Lady Belinda

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Belinda was feeling concerned. Her close friend, Jean, had told her over a drink in the bar following their committee meeting that evening – in confidence of course – that their popular director, Johnnie claimed to have made love to all the ladies in the society who were worth having.

This puzzled her. He hadn’t had her, for one. Nor had he had her other close friend, Lois, because she would have told her – and Lois would have welcomed the attentions of Johnnie. She was besotted by him and often confided in Belinda that she would open her legs as wide as she could for Johnnie. In addition to all that, Lois was by general consent the most beautiful – most gorgeous member of the group – and not yet thirty! And Belinda herself was very well proportioned and good-looking, if not quite stunningly so. So there was some mistake somewhere.

Jean admitted to her that Johnnie had told her this in response to her question to him, after they had made love in the back of his car. That did not surprise Belinda, since Jean enjoyed a variety of lovers behind her husband’s back. And he did the same, so Jean explained. So it was by mutual consent.

(‘Tell me, Johnnie,’ Jean had asked quietly, whilst relaxing after the event, ‘ how many of the women in the society have you had?’

‘What? Oh, all the ones worth having,’ was his smiling retort. ‘But you’re the best,’ he had added gallantly.)

So as Belinda stepped out of her clothes getting ready for bed, she examined her figure in the mirror of her dressing room, turning one way, then the other. A few ripples of fat here and there, with a thickening waist perhaps, but smooth skin, nice full breasts with well-defined areola and nipples. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and the inner labia just visible in the gash of her plump vulva.

The thought that Johnnie wasn’t attracted to her – for that was the implication of his remark to Jean – upset her somewhat. Not that she was particularly attracted to him, but he was now becoming a challenge to her ego. Perhaps it would be interesting to make love with him just to assure herself that she did appeal to him. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea – and the more attractive Johnnie became.

As she climbed between the silk sheets of her bed, her husband John appeared naked from the bathroom. He was two years older, but he had one problem that had affected their love life. He had an oversized cock. Many women, of course, drool over large cocks, probably the ones who haven’t had one inside them. But John’s was a full ten inches and very thick. Belinda would be the envy of her friends if they knew, but the truth was that it hurt her when they fucked.

On one overzealous attempt at intercourse, the skin across the base of Belinda’s vulva – her fourchette – had actually torn. It was very painful and took ages to heal over. There was no pleasure for her in making love with such a massive penis. They resorted to manual and oral sex, but his cock was too big to be fully drawn into her mouth. And she was never very good at masturbating his massive cock. Just as a woman knows best how to bring herself to orgasm, so a man knows best his most sensitive areas to achieve ejaculation. So John and Belinda always finished themselves off.

Some mornings, Belinda would half open her eyes to see John sitting up in his bed, gazing down on his hard erection reaching up his chest. His hand was wrapped round the upper end of the shaft pumping it. By bending his head low, he was able to take the head of his cock into his mouth, which is what he was often did. His loins would writhe and jerk until, with a sudden jolt, his buttocks bouncing, head thrown back, his cock would explode over his neck and shoulders.

After a few moments of calm, John would slide out of bed and into the bathroom whilst Belinda quietly played with herself. Watching her husband masturbate his magnificent cock usually turned her on. As he showered, she would rub her clitoris to a mild, but satisfying orgasm.

So, she had not objected when he sought to stay his sexual appetite elsewhere. But she herself had never seriously thought of straying. The deceit and excuses would all too much trouble to keep up and she enjoyed her life of luxury too much to jeopardize it.

She watched casually as John climbed into his pyjamas, the large cock sprouting from the forest of thick hair, dangling and swaying between his hairy thighs. If only it was half the size, she thought, life would be very different. It wasn’t the only cock she had seen, of course. She had been brought up with dogs and horses, but it was when she was at college in Oxford that she had her first real sight of men’s cocks.

* * * * *

It happened when, with her friend, Pamela, she had accompanied four young students on a picnic outing one particularly hot Saturday afternoon. They had fooled about and romped around after the sandwiches and wine, rolling in the grass, running about and playing tag. Silly games. The exercise tired them, and as they flopped into the illegal bahis long grass, sweating, panting and laughing, Belinda’s skirt had ridden up to expose her brief diaphanous knickers, leaving little of her vulva to the imagination.

Her friend was also lying on her back panting for breath, knees bent, so that she too was showing her skimpy underwear. Unknown to her, though, tufts of her dark pubic hair were sprouting from the legs.

For four young lusty men fuelled by the wine, the sight of soft forbidden fruit inflamed their minds. Two of them, to reciprocate in a show of bravado, opened their shorts and under pants to expose their soft cocks to the two girls, waving them lewdly. Belinda and Pamela laughed loudly at the sight, pointing to the swaying cocks.

‘Good heavens,’ cried Pamela in mock surprise, ‘what are those supposed to be?’

‘Watch,’ one of the guys commanded, ‘and you’ll find out!’ And he stood facing them, legs apart, beginning to play with his cock, so that it stiffened and grew quickly to a handsome size. His friend followed suit whilst the other two men looked on with amusement. Although laughing, Belinda’s eyes were glued to the sight, watching in awe as the cocks filled and grew.

‘Have a feel!’ the young man suggested.

Belinda and her friend shook their heads in refusal, still unable to stop laughing at the sight of the two men, with stiff cocks swaying before them. But the sight of two hard cocks interested Belinda. She examined the weapons with absorbed interest. One had a sharp upward bend in the shaft, though both were about six inches in length she guessed. The colour of the skin differed – one pale and the other swarthy – as did their skin texture. The shorts had been dropped and kicked to one side, exposing the men from the waist down, so that Belinda had a clear view of the genitals.

The foreskin mesmerised Belinda. It slid down over the head to reveal the shining glans, before sliding back over it. And the testicles hanging low from the base of the shaft in their wrinkled bag held her attention. Her attention was entirely concentrated on her first sight of male genitals.

|The swarthy cock of the second guy was straight, but tapered from a thick base to a narrower tip, with smaller head. The veins showed through the skin like knotted whipcord, giving it a rugged look. His testicles were bunched up to the base of the shaft. She was very tempted to reach out and play with these handsome cocks.

Then, without any warning, the guys threw themselves on top of the women, falling between their thighs, pinning their shoulders to the ground. Flimsy pants were dragged roughly aside, whilst both giggling women struggled, but the weight of the men on top of them prevented any serious opposition. It was still a game – or so Belinda thought.

Not expecting any serious assault on their bodies, the women were completely taken by surprise, unable to avoid the stiff cocks invading their hairy vulvas. They started to object and struggle. Belinda felt the hard swarthy shaft prodding against her groin, searching for the virgin opening hidden between her lips. It was scary!

The other two men were laughing, removing their own shorts and underwear to join in the game, helping to drag the pants down the legs of the women, who were now crying out for them to stop. But to no avail. Struggle as they would, each of the women was held down, legs held apart, with the stiffened cocks having found the labia lips, nudging between them, trying to force penetration.

Belinda’s friend was the first to cry out in pain as her defences were breeched. She felt her own tight vagina, though always damp by nature, being ravished by the stiff cock pushing hard against it, gradually gaining entrance to that secret treasure. The situation had turned from laughter to a serious attempt at rape. The cock managed to gain access, in and out of the mouth of her vagina, seeking full penetration, and to her revulsion, Belinda felt herself begin to lubricate. She wept with frustration at the absurdity of it.

Here she was, trying to defend herself against unwelcome invasion, and all the time her vagina was giving the intruder an easy passage. It was like a nightmare. She couldn’t believe it was happening. Belinda felt the cock filling her, finally managing to push its way deep inside. But she felt completely numb. No sooner had it found its length, than it quickly withdrew to sprinkle starchy sperm in several jerks over her golden curls. She looked down to watch the erupting cock. Belinda had never seen an ejaculation before, watching it until the last drop. Though captivated by the sight, she fell back onto the grass, relieved that it was over.

But she was mistaken. The other man now dropped between her thighs and promptly skewered her with his cock. It slid straight into the wet gash to its fullest depth. His thighs bounced up and down on her, his cock thrusting in and out in rapid strokes. Belinda was exhausted by the struggle, realising that to continue was a waste illegal bahis siteleri of effort with the first guy kneeling on her shoulders, holding her down. With his bare groin over her face, Belinda had a close look at the testicles and the softening cock, stained with her juices. She could have bitten them hard, but feared for her safety. The cock drove hard in and out of her vagina.

The young man’s breathing came hard and erratic, until after what seemed forever – but was only a minute or so – he too withdrew with a loud grunt. Belinda looked down again, as if in a dream, to watch sperm gushing over her.

The other two men had likewise violated Pamela. After the assault, the women lay still in the trampled grass. Belinda’s friend was sobbing, her shoulders heaving, her pants torn. The men were some way off, pulling on their underwear and shorts, before slinking away, laughing and joking together, comparing their experiences. Belinda sat up to comfort her friend, though she herself felt in need of some sympathy. She felt at her vulva gingerly, wet with sperm. It was swollen and tender to the touch. The sperm had tricked over the lips. She examined Pamela’s vulva as well, with its surrounding of sperm-sodden hair. The lips were red and pouting.

As they cleaned up, they agreed that it would be of no use to complain to the authorities. They just would not be believed. It would be said that they had encouraged the men, taunting them – egging them on. But they made sure that the men’s reputations were ruined in their college, with two of their lecturer friends publicly condemning the four rapists.

* * * * *

As Belinda recalled that first sight of men’s genitals, her mind speculated on Johnnie’s equipment, wondering if, and how she might become one of his conquests. Her hand strayed between her thighs to cup and squeeze her vulva, which had dampened with her thoughts of sex, whilst drifting off to sleep with the vision of a stiff penis on her mind.

The following Saturday was the last night of the current production at the theatre, and it was usual to have an after-show party for the company. As the Secretary of the society she occasionally went to them, though they were mainly intended for the cast and crew to let their hair down and have a final analysis of the past week’s events. Some parties were known to develop into an orgy of drinking and snogging, with dancing and party pieces. But she knew Johnnie would be there, so decided to go along. She had a ticket for the final performance, though her husband preferred to watch football on the television. A small number of the committee always sat together to watch the final performance.

She took particular care in getting herself ready for the evening, selecting a smart, light two-piece, and loose fitting silk underwear. Earlier in the day, her hairdresser had replenished the golden sheen of her hair – a mousy colour by nature – and softened her usual swept-back style to a rather less formal cut. She looked superb!

After the show, during which Belinda had fantasized at length about the forthcoming event, she excused herself from the other members, sauntered into the lounge where she was greeted on all sides by various members, and immediately bumped into Johnnie who was on his way to the bar.

‘Hello, Bel! You’re looking very attractive this evening! Can I get you a drink? G&T is it?’

‘That’s most kind of you darling. Yes, that would be lovely. Where are you sitting? Oh, I see your wife over there. I’ll join them if you don’t mind.’ And she did.

Johnnie’s wife, Charity, was already in good spirits and the group laughed a lot. Belinda surprised herself by calmly looking at Charity, thinking ‘I’m going to seduce your husband tonight, all being well.’ She had no guilty conscience about it, since Charity was well known for her own affairs. When the time came to leave for the after-show party, Johnnie was delighted to hear that Belinda was going along as well.

Belinda had brought the Mercedes this evening, rather than her small sports car. She parked a little way from the house, under a street lamp, locked the Mercedes and strolled up to the large house. It was a large, very comfortable place in large grounds, belonging to a member of the cast who was a successful solicitor.

After hanging her coat, Belinda was handed a drink by the genial host, and edged into the lounge. The room was already full of noisy people drinking and chatting. It was warm in the room and lit only by a couple of table lamps. Belinda caught sight of Johnnie straight away, latched onto him and managed to engineer herself to perch on his knee, in an armchair in the corner of the room. She was slightly tipsy and feeling good. Johnnie was likewise relaxed and chatty. Belinda was known for her down-to-earth, businesslike approach, so decided to use direct tactics.

‘Well, this is cosy, Johnnie. I don’t think I have sat on your knee before, have I darling? Anyway, there’s a small matter I want to talk to you about. Entre nous, of canlı bahis siteleri course. I am told by a good friend of mine, who shall be nameless of course, that you have made love to all the suitable women in the society.’ He smiled up at her with look of amused surprise. ‘Now, that can’t be true, because you haven’t made love to me – nor to my dear friend Lois, who would be very willing to make it with you.’

Johnnie looked even more surprised.

‘Would she? Well … There’s a thing! I never thought of Lois as wanting a little on the side. I mean … one so beautiful and elegant. So remote even. And as far as you go, Bel … well, a titled lady – and a very attractive one at that – doesn’t want to become involved in casual affairs, does she? After all, she has her position to keep up – her reputation to protect.’

‘Oh! Really? Why not? Look, Johnnie darling, I may be Lady Belinda, with a titled husband, mansion and dogs, and all the trappings, but I’m still a woman. People may believe butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, but I do have a normal appetite and a normal interest in men. And you interest me, darling. More so since I was told that you were … well … available. Well, so an I.’

‘Jean is a chatterbox. It was her who told you that, of course! I merely said what I did because she has fooled around with several men – and I was merely insinuating that she wasn’t the only fish in the sea, trying to make her a teeny bit jealous.’

‘Well, you didn’t. Only me!’

Her hand had casually found its way onto his lap, fingers quietly touching and gently searching for the bulge, squeezing the contents. In fact, she was deliberately teasing his cock, which was beginning to stir with the attention it was getting. Johnnie was taken aback by her audacious behaviour.

‘I am surprised. Are you suggesting …?’

‘No, I’m propositioning you. Why don’t we go sit in my car for a while, darling? There’s a new tape I bought I’d like you to hear. And we can have a frank exchange of our thoughts. We need a serious talk.’

Not waiting for a reply, she stood up, pulled him to his feet and led him into the hall. No one took any notice of them. Johnnie’s wife was in deep conversation with the local drama critic. Belinda and Johnnie put their glasses on the hall table and slipped out into the dark drive. Walking hurriedly to the car, she unlocked the doors and quickly slid into the back seat, Johnnie moving in after her. He door clicked shut.

The windows were of tinted glass, though light from the street lamp gave a low glow inside. Johnnie was given no time to admire the luxurious upholstery. No sooner had he sat in the seat, than Belinda rapidly unfastened the buttons of her top shrugging it from her shoulders with impatience, letting it fall to the carpet. She leaned over him, put one arm round his neck and immediately kissed him passionately on the lips.

During the prolonged kiss, she rubbed the palm of her hand all over the front of Johnnie’s trousers, desperately seeking the idol of her dream. Needing no further encouragement, Johnnie thrust his hand up Belinda’s skirt, caressing her warm thighs whilst seeking the hairy gash between them. The lips were swollen, wet and sticky with love juice. He found the vagina to be set rather higher in the vulva than was usual, and the clitoris was, like a tiny penis, fully exposed to his searching fingers.

Belinda gave a gasp, squirming with excitement. She’d forgotten the thrill the stolen encounter – tasting the forbidden fruit.

Johnnie couldn’t believe his good fortune. Getting his hands in Lady Belinda’s panties to explore her warm hairy vulva was a dream come true. She had always seemed remote from mere mortals. Unattainable. And yet, here he was, toying with her pubic curls – fingering her delicious labia. And he was about to fuck it! Thanks to Jean for passing on his comment. He had no idea Belinda was attracted by him – or any other man for that matter.

His only disappointment was that he was unable to study her genitals in detail. He was obsessed with female vulvas. They held an infinite fascinating to him. Every one was different from another and Belinda’s felt fabulous – plump, warm, cosy and inviting.

Suddenly, Belinda backed away and purposefully unbuckled his waistband, unzipping the fly, before dragging his trousers and underwear over his hips and thighs. He raised his buttocks to make it easier for her. She tugged them over his ankles to allow his legs to spread open.

Her attention turned immediately to the stiff cock that had sprung up from the patch of light brown curls. With a dry mouth, Belinda took hold of the cock she had longed to see, admiring the hard smooth surface in the dim glow of light. It was beautiful – and regulation size! Straight and rock-hard. Easing the foreskin down, she examined the purple head, now covered with love’s dew.

Her mind was in a whirl. She had never behaved in this way ever before. But Johnnie’s cock fascinated her. What must he believe of her? She felt like a common tart, not thinking straight, but right now, her only thought was of getting that cock deep inside her vagina. She was torn between the need to explore it by touch and sight, and the need to sink it into her impatient gash. The impatient vulva won.

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