Morning Dew

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I love having sex outdoors… not the sordid ‘car park’ dogging sort of sex but the kind of sex that makes me feel at one with nature. There is something uniquely erotic about losing myself totally out in the open where anyone might come along and discover me at any moment. Some of my most memorable times, though, have been when nature has joined in the fun.

Rachael and I had decided to walk across Three Cliffs Bay. As we began the trek down the cliff to the beach, the early morning sun was trying to break through the low cloud but the summer mist swirled around our feet. The fresh smell of dew on the bracken was intoxicating and we were both basking in the elation of having woken up in the same bed on the first morning of our holiday weekend. As we bounced our way down the path, it seemed impossible to keep from touching each other; holding, squeezing and hugging at any opportunity. We both wore waterproof kagooles and walking boots. Rachael wore cotton shorts and a polo shirt, I had chosen a mid thigh length cotton skort and a hoodie.

Neither of us wore underwear and there was a sexual tension crackling between us. I’d watched Rachael wiggle into her shorts earlier, so pleased that she shared my love of ‘going commando’. I could feel my nipples, hard in the morning freshness, rubbing against the fleecy lining of my hoodie as my breasts jiggled lightly with my footsteps and, whenever kartal escort she turned towards me, I could see her own little bumps moving beneath the cotton of Rachael’s polo shirt too.

I could feel my long hair getting wetter as the mist wrapped itself around us. By the time we reached the beach, the sun was a perfectly round, orange circle floating in the haze hanging just above our heads, and struggling to drive off the chill of the mist. I brushed a strand of damp hair from Rachael’s cheek then kissed her, licking the dewdrops from her cheeks, from her lips and from the tip of her nose. She grinned broadly with a wicked glint in her eyes… then dropped quickly to her knees, yanking my skort down to my ankles and running off across the sand towards the rocks that give the bay its name. For a moment, I stood there stunned and bare from the waist down, incapable with laughter; then I stepped out of my skort and chased after her, brandishing the now very wet and sandy garment at her as I ran.

Rachel was standing with her back to the rocks, hiding behind a boulder and looking gorgeous in a soggy waif-like way. I flung myself at her, whipping her with my wet skort and pummeling her with my fists in a girly, playful manner. As we squeaked and squealed at each other, I exacted my revenge, gripping Rachael’s shorts at the waistband and yanking them down as far as her maltepe escort bayan knees before we both fell backwards into the pool of water at the base of the rocks. It was one of those moments… my eyes caught Rachael’s eyes and we fell into each other’s arms, our lips meeting and tongues exploring. Rivulets of fresh, sweet water from a light shower of rain ran over our cheeks and down our necks but my fingers were seeking a different wetness…

I found the warmth of her sex just as Rachael found mine and with a gasp, the world became very small and very intimate. Somewhere, a dog barked and seagulls squawked, waves broke and rain drops pitter-pattered all around. Totally absorbed in one another’s bodies we kissed and cuddled and rubbed and sucked. Sand and seawater oozed between my legs as Rachael’s fingers worked their magic. I found her special place and she gasped, a moan followed and I knew I had her rhythm.

Rising to our knees, I lifted Rachael’s polo shirt over her head. As she raised her arms in compliance, I leaned forward, taking her delicious, perky nipples between my lips, nipping them between my teeth. My hoodie quickly followed her shirt and we held each other close, naked breasts pressing together, kissing deeply and exploring our special places, eager to release that special wave inside us.

As Rachael’s fingers found the little bump escort pendik of hardness between my lips, my wetness began to flow and I lost myself in our bodies. I found her place and began to circle it… round and round, then dipping deep into her wet place before returning; across the top then circling once more, sensing her movement, every twitch and gasp. I could feel her fingers inside me, sliding in and out, pressing forward, seeking my sensitive spot deep inside whist her thumb worked its magic between my lips.

I knew her climax was coming… Like water coursing towards a mill wheel; unstoppable, inevitable, full of power, full of promise. As Rachael’s muscles bucked against my hand, I knew my own wave was breaking too… and as it did, her fingers worked me harder and harder, mirroring my own deep between her legs; less making love than fucking each other into orgasmic exhaustion. The world exploded; a supernova born of two stars reaching their climax together then collapsing into each other’s arms and holding each other close in the gentleness of the afterglow, watching the Sun gradually triumph, driving away the mist and revealing a glorious spring day.

Soon, people began to arrive at the beach. I guess we could have rinsed our clothes in sea water and worn them, but our kagools reached just below our bottoms and with the draw strings pulled tight, no one could tell we were bare below the waist. So it was that we continued our adventure, even stopping at the beach cafe for breakfast, enjoying the mellow satisfaction of amazing outdoor sex and that exquisite feeling of freedom laced with wickedness one gets when not wearing underwear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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