Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 03

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Big Tits

A few days later Linda was coming out of the shower again and she spied another package on the bed with a card beside it. Linda glanced at the card, it read “French maid.” She lifted the contents out of the box. There was a short, short dress with stockings and suspender belt. The note read “Put this on baby, and when you come down the stairs I am not your boyfriend I am Mr. Carter your employer and you are my employee Ms Flood. You are expected to act as such.”

Linda stripped off and started to slip the skimpy outfit on. She slid the stockings up her legs first and the material was very smooth as it stretched snugly. She felt a sexy thrill as she attached them to the suspender belt. She ran her hands down each leg and admired the look of the nylon material covering them. She slipped the dress down over her head and it clung tight to her curves. It was backless and very short and there was no bra included with the uniform. Once it was on you Linda looked in the duty mirror to see how bad it seemed in the reflection. Most red blooded men would certainly not described it as bad, that is for sure, not with the ample amounts of cleavage and breast it displayed from the low cut, loose neck line it employed. Around the waist it was tight while the skirt barely covered Linda’s bum leaving some naked flesh on display between the stockings and the hem of the dress. The uniform was black with a frilly, white lace lining and edge to it. As Linda stared at herself in the mirror she picked at it and smooth the skirt to go as low as it could go — but it was a pointless exercise. It was better when she stayed still but as soon as she moved forward the outfit rode high up her bare upper legs. Her succulent breasts strained against the tight v-neck and looked ready to pop out. The Maid’s dress was short on her but she guessed that was the idea, it just covered her bum as you stood there but it would reveal all if she were to bend over. She put on the apron, the headpiece, the gloves and a pair of 4 inch heels and then went downstairs to the main room where “Mr. Carter” was sitting reading the paper.

“How may I be of service Sir?” Linda asked in a sweet voice.

Mark looked from behind the paper and his eyes drank in her shapely form wrapped in the curve clinging costume.

“You can start by tidying up this room first” he instructed her and turned his eyes back to the paper trying to ignore the growing stiffness in his penis.

Linda did her best to work around “Mr Carter” bending down to sweep the floor and picking up many items. Several times she felt that he was watching her and more than once she bent seductively in front of him and let the dress ride far up her thighs. She could sense his eyes roaming all over her luscious flesh. She was getting very turned on knowing that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Ms Flood, can you please clear up these cups and things from this table.” he pointed to the coffee table in front of him.

Linda stood in front of Mark and bent forward to pick up the delph, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as her full globes nearly spilt out in front of him as gravity tugged on the skimpy fabric. Linda blushed a little as she felt his eyes burning into her flesh and played in character.

“You look delicious in the new outfit, it is quite exquisite, and you are quite the vision” Mark said to Linda in a way that thrilled her. She could see his eyes were ablaze with hunger and unadulterated lust.

“Sir, I’m trying to clear the table.” She mumbled back playing her role perfectly.

Mark eyed her firm ass appreciatively as she walked out to the kitchen. He noticed that she had a nice swing to her walk and her tight ass jutted out provocatively. He felt his cock stirring in my pants.

“Will you polish the table in the dining room” he directed her through the French doors.

“Yes, sir” she replied and walked into the dining room with cloth in hand.

Mark had a perfect view of her through the French doors as she leant across the table and stretched to reach the far end forgetting how revealing the outfit is. Watching his gorgeous, sexy “maid” stretching forward over the table, long legs stretched out with her pert ass pointing up was too much for Mark and I crept up behind her and grabbed an ass cheek with one hand while reaching under her top to tease and tantalise a hard nipple. Mark ground his pelvis against her ass and she could feel his growing erection against her soft flesh.

“You’re so hot” he whispered lustily in her ear as he caressed her breast and thigh “I’ve fantasised about this moment for so long.”

“Mr. Carter, what are you doing?” Linda said quietly, then she stifled a gasp as his fingers playfully tug and squeeze an erect escort ataşehir bud. She could feel her pussy growing wet and warm.

“you are just irresistible” he growled.


her protest is caught in her throat as his fingers traced a path further up her thighs and lightly bushed against her pussy lips through the thin fabric of the panties. Linda surrendered to the passion and pleasure that was rising up within you. This role play was really revving her engine. Mark reached both hands her your top and grabbed a swolloen tit each and pulled her up straight as he ground his groin against her.

“OOHH yesss” she groaned gently with eyes closed as Mark squeezed and kneaded her tender flesh.

Then he reached up with one hand and undid the halter neck, her dress top flopped down revealing her swollen breasts and her hard nipples. He sucked on each nipple and tickled them with his tongue. He grabbed one of her hands and pushed it down to his bulging crotch. She could feel his hardness through his pants and turned around and started to undo his pants and pull them down. HIs engorged member jumped out in front of her and it pushed against her belly as they kiss fiercely. He squeezed and pinched her ass as they locked lips and embraced. He pulled away and looked her in the eyes as said

“You make me so damn horny you sexy babe”

“It’s all part of the service” she replied with a cheeky smile.

“Well there is something that needs a good spit and polish” Mark ventured firmly.

He pushed her willing head down towards his hard length and she hungrily engulfed his throbbing cock in her wide and wet mouth. Linda swallowed more and more of his length between her full lips and ran up and down my aroused prick. Mark arched his back with pleasure and thrust up to meet her bobbing head, the head of his penis hit the roof of her mouth and he moaned loudly as some saliva spilt out the sides of your lips and puffy cheeks. The feeling as she worked her mouth up and down my cock swallowing more each time was pure ecstasy. He rested a hand on her head as her lips engulfed his cock and milked it expertly

“OHhhhh, you give great head Ms Flood.”

With his free hands he fondled and brushed her hanging, heavy tits. She thrilled to his touch each time he tugged and flicked her nipples.

“OHHH Goood, oggg, ughhh, ohhhh yeahhh, that is sooo goooodddd, ohhhh” he moaned lustily.

He was afraid that he would come too soon and he withdrew from her opening and lifted her up. He stood behind her and leaned her over the table so her breasts were pressed into the surface and her arms were stretched out in front of her. He knelt behind her long, firm, upright legs and she gasped when he licked and lapped herr drenched opening with his soft and wet tongue. He pushed his tongue into her wet opening and brushed up and down her inner thighs. She whimpered while he also sucked and circled her clit with his tongue. He pushed a finger into her yielding flesh and pushed in and out while also licking her clit. She coated his finger in her juices. She moaned loudly as he eased another finger into her drenched pussy opening her up more.

“UGhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhh” she groaned as she breathed more heavily and her legs trembled slightly.

“You like that don’t you” he whispered as he finger fucked her.

“ohhhh” she moaned in response.

Mark stood behind her, his cock on fire and feasted on the sight of Linda’s body bent over at the waist in a ravishing pose before him, her ass held high in the air. He gave it a playful slap and placed the head of his cock at her drenched opening.

“I want you so bad, I’m going to fuck you now, you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he growled.

“Yeesss, stick it in, screw my wet pussy, I need to feel your dick inside me” Linda panted impatiently.

Mark left his cock nestling the sides of her pussy lips and roamed over her the slopes body with his hands. He scraped his fingers down the length of her back, and then he grabbed her hips hard and buried his length into her yielding snatch. Linda gasped as he filled her out fully as he mounted her hard from behind. Mark’s cock felt large and thick within her.

“Ohhh that feels soooo gooddd,” Mark moaned as he stayed deep inside her. “I’m going to enjoy ravishing you, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

Mark began stroking in and out in long, firm sweeps. He watched his cock, coated in Linda’s wetness, appear and disappear from her pussy as he grasped her hips firmer and started to drive up into her causing her ass to quiver and shake with each forceful thrust. Linda was soon grunting hard as her body was rocked each time he banged against her. Her nipples grazed the kadıköy escort bayan hard surface of the table as their sweaty bodies’ slapped together lifting her heels off the floor. Mark took hold of her hands and pulled them back by her sides. He pulled back on her arms with each stroke lifting her upper body off the table and thrusting her heaving tits forward.

“Ohh god, ohhh , ugggg, ughhh, ughhhhh, give it to me, ughh, yesssss , ohhhh fuck me, ohhh pound me ohhhh, ohhh pound that pussy ” you moan as I shove my length far up into you again and again. “Ohhhh, UGGGHHH, Ohhh, pound me, oggghh yeeess, treat me like the dirty little fucking slut I am.”

Linda’ snatch was on fire and clutched and grasped at Mark’s shaft as she swallowed his hard length. Her body juddered and shook as he pistoned back and forth.

Mark let go of her arms and she slid forward onto the table. he grabbed a handful of hair and tugged herr open mouthed head back and up each time he pushed forward. He raised his other hand and slapped her quivering ass as he fucked her hard and fast. Her body was sliding back and forth on the table as each stroke of his bulging cock lifted her heels off the ground.

“OHHHH JEEsssussSSS yesss, give…… ughh, giiiveee it to meee, ughhh, yeess give iiit to me hardddd” she moaned as Mark’s stiff tool hammered into her. She was an incoherent mass of sensation and uncontrolled moaning.

This drove Mark me wild and he pile drive up into you with wild abandon. Small wheezing gasps escaped from her mouth as he rode her in a harsh and punishing rhythm. They were grunting in unison and sweat glistens on her back as he rammed her hard and fast and deep.

Mark pulled out of her suddenly and she whimpered disappointedly. He pulled her up and she stood a little unsteady on her feet her body overcome by the sensations of the fucking she was receiving. He led her to the couch and pushed her down putting some cushions under her belly. He pulled her hands back and got Linda to grab her heels. This arched her back, lifted her head and pushed her ass up and out. He knelt behind her and let out a deep growl as he entered her hard and fast and lay on top of her warm body. One arm was wrapped around her neck pulling her back allowing him to push even deeper into her as he crashed down on her pinned form. Mark was making little mewls of pleasure he fucked her in a lust filled frenzy.

“Mnnnnphhh, uhhhh , ohhh , oh , fuckkk yeahhhh”

Linda could hear his guttural grunts close to her ear making Mark sound like a rutting animal as he pounded against her. His balls were slapping against her with each long, surging drive of his hips.

“ohh yes sir, ride me hard, ooohhh yessss, screw me, ohhh fill me ohhhhh yessss, fuckee mee yessss ohhhh this slut wants your big cock to ohh yesssss, to blast her pussy ohhh aghhhh full of creamy cum ohhhh” Linda murmered weakly.

They were both panting heavily now and Mark couldn’t hold out much longer. He pulled almost all the way out before thundering into her and holding himself buried in her for a second before pulling out and crashing forward again,

“UGHHHH” Linda groaned as her head rocked back and forth as every juddering thrust smashed her hips down and pulled her arms and shoulders back as her feet pulled at her heel holding hands.

“Uggghh yesss , urgggg, aghhhh” Mark groaned . With each powerful surge he grunted out a word.










PUSSY …………




AND ………………….


Linda’s face was flushed and red faced and she panted breathlessly in a foggy daze as Mark bounced up and down on your body. She bucked beneath him as she felt his body banging against hers in a rough and rapid tempo.

“Ohhhh, yessss, UGGGGH, don’t stop , ………………… ughhh , give it to me , …………….ohhhh, yessss , ughhrrrgnnnn……………………I oohh love how ugnnggh,,,,,your cock……feels in my UHHHH ohhhh wet pussy ohhhNNNooo”

Linda’s body went rigid and her mouth formed an O out of which came a long drawn out squealing scream as her orgasm peaked and shook through her captive, delighted and sweaty flesh.

Mark was close to coming and groaned in rasping growls as Linda writhed about beneath him.

“Uhhhhh, I’m going to cum, ughhh, UGHHHH, ohhhh yeaaahhh, here it comes you gorgeous slut,”

He drove rapidly into her pushing her down and lifting her head. She groaned escort bostancı sharply when Mark wound a fistful of hair in his hand and pulled firmly, her head was yanked back, her back arched and her breasts thrust forward as he slammed deep into her one last time. She let out a long moan as he pinned her down and ground his buried cock deep within you. It twitched and shot spurt after spurt into her sopping pussy. When he was spent he let go of her hair and collapsed down on her body that was heaving from the ravishing it had received. Mark clung to her as she panted deep breaths. Linda let go of your heels and stretch out her legs as I her body came down from the the pitich of passion and the world returned around her. Linda revelled in the just fucked heat and sensations radiating from her loins in pulsing waves. Her hair was wet and stuck to her face and back. Mark held her tight and close and she felt his hot ragged breath on her cheek.

“Ohhh baby” he whispered ” we might have to do that again soon. But you are dismissed for now. Go get yourself a shower Ms Flood. Then back to work.”

While Linda showered she thought about how thrilling she had found the role play, it had heightened the sensations, and let them have some sexy playtime with inhibitions cast aside. It allowed them to indulge some fun fantasies and concoct some heady erotic tension.

Linda enjoyed it so much that when she showered she put the uniform back on and carried on around the house doing bits and bobs in character. It wasn’t too long before she was on her back in bed moaning her delight with her legs wrapped around her rutting boyfriend as he spilled another load in her wet and well used pussy.

The outfit got plenty of use whenever Linda felt neglected. One weekend afternoon just before Mark was due back from a game of golf she wrapped herself up in the skimpy material and put on the fuck-me heels. She was preparing lunch on the counter like this when he walked in. Without saying a word he walked over to her and kissed her deep and she could feel his hands snaking down her back and sides and then under the sides of her top to feel her fulsome tits.

“You are such a bad girl,” he whispered in her ear before he started to push her shoulders down. Linda got on her knees and dropped Mark’s pants and boxers. She took his semi erect penis completely in her mouth and could soon feel it hardening and filling her mouth up. After a minute of enjoying her wet mouth Mark pulled out and helped Linda to her feet. Standing back he undid the straps of the tiny dress and it pooled to the ground around her ankles. Her breath-taking form is more fully as she stood before him in stockings and garter, her breasts rising and falling as she breathes deeply. Your firm buds harden still further as they are kissed by the cool air. His eyes blazed with desire and arousal. He leaned down and traced circles around her tender buds with his tongue. Kissing each nipple he sucked gently on them. She whimpered gently and arched her back slightly when he tugged on one firm nipple with his teeth. Then he guided her in front of the sink and got her to reach forward and bend at the waist. He ripped her panties down and then entered her with a hard thrust that jolted her forward and knocked the wind out of her. Mark fucked her in a frantic manner while Linda gripped the counter hard and bit her lip. He cursed his pleasure while he banged against her balls slapping sharply against her ass.

“This is what you want ,ohhhh fuckkk, take it deep, yessss, ohh I love how you are such a dirty slut, ohhhhh ,” Mark was ready to cum.

He pulled out of her and whipped her around and gestured to the ground. Linda got down on her haunches and gazed up at him with big, molten eyes as Mark’s boiling balls were about to let loose a hot load on her. Mark pushed his cockhead to her lips and she opened wide letting him thrust deep. She played with her pussy and rubbed her tits as he slid into her throat and tensed his body as he started jetting cum down her throat.

“Ohhhh fuckkiiing heelllll ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh.”

As he emptied his ejaculate Mark withdrew his cock so some splashed in her mouth and then spurted over her lips, chin and cheek. Some drooled out of her mouth and ran down the sides of her lips. Some dripped down and drizzled onto her breasts and down her cleavage. Mark seemed to spew torrents of cum.

All the while Linda was encouraging him,

“Ohhhh that’s right cum for me, ohhh , give me your cum, I want it, ohh goooddd boyyy.”

When he was spent Mark zipped himself up and Linda finished preparing the sandwiches. To Mark’s surprise she didn’t clean the cum from her face or put the dress back on. She caught his questioning expression,

“Appropriate make up for a naughty little cum slut, don’t ya think?” She said nonchalantly.

Mark nearly choked when he heard that and it wasn’t long before, as she wanted, Linda was lying face down on the sofa while Mark hammered into her from behind.

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