Kissed by the Sun

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You wake up as the summer sun’s first warm rays come in through the open curtains and drift slowly across the wall. The room is filled with soft light and the particles of dust which float through the golden beam seem to sparkle like tiny stars flaring into existence then vanishing as the eddies in the air carry them, twisting and turning, so some unknown end. You feel the heat of the sun warming your skin as the patch of light drifts down from the wall and across your body lying naked, sprawled on the bed.

Looking up you see me standing in the doorway, smiling at you. I’m naked but for a towel wrapped around my waist, my hair and skin still wet from my morning shower. You can almost feel my eyes running over your body like a lovers gentle touch and you smile back at me. I walk into the room without a word and sit down beside you on the edge of the bed, staring at you still, but now just into those beautiful, big, blue eyes that I’d fallen in love with all those years before. It’s only when you try to roll over beside me that you realise your wrists are tied loosely to wooden slats of the headboard, and suddenly you’re very awake.

There’s enough length in the black silk scarves I’ve used for you to bring your hands together and undo the knots at your wrists, but we’ve played this game before and after a cursory struggle you lie still, waiting. That’s all the go-ahead I need. Moving round to the foot of the bed, I take hold of your ankles and pull you towards me. Now the scarves are taught, you can feel the soft material gripping your wrists above your head on either side, the loose ends tickling your skin. You can feel my fingers working at your ankles, binding them too with more scarves to the bottom corners of the bed, testing the knots to make sure you can’t pull free and that they don’t pinch your skin.

Satisfied that you can’t move without my leave I stand back to exam my handy work, revelling in the sight before me. Your arms stretched out above your head making your breasts stand out proud on your chest and your legs splayed wantonly revealing you completely to me. For your part, you can see the effect the image has on me. Straining your neck to lift your head and look down between your legs, you can clearly see the erection tenting the towel around me, and the look of unbridled illegal bahis lust burning in my eyes.

Your head falls back to the bed, mind racing with what I’m going to do to you. Sparks of excitement making your heart race as you imagine my hands and tongue racing over your prone body with you powerless to resist or alter their course. The last thing you expect is for me to walk around the bed, kiss you once on the forehead and leave the room.

You are completely alone and exposed, the patch of sunlight still bathing you in its warmth and the gentle breeze from the open window moving the tiny hairs on your skin. Your senses are heightened by the situation, cheeks coloured by the first flush of arousal and just a hint of embarrassment if anyone were to see you like this. You can feel the cooler air flowing over you, making your body react.

By the time you hear my footsteps coming back into the room, your nipples are hard and the first hint of moisture makes your bald pussy lips shimmer in the sunlight. Every nerve in your body has come alive, the anticipation of what is to come sending shivers up and down your spine and goose bumps stand out on your skin despite the heat. You feel the mattress sag under my weight beside you and realise you’ve had your eyes closed, concentrating on the feel of sunlight on your skin and the images in your head. I don’t give you a chance to open them. Using the last piece of soft black silk I blindfold you, knowing how much more sensitive your skin is when you don’t know where my next touch or kiss will fall.

The anticipation is now almost too much to bear. Your skin is desperate for my touch, eager for something more substantial than the suns rays to stimulate your heightened senses. You can smell my clean skin close to you, hear me breathing so close that you could reach out and touch me if only you weren’t tied down. You can even feel the heat radiating from my body and the mattress moving under you as I position myself at your side.

The next sensation almost makes you jump, an icy cold touch on your stomach. You feel it move across your body slowly, the contrast with the warm air making your flesh tingle. You can feel a slick line drying on your skin to mark its passage and every nerve screaming at you in pleasure at this unknown touch. illegal bahis siteleri It moves so slowly across your stomach, tracing patterns you’ll never see around your belly button, following the line of your ribs, down your sides and gliding over your thighs. You can feel it melting faster on your legs, and large drips roll down their sides towards the bed, tickling you skin as they go like tiny kisses on the insides of your thighs. My cold fingers brush your skin now as the ice cube gets too small to hold and then disappears completely.

You feel my weight shift away and then back again and the cold touch returns to your skin. This time I brush the ice gently over your lips where your tongue slips out to touch it, enjoying the cold water dripping into your hot mouth. It moves away across your chin and down your slender neck, the cold rolling drops sending shivers through your body before it reaches your chest. Circling your nipples, making them almost painfully hard and melting quickly with the heat of your body so that streams of cold water run down into your cleavage and on across your stomach to pool in your belly button. Again you feel the brush of my cold fingers as the ice cube disappears before they withdraw and you feel my hot breath on you. I blow gently on your nipples, warming them slowly making them harder still.

Again you feel me move through the sagging of the mattress, but this time I come to rest between your legs. You feel the now familiar touch of ice on your skin, but so close to your crotch it takes on a new intensity. You can feel it move over your inner thighs, following the creases where your legs join to your body and finally over the swollen lips of your vagina. The ice cold water mingling with your own juices as they seep out of you and run down between the cheeks of your ass. Suddenly you feel it slide inside you, its smooth surface gliding up your tunnel. Your muscles contract around it, drawing it further in, so cold it almost seems to burn the sensitive skin inside you. Then you feel the heat of my breath descending on you and my tongue pressed flat over your opening, the contrast with the ice buried deep inside you overwhelming. Your hips buck unconsciously, trying desperately to increase the pressure on your pearl. But in the heat of your arousal canlı bahis siteleri the ice doesn’t last long and, as the last crystals melt away, my mouth moves off with a last lingering lick of your slit.

Your body tightens, anticipating the next icy contact, but it doesn’t come. Instead you feel something rougher moving over your skin, the unfamiliar feeling describing every curve of your body. It traces the outline of your breasts, your neck and shoulders, drifts down across your stomach and begins to move slowly up and down the length of your glistening slit, slipping further in with each stroke, the rough surface teasing your clit as it passes over. suddenly it disappears and you feel me shift again as I bring it up to your mouth, brushing it gently over your lips and slipping it between them. “bite down” I whisper in your ear and you do, the flesh of it bursting between your teeth and the flavour fills your mouth, strawberry mixed with your own unique flavour.

Now you know I’ve been teasing myself as much as you, that I’m as desperate to be inside you as you are to have me there and you feel my weight shift on top of you, you can feel the heat of my skin as it lowers down onto you and the tip of my erection nestling between the folds of your pussy. With one slow insistant movement I’m inside you, your dripping tunnel offering me no resistance. You strain at your bonds desperate to throw your arms around me and pull me closer but to no avail. All you can do is lie there feeling me pumping faster and faster, driving myself deeper and deeper inside you. Your orgasm builds quickly, and washes through you, muscles tighten, contorting and twisting your body till your right arm breaks free of its restraint and wraps itself around my shoulders, holding me in place as I take my last few strokes. You know I’m getting closer as my thrusts get jerky and you finally feel me stop inside you, my cum exploding against the depths of your vagina, your own orgasm still washing through your body, seeming to go on forever as I collapse beside you and lie quietly running my fingers over your skin.

I reach behind your head to remove your blindfold and kiss you deeply on the lips, the rush of light makes you blink and you smile warmly at me, your cheeks still scarlet from the exertion.

I untie your hands and feet so I can take you properly in my arms and lead you to the bathroom where a hot steaming bath is waiting for you.

‘I love you princess,’ I say, as you slip into the water and head into the kitchen to start the breakfast.

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