Love in the Workplace Ch. 05

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Part 5: The Performance Review

It’s that time of the year. I have a meeting scheduled with my supervisor Barbara to do my performance review. Barbara is the department head so I usually don’t have day to day dealings with her that would be Tiffany, which will make this my first meeting with Barbara since the day of my threesome with her and Karlen in the Human Resources office.

The meeting is scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon, an hour and a half after lunch. I choose not to go home that day for one of my now famous Lunchtime Matinees, thinking I’m going to get some good spank bank material of Barbara that I can use when I get home later for an evening of masturbation.

I arrive at Barbara’s office a couple minutes before our meeting starts and she’s still finishing up with Karlen.

“Hello Brad” she says “I’ll be with you in a couple minutes”

I stand outside patiently waiting and, on schedule, Barbara finishes her meeting, Karlen walks past me on the way out. The two of us exchange glances as we walk past one another but don’t say anything.

Barbara’s office is large and is very nicely furnished. “Have a seat Brad” Barbara says as she points to the couch. Barb closes the door and makes her way to the chair across from the couch and sits down, similar to the same setup my therapist has in her office. I sit down on the couch across from her and we begin our meeting. She looks great this afternoon. She’s wearing a turtleneck, a skirt and knee high boots.

“How are things going?” she asks.

“Pretty good” I respond. She’s just engaging in some small talk as she looks at my file and some paperwork.

“I’m going through your records and reports from Tiffany and some of your co-workers and they all speak very highly of the work you’re doing. Of course, you get high praise from Karlen, Amy, Raina, Erin, June and Christine.”

“Oh?” I ask.

Barbara replies “Well, I imagine some of that praise comes from your willingness to go above escort kartal and beyond for your co-workers”

We both know what she’s talking about but she doesn’t say anything directly about it….until…..

“I’m not sure how I can evaluate your performance. It’s been a while. Why don’t you loosen up your pants?”

I unbuckle my belt and my pants and push them down to my ankles without even thinking about it. With my reputation and my track record, I’m surprised that Barbara didn’t just ask me to show up for my meeting in a bathrobe or completely naked.

Barbara looks between my legs as my penis starts to harden and stand up at full attention to her.

“That’s it, he’s waking up.” Barbara says. “You know what to do next.”

I gently cradle my erection in my right hand and slowly start to run it up and down the shaft, never touching the head. With my left hand, I start to unbutton my shirt until all of my buttons are unbuttoned and my chest is exposed. My nipples harden from the excitement.

Barbara begins to recount the events of the past few months: the public lovemaking session with Karlen, the private masturbation session I did at home during lunch for Amy and Raina, and the birthday gift that Erin gave me. Finally she brings up our sexual encounter with Karlen.

“I remember how good that penis felt inside of me” Barbara says as she stands up and walks towards me.

She tells me to remove my shoes and my pants completely. I push off my shoes, my pants slide all the way to the floor and I move my feet out of them. Barbara picks up my pants, folds them up and places them on a table next to the couch. I remove my shirt; Barbara picks that up and does the same.

I’m now sitting on the couch completely nude with Barbara standing in front of me. She kneels on the couch, placing her left knee just outside my right thigh and her right knee outside my left thigh. She slowly hikes up her skirt to reveal she’s not wearing any panties.

With maltepe escort her left hand she grabs my right wrist and lifts it off my penis.

“Do you like what you see?” Barbara asks.

“Oh yes” I tell her

“Do you want me?” she asks

“Most certainly” I respond

Barbara takes my penis into her right hand and guides it between her legs. She slides down on top of me so I’m now inside of her, impaling her pussy with my rock hard cock. She takes my hands and places them on the seat back of the couch in each direction, my arms extended completely.

She slowly rocks up and down on my lap as she continues her evaluation. She’s casually talking about work related items while she continues to ride me. I put my hands on her waist at the bottom of her turtleneck and ask her a question:

“May I?”

Barbara kisses me passionately with tongue, leans forward and whispers into my right ear.

“You may.”

I slide my hands up under her turtleneck and start to push her sweater up. Barbara raises her arms above her head and finishes removing her turtleneck to reveal her bra. I reach around her to help her undo it as she sets it down a couple feet to my left.

I place my hands on Barbara’s beautiful breasts, cupping them, caressing them. I kiss each breast, making my way slowly to each nipple, paying special attention to each. I kiss and swirl my tongue around each nipple as Barbara moans.

“Mmm that feels good. That’s what you like having done to you if I remember”

“Yes, very much so” I respond

Barbara pays back the favor, kissing my nipples and swirling her tongue around each nipple. It’s my turn to moan.

“Ohhh Barbara”

Barbara looks up at me with a smile and straightens up her body. She looks down at me, being slightly elevated from being on top of me and kisses me. Barbara and I engage in a very intense kissing session.

“You’re a very good kisser” she says. “I’ll have to pendik escort bayan include it in my report”

“I love kissing” I tell Barbara. “The personal connection and intimacy from kissing I find so sexy and arousing.”

Barbara asks me something. “Have you masturbated today?”

I nod my head ‘no’.

“Wow, you’ve gone a long time without cumming. I thought you might have cleaned the pipes before our meeting.”

I explain to Barbara why “I wanted to save it for later. I thought I’d get some good spank bank material during this meeting for this evening.”

Barbara smiles at me “You won’t need to after this, will you”

“Need to….no. Want to…..yes. I love masturbating. I can’t get enough of it”

“You’re going to give me your full load, aren’t you Brad?”

I nod my head ‘yes’

Her hips have been steadily moving faster. I put my arms around her, cradling her bare back as we continue our passionate kissing.

Barbara whispers into my ear. “Oh my god Brad, I’m gonna cum”

I whisper back “Let it go Barbara, don’t hold back. You deserve it”

Her kisses get more passionate as she reaches orgasm.

“OOOOHHHHH BRAD” she screams. Looks like the entire office knows if they don’t already.

That pushes me over the edge as I climax.




It’s a huge load, the mother lode, saved up for Barbara.

Our orgasms subside and Barbara gets off me and sits next to me on the couch as we cuddle. She finishes my performance review, telling me “You performed wonderfully”

Barbara also tells me that I’m being promoted and one perk is that I’ll now have my own office. We get dressed and to complete the meeting we embrace and have one last moment of kissing. Barbara says one last thing to me as I walk out.

“Your new office will have locks on the doors, if you want to engage in your favorite activity.” While she says that she punctuates the sentence with an arm motion simulating masturbation. I guess I have permission from Barbara to stroke off in my new office, that is, if there’s nobody around to satisfy my needs.

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