Love for Hire Ch. 03

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Roxy stood there like a schoolgirl letting her gaze roam over the people hanging around the parking lot. Dressed in a slutty outfit of high heels, knee socks, plaid skirt that barely reached her thighs, white button-up shirt that was tied to show off her stomach with a skimpy sweater vest to cover her, she felt the part. Everyone was in college but she still felt like the oldest there. Her friend dragged her to a spot where people raced and drifted import cars for money, respect, and pride. She was there to see if she could get some of that money and so far she had plenty of potential prospects.

“Hey Gerald, are you ready? You’re next!” one guy yelled.

A guy of average height turned around at the sound of his name. He had dark dirty blond features over olive skin covered in a tight black shirt and jeans. He was propped up against a black import that was no doubt turbo charged. Roxy couldn’t help but keep redirecting her attention to him, just something about him. She made her way closer to him in order to gain all his attention. He noticed the female dressed up like a wore out school girl slut move towards him. Gerald couldn’t put effort into talking to her until after he was done racing.

Gerald sped through with a practiced ease and after winning he kept his distance from the woman to see what she’d do. As the evening wore on the crowd lessened but the slut kept her distance from Gerald. Several times that night he thought she’d left after seeing her reappear. His eyes kept wondering his way back to her where more than once she met his gaze. He knew that before he left that evening he would have to go to her and find out what kept drawing her to him.

“Hello escort kartal Mr. Popular,” a female voice came from behind him in the wee hours of the morning. Gerald turned around to see who it was, he had guessed right; it was the slut in the school girl outfit. She smiled after he looked his fill of her. “Can I get a ride?”

Gerald smiled as he was about to get inside his car. It was late and he had to catch a few minutes sleep. He thought her ride must have left her behind. “Sure, hop in,” he replied.

Roxy snickered behind her hand, “I wasn’t talking about that kind of ride.” She crushed her lips hard against his, cupping a hand behind his neck. Her mouth raced to his neck while her hands moved over his chest, back, and shoulders.

After being attacked Gerald started pushing away from her. “Whoa! Hang on a minute!” he yelled. When he finally gained his composure he stared at her while she tried not to laugh. “What is wrong with you?”

“Sorry hun but cars, racing, and good looking men get the best of me,” Roxy apologized. “Since you’re the big winner tonight and the most popular I wanted to have you.”

Gerald couldn’t believe what she was saying. She stunned him again by placing her hand on his crotch and squeezing gently. Gerald felt himself become aroused at her touch, he gave in. He pushed his body onto her as he crushed his lips against hers, slamming them against the side of the car. Her hands immediately reached for his cock, rubbing through the jeans while her mouth moved over to his ear and neck, biting and sucking. He roamed his hands over her flesh in a steady pace, finding sweet spots that made her jump and quiver. Gerald’s maltepe escort mouth took in one breast at a time, suckling and savoring it while his hand played with the nipple.

“Mmm, I wanna taste,” Roxy spoke. She unzipped his jeans to pull out his hard, fat dick. Quickly she filled her mouth hungrily with his meat, taking him up to his balls. Her head bobbed up and down slowly before picking up pace. She reached her hands up to fondle his testicles gently.

“Holy shit!” Gerald exclaimed at the sensation. He was glad he was leaning against the car. His hands grabbed a handful of hair and bucked his hips to his own motion while Roxy continued to suck and play with his manhood.

Roxy stuck a hand up inside her as she swallowed Gerald’s balls one by one. She probed one and then two fingers inside her wet pussy as she rubbed her clit vigorously. The feeling of a clitoral orgasm was building in her as she continued finger fucking herself. Sucking on Gerald’s dick still but not as passionately he took over completely, holding her head as he fucked her mouth, finally, she came and her juices flowed out of her, she moaned at the pleasure.

“Let me clean you up my dear,” Gerald offered. He slowly lifted her up and leaned her against the car. When she was steady he squatted down in front of her. His tongue probed her womanhood fervently, lapping at her juices. He felt a hand run through his thick hair. The urged him on to work harder at making her wet again. He felt her begin to squirm and tremble and knew he was doing something right. Gerald added to her ecstasy by inserting two fingers in her and pumping. The hand in his hair grabbed harder as pendik escort bayan he heard her ooh and ah.

“Fuck me already,” Roxy demanded breathlessly.

Gerald looked up to her, smiling evilly. “Bend over.”

Roxy walked to the front of his car then bent over, placing her hands on the hood. “I’m waiting,” she spoke seductively. She wiggled her hips a little to taunt him.

Gerald raised an eyebrow as he walked over to her. When he got behind her he bent over her to grab her breast, massaging roughly before pulling and slightly twisting the nipple, Roxy hissed in pain. He rammed his thick long member inside her making Roxy groan in delight. His thrusts started off slow and hard while he smacked her ass to add pain to her pleasure. She rubbed and kneaded her breasts as he pounded her pussy. His thrusts became quicker and deeper. He took her hair and pulled while smacking her ass occasionally running his nails down her back. Roxy bucked and arched her back to the sensation.

“Give me your leg,” Gerald spoke, holding out a hand. Roxy obeyed and lifted her leg up to him which he held around the ankle. His thrusts were becoming frantic as they both were nearing orgasm. Roxy began rubbing her clit again and Gerald’s balls when she could.

“I’m about to cum,” Roxy stated. With that Gerald pushed even harder, grabbing her leg even harder to balance him self. She grasped harder at the hood as her orgasm erupted in her, making her tighten her pussy around his dick as she moaned in release. Gerald finally released what he had been holding back as he came in her before pulling out to finish coming all over her.

Roxy leaned up and got dressed after cleaning herself. Gerald was doing the same thing when she pick-pocketed his wallet. Taking out some cash she threw the wallet back on the hood. “Thanks for the ride,” she said as she walked away.

Gerald looked after her, stunned at her actions but satisfied.

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