Margie Gets Hot and Needs More Ch. 01

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How much trouble can one man get into? A lot if his morals are weak and his libido high! This particular chapter could have begun 18years ago when I made friends with Greg and Margie if I only had known her secret deires.

Over the years we did dinner often, some water skiing and windsurfing. Strictly fun and never any inclination or conversation about sex. I am an avid snow skier and spend most winters in the United States around Lake Tahoe. Greg and Margie got married about 12 years ago at a tropical beach in Northern Australia, I was present at the wedding and I can’t even remember if I fantasized about fucking the bride or not.

Greg and Margie run a retail shop in a tourist area and Margie being a fiery redhead speaks her mind and spends a lot of time in the sun. I have since found out it is more time than I would have guessed.

Greg is pretty boring and loves nothing more than talking about business. Margie is fairly athletic, approx 5’8″ 130lb firm arse, (inside and out) and respectable tits for a 40year old.

All this aside there was never any intention or aspirations to pull Margie down and bone her. I was not even surprised when she decided to take up snow skiing and planned a holiday to the US around the same time I did. I usually took my girlfriend for part of my trips and then get into the serious skiing when she goes home.

I have skied for around 15 years and only ever picked up one stray fuck and that came from a humorous story told in a casino.

3 years ago I am in Tahoe skiing, with acquaintances I met on the slopes. Margie was there skiing on her own as she had only just taken up the sport and wasn’t up to speed. I shared a room with her and thought nothing of it as my girlfriend was with us.

After 10 days Lisa my girlfriend left and Margie moved out to another lodge where she had a room on her own. We were uptown drinking a couple of nights later. keçiören escort I had had an accident earlier that day hitting a tree and injuring my ankle. We were both pretty drunk but I could hardly walk so Margie and another friend Richard assisted me down the hill to my lodgings.

Margie and Richard headed off in their own directions and I went to bed. Half an hour later there is a tapping at my door, I get up and low and behold here is Margie looking cold.

She informed me that her lodge was locked up for the night and she was unable to raise anyone to let her in. It is like minus 7C outside and she didn’t know what to do. Could I let her share my room for the night.

Mr. Dumbo still doesn’t see the train coming and says “sure there is no harm in that but I only have a single mattress in my room” “that’s all right” says the innocent but evil redhead. “I won’t take up much room” (that’s because she plans to have my cock buried in her tight, shaven pussy all night.)

I always sleep naked and so it seems she did as well. I lay down under the cover with my back to Margie and drift off to sleep. I am not sure if I got to sleep or not when I felt a hand on my cock. I am quick and realized that it is not my hand, so it must be Margie’s. “I have wanted to do this for years” Margie says. I was dumfounded but a warm hand on my cock on a cold night is not an offer to be turned down.

“What about Greg” I reply. “Oh he doesn’t need to know” Margie’s says. So I now think why not, it still hadn’t dawned on me that it was a planned ambush and my cock was the flag of the enemies HQ.

I started exploring because I could, and like I said I hadn’t even given this any thought up until now. Well those tits felt fine, firm, nice nipples and more than a mouthful so it felt like a trophy.

My hands drifted down to the prize between her firm thighs, yes, it keçiören escort bayan was virtually shaved and slippery as an eel. Margie was panting already, telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her. I told her she was a slut as she was married.

“Your slut to be used how and when you want” was her husky answer.

Well I was as hard as I had ever been the veins in my cock felt like they were going to burst as she guided the head of my ravenous beast between the wet swollen lips of her womanhood that would propel me between heaven and hell for the next 3 years.

Margie with that wild red hair and a wimpy husband fucked me senseless that night. She wasn’t on the pill so it took all my will power to pull my cock out from that hot muscular cunt and shoot my wad on to her heaving chest.

Margie headed home a couple of days later. I got home a month or so after that and I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months.

Then one morning the phone rings, Margie is horny, that whorish cunt was selling her out and needed to be satisfied by cock other than her husbands. I agreed to meet her because as soon as she spoke I had a roaring hard on and as any red blooded male knows, a rampant cock knows no conscience.

I met her down a bush track not far from her house, she was near in a frenzy, I had butterflies but I was going to nail that hot, hungry pussy if it was the last thing I did.

I got Margie up against a tree and had her tell me how she is a slut and was acting like a common whore. This made her wet cunt even more satisfying for me.

She was arched backwards over the tree when I drilled her, Oh what a feeling, athletic women rule and when they are bad it doesn’t get any better.

I tried to stop seeing her as I felt it did affect my own relationship. Lisa was a good partner and I didn’t want to hurt her. However I am a weak escort keçiören short sighted male and that ravenous red haired eel like pussy had its way with me at random.

I would fuck her slowly on a beach in a spot where an interested motorist could look on I would bang her sluttish wet hole over my bonnet in the middle of a quiet road.

The hardest thing was facing her husband and pretending nothing was happening. Standing there talking too him thinking if only you could see the way your slut sucks my cock, if only you could have seen me bend her over the counter of your shop in full view of the public and fuck her mercilessly in front of the security guard, who was oblivious to the action.

Yes that would put a spark in your life.

Anyway last year I am away skiing and yes Margie arranged to have her holiday around the same time, lucky for her that Greg doesn’t like the cold and so goes on his own holidays to a tropical paradise.

I hope he is fucking some bronzed little root rat, he deserves some on the side as well.

Here we are staying in the same room with a third person, the son of a friend, I had told Margie it was over, no more, she wanted it just once more.

I again being the weak male give in but there is a little rage within because I was trying to do the right thing.

I can smell that pussy, it is hot, the moment I touched the velvet lips and when the sigh came from margies lips I new I was in again.

However I rolled her over and with the natural juices from her wet cunt I slicked up her arse and positioned my throbbing cock at her entrance. She hollered to stop but I was going to have my way and plunged my manhood into the depths of her backside.

It was tighter than a Tokyo tram, I fucked her hard and furious. She told me she was my slut and I could fuck her anytime any place any way I wanted. I shot my load up inside her hot stomach and her arse muscles milked me dry.

I continue to fuck Margie regularly; I have since split up with Lisa but have another girlfriend who is hot and willing. But I still get it off with Margie, I fuck her arse semi regular now as she has got to like it and she will always be a slut, my slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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