Michelle and Penny

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The alarm clock sounded. I felt around in the dark to shut it off. I shuffled to the kitchen to make coffee and jumped in the shower. Getting up at 5:00am is difficult but I had been looking forward to this day for months. My sister Penny was getting out of prison today. I couldn’t wait to take her away from that shithole. She had caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman and beat him to a pulp. He spent weeks in the hospital having facial reconstruction.

Penny is 30, ten years younger than me. My father left us when Penny was 6 and she took it hard. She developed early into a woman with a tremendous figure. In her teen years my mother was constantly getting calls from school regarding her wild behavior and absenteeism. Nevertheless we always had a close relationship. I loved her dearly. Penny would be staying with me for awhile. It would be close quarters in my one bedroom apartment but I organized things as best I could.

When I arrived at Monroe Women’s Prison I went through security and waited for Penny to be released. She would have to check in with a parole officer and have certain restrictions for a period of time. I was told not to have any firearms or recreational drugs in my apartment. “I guess I’ll have to hide my weed,” I thought to myself.

After about an hour and a half my little sister came walking into the waiting area, beaming a smile. She looked cute as ever in her orange jumpsuit. She called out to me “Hi Michelle, how’s it going?”

I embraced her, choking back tears. We wasted no time getting out of that place. “Well what do you want to do now Penny? It’s been 18 months since you’ve had your freedom.”

“Let’s drive to Lake Washington and go for a walk through the woods. I want to be outside and hear the birds sing. But first let me change out of these prison clothes.” She wrinkled her face in disgust. I had brought her a change of clothing and Penny had me pull over at a gas station so she could get into them. When she emerged she was clad in a black tank top, boot cut jeans and sandals with her tousled brown hair falling down around her shoulders. She tossed the orange jumpsuit into a trash can as she walked toward the car.

Two men swung their heads around and gazed at Penny as she sauntered past. The snug tank top outlined the curves of her full breasts and slender waist.

I sped away as Penny closed the passenger door. I handed her a joint and she had a toke from it. We listened to the radio blasting Pink Floyd as we passed the joint back and forth, giggling and talking like sisters do.

“How’s Holly?” Penny asked as she exhaled the fragrant marijuana from her lungs.

“She started fall quarter at Central a few weeks ago. She wants to become a Veterinarian.”

“That’s great. Maybe I escort ataşehir should do something like that.”

Penny had always moved from job to job. Mostly she worked as a cocktail server. She did really well with her friendly personality and killer body.

“I talked to Julie at the Brooklight,” I said. “She can get you hired if you want. Then you could walk to work and we could see even more of each other.”

“That sounds great! I remember liking that place. I need a new wardrobe though. I’ve gained a few pounds from sitting around in that fucking cell half the day for a year and a half.”

We arrived at Seward Park and spent the afternoon strolling along the trails and the lake side.

Penny was so much fun to be with, so charming and charismatic. It was hard to believe this beautiful woman was capable of beating a man within inches of his life. Through the years I had witnessed her incredible strength and fighting skills. I consider myself quite a tough chick and I have kicked a few guys’ asses but I’m no match for Penny. I called her a bitch once and she punched me in the stomach and threw me against a mirror. The mirror shattered and I fell on my face nearly unconscious. I had to have stitches on my shoulder. Penny broke out in tears and apologized immediately. Since then we have rarely even raised our voices to one another.

Another time the two of us got into a street fight with three guys who followed us from a bar and assaulted us. I knocked one guy cold but was overmatched by a huge brute who had me down and was about to rape me. Penny finished her attacker and tore this 200 pound dude from me and broke both his arms as though they were toothpicks. He begged her for mercy but she held him against a brick wall and punched him in the face until he went limp. We just left them there and went home to clean ourselves up.

Living with Penny was the most fun I’d had in years. We went out together nearly every night and I usually dropped by the Brooklight for a few drinks when she was working. It helped me deal with Holly being away at college. I had been so lonely without my daughter around.

One evening Penny was getting dolled up and announced she was going on a date.

“You’re going on a date? With who, you haven’t mentioned anyone. Is he coming to pick you up?”

“I’m walking down to meet him for drinks at La Isla. It’s a guy who hangs out at work. He’s cute.”

“Well have a good time. I’m going over to Carla’s. I should return around midnight.” I kissed her and asked her to be careful, knowing she wouldn’t. I headed out the door and started walking along 59th street.

Carla was the paralegal at work. She lived just four blocks from me. We frequently would get together when her husband was kadıköy escort bayan away on business trips. Carla is the only woman that I have had a sexual encounter with. We kept our relationship a secret. I was embarrassed to admit I am bisexual and she didn’t want her husband to find out we are lovers.

Carla answered the door with a smile and handed me a glass of sherry. She was wearing a tan colored mesh top and a pair of white bell bottoms that showed off her substantial thighs and ass.

We set up the backgammon board and I put a Deep Purple album on the turntable. Pretty soon the game went by the wayside as we exchanged a meaningful glance and Carla moved to my side on the loveseat. I could feel the heat from her body as she leaned in to kiss me. She stroked my hair and I yielded to her as she crushed me to her soft chest. I am sort of a passive lover with Carla. She knows just what to do and I like her aggression.

The record ended and Carla broke away to put on some more music. My eyes followed her as she crossed the room. She was Middle Eastern looking with dark soft skin and shiny thick hair that went just past her shoulders. She was 5’7″, same as me but 20 pounds heavier. Her face was round and not conventionally pretty but beautiful in a natural way. Everything about her was ample. Her breasts were gigantic and hung alluringly without sagging. She wore a lot of halter tops and camis that left nothing to the imagination. We would kiss sometimes for the better part of an hour while we groped one another. Her saliva had a taste that I found delicious and intoxicating.

Carla returned to the loveseat and pulled off her top freeing her huge tits. I sucked them and became more aroused. She unzipped my fleece jacket and my boobs sprang out. The cool air caused my nipples to tighten up and when Carla caressed them I moaned. After a while we moved to the bedroom and stripped naked. Carla lay on top of me and began kissing me, her heavy body holding me down. We licked each other’s pussies until we both came several times. We never used any dildos or anything like that. It was very romantic.

After our lovemaking Carla fell asleep so I quietly got dressed and walked home. Shortly after I arrived I was getting something from the refrigerator and I heard sounds coming from my bedroom. It was my bed squeaking mixed with grunting and moaning. “Christ! Penny is fucking a guy in my bedroom.” I looked at the clock and noticed it was only 10:30. I wasn’t supposed to get home for another hour and a half. “Oh well I’ll go down the street for a drink and come back when they’re finished. She hasn’t been with a guy for a year and a half. She needs this,” I thought to myself.

When I returned home Penny and her lover were sitting in the escort bostancı living room having coffee watching Saturday Night Live reruns. Penny was bright and happy. “Hi Michelle meet Charles.”

“Charles?” I uttered, dumbstruck. Less than a month ago I had given Charles a blowjob in the very bedroom where he just had sex with my little sister.

“Oh… Michelle. How are you?” Charles replied awkwardly.

Penny took in the scene and became suspicious. “What’s going on here? Do you two know each other?”

Charles started to explain but was cut off when Penny grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

“For God’s sake Penny put him down before you kill him!” I exclaimed.

But Penny did not put him down and was instead shaking him like a rag doll. On the third shake there was a loud snap and Charles’ eyes bugged out. “Ooops,” said Penny with a baleful look toward me as though she had broken one of my favorite toys. She still had Charles by the neck like a ventriloquist’s dummy. “Maybe we can do mouth to mouth.”

“It won’t do him any good. He’s dead as a doornail. We’d better figure some way to dispose of him or you’ll be heading back to prison.”

Tears streamed down Penny’s cheeks and she held Charles to her breast. “I’m sorry Charles I didn’t mean it. Please wake up.”

I put my arm around Penny and tried to comfort her. “Now now it’s too late for that. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a solution.”

We went through Charles’ pockets and found his address and the keys to his apartment. “We’ll make it look like autoerotic asphyxiation like David Carradine,” I suggested.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“We just hang him in his own closet and make it look like he died masturbating. It’s all the rage now.”

“Do you think anyone will believe he was dumb enough to do that?”

“David Carradine was dumb enough to do that. Besides, do you have any better ideas?”


“Then let’s get going. You grab his legs and let’s throw him in the trunk of my car. Maybe no one will notice us at this time of night. We’ll be back in an hour.”


We made it to Charles’ apartment and lugged him inside.

“Jeez this place is a dump,” Penny said, looking around.

“Never mind that just help me get his pants off and we’ll hang him in this closet. We have to make it look like he was jerking off.”

“That won’t be difficult. He still has an erection.”

After struggling with the corpse for a while we completed our task. We stood back and admired our work.

“He looks peaceful,” Penny remarked.

“You call that peaceful? He looks like a fucking freak. Now let’s get out of here.”


We wiped off everything we had touched and locked the door on our way out. No one seemed to notice us and we made it back to my apartment without incident. We never heard any more about Charles or the fact that he went missing. I wonder how long he was hanging in that closet with his hand on his prick.

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