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I never really thought about Meg “in that way” when she was first hired by the company as an admin, mainly because she’s so much younger than I am. I could appreciate that she was not unattractive and that, when she wore a low cut blouse, her tits were quite alluring, but I guess I felt that, if I paid her too much attention, I’d be the office creepy old guy. I was only forty, but she was barely over twenty, so the age difference was considerable enough. It was after she moved into an apartment near the office and had time to go to the gym every morning before work that I started to pay more attention to her. She wasn’t in bad shape prior to that, but suddenly her ass looked a lot nicer and even her face somehow looked prettier. Of course, maybe it wasn’t the gym; maybe living closer to the office she was getting more sleep and not dealing with the stress of a long commute. In any case, while I wasn’t leering at her all of a sudden, I did find myself turning to follow her progress down the hall when we passed.

Of course we talked and got along well and maybe even did some harmless minor flirting but it wasn’t like I ever thought I’d have the opportunity to see her naked. Even when she asked me one day if she could impose on me to come to her apartment at lunch one day to take a look at something for her, my mind went immediately to a repair of some kind. I probed for specifics, wondering if I’d need a toolbox, but she was vague and just said that it was something I’d need to see. We agreed on a day and I accompanied her to her apartment, gazing at her ass as I followed her up the stairs inside her building. Once we were inside her apartment, she had me wait on the couch and excused herself momentarily, which I assumed was because she had something she wanted to clean up or put away before she had me take a look at whatever was giving her trouble. When she returned to the living room wearing only a bra, panties and high heels, my jaw hit my chest.

The bra was black and low-cut enough that her luscious tits were barely restrained and, when she did a quick spin, I saw that the black panties were actually a thong. Her ass looked fucking incredible and her tits nice and jiggly as she came closer to where I was sitting with a bulge growing rapidly in my lap. I asked if this was what she’d wanted me to take a look at and she nodded, smiling, as she started to straddle me while asking what I thought. Before I could answer, her lips were against mine and her tongue was quickly cebeci escort in my mouth. My hands went immediately to her ass, caressing the smooth, muscular flesh. It wasn’t long, though, before my hands slid up along her soft waist to fondle her tits through the bra. I could feel her hard nipples pressing out as she humped against the bulge in my slacks while we continued to make out.

I soon freed her tits, unfastening her bra and sliding my hands up under it to caress the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples. She moaned softly while we continued to make out and she gyrated against my cock. I was thinking, despite immensely enjoying what was happening, that I wanted to get a look at her tits, thinking that her areolas were probably nice and big, as well as that her pussy was probably quite damp. I ended up turning her to the side and laying her on her back, then slid her bra down her arms to reveal her tits. They were works of art; not more than average in size, but with large areolas as I’d suspected and nice hard nipples that I couldn’t resist leaning down to lick and suck. She held my head and moaned as I caressed her tits while my lips and tongue worked over her nipples and areolas.

Knowing that, with each passing minute, her pussy was probably getting wetter and wetter, I started to kiss my way down from her tits and over her stomach until I reached the waistband. Her legs were spread wide, so I kissed down past her panties to her inner thighs, alternating from one to the other until she was practically whimpering. I finally pulled her thong aside, exposing a trim dark brown bush, and started running my tongue up her slit, tasting her nectar which was flowing abundantly. She was holding my head as I lapped at her pussy and moaned each time I ran my tongue from bottom to top. Since she seemed to be enjoying my face in her pussy, I went ahead and started to slide her thong off, moving just long enough to get it down her legs and let it drop. After taking a moment to admire her trim bush and casting a quick glance up over her body to her pretty, if somewhat dazed looking, face, I lowered my head again. Slipping a finger into her, and finding her wet and hot, I started to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out while she started moaning more intensely.

I was hard as a rock and anxious to fuck her by this point, but I was also really enjoying eating her sweet, young pussy. She was clearly enjoying it as well, cebeci escort bayan as she was writhing around, moaning loudly while holding my head in place. I glanced up to see that, as she held my head in place, her arms were squeezing her tits together and her hard nipples were pointed at the ceiling. I still wasn’t sure how I’d managed to get myself in this position, but I certainly was happy about it. I continued to devour her pussy as she got closer and closer to cumming while she was moving wildly and getting continually louder. Her pussy seemed to be getting more engorged around my finger and, unbelievably, even wetter and hotter as she approached what promised to be an intense orgasm. She started to arch up off the couch, pushing her pussy against my face, while I just kept up what I was doing because it was obviously working extremely well. Finally, she let out a loud wail, collapsed back onto the couch and her body shook as she came.

As she laid there, her chest heaving, recovering, I stood up and, while looking over her hot body, started to undress. I pulled off my polo and, as I was undoing my belt, Meg opened her eyes and watched attentively. When my slacks were open, I let them drop to my ankles and Meg sat up as she saw the bulge in my briefs. She reached out, took the waistband and started sliding them down, my rigid cock popping out. She immediately took it in her hand and started to stroke it but paused long enough to help me out of my shoes, socks, slacks and underwear before running her tongue up and down it and over my balls. I moaned when she took it into her mouth and slid her lips up and down while also pumping it in her hand. I was happy that she spent a few minutes demonstrating her cocksucking skills but equally happy when she slipped it out of her mouth and smiled up at me before turning and crawling onto the couch with her ass pointed at me.

I got on my knees behind her and, after running my hands over her smooth cheeks, guided my tool to her pussy and eased it inside. We both moaned as I slowly slid all the way into her and my hips touched her ass. Taking her by the hips, I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her hot pussy. Her face was pressed against the seat of the couch and she reached back between her legs, presumably to stroke her clit as I fucked her. Her pussy was nicely snug but also incredibly slippery, making for a very pleasant friction on my throbbing cock. She was pushing back against escort cebeci my incoming thrusts, apparently as anxious to have my tool fully embedded in her as I was. I was relishing the feel of her hot young pussy, hoping that this wouldn’t be the only opportunity I was granted to enjoy it. Based on how hard she was pushing back and the moaning I was hearing from her, she seemed pleased with how things were going so I took that as a positive sign.

Her moaning continued to get louder as she pushed back harder against me the longer I fucked her. I slipped my hands around from her hips to fondle her swinging tits, but as I felt her pussy becoming wetter and more slippery, I went back to holding her hips and fucking her with long, full strokes. She let out what sounded almost like a relieved moan and I felt her entire body trembling as she came again but stopped fucking her once I was certain she’d finished. I sat on the couch as she moved around to straddle me again, this time with no clothing between us. I guided my cock back into her hot pussy and she lowered herself onto it, smiling and closing her eyes as she did. My hands went right back to fondle her tits as she started to ride me.

She eventually brought her lips back to mine and we made out again as she rode me. The longer her hot pussy slid up and down my throbbing shaft, the closer I felt my own orgasm coming. My hands crept around to hold her ass, helping to lift her up and down on my cock as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. As my orgasm continued to build, my cock was starting to swell even more and Meg must have felt it because she stopped and said she wanted me to finish in her mouth. She backed up off of me and onto the floor, kneeling between my spread legs and taking my cock in her hand before lowering her mouth over it. I leaned back and watched as her dark brown hair cascaded over my thighs and her lips slid up and down my tool while her hand pumped the base. She looked up at me and smiled around my cock, then returned to expertly sucking it.

I could feel my orgasm continuing to build and was enjoying every second of it as I prepared to honor her wish and blow my load down her throat. I muttered out some encouragements and compliments as my cock continued to swell and the level of pleasure continued to build. When I finally exploded into her mouth with a grunt, she was unfazed and continued to suck me while swallowing my load. Only when my cock began to soften did she let it fall from her mouth and look up at me with a smile on her face. I had her get up and lay with me on the couch so that I could feel her naked body against me before we had to head back to work. When she asked if I would be interested in coming over again sometime, I replied that it would be my pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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