Mixed Martial Passion

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The snow was falling heavier now. Eloisa was feeling less and less motivated to work out. She had already been running that day but it had been an easy one as far as runs go. An unplanned nap next to her new fireplace had already eaten most of the afternoon. Now she felt she should be motivated to work on her kata but instead finding herself on the couch looking lazily out the window.

The sound of her phone broke the daydream. It was her new friend Chuck. They had met through her brother but it was their shared interest in martial arts that made their friendship take off so fast. Chuck was trained in jiu-jitsu, a style Eloisa was interested in learning more about. She was excited to hear he wanted to train. Here was the motivation she needed to get her workout in. Plus he was always a fun distraction!

Their harmless flirting had never really led anywhere. She knew he was attracted to her but her life was too complicated right now. Instead they seemed content to enjoy each others company and occasionally train. She quickly cleaned up and grabbed a bottle of wine. Training often became dinner. Dinner often became drinks, and once, after too much wine, drinks became a tight snuggle session in her bed. Not much had happened but the memory was always there for both of them. Unspoken it seemed to heighten the sexual tension, giving a bit of flame to their flirting.

Chuck arrived shortly and they quickly got to the business at hand. He had just purchased a new portable mat for training. He adjusted furniture while she put on some up-tempo music. Once warmed up they would begin to play a familiar game. She would challenge him to get out of a position or get a particular submission while she would resist for a set time limit. Ultimately the loser had to cook dinner. Since she picked the move or position she could control the stakes. Still, she knew he would sometimes take a dive and lose in order to cook for her. Men were so predictable. He was always trying to show off and cook for her.

Today he remarked on how bad her guard had been the last time they trained. He thought she should focus on that this session. Their back and forth teasing was trademark of their sessions together. After a few warm up stretches and exercises they began. He would get between her legs and try to pass her guard. Chuck wasn’t a small guy and when he put some brute force into it she didn’t stand much chance yet. Most of the time he tried to use just technique instead of brute force. Tonight seemed to be one of those nights as he seemed to be taking a little too long between her shapely legs. Eloisa didn’t say anything telling herself it was just part of the training but deep inside she knew it was more.

She was a fit young girl. In great shape. Her strong curvy legs were long and attractive. She had an almost perfectly flat waist that showed a hint of the muscle under it. The little bit of curve her stomach had didn’t distract from her beauty but added to it. While Eloisa often complained about her weight she knew Chuck had never seen anything but an amazing almost perfect body. Truth was she had the best ass he ever saw. Coupled with her large 34DD chest and sexy bedroom eyes the poor guy never stood a chance. She had the power and body and worse she knew how to use it. She could make him forget any thoughts of control with just a look but she was still learning how to use it. Maybe that was why he enjoyed dominating her so badly on the ground.

It had been too long since a man had touched her the right way. In fact she wasn’t sure if she had been touched the right way at all. Instead these sessions had almost become a foreplay for her. After rolling around and sweating with this guy they would retire to dinner. Drinking wine and talking late. Often he would spend hours massaging her. Then after he left she would be left with her desire. She had become an expert in what she liked and had found the perfect pink tool to exercise that need. She would tease herself, building up, until finally after an explosive orgasm she would sink into her down bed and finally sleep.

She shouldn’t have been thinking about her after-party this soon in the session. She still had an hour or more of rolling and becoming aroused wasn’t part of the plan. As Chuck continued to assault her guard with escapes she felt the power in his arms. She didn’t seem to be the only one distracted today. Eloisa couldn’t help but notice the way his hands lingered over her toned thighs as slipped into a side mount. Or how when posting in the guard he was keeping his waist very tight and his hands dangerously close to her breasts. In fact for once he wasn’t on her to keep her guard high. escort bostancı Chuck seemed content to leave her guard low placing his dick only a few thin layers of clothing away from her most intimate parts.

Always a fighter she took advantage of the fact his eyes seemed be drawn to the sports bra peeking out of her gi. With a quick move she attempted to sweep him, but instead found he reversed it in a way he hadn’t shown her yet. She ended up on her flat on her stomach with Chuck swiftly mounting her back. He slipped one arm around her neck. The other taking a post along her chest, tight against her to prevent a roll. His feet hooked into her legs spreading them apart. He sunk his waist deep against hers. It was a classic position and a strong one for Chuck but it had never felt so erotic to her. He kept his hips in a deep base, tight to hers. She could feel some of his weight against her, keeping her down. Control the hips and head he would always tell her. He was. With his arm around her she couldn’t twist her upper body. Her legs were equally disadvantaged with the hooks sunk in on her legs and his waist pressed tight against hers .

“Okay just tap me and get it over with.” she said.

“No.. um you need to learn to work from here.” his voice had a different sound. She wasn’t sure what she heard but it seemed to be deeper, softer but almost embarrassed. She couldn’t see his face so she didn’t have much to go on. He outweighed her by a lot and there was little chance she could escape. Stubborn only begins to describe her so she began to fight. Fight hard. She struggled to snake her hips to the side. It ground her body into the floor and at the same time into him. His head was close enough to her that she could hear his ragged breathing gentle in her ear.

They had just started training. He usually could go hours but tonight he seemed to be breathing hard after only a few minutes. Not for the first time she thought about how easily he could force himself on her. She couldn’t resist if he did. The thought both frightened her and turned her on a little. The two forces making her feel those butterfly stomach things. She hadn’t been feeling them with the guy she was dating off and on very often lately. It felt good to know she was desired.

Finally Chuck got up and walked into the bathroom quickly. He didn’t come out for a few minutes and when he did his face was red. He seemed to be flushed and embarrassed. When he got back to the mat he got on his back and told her to work arm bars. He placed both arms straight up . She took the mount, sitting on his chest. She alternated grabbing the left then the right arm. She would swing her body around holding the arm close, pressed between her breasts, her waist tight to his arm until her body was sideways to his then slip to her back. It would often press his elbow into her pussy while she flexed her hips up. She repeated this motion over and over again. Often he asked her to perform 50 or more at a time. She was close to that number when she realized she had been placing his arm right between her legs every time. Each time she would flex till he tapped, holding his elbow on her pussy lips. Sometimes when it wasn’t tight he would turn it left or right to try an escape. This just rubbed it deeper, opening her up more.

After she was done with that exercise Chuck rolled her onto her back in a swift motion. He began working out of her guard again. He climbed to the mount and got her arms pinned down and brought his chest to hers. His mouth was close to her neck. She tried to escape but with his size and practice she knew it wouldn’t happen. He laughed and she was not happy.

He whispered in her ear. “You are stuck and at my mercy.” Then he did what to him must have been an evil laugh but it sounded more like he just had something in her throat.

Not many things beat Eloisa and she was damned if she would let him ever have that much control. She did the only thing she could and began kissing his ear. She didn’t even think about it but she was very stubborn and was willing to win at all costs. Her tongue was teasing him. She felt him go soft and limp against her…. Well most of him was soft and limp. Some was very much not… She felt his hardness growing against her stomach. She continued kissing his neck, her hands slid out from under him. Kissing his neck, she turned his head further to the side. Her tongue tasted a slight saltiness from their training that was not unpleasant at all.

She pushed his head further to the side and kept kissing his neck, lower and lower. Then suddenly she pushed and twisted her hips, throwing Chuck to the side and onto ümraniye escort his back… She laughed as she took the strong position from him. She kept herself low and dug herself in to prevent getting rolled again. He pulled her close. She could still feel his hard dick pressing against her.

“The was the cheapest move ever…” he said. ” How would you like it if I did that back?”

Eloisa was no dummy and she knew what he wanted but she egged him on anyway. “Go ahead. Won’t work on me. I don’t have a dick to do my thinking for me.” She challenged. She knew he wouldn’t have as strong of an effect on her as she had on him. Later when she thought about it she knew what would happen but deep inside she wanted it to.

Chuck grabbed her hair and brought his mouth to hers. He was not playing around he was kissing her deeply and for real. He started biting her neck. He started softly but it became aggressive quickly. Almost painfully hard. It was like he was losing control. Eloisa did nothing to stop it…

Chuck pulled her tighter. Running his hand down her back up and up under her shirt. He grabbed at her sports bra, yanking it up and over her large firm breasts. He rubbed the hardening nipple, then began pulling and twisting on it. Eloisa wasn’t sure why she was letting this go on but at that moment all she could think about was getting laid. She hadn’t been properly fucked in a long time. At least here was a guy full of desire for her and wanting her completely. She didn’t think too long or try to justify it. This was happening and she had no plan to stop it.

He pushed her shirt up and slid her higher on his chest. He began kissing and sucking hard on her nipples. Biting them. The feeling sent electricity through her body. She shuddered. Without even realizing she had begun to grind into his hips. Her pussy was growing wet. He started moving further down her body with his kisses. He pushed her hips up. She stood up, unsure what he wanted. In one motion he pulled her workout pants down. She only had a thin pair of underwear on now. He pulled on her legs drawing her down back onto his chest but instead at the last second he scooted down. His mouth was now placed on her pussy. He began licking her next to her panties. His tongue was rough and she could feel his facial hair softly tickling her. She was surprised that she liked the way it felt.

His tongue began kissing and licking over her underwear. His hands cupping and kneading her firm ass. He let his tongue slip her underwear to the side. Running it up her shaved lips. First one side, then the other. Then he pushed it further. His wet tongue began probing inside her. Pulling her lips apart it licked cleanly up her slit, stopping at her clit to gently flick it. By now he reached up and ripped her panties off. He tore the thin fabric and began running his tongue with earnest desire over her. Licking her gently but deeply. He then pushed her and moved her hips with his hands. Showing her the way she had control. She took the hint and began position herself where she wanted his tongue. Obediently he licked whatever part she presented him. When she was ready she moved herself over his mouth so that her clit was right in his line of fire. He gently pulled it in her mouth and sucked it. Meanwhile he continued to play with her nipples. Playing hard and pinching them with all he had. His other hand was rubbing her ass and occasionally sneaking up to finger her wet pussy. A she began nearing her orgasm she leaned forward affording him better access with his hand.

He slipped his fingers deep into her, curling them slightly to reach her G-spot. He found the goal and began rubbing there while licking smooth and steady on her clit. She used her hips to vary the pressure but it was quickly working. She began grinding down into his tongue as she came. He continued to pinch and pull her nipple and finger fuck her hard as she rubbed all over his tongue. His facial hair tickled just right and it all combined to leave her legs shaking as the waves of orgasm continued. She kept fucking him that way till she subsided her orgasm. She slid off. His face was wet with her cum and she was suddenly worried she might have been suffocating him. Those fears were gone when she saw the huge smile on his lips. He leaned over and tried to kiss her but she pushed him back. She never liked to be touched right after coming.

He took the opportunity to run to the bathroom and wash his face. By the time he returned she was gone. He went into the bedroom and found her naked and waiting under the covers. Chuck quickly stripped and joined her. They began kissing in passionate slow caress. Both kartal escort bayan exploring the other with their hands. Chuck pulled himself up and crawled between her legs. She reached down caressing his hard dick. It had to be close to 8 inches long. He began sliding it in. His tongue had ensured she was wet and open before he began so it went all the way first thrust. She could feel it touching the back of her and warned him to be careful.

He began gently thrusting his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She was tight and wet and warm. Her hips began moving. He found a rhythm and continued pushing in and out. She moved like the athletic goddess she was. Grinding into him. Forcing him to feel her tight pussy walls rubbing his hard cock. She could feel his balls as he thrust deep into her. He grabbed her legs and brought them high to him. Taking him deep into her. He felt her wetness. She was so tight and felt so good. He always found her sexy and desirable but even now he couldn’t believe her skills. She knew just how to fuck him back.

She was surprised at how quickly she began building to another orgasm. She often had multiples but it would take some time. His hard dick was pressing tight into her and their hips were meeting in a way that stimulated her clit. She used her legs to position him as he continued his fucking. The position worked and she quickly began to cum on him. She pulled his hard and scratched his back but just kept fucking. He was used to pain and the pleasure was so overwhelming that he never slowed down.

Not wanting to come himself too quick he changed up the scenery. He grabbed one leg and raising it even higher he stepped over the other leg with his knee. Now he had one leg on each side of her right leg and her left leg over his shoulder. This gave him great control of his angle and depth while letting him keep one hand on her clit or breasts. The other hand grabbed hold of her ass. It really was the best ass he ever saw. It felt perfect in his hand. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

Chuck spoke in deep tones and flushed voice as he spoke of how tight she was. He told her in a way she knew was true that she felt perfect. Her body was a tool of pleasure that he completely appreciated. To be desired feels good and she knew to be desired completely felt great. She hadn’t been desired enough lately. Here was the passion she wanted. For a man to be completely consumed by all that she was.

Eloisa had never been fucked this way before. The position left her comfortable but unable to do much but allow him full access to her. She grabbed at her own breasts feeling another wave of excitement growing in her. She pinched and squeezed her own nipples. The familiar flush began to take her soon followed by the tightening in her pussy. Then the spasms of her orgasm quickly over took her. Chuck kept his motion steady and hard till she was exhausted. As soon as her shudders began to stop she felt Chuck picking up the pace. He held her hips tightly in his hands.

She knew he was close and begged him to fuck her. “Use me, feel good. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She encouraged. “Just feel it all, I want you to feel good. Do what you want to feel good. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it like you want.” she cried.

“Oh God, yes, I will. Fuck it is so tight, I.. I.. can’t… Fuck. It is too tight. Fucking Awesome.” He began to lose words as he felt his ball tighten as he lost control. He needed little encouragement but her hot dirty talk finished him off. He was on autopilot, less man than animal as he fucked her deep and hard. He felt his dick jump as the first shots of cum pumped from his hard dick. Chuck lifted her hips off the bed as he continued plunging his cock in her. He finally groaned and with one last deep thrust shoved it all the way in her. Eloisa gasped as it pushed against her wall. He slowly let her down and just held himself in her. Bent over her he was gently kissing her body. He slowly pulled his wet dick from her hole,

Eloisa felt empty for a moment but Chuck snuggled up close, wrapping her in his arms They didn’t speak much he just held her tight. His breathing slowly returning to normal. That night they both slept better than they had in months. Eloisa only got up once to use the bathroom and Chuck was able to see the beautiful angel that had just fucked him and drained him like no one ever had.

He was mesmerized by her athletic toned form. He had never seen such a beautiful women. From her large firm breasts to her smooth soft legs he was glued to her. She was shaved clean and tasted amazing. He knew this was a turning point for them. While they might not end up together he knew he would always desire her. She was perfection in a female form. Her body was made for sin and pleasure and desire. She could always turn him on with a mere look. His thought flitting back to that one perfect night where she was his. If only for one night….

The end?

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