Lindsey’s Job Ch. 06

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A few weeks later I decided to take a few days off. I’d been working 7 days for a few months and deserved a break. My boss was all over my ass to take some time and visit other clubs just for some R&R and inspiration. After two days of reviewing upcoming parties and regular service with my managers all was set. I had the utmost confidence in my staff to handle anything that came their way.

It was the end of the month so before I could leave all inventories had to be completed. I was in my office diligently hammering away at the calculator (yes this was before PCs) trying to get the extensions finished so I could leave. Fortunately everyone was aware of this and knew that if they valued their lives to stay the fuck out of my office.

I heard a noise and looked up to see Lindsey at the door. “Just go about your business. I just need to get something and I’ll be out of your way,” she said. She walked around the desk, knelt down next to me and started unzipping my shorts. She wiggled under and took my rapidly hardening cock in her mouth.

What the hell. A decent blowjob before I go would start my holiday off right. I leaned back watching her blood red lips swallow the head. Her oral skills had improved tremendously under Mary’s tutelage. She still couldn’t deep throat me but she was becoming an expert cock sucker. She made herself comfortable under my desk as she licked the shaft. The desk was a relic from the 40’s. It was enormous and there was enough room to actually stretch out in the space below without being seen from the other side. Lindsey was not the first to give me head under my desk.

She was nibbling the length of the shaft and caressing my balls when the door opened again. Didier stood there smiling his smile that tells you nothing. The place could be on fire and he’d have that smile on his face.

“Getting ready for your vacation? You need to get away form here for a while. You’ve been awfully busy lately.” He raised an eyebrow.” Work isn’t the only place you’ve been putting in some hard time, eh?” His voice was as smooth as silk and soft. It’s a good thing he liked boys. With his looks, manner and voice he’d have every woman in a 10 mile radius after him. As it was there were constant attempts to “straighten him out”.

Lindsey froze at the sound of his voice. But then sucked one of my balls into her mouth as her saliva slick fingers played over the head. It was such a sweet maneuver my ass came off the chair just a little before I caught myself. “Yeah I’m just finishing the inventory extensions and I’m out of here.” He made no move to leave. “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked. He hesitated then came in and sat down.

“Before you go I need you to consider something. Since you took over as Executive Chef you have consistently made money. Your turnover is lower than this place has ever seen and is probably a fraction of the industry average. Your staff is fiercely loyal. Because of this I have over looked a few things. None of which have any bearing on your performance.” He looked longingly at the pack of cigarettes on the desk. I threw him one and tossed him a lighter. He lit it then sat back continuing,”The incident last month could have been much more serious than it was. By the way where did you learn how to fight?”

I sat back in the chair mimicking his posture. It was really to give Lindsey more access to my cock. This was going to be a long conversation and I didn’t want her choking under there. Didier and I had an excellent relationship but getting caught with my dick in an employees mouth was not something I wanted to contemplate. I couldn’t be sure if he would fire me on the spot or want to join in. There was no reading the man.

Lindsey began sucking in earnest. escort ataşehir One slick hand on the shaft of my cock followed the movement of her mouth. Slowly but firmly she took as much into her mouth as she could then let up to only the tip remained then back again. Her other hand continued to caress and massage my heavy cum filled balls.

“I have had quite a few different teachers over the years. Including an old savate fighter.” Didier’s eyes picked up at this. “Nothing formal just a lot of friendly sparring. Enough for me to say I can take care of myself.” I said reasonably. I shifted in my chair. Lindsey was determined to make me cum. She was increasing the pressure of her hand and mouth. I could feel the cum building, ready to explode out of me.

“According to Dave you could teach his staff how to disarm and subdue an enraged PCP addict. But that’s really not what I wanted to talk to you about. First, is there anything I should know?” He meant was there anything that he needed to know. Didier wasn’t stupid and he was asking me if there was anythign that could harm the club. “No sir. Absolutely not,” I told him. Lindsey has bobbing faster now.

“You and I have always had an understanding. I have no reason to not believe you. OK. Now for the real reason I’m talking to you. Word from corporate is that they want you to head up a training program for us. Along with this comes a substantial raise and promotion. They asked me to ask you personally. There’s a lot riding on this. What do you think?” He asked studying me.

I sat up in my chair. Lindsey squeezed my balls gently and I shot hard into her mouth. “Omigod that’s just fantastic!” I nearly yelled pumping my hips slightly. Lindsey swallowed hard as jet after jet of cum shot into her throat. My cock was as deep in her mouth as she could take and when she swallowed it pinched the head creating an incredible sensation and I shot again. “That’s awesome! That’s just great!”

Didier was surprised at my exuberance and very pleased at my answer. Lindsey continued gently sucking until all the cum was out of my cock.

“I’m glad to hear you are so happy with the idea. Great I’ll let them know.” He got up and ground out his cigarette. “Have a good time on your holiday. Don’t fuck yourself into a coma. I’ll need you when you get back.” He laughed and opened the door.

“Didier could you turn the music up in the outer office on your way out, please? I’m trying to keep people out of here so I can leave.”

“Sure. Au revoir. Have fun and don’t worry about the place. You’re guys can handle it. Especially that little Lindsey woman. They bitch about her but she’s amazing! That was an excellent decision to give her an administrative position. You don’t like to fire anybody do you? Well take care,” he said closing the door behind him. Suddenly music blared in the other office. I looked down at Lindsey. She was still had my cock in her mouth and was working it over with her teeth. “What the fuck are you trying to do break it off?” I snarled. “Stay here. Do not move. I will be back in a few minutes.” I commanded.

Returning a few minutes later I locked the outer doors to the office then turned the music up a little more. Any noise we made would be muffled by the rock music blaring out of the speakers. I put the half full ice bucket on my desk. Lindsey hadn’t moved a mucsle. She was on her knees looking up at me with a look of slavish anticipation.


She was nude in seconds. I turned her around and pushed her down over the desk. Taking two ice cubes from the bucket I forced them into her pussy. Right behind that I shoved my cock in. She came before I could get all the way in.

“Bitch! Who told you to cum!” I asked. I pulled her kadıköy escort bayan head back by the hair and thrust deeply into her cunt. I held her head painfully back with my left hand. I slapped her ass hard with my right. The noise of the slap was loud in the room. She shrieked at the unexpected pain. I let go of her hair letting her head go down to the desk top. Leaving my cock inside of her I lifted on leg over her butt tot he small of her back pinning her down. I then began smacking her firm white ass. Spanking harder with each blow her perfect ass began to glow red then deeper crimson. Lindsey was wailing now. Thankful for the music I continued slapping her ass until I was well satisfied with the color. I picked a large piece of ice from the bucket and ran it over her beautiful ass cheek. She cried out at the cold then stopped as quickly. I forced the cube into the lovely brown pucker of her asshole while she twisted and began crying out again. I found another cube and watched as the wrinkled skin around her anal opening reacted to the ice as I held it for a second against the pucker before forcing that one in her.

I held my throbbing cock to her puckered back door and thrust through the tight ring of muscle. Lindsey thrashed on the desktop crying out. He fingernails raked the wood. The sensation of the hot spanked skin of her ass cheeks against my thighs, the hot grasp of her asshole and the icy cold cubes inside of her was amazing. At no time did she ever utter a word of protest. She was loving this. The pain of her ass cheeks; the painful pleasure of a rough poke in the ass and the cold rude ice cubes. She wanted it all and more.

Holding her by the hips I fucked her ass as hard as I could. My cock slammed deep into her hot tight grasping asshole. I pulled out completely to thrust deep inside again. Lindsey was screaming now,”Fuck my ass harder! Fuck it! I’m cumming!” He asshole contracted and convulsed. She clamped down on the root of my dick so hard I almost couldn’t pull out. Her orgasm was so intense the muscles of her ass cheeks were like rocks against my thighs. I felt her pussy drool out juice around my balls then run down my legs. I pulled harder and thrust harder while her asshole squeezed me like a vise. Her whole body shook as she screamed out in ecstasy. I was holding back as hard as I could not wanting to cum with her. I slowed my pace a little to feel her contractions. Soon she was panting and squealing her way down from her orgasm.

I pulled all the way out of her. Her asshole stayed wide open. “Get down here and suck it. You’ve cum enough. Suck my cock!”

Instantly she was sucking my cock right from her asshole. No hesitation just down on it. “Lick my asshole, Lindsey. Lick it like you’re fucking me with your tongue.” I told her.

She was like a woman possessed. Her tongue wrenched it’s way through my sphincter into my rectum. She licked and sucked while stroking my cock. She sucked my balls one at a time into her mouth then went right back to tongue fucking my asshole. I pulled her head around and thrust my cock into her mouth. I held her hair in both hands and fucked her mouth. She nipped me with her teeth slightly. I pulled my cock from her mouth, pulled her up spun her around then bent her back over the desk. Moving around to the front I pushed my cock back between her lips. “Never use your teeth unless I tell you.” I said commencing another hard stinging spanking. She whimpered through a mouthful of cock. This time I used both hands to make her ass red. Soon it was again a brilliant crimson.

I pulled her off the desk and sat in the chair. She moved up straddling me pulling my cock into her pussy. My hands held her freshly spanked ass feeling the heat. She dropped down engulfing escort bostancı my cock completely in her super tight but sloppy wet cunt. I couldn’t help but marvel at how tight she was after pushing three kids out of her pussy. I nearly ripped her shirt off to get at those lovely little tits. Her rock hard nipples were soon between my teeth as I bit on each. Lindsey threw her head back and rode me to another orgasm. She bucked and rode me hard through one and into the next. My lap was full of her cunt juice as she happily bounced on my cock. I felt her pussy contraction as she came again and I bucked her high off of me and I put my cock head down so she impaled her asshole on me. Twisting her nipples hard she cried out feeling my cock leave her orgasming pussy to split her little asshole open once again. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I pulled her close kissing her while holding her down while thrusting up. I felt her ass cheeks against my balls and I pumped my hips one more time before I exploded. This time I joined her in crying out as her asshole quivered and spasmed around the length of my bursting cock. I roared in her ear as I shot jet after jet into her hungry asshole. I ground my pelvis onto her clit making her shout even more. I pumped her slowly, deeply and the cum just seemed to pour out of me.

Slowly I continued to thrust long after I finished cumming. She gasped and cooed the while. Her asshole was loose from the pounding and the semen. She got up off of me then immediately got down to lick my cock and balls clean. Out of curiosity I made her kneel on the desk with her ass sticking out at me. Her asshole was winking still but partially open. I could see the pool of cum inside of her as she worked it trying to make it close. I smacked her ass hard and some flew out. I put a finger in her ass feeling the wide openness and the slick cum. I knelt down taking her cheeks in my hands opening her back up. I licked at her raw just fucked anus making her gasp. I tasted my cum and her ass. I shoved my tongue in to taste more. She moved her ass back against my face. I sucked my cum from her asshole. Then stood up and kissed her transferring it to her. She greedily swallowed it and sucked my tongue for more.

I stroked her tits and those wonderful coral nipples. “I guess you’re going away for a while. I’ll miss you,” she said.

“Maybe by that time your asshole will have closed and I can spend some quality time making it wide open again.” I said into her hair as I continued stroking her.

“Is that all you ever think about? Fucking me in the ass?” she asked.

“Uh yes as a matter of fact. You have the most incredible ass I’ve ever seen. Your pussy is amazingly tight but I don’t want to get you pregnant. You are turning into a world class cock sucker too. Honey there isn’t a part of you I don’t love. It’s just you wind up either getting a mouthful or an ass full. Are you complaining?”

She looked up at me smiling, “I love it when you fuck my ass. It hurts like hell but its a good hurt. Once your cock is all the way in I can relax and enjoy it. But getting it in there is half the battle. Promise me you’ll keep fucking it?” she said her voice low and little-girl like.

“Lindsey I promise I’ll keep fucking your ass. And your mouth. And your pussy.” I though for a moment. “Hey let me see your ass again. What are you going to do if you aren’t closed up?” She obediently bent over showing me her asshole. It was closed enough but still yielded easily to a finger. I pulled my finger out then gave her a soft slap then caress on her fine, fine ass.

We dressed, kissed deeply for a long time. Then she left. I finished my paperwork and brought it to the accounting department. After getting everyone’s blessing I said my good bye’s then went to my room to get my things. I was looking forward to a long quiet get away. I had rented a road yacht Chrysler because I just wanted to drive wherever the hell I felt like in comfort. Just me. No phones. No people wanting something from me.

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