Memories of Sleeping Bag Sex

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I guess I should point out that this didn’t happen every day, more like once or twice a month. I don’t want someone to get the wrong idea. We didn’t neglect the kids or leave them on their own for long periods of time. Most of the time we had a cigarette and came back in.

We were young and very much in love. Sex was something on our minds all the time. Anyway, it was kinky to our way of thinking back then and you made do as you can.


With two kids and two jobs, alone time was at a premium. Especially, since we lived in a very small two-bedroom house. The house was a total of six hundred square feet so there was nowhere to hide and almost no place to escape to. Thin walls made any noise an attractant to small nosey ears.

We both smoked but never in the house. This was before second hand smoke and all that, it was a rule of the house to help us cut back. We had a porch swing on the front porch and one on the back. In the evenings the kids would be in front of the TV and left us alone when we went to smoke.

We lived in the country but were right on a major highway. The back porch would have been more private but the mosquitoes would carry you away during the warmer weather. The front porch had a constant breeze that kept it clear of the little winged monsters but there was the traffic.

We kept a couple of old sleeping bags in a storage box on the front porch. We usually pulled one out even in the summer so we had a little protection from prying eyes. It was like being back in high school again, lots of petting, but not a lot of fulfilling sex, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Fingers and hands were busy and sometimes a blowjob if Kitty got hot enough and bold enough. She’d lay down in the swing and cover up with the sleeping bag. I’d be in hog heaven. The only problem was reciprocating was hard. I’m tall, she’s tall, and the swing is short. With her turned to face me, there wasn’t enough room for me to lie down.

Of course, there was always her sitting on my lap facing me as I swung us back and forth. She would pull the front of my shorts down below my balls, hike up her dress, and sit down on me. My dick deep in her tight sweet pussy would rub deliciously without us doing much of anything.

She held up the sleeping bag, which kept ataşehir escort her hands occupied. Mine played with her small cone shaped breasts. Her nipples would get so hard that they hurt. Between my dick, my hands, the traffic on the highway, and the possibility of the kids coming out to catch us, she was coming long, hard and quickly.


Winter was even better. The kids hated the cold and thought we were crazy for going out to smoke. That gave us even more privacy. Getting dark earlier also gave us an earlier start. After supper, we’d get the kids ready for bed, get them settled in front of the TV, and then slip out to the porch.

We’d zip the two sleeping bags together and climb in. We’d smoke a cigarette or two most of the time and talk but at time we were all over each other. It wouldn’t be long before clothes started to disappear to the bottom of the bag.

Two warm naked bodies cuddled up in a warm nest of sleeping bags on a swing, was wonderful and exciting. Traffic was whizzing by a few hundred feet away while I fingered my wife to a dozy of an orgasm or two, or she gave me a blowjob.

I could even slip down to kneel between her legs while I ate her sweet wet pussy. That to me was best of all and made her come harder than anything. She normally remained pretty quiet even during the hardest orgasm.

Well, except for that one night. I was kneeling and licking Kitty’s clit as she used a handful of my hair to guide my tongue and the pressure I used. Suddenly she was yelling and coming like mad. I dropped my head and stabbed my tongue into her flowing vagina. I had to swallow twice as she ground her sex on my face.

Luckily she had calmed somewhat by the time the front door opened and our daughter stuck her head out. “Are you alright mommy?” She asked.

“Uh…. Mommy’s just fine dear, go back in, and watch TV.”

“We heard you yell.”

“Uh… well…. Mommy had a booboo and Daddy was making it all better.” Kitty replied and then giggled. “It’s much better now.”

I was still down in the sleeping bag and pressed my face to my wife’s thigh to keep from laughing. She was all better but my face was a mess. I wondered what had caused that barnburner of an orgasm.

Our daughter went back inside and kadıköy escort I stuck my head up to look at my wife. She looked down at me and laughed as she saw the shininess of my face. The headlights of the cars on the highway made a strobe light effect on the porch.

“What was that all about?” I asked with a big grin.

“Sissy was worried about me.” My wife replied.

“Not that, the monster of an orgasm you just tried to drown me with. Where did that come from and why so suddenly?”

“Oh that!” she said and then giggled. “I heard the gravel in the driveway crunch and opened my eyes. A van like my parents was pulling in and I freaked. What would they think of their one and only daughter sitting here naked on the front porch getting her pussy eaten. I just lost it and exploded.”

My head snapped around toward the driveway. “It wasn’t them, just someone with a similar van turning around.” Kitty told me.

“Are you sure? Maybe they saw us and went back home.”

Kitty laughed and pushed me over backwards. She ended up on top of me, the sleeping bag covering us completely. “No, it wasn’t them but being spotlighted like that, right then blew me away.”

She was straddling my hips and rubbing her sex up and down along my hard shaft. She whimpered softly as her clit rubbed against the head of my dick. My hands ran up and down her back for a moment and then cupped her tight hard ass cheeks.

With a sigh she eased up and looked down at me. “I’m going to fuck the starch out of that thing, right here and right now.” She whispered.

“Do you hear any complaints from me?” I whispered back.

“Not yet.” She replied as she lifted her hips and rubbed the head of my dick over her wet slippery opening.

As she centered the head in her opening and added pressure by lowering her hips, she said, “But then again, I haven’t done this in a long time.” She rammed her hips back and impaled herself completely on my manhood.

We both groaned deeply as I went in and then she gasped as her ass slammed into my hips. She sat still for a second and then sighed. “Damn that felt so good.”

“It still does.” I replied as I flexed my ass muscles, causing my dick to jerk and twitch deep inside her. I could feel her pussy clenching and bostancı escort bayan grabbing at my shaft as I did.

“Now you’ve done it.” Kitty whispered with a shiver and started to fuck herself with long hard strokes. She used her thighs to lift herself up and then dropping hard back to my hips. The sound of her ass striking my hips was loud in the sleeping bag.

The sound got even louder as I lifted my hips to meet her, ramming my dick in even deeper and harder. She was holding onto the sleeping bag with both hands as she moved. Her backside was covered from prying eyes but in the other direction she was bare and quite visible from the road.

My usually shy and reserved wife was beyond the point of caring who saw her as her orgasm approached like a runaway train. As it got closer, she let go of the sleeping bag, leaned forward, and placed her hands on my chest.

Now she could rub her clit on my pelvic bone. The up and down motion was now back and forth and growing faster by the second. Suddenly Kitty threw her head back groaning loudly, her body jerking as she ground her sex and clit hard against me. Her pussy was grabbing and squeezing my dick as she came long and hard.

I was right there with her and the hot jets of semen from my dick just spurred her orgasm on to new heights and made her sit up a little straighter. Right then, we were both lost to the world, although I do vaguely remember a car horn blowing on the highway.

Slowly over the next few minutes, Kitty slumped forward until she was laying on me. I reached down and pulled the sleeping bag over us. Kitty sighed and snuggled in my arms. We were two very content campers to say the least.

After a while, Kitty sighed again and lifted her head enough to lay a barnburner of a kiss on me. My hands roamed her compact body as I returned the kiss. She was whimpering softly and wiggling against me, my hands cupping her ass.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and looked at me sharply. “Did someone honk their horn at me while I was fucking you?”

I grinned and nodded. “I think so but it was while I was coming and I wasn’t completely sure until now.”

She gave a little shivery shake and lay down again. “I’m so bad.” She whispered and then giggled.

I slapped her butt and replied, “Yes you are, but I love you even more because of it.”


Ah yes, memories of those old sleeping bags still haunt me even after all these years. Kitty passed on a good number of years ago, so all my memories of her are precious and good.

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