Leaving University

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It is Sunday, the weather is hot and I am sitting in my office reading a book and listening to the radio. My paper work is all done and not much is happening, maybe I will watch a DVD on the computer till I go home. There is a knock on my door and I go to answer it, there is no one here but some of the students return their house keys to me and sometimes with a cheque, so we take these in for security.

I open the door and am greeted by a student who is about five foot six or so with a dark tan, she is wearing a short wrap around skirt and a white t-shirt. She hands me her key and tells me that she is leaving as her course is now finished, she speaks with a slight accent that I make out to be Italian, we have students from all over the world come here and most are not short of a bob or two. She asks if I can call or if she can use the phone to call a taxi, I pick up the phone and call the cab firm, I ask her name and she tells me it is Lucy, I make a comment about it not being Italian, and she tell me it was her dads idea as he is British. The cab firm tells me it will be at least an hour, and I tell Lucy this and that I will phone another firm. I phone another three firms and all have a long wait, I explain to Lucy that an hour is the best I can do, she agrees and I phone up the first company and book the taxi.

Lucy asks if she can bring in her cases till the taxi arrives and I go to help her to carry them in. I ask if she wants a cup of tea or a bottle of water as it is hot and she says yes to the water, I ask her if she wants to sit down while she waits. We both start to chat, and she tells me that she had put any romantic involvements to the side while she has been there, I ask if she had any boyfriend that will miss her once she has gone, she replies with a smile that when she said romantic involvement she meant no contact at all as she had no time with study and rotations.

The chat becomes more relaxed and she continues the theme of sex and she says that she has only ever slept with an Italian man. I ask if she has any regrets about her stay at the university and she replies with only one. I get an email and I start to answer it, while I am doing this I ask Lucy what her one regret was. I keep typing away waiting for her reply when I suddenly feel her behind me, I start to turn and she gently kisses my lips. I am shocked and she leans to my ear and then whispers into my ear that she would only regret one thing “that illegal bahis I had never fucked her”.

Lucy pulls my chair around, she then starts to kiss me and undo my shirt at the same time, her fingers run down my chest to my belt. I kiss her back and pull her to me while she undoes my belt, I run my hands down her hot body and I start to pull her top up. I hold her top up and I lean her back so I can kiss her soft belly, my lips brushing across the top of the skirt. My lips finding her belly button as I kiss her gently.

Lucy removes my shirt completely and throws it onto the floor, she now pulls me up and before she can do anything I move to lock my office door. The door locked Lucy moves towards me with her top still up showing her belly, she reaches me and we kiss while I remove her top, she pulls away so I can remove her top, my hands as they run against her bra, feeling her nipples as they press against the material. We kiss and move as we head towards the desk, Lucy kisses me deeply as I realise we do not have long before she has to leave. I hold her against the desk and I start to kiss her neck moving my way down to the start of her shoulders, she moans as my fingers trace patterns over her skin. I start to kiss her shoulder and then her throat as my hands run down her, reaching her breasts, I run my hand over her breasts cupping them as I start to move down her body, kissing her gently as I go.

Lucy pulls me closer and kisses my lips and she rubs her hips into my cock as it starts to swell pushing against my trousers. She pulls back and undoes her bra and lets it fall to the ground at our feet. Lucy kisses me pushing her soft breasts against me, feeling her nipples swollen and hard rubbing against my chest, makes me strain harder against the material and feeling this, her hand reaches down and undoes my trousers then pulls them slightly to let them fall around my feet. She kisses my lips and with both hands she pulls my shorts down, she moves down as she does this and starts to kiss me as she lowers herself. I feel her breath as her mouth moves down my belly; I feel her breathing as the air rushes over the tip of my now throbbing cock. She gently cups my balls as she takes the tip of my cock slowly into her mouth, all I see is her mouth slowly covering my cock and her breasts as she lowers under the desk.

I watch and feel Lucy as she slides my cock deeper into her mouth; she squeezes my balls as she takes me in illegal bahis siteleri and squeezes me with her mouth and throat, watching her mouth as my cock slides in and out as she sucks me. Her hand strokes my cock as it slide inside her hot wet mouth, my cock is aching as she strokes it and suck me hard, her throat as she swallows my pre cum. Lucy looks at me and slowly takes my cock from her mouth, her hand still strokes me as she goes to kiss me, her body hot against mine as she pulls closer and kisses me, I can taste my pre cum as her tongue probes my mouth.

She stops kissing me and moves the short distance to the desk, she then grabs the top of her skirt and I watch as it falls to the ground and I look on as I see she is naked, her pussy is shaved and there is a little hair at the top. I watch as Lucy lifts her naked backside onto my desk so it is resting just on the edge, I can see her lips as they part slightly, I move towards her and I kiss her again on the lips. I move my way to her neck, it feels so warm and delicate as I kiss her, biting her gently as I move down her kissing the top of her breast. My cock is throbbing as I kiss her belly and I feel the warmth from her pussy and I can smell that she is wet.

I kneel as I start to kiss the top of her hips, I move around kissing but not touching her pussy, I can see she is wet and she moans as I start using my thumbs, I hold her lips apart and I watch as she contracts and tightens seeing her pussy squeeze closed and wet. My cock is aching as I start to tease her pussy with my tongue, I can taste her in my mouth and my cock aches to fuck her. I slowly use my little finger to push her lips apart and I slide my fingertip gently teasing her, sliding my finger tip gently into her warm soaking pussy. Feeling it tight around my finger I can’t help but use my tongue to probe her, feeling her juices in my mouth. Sensing my thoughts Lucy pulls me up and kisses me tasting her own juices as she does so.

She bends back and rests her hands onto the desk top and pushes her self forward, I move forward and hold her back as I kiss her, we probe each other with our tongues as my throbbing cock rests against her thighs. I have to stand back as Lucy moves her hand between us, I watch as she uses her fingers to tease herself then she slides her finger inside her soaking pussy with a loud moan. I move my hips towards her and watch as she takes my aching cock in her hot hand and she canlı bahis siteleri guides my cock towards her lips, she holds me there using the tip of my throbbing cock to tease her pussy, she brushes the tip along her pussy then gently pulls me forward using the tip to push her lips apart. I stand there watching her wet pussy as it opens and the tip of my cock as glistening it teases, slides and touches her feeling her hot and wet against me.

Lucy moans and I watch as my throbbing cock slides its tip inside her, feeling her moan as her pussy tightens around my shaft. Lucy moans loudly and I feel her muscles tense as my aching cock slides slowly and gently into her pussy, watching as her pussy sucks me watching her lips as they surround my cock. I stand back so I can watch as my cock slide in and out of her pussy, I feel her tighten around my shaft and she moans as she explodes in her first orgasm, I watch my cock as it comes wet with her juices from her pussy and her lips slide over me.

I bend down and I take Lucy’s nipple into my mouth, gently tugging as I move my hand to pull her towards me and I slide deep inside her, I feel her tighten onto my shaft as she moans loudly, I start to move my hips back and forth feeling my cock as her pussy tightens milking me as I slide in and out of her wet pussy, still gently squeezing her breast and taking her pert nipple into my mouth my tongue running around it. I feel her pussy tighten as my hips grind into her, I pull her forward pulling her pussy deep onto me as she moans loudly, and I feel my self reaching orgasm, my cock throbbing and twitching. I pull Lucy hard to me and my hips move faster and harder as I bury my cock deep into her. I feel her tighten harder as her orgasm arrives and I pull her tight onto me I grind my hips deep into her as my cock explodes, she screams as my balls empty deep inside her, feeling her sucking me deep and tight into her pussy. I continue to slide in and out of her dripping pussy slowly feeling her muscles milking my every drop of cum my cock still twitching. In side her. We are both spent our legs feel tired and her taxi is due soon, I slide my cock from her pussy and watch cum and her own juice drip from her.

I go to pull my trousers on and I hear the cab outside, Lucy throws her skirt around herself and I put my shirt on, she has no time to clean so she rushes to get dressed her top now on. I carry her bags outside to the taxi and Lucy follows looking flushed and so am I, we both look a mess everything out of place, she kisses me deeply and we exchange email addresses, I wave as her taxi pulls away for the airport and I cannot help but smile, knowing that part of me will travel with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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