Last Ones at the Show

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Big Tits

We’re both at a show. It’s loud, loud like I’m-going-to-be-regretting-it-tomorrow loud. The band is…meh? They’re fine. They’re from Wisconsin. They’re loud. They’re whatever.

By now most of the people who came to the show either left, are still in the crowd but clearly regretting it, or they, like us, went straight to the bar at some point in the last hour. You and I have been eyeing each other for that last hour. Slowly our friend groups dwindled away, and it’s pretty much us at the bar.

You wouldn’t hear me if I said anything, we’re too far apart, so I wave from across the bar. You wave back and smile a big and beautiful smile that sinks into me like a hook. My heart drops a beat. You motion me over with this kind of cowgirl mosey on over thing. So I do.

Then, more drinks, the kind of talking that is actually yelling where you have to get close to me and I have to get close to you for us to hear each other. Close like I smell you, sweat and perfume, every time I answer your question because I am yelling it into your ear. Feeling the strands of your hair brush my face. Our ears are going to be so shot, but every time you stretch to answer my question into my ear, it’s so worth it. Bonus: every time you lean over to say something to me, your v-cut white t-shirt dips down and I get a steal at your cleavage and round, white freckled breasts, dipping into a lacey deep purple bra. When I’m able to concentrate on talking – yelling – we talk neighborhoods, friends, movies, etc. We have a lot in common but all the talk is just an excuse to get close to each other.

At one point I ask you something, about did you watch this tv show or something or other, and then there’s a long pause as you stare at the mirror behind the bar.

“Are you ok?” I yell, and smile.

You look startled. “I think I’m kinda high,” you yell in my ear to explain. “I had a couple gummies like an hour ago?” You smile big again, “I think it was an hour ago? I don’t know!” you laugh.

I laugh. I’m feeling good too. No gummies tonight but the drinks have definitely lubricated my brain. Oh geez, and my cock. I notice I am hard as a rock.

We keep talking, yelling. I keep leaning over to you, you to me, and each time you do you’re now brushing up against me and I’m feeling your breasts push gently into me. My brain goes into overload every time you do. I feel like a teenager again because I’m suddenly thinking about the one time I went to that church youth group and it turned out that Stephanie Silverson, the hottest girl in the school, who I and many others I’m sure used to dream about while jacking off (sorry Stephanie), was a youth leader at that church, who knew, so when I walked into the youth center and she ran up and gave me this big hug and her breasts pushed into my body like giant marshmallows, I got a huge hard-on, and in a second I pushed away her away. Or also in high school when the dental assistant cleaning my teeth would lean over all I could feel was her breasts pushing against my shoulder, and then it was all I could do to not get a hard-on in the dental chair. All that is me right now: a horny teenager pulsing with sex drive, singularly focused, basking in the moment of the softness and warmth of your breasts pushing against me every time you lean over.

“What?” I yell back? I, uh, didn’t hear the question, I was thinking about boobs, I dont’ quite add.

You roll your eyes and lean back over and it’s Stephanie Silverson dental assistant again and I can’t concentrate on the question and so I just laugh and nod in response and hope that does it.

It does.

By the time the band finishes up, our voices are cracking. Then there’s that sudden moment of quiet between the close of a set but before the sound guy plays his playlist he’s been working on for months.

“Wow,” you say, looking around in amazement, “It’s so quiet.” You smile.

I nod, but wish it was loud so that you would have had to push into me to say anything.

We keep talking some more. There’s another round of drinks (oh oh). And then it’s the second band. That was quick. Less setup? The crowd thins out even more. What time is it? Jesus: two, three in the morning now.

The second band starts up. They’re less meh than the first band but still most definitely meh. It’s super loud, again. We both laugh at each other because what’s the point of talking?

You hoist yourself up off your bar stool, lean into me, your long brown-red hair falling down into the valley between your pale, freckled breasts. You yell, “Do you, uh, want to meet me in the bathroom?”

Uh, yeah, of course I do. I nod. I smile. I probably look dumbfounded, like a teenage me that just won the lottery. Which I kind of did, if it’s a sex lottery. I’m all in. But then there’s a quick thought, and I put my hand on your hand, it’s so warm, and I yell into your ear, trying to push through the liquorial lubrication to form a sentence, “If you’re high, or uh, tipsy or whatever” I yell, “I don’t want to, er, you pendik escort bayan know,” dammit brain find the words don’t mess this up, “take advantage of you.” Yikes. I shrug, hoping for the best.

You lean back and your big smile stretches across your face in slow motion. Your brown eyes, behind your glasses, are a little bloodshot. You are definitely high. And I am definitely as attracted to that smile as I am your tits. God. Your smile is a source of gravity for my eyes, and I can’t pick whether to look at your eyes or smile or blatantly look down your shirt. Does not compute! I’m so nerdy. Focus! Ok. It looks like you’re thinking of a sentence. You smile big again. Then you lean into me, and if any leaning-in to push your tits against me ala Stephanie Silverson ala dental assistant ala whatever before was accidental, and maybe it wasn’t, ok it probably wasn’t, then this is definitely not accidental; your body is pushing into me in an electrically conductive way, and there is no doubt you are feeling my hard cock against your thigh.

I struggle not to instinctively start humping you here and now.

“Consent turns me the fuck on,” you yell into my ear. ” So yes, I consent to you fucking me very very hard in the bathroom.” You lean your face back a little so we’re looking into each other’s eyes (through your very cute glasses) and then lean back to my ear, and God your breasts are pushing into me again, “No condom. Just your cock, ok?”

You lean back and I am clearly thinking about this. You lean back to my ear, “I’m just off my period. Maybe a little spotty,” you look at me, shrugging, tracking my response, and then step back into me and yell into my ear, “I want all of this right up in me, hard,” and as you say that you tippy-toe and straddle my leg and through your jeans, you push your pussy right up against my cock, which already feels like it could explode, and in that instant, I immediately think of church, again!, but those church videos where a televangelist waves his hand and feel fall down stricken. I’m so bowled over with lust, by you grinding your pussy against me, there’s a solid chance I’m just going to pass right here out on this barstool and fall to the ground.

You unstraddle, stand back, and yell, “Ok?”

I nod and yell back, “Ok.” I also notice a wet spot on your jeans at your pussy. I look down and I have a wet spot too. I can feel the slickness of my precum. Yikes.

You notice me noticing this and there’s that smile. “Wait, uh, 60 seconds?” you say.

“Ok,” I yell back but you’re already gone, your hair flipping back as you turn around. And now I’m appreciating a new part of you: your ass in this LA hipster high-rise jeans, swinging lazily back and forth as you dodge drunks.

I breathe in, my world spinning. I’m tipsy, no I’m drunk, definitely drunk, but I’m also drunk on sexual energy, so I try to purposefully count the minute out, knowing my sense of time is way, way the fuck off. Sixty seconds. It feels like forever. I try to pass the time looking at the bar’s liquor shelves, catch the eye of the bartender who smiles at me, knowingly, and I smile back sheepishly. God this is taking forever. And how long is this fucking song? It’s so bad. So meh. Whew.

Fifty-eight….fifty-nine….sixty. Sixty. Fuck yeah. I get up, leave cash on the bar, nod at the bartender, and head down the hall, go to open the door. It’s locked..

I knock.

You unlock it, open it a crack and look me over, and let me in.

I come inside. The room is small, smells like shit and piss and vomit. Black walls, graffiti and stickers, toilet paper, paper towels, band posters everywhere. The fluorescent lights flicker a message of “replace me, replace me.”

I congratulate my tipsy drunk self on remembering to lock the door, and then walk to you as you walk backwards towards the wall, where a few feet before we get to the wall I grab your shoulders, appreciate how your breasts jiggle a bit, and you smile because this is exactly what you wanted, and you and I turn you around and I push you against the wall.

You moan because it hurts a little, and I can tell you like it. “I like that,” you say, your voice cracking a bit, which is hot.

I go to say something and say your name but, what’s your name? I forget. Did I tell you my name? I don’t think we’ve said either. I just know I’ve really liked our yelled-at, barside conversation, and I’ve liked watching your smile, your brown hair or is it red I guess it’s it-depends-on-the-light hair, the shape of your freckled breasts against the white cotton v-cut shirt, your ass, the heat of your breath in my ear. I like you. That’s as much as I know. So I just grunt back a grunted approval of what’s happening.

“Fuck. Me,” you respond, saying it to me but to the wall, and you unzip your jeans and start to pull them down. As you do you stick your ass out big and shake it a little, bristling with sexual confidence, like an animal in heat would to show how ready it is to be filled maltepe escort and is sure it will.

You’re wearing a bra-matching purple lacey underwear. It’s high-rised so it goes up your ass and over your hips, and you wiggle your ass again like you know I’m appreciating it all. I love it. Your ass is white and big and thick and I want it. As I try to undo my fly buttons with my right hand, I run my left hand over your thick big ass cheek. Smooth, and warm. Your head is turned a little bit and I can see you’re smiling with delight. “Fuck me,” you moan, the words sounding like an order.

Ok, ok. I keep undoing my jean buttons. My cock is so fucking solid, so strained it’s making it difficult to undo these fucking jeans. Fuck, why did I wear button-up jeans tonight.

“Come on,” you say, your voice dripping with impatience, you pushing your ass into me, which is welcome but makes it harder to undo everything.

I breathe in. There’s a new smell in here: musk, and pussy, pussy, pussy. Your pussy. Your pussy musk has overwhelmed all the smells of piss and shit and vomit. I guess you smell it too because you moan, “I’m so wet,” in a super sexed-up cracking porno voice.

Finally, I undo the last button, pull back my boxer briefs, and my cock jumps out like it’s gasping for breath. I look down and my cock is pointing straight at your thick pale perfect ass. Your ass is wiggling and jiggling just a little, like it’s saying “fuck me,” and my cock is pointing right at it like an arrow, saying “yes, let’s fuck that.”

Unlike an IKEA sheet, these are easy directions, so I obey. I step forward, and as I do you lift your ass up just enough so that it all comes together like a really simple erotic rube goldberg machine. As my fullness slides right the folds of your pussy, I look in the bathroom mirror. I will never forget what I’m seeing: it’s your stoned-as-fuck-eyes rolling up into your head as I go into you. Now I’m suddenly thinking about all the times I’ve jacked off to the whenitgoesin subreddit and how this is so, so much better, so here have an upvote, because everything is just fitting perfectly. I’m feeling me in you and it’s all so warm and wet, I wish I could watch it from below and lick up all our juices. God I am drunk. I pull back a little bit, and there’s this lovely shuuucck sound. I look down and my penis is glistening in the strobing fluorescent light.

“Stop being slow, dammit. Just fuck me. I need it so bad,” you say, moaning hard, one cheek on the wall with your face turned to me. You breathe in, turn back to the wall, and whisper, “Use me. Use me please.”

Ok. Quick tangent. I like to think I’m a really nice guy. I don’t mean nice like it doesn’t matter. I mean, when it comes sex, you’re first. It’s a rule I have. Nice guys finish last kinda thing. Let’s go deeper. Yes I have been to therapy so I know there’s a lot pent up in all performance anxiety. Part of it is good; I get off on my partner getting off. But part of it isn’t good. It’s rooted in a deep-seated desire to people-please. All true. But I have to say that in this moment, right here, late in the night or early morning or whatever, in this shitty pussy-scent filled bathroom, I let go of all that. I consent to you wanting to be used.

So, I decide to use you.

I grit my teeth and I thrust into you, hard, like a decision made. My pelvis slaps your thick ass and your ass fat jiggles and I revel in it. I decide I want to see your ass jiggle again. I pull back a little – there’s that shuuck sound again – and I thrust hard. Your ass jiggles again. You moan. I like this, all this. I do it again, and I feel my cock go deeper, this time hitting the lower folds of your cervix. I know you feel it too because I see you in the mirror and your high eyes get really big and you have this smile on your face, different than before. It’s a smile of indulgence, of pure pleasure.

“Yeah. That’s it. More please,” you beg.

I pull back, and I thrust myself into you again. Your ass jiggles again, your body pushed forward into the wall. I want to grab your tit. I grab your left tit through your shirt. It’s soft, pliable, like it belongs in the cup of my hand.

Your nipples are so hard. “Please, please, please,” you moan. Before I can thrust into you again, I reach into your shirt and pull your left tit out the bra. My body can’t wait so I give it what it wants and I thrust again, there’s your cervix. You’re so wet it feels like your pussy is a big tongue wrapped all around my cock, licking me down from my head to the frenulum down my thick shaft’s pulsing vein to my balls.

“Oh,” you say, surprised as I keep pushing up. You take a quick moment to fully pull your tit out of your bra, putting your hands back on the wall, and your tit now hanging there against your t-shirt fabric. In the mirror I see the nipple pushing against it like a pebble.

“Tweak my titty. Pull my nipples, hard, ok, don’t hold back, just fuck me, just do it. Use me as a cum-toy,” you say, almost angrily. kartal escort

I do what I want, which is to pull out, take a microsecond to admire my slick dick, and then thrust in again, all while I’m pulling hard on your nipple. The sex has pushed through the fog of my drunkenness and everything is so clear. I thrust again. You moan. I do it again, fondling your breast, kneading it. I pull back, thrust again.

God. I’ve had sex plenty of times but never like this. It feels like the universe has coalesced to this moment. I know that sounds ridiculous, but in that shit-vomit-piss-filled bathroom, there’s no other way to describe it except to say that everything is coming together at once. The convergence of my cock with your pussy is some cosmic shit.

“I love this,” you say. “You’re so good at fucking me. So good. You’re so good,” you say, repeating it over and over again like a mantra You are now officially my new therapist. I swear to God that one affirming phrase, “you’re so good,” every time you say it, you save me thousands of dollars in sessions. I reward you with another thrust. You moan hard again.

And because I want to, I slap your ass hard.

Your moan goes upwards, you must be surprised, but then you say, “I like that. Spank me again.” I thrust, spank you again with my right hand as my left hand wanders to your other tit, pulling it, squishing it against your rib cage, and I push hard into you yet again.

Next second I’m done wasting time and I just do it all whenever I want, thrusting all the while, the bathroom full of the sounds of the band outside creeping in under the crack of the door, my skin slapping your skin, your pornographic stoned moans, the slick sound of my cock going in and out of your pussy. For a bit, I’m reaching around and grabbing both your tits, and we’re looking at each other in the mirror knowing we both look fucking hot, God do we look hot like a million dollar porn (in a shit filled bathroom). Well, it’s time for me to spank you again. I rear my hand up and you nod as I pull my hand back and let it go onto your thick ass.


You cringe a bit. I look down. Your white ass is red now with my handprint.

Thank you Sir,” you say.

That’s a bit of a surprise. “Huh?” I ask.

“Shhh. Just. Fuck. Keep. Fucking. Sir.”

Well, this just got hotter. I love words. I fuck harder. We’re at a primal phase now. You’re an animal, with an animal pussy, needing the cock that I have, that I am pushing into you, like I have no other choice. It’s what I’m meant to do.

But then, as I look at myself in the mirror, I stop, for just half a second, and my old self seeps in for a minute, the old self that wants to wait and please and do the right thing, and then I think that maybe you want it gentle, slow. I think you can tell I’m slowing down, and your face scrunches up. “Why are you stopping,” you ask, “the fuck?”

“Ok,” I say, letting sexual epiphany chase out sexual inadequacy. “I get it,” and I lean forward, my mouth breathing into your ear like before when we had to yell, only this time I half speak half grunt, “You want to be protected. Taken, and protected.” I don’t even know where that phrase came from. It’s weird, right? Whatever. I thrust hard again, right up into you, pushing harder than I have, and the frame of my body pushes your body up and into the wall where we’re now prone against it.

And right then, when my big hard cock hits the top of your vagina, when it reaches forward, in the wake of me grunting to you, that right then is when you cum. I can feel it, your pussy convulsing around my cock, quivering, like it’s an earthquake. A pussy-quake. It’s clear that when I said “taken and protected,” what an interesting turn of phrase, something clicked for you and those words sealed the deal. I feel your body and every bit of your body is pulsing to the same orgasmic pulse. Pulse on, off. In, out, in out, yes yes yes no yes no. All of it very binary. You’re not breathing. You’re just pulsing.

I feel it all as I sandwich you against the wall.

OK for real, you’re still not breathing.

I’m actually a bit worried.

But then you finally breathe in.


God. You came so hard.

“God,” you say, “I came so hard.”

You let a big breath out. I’m close enough that I feel your breath coming off the wall.

I want more.

“It’s my turn,” I say to your ear. There’s nothing to say about what happens next except it’s just more fucking, fuck fuck fucking, and it doesn’t take long or much but a dozen or so hard thrusts into you, and then I’m exploding into you, thrusting as hard as I can with each spurt, using you as a cum depository, exactly how you wanted, yes yes yes, me pushing hard to get that cum up in you as far as it can go. The universe is telling me to do it. Get that cum up in there! it says. Do it. I am! My cum just keeps coming. There’s so much of it. I feel my dick sitting in the warmth, like my dick is sitting in a hot tub of thick, warm molasses. It feels so good and I want it to last forever.

I’m the one not breathing now. My body relaxes a little. I pull out, look down. My cock is still hard, but not as hard, already relaxing, remnants of my cum slowly dripping to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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