like it, where he felt like it. He would be idly talking to her one moment, then finger fucking her the next.

And, damn it, she always came on those fingers. He finger fucked her soooooooo good. She had had so many orgasms on those fingers, as he kissed her and pulled her hair. Looking deep into her eyes as she came. Her mouth open. Her head back. Her back arched. She could only handle one or two orgasms a night, she came so hard.

But she sure slept well. Until she woke up to his cock fucking her. Fucking her hot, slippery cunt. Damn how she loved his cock. It was wickedly curved, and hit all her spots. And then some. She came on his cock. illegal bahis Twitching, wriggling, groaning. He fucked her sooooo good.

Then she would suck his cock. Oh how she loved sucking his long hard cock. It was delicious. She would play with her pussy and cum sucking his cock. Then he would cum all over her — her tits, her tummy, her face. His cum all over her. Damn, she liked that.

She loved the way he would get her frantic and then slip a slippery finger up her arse. Right up her arse. She would wiggle uncontrollably on his finger. He would slip two fingers up her pussy and she would spasm all over his fingers, as she came. Looking deep into his eyes, and cumming so, so hard.

And Ben pissed on her too. Damn Kirsten liked that. She would play with herself, and cum so quickly as he pissed on her. Then they would get in the shower where Ben would fuck her senseless as she came all over his cock.

Yes, illegal bahis siteleri Ben was very, very dangerous. Sex with him was nasty, dirty, like crazed weasels fucking. And she loved it, craved it, thought about it all the time. She wanted to be his nasty, dirty fucktoy and wanted him to enjoy her senseless. Fuck her brains out.

So, Kirsten was very nervous about asking him over for dinner. Would they even get to dinner? Or would he enjoy her straight away? Would it be midnight before he stopped enjoying her and went to sleep? Would he enjoy her all night long? She hoped so. She loved the way he enjoyed her.

When she opened the door to him, she looked stunning. Long, silky, dark blue evening dress. Two thin straps holding it up. Otherwise her shoulders were bare. Showed her cleavage. Emphasised her tits. Clung to her in all the right places. Slit right up the side to her arse, which had canlı bahis siteleri barely anything to protect it if he breached her outer flimsy defences. High-heeled strappy sandals. Stockings. Garter belt. Tiny little thong. He could have a finger up her arse in seconds if he wanted to.

Kirsten wouldn’t mind.

Ben smiled and said hello.

‘Hello,’ Kirsten purred, as he advanced on her.

The purr did it. Ben was on to her in a flash. Pinned Kirsten up against the wall.

He pulled her hair hard, forcing her head back. He plundered her mouth. Ravished her tits. Slid two fingers up her pussy and finger fucked her. Hard and fast. Kirsten twitched and spasmed and arched her back.

Fuck this was sensational.

Ben enjoyed her mercilessly for no more than 2 minutes. No more. But Kirsten came. Oh how she came. Hard. Fast. Fucking delirious. She stared sightlessly into his beautiful, fierce eyes as she came, moaning wordlessly into his marauding mouth.

Yet again Ben had taken her ruthlessly.

Yet again Kirsten had loved it. Oh how she loved being taken like that.

‘Let’s go to the bathtub,’ Ben whispered in her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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