Midnight Rhapsody

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It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact the It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact the night was bathing in shimmering silver. It was the kind of night where the moon shines ever so brightly, enhancing the eerily beautiful silence. The night was indeed warm, so warm that a chance movement of breeze in the stifled air was welcomed.

She took her strides slowly, making her way across the room. The moon shone thru the window, giving her the much needed guide. Her steps were soft and graceful with no sense of urgency. Walking carefully, she ran her fingers thru her silky long hair, making sure her locks looked good. Her fingers worked silently over the ribbons and laces on her satiny flimsy lingerie. All the while, a knowing smile never lost from her lips.

She knew she looked desirable, in fact, scrumptious for all she could offer. Her smile, acknowledging the fact she was determined to get what she wanted. Her eyes were shining with brimming confidence and her smooth gracefulness consciously exuded pure lustfulness.

Making her way towards the bed, she eyed the occupant intently. He, striped down to his boxers, slept face up, sleeping soundly like a baby. She silently hoped it was not one of those nights that he was really tired and slept like a dead log. Despite the warm night, he did seem unperturbed with the humid air. He was sweating a little; it was evident with the slight sticking of his boxers. So was something else making its way through the boxer. She smiled knowingly again at the tent.

She was happy to catch him at moments like this, all bared down and all ready for ecstatic fun together. She cast her brown orbs down towards her soon-to-be-very willing victim, mischievous plots racing in her mind. Smiling slyly, she knew what has to be done. Tonight, limbs of two bodies would entwine, drowning in the pleasure of ravishing each other until they reached the gate of seventh heaven.

Quietly, she bent over the little tent, placing her right palm over the peak. Slowly, she grazed the top in circular motion, carefully avoiding applying too much pressure, making sure the sensitive tip is massaged through the rough material. Excitement caught her heart. She wanted so much to grab and stroke the shaft within but refrained herself against it. She wouldn’t want to spoil the fun just yet. The sensation seemed to work, the tent grew further, now straining over the boxer material, threatening to be let loosed. Seeing this, her heart did a somersault. Just a while more, she told herself.

The mop of jet black stirred a little. Her hand stopped and she focused her gaze until the gentle heaving of chest returned. The excitement is torturing her. She chuckled silently thinking how ironic it was to be tortured in return instead of torturing the victim. She continued working her hand, this time snaking slowly into the boxer and firmed her grip on the hot shaft. She was careful not to grip too hard and stopped her urge to start stroking.

With care, she grazed her thumb over the tip. Wet. Again, her thumb circled slowly over the sensitive slit in effort to excite the raw tip, juicing its lubricant. At the same time, her eye focused on the sleeping male, bostancı escort taking care not to wake him from slumber land. Carefully, her hand started to move in a stroking motion. A lazy, slow long stroking motion. Her effort drew a low moan from her victim, yet not enough to wake him just yet. Moving her hand upwards and downwards, she took opportunity to bent further and popping the tip into the cavern of her mouth. She can feel the juices even over the material. And the taste of it intoxicated her further. Another low moan. She looked up urgently but hand never breaking the motion.

She was so tempted to just stripped him of the annoying boxer and let his monster come alive in full galore yet she knew doing so would wake him up from the surprise too early. She must rein herself a little more. The waiting is excruciating but she’s basking in it. She’s could feel the sensation and excitement tingling all over her body. Her nipples harden further. She felt the tips straining over the flimsy white lace. So erected that it pained her a little. It’s time to pay attention to herself, though much may not be needed for she is already deep in heat.

Slowly, she raised her other hand and took her left nipple between her index finger and her thumb, feeling herself through the soft laces. Gently, she gave herself a light pinch. Immediately, she arched backward, biting her lips to stifle her moan. Color rose to her cheeks. As much as she wanted too, she knew she couldn’t risk moaning out loud teasing her own nipples. Tracing her breast lines, she cupped her breast and began to fondle herself, fingers slowly moving in rhythm with her right hand. Giving in to their slow and sensual movement.

From her breast, she let her hand trailed down her curves, making ways towards her sweet spot. She could feel her own wetness dripping down, glistening the sides of her inner thighs. She ran her fingers over her velvety slit, down towards the opening of her cavern of pleasure, enjoying the feeling of her own wetness. Touching, rubbing, stroking, feeling her fingers all over her blood pumped sex, she unwittingly slipped a finger in. So wet and so slippery. Her muscles clenched unconsciously. She stifled yet another moan. Not enough. She knew she wanted something more. Something which was readily accessible to fulfill her needs. Something all pumped up to fill her to the hilt. Something which was ready in her right hand.

Her breathing was getting uneven, she knew she can’t keep on teasing much longer. The rare chanced midnight rhapsody has indeed heightened her lust, having to bit off moan after moan drove her to brink of needs and wants. In teasing her victim she ended up torturing herself more. It’s time. She stopped the motion of her hands slowly. Her victim stirred even more, indicating signs of waking up. She wondered would he be angry having seen her disturbing his peaceful rest. Yet, she was willing to take her chances, willing to bet everything for this chance to be with him.

She raised herself and gently knelt on one side of his bed. She can feel him stirring to awake. Now, she told herself. In the silvery moonlight, her silhouette adorning the floor, she held ümraniye escort bayan the only piece of material separating her from the glorious price with her finger tips and gradually pulled it down.

Eyes fluttering a little and still in daze, he didn’t give much a challenge to let her undress him. With a little tug and yank, he even lifted his bottom to help her. She smiled at the fully erected cock, wet from her kneading earlier. Oh, how she loved man going commando. Swiftly, she gave the tip a lick.

Then she lifted her right leg and knelt directly on top of him. Going on all fours, she bent a little, placing her hands between the sides of his head to face him. She smiled her sweetest and slowly moved forward to taste his slightly parched lips.

By now, her victim is almost wide awake and having those dreamy hazy brown orbs looking at her. A surprised kind of look donned his face. Perhaps very lost with her presence there and mostly more curious with her current position. She chuckled a little, mesmerised by the adorable child like expression. A wave of emotion rolled forth, so overwhelming that she wanted to just own him for herself, at least this very moment.

Looking into his eyes lovingly, she inched closer and softly mashed her lips to his, before he had the chance to voice a sound. Her lips smooched his, her tongue darting slowly to coax his lips to part a little. Tongues met and an arousing battle arose. Both eagerly wanting to explore each others mouth, nipping naughtily on the kissed bruised lips, sucking on till its plump red.

Short kisses and pecks had quickly turned into an intense french kissing session. Kissing him, aroused her even more. The heat and the yearning rushed over her. Still on her four, she dropped her body lower on top of him. He was literally kissing the life out of her and yet she moved in closer, wanting to mould herself to fit into him. As they kissed, hands roamed. Her left hand held his firm jaw line concentrating on kissing him while she had her right fingers stroking his left cheek. He held her possessively with his right hand while he let his left hand roamed her curves. In between gasped, she quivered when he trailed over her sensitive spots.

She allowed him to have his way with her, she moaned out loud when he held her breast, brushing his thumb on her nipples, his hands, gliding over her laces and thin straps, teasing her endlessly. In no time, the flimsy material laid wasted on the floor. Very naked and in heat, both continued waltzing their tongues, sometimes breaking away to take a flick at lobes, neckline and everywhere nice. All the time, she was fully aware of the uneasiness of his member pressing hard on her belly, seeking the still eluded soft spot.

Making a hard breakaway from him wondrous lips, she looked at him intently. No longer he’s with the soft child eyes but those of a man full with desire and lust. Yet, she still want him the same. She smiled again, no words required. Whispered in silence, he knew she had given him her order. Fuck me.

She lifted herself up and knelt between his hips. Guiding his shaft, she held it close to her opening. Effortlessly, her lubricated kartal escort muscles swallowed the length, spreading wide to accommodate him. She moaned. Yes, this is what she wanted. This feeling. This warmth. To be filled. To be loved. To be wanted. She adjusted her position to comfortably feel him. Again, gazing right at him, she rested her hands on his toned chest and started rocking back and forth. She saw him bit back a moan, it thrilled her immensely.

His hand cupped her breast, massaging it as she moved. She was riding him. The feeling inside started to build. She knew ecstasy was close. She increased her speed, rubbing her clit on his base as she rocked on. Rock, rub, rock, rub… On queue, he held her hips close, feeling her clenched him as she climaxed. She moaned. He felt her clenched and slowly stopping. He felt her spasm and was happy that she came. Yet, he wouldn’t let her off so easily.

Before she collapsed into him out of sheer pleasure, he held her and started thrusting slowly. Plunging deep into her with every move, he was drawing even more sexy moans from her. She’s drowning in pleasure again and he was not stingy in giving her more. Sweat and wetness cloaked them both, oiling the sensual touches between them.

He clasped her hands together in his, lifting them up to support her better as he increased speed. Again and again she clenched and came. And with every thrust he implored his senses not to climax just yet, grunting off moan after moan. He made it his duty to satisfy his lady’s needs before his.

Her juices was wetting more than his base, in between moans, slaps of wet limbs resonate but he never stopped thrusting and she never stop appreciating the pleasure he gave. She continued to ride him. Both working out the mechanism perfectly, where he thrust, she clenched and where he plunged deep she moved neared to him.

He fucked her so well that she had to arch her back when she came just to contain the waves of pleasure rushing through her. Until she couldn’t take more, she swooped down and kissed him roughly. It was getting too much for his cock to take and they knew it was time for him to blow his load.

She guided his hand to her hips and started riding him, wild and rough. Sweat beads adorned her forehead and body. He let his eyes roamed over her, admiring the movement of her rounded breast. The way she moaned and her flushed look. Allowing his sense free rein, he knew he would come in no time.

When he held her tight and giving out incoherent moans and wild thrusts, she knew he was on the verge. When he quivered in pleasure, she clenched him hard with all her remaining might, milking him as he exploded his seeds into her soft walls. A few more gentle rides and she knew he too had reached ecstasy.

She collapsed onto him, breathing in his manly sweat. The sweet and salty after smell of great sex. He held her closed, caressing her hair and skin, cuddling her to sleep. Both of them were flushed and tired but totally satisfied. Still, no words were required nor exchanged.

Weariness crept to him. Slowly his lids began to flutter no more. Sleep eventually came to him again. She slowly balanced herself on her fours again, taking great pains not to wake him up, depriving him of his well deserved rest. Looking at him one last time, she smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

On the bed where the midnight moon has stood witness earlier, a naked man slept soundly like a baby.

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