Movie for Two

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From Behind

My wife Collette lay on the bed in her fluffy hotel bathrobe, flipping through the TV channels with the remote. Her damp blonde hair was spread out over the propped up pillows of the king size bed. We had just finished showering after a long, wet day hike through the coastal forest on Vancouver Island. We had come back covered in mud and sweat and had spent about ten minutes in the shower scouring all the dirt and grime off our bodies.

Now, finally clean and warm again, we had decided to spend the night in the hotel, relaxing and enjoying a quiet evening. “Do you want to watch a movie?” she me asked with a mischievous grin.

I stood naked in the doorway of the room gazing at her lean, strong body. She has spent the last ten years running marathons, competing in triathlons, and weight-training and has gained an incredible body for all her effort. She has incredible, long legs with sleek muscle and silky smooth skin. Those legs end in the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. It’s small and tight and absolutely irresistible. Add the thong that she usually wears and there isn’t a man alive who could resist reaching out her caress her. The years of running have left her lower body toned and strong and I can tell you from experience that the feeling of them wrapped around your body, pulling you in closer or pressed against your face is absolute heaven.

The bathrobe was parted enough to provide just a peek of her pussy, with its neatly trimmed pubic hair, bikini waxed into a straight line that drew attention to rather than hid the lips of her pussy. I had spent countless hours exploring that pussy and will always be mesmerized by its delicate femininity. I’ve always enjoying down on a woman and have rarely refused the offer when given, but Collette’s is different. There is a taste, a scent, and a feeling that calls me to her pussy. I catch myself daydreaming all the time about sliding my cheek up against her smooth thigh and running my nose and lips through her soft pubic hair.

The tie of the robe drew it in around her waist, covering her abdomen. But I knew what lay under it. Strong layers of muscle and the cutest bellybutton in the world. She’s also very ticklish there, often squirming and giggling away under my touch.

Drawing my eyes upwards, the robe parted so that it covered half of each breast. Now her breasts are D cups and despite all her running are still firm and round. Searching for the perfect sports bra is an obsession with Coll. However, all those trips following her around in the malls, from one store to the next, always pays off in the end. I’ve never seen a woman with real breasts her size that are still pert and firm. I also love her breasts because of the fact that she loves them. Women everywhere see breasts as a symbol of their femininity and Collette always sports her breasts with class and style. It’s the confidence itself, as much as the beauty of her breasts that make them so sexy. Add to that, the small dark aureole and her button like, sensitive nipples and you have a package that I long for constantly. The feel of her naked breasts against my chest always drives me to wrap my arms around her and press her close to me.

I love it when she guides my hand to her breasts or when she lowers her breast to my mouth, asking me to suck and kiss them.

Finally, her face, framed by her shoulder length hair blonde is the culmination of perfection. The softness of her lips and the white of her smile always give her that need to be escort kartal kissed look. And just wait until you actually kiss her. Her sensual tongue roams along my lips and teases my tongue, sometimes pressing, sometimes inviting, but always playing.

“What kind of movie did you have in mind?” I asked, sliding onto the bed beside her. She turned towards me and smiled. I knew exactly what kind of movie she was interested in. She kissed me, her lips and tongue wet against mine. Her hand traced across my naked abdomen.

“Maybe a special movie.” Her voice was a whisper. I felt her fingers trace downwards, curling through my pubic hair. I kissed her back and ran my hand inside her bathrobe, caressing the soft mound of her breast.

“Sounds good to me.” I breathed. She smiled and pointed the remote at the TV. Seconds later we had billed an adult movie to our room and we watching the opening credits of some nameless movie roll across the screen. It was our usual treat whenever we were staying away from home. We snuggled up on the bed, watching a porno flick until we couldn’t take it anymore, and then we’d spend the next hour playing with each other until we both fell asleep together.

We lay side by side as we watched a thin blonde with fake breasts go down on a well-built man in a stable. We said nothing, just enjoying the movie and the feel of each other by our side. The scene ended with the guy cumming all over the blonde’s face and then walking out on her. There followed a couple more guy on girl scenes with a guy fucking a woman from behind and another with a woman riding a guy until he came.

Next, the movie rolled into the girl on girl scenes. We watched the two women kiss gently, their hands exploring each other’s chests. My cock was rock hard by this point, and I suspected Collette’s pussy would be dripping wet. I slid my hard across her smooth thigh and through her pubic hair. She moaned quietly, partly her legs just enough to allow me full access. Both our eyes remained glued to the screen. My finger moved between the folds of her labia, slick with her wetness. “Nnnh” she whispered parting her legs a little bit more.

On the TV one brunette was finger fucking the blonde, sliding two fingers deep inside her. The blonde groaned in appreciation. Collette lifted her hips slightly and I knew what she wanted from me. Slowly I slid my hand down farther and gently pressed my finger against her opening. She squirmed under my touch, inviting me in farther. I teased her, slowly running my fingers up and down her labia and circling the entrance to her pussy. Her wetness was everywhere, coating her pubic hair, glistening on her thighs, and running down to her sweet little ass. Finally, I plunged a finger inside her. “Aaaaah”, she bucked her hips against my hand, impaling herself on my finger. Still her eyes were fixed on the TV.

“Does this turn you on?” I asked quietly into her ear and I continued to slide my finger in and out of her pussy.

She replied in a hoarse whisper, “yes.” I knew it did, but it always turned me on to hear her say it. On the screen the blonde was on her back while the brunette continued to fuck her and play with her clit. Collette’s robe was completely open by this time and her breasts lay exposed and inviting. I moved my head down and kissed the soft flesh. Then as I took her nipple into my mouth, I moved my thumb up to her clit. “Oh god.” She rasped as she lifted her hips once again. I kissed and sucked maltepe escort her nipple playfully, loving the feel of it between my lips.

“Do you wish she was fucking you right now?” I asked, looking up at Collette’s face.

“Yes.” She answered quickly.

“Would you like to her slide her fingers inside her pussy?”

“Oh God yes.” Collette watched the blonde squirm and cry out under the touch of the other woman.

“Would you like her to play with your clit?” I emphasized the question by running my thumb slowly over her clit.

“Yes. Ahhh.” She closed her eyes briefly.

I looked back at the screen. The brunette had slid down the blonde’s body and was licking away at her trimmed pussy.

“Do you think you would like her to taste your pussy?” I asked, looking up a Collette once again. She nodded, watching the woman run her tongue up the blonde’s slit.

“Would you like to feel her tongue inside you?”

“Please.” She answered.

“Would it feel good to have her suck your clit?”

“Oh God, please.” She whimpered. She reached up a hand and placed it on the top of my head, gently pushing me towards her pussy.

I withdrew my fingers and repositioned myself so that my face was between her silky thighs. I gently brushed the tip of my nose through her wet pubic hair and then let my tongue glide over her labia. Collette moaned in appreciation. I began exploring her pussy with my tongue, tasting her sweet, slippery wetness. I then moved my lips up to her clit, sucking her gently into my mouth. “Ahhh” she gasped. Having her clit sucked is one of her favorite activities, always leaving her squirming and begging for more. Occasionally I would glance up to see her face mesmerized by the two women on the screen. The blonde was now returning the favor for the brunette and had her face buried in the other woman’s pussy.

I now slid my hand up and slid my finger inside Collette’s pussy, gently stroking her G-spot. Her hips pushed up against me in rhythm with my finger sliding in and out of her. I knew she wouldn’t last long. I removed my wet finger from her pussy and followed the trail of wetness lower, gently sliding over her anus. She responded by pulling my head harder into her clit. Collette’s anus is a very special place for her. Nothing turns her on more than to have it caressed and stroked. On many occasions I had been able to bring her to orgasm by playing with her ass and then finally bringing her over the edge by touching her clit. It’s our special place, as she had never explored her anal sexuality until we met.

I continued sucking on her clit as I traced circles around her ass with my finger, sometimes just barely touching it, sometimes placing more firm pressure against her back door. I could hear her breathing getting quicker and quicker so I spend up my sucking and anal stimulation.

“Oh God! Oh God!” She yelled, pulling my face hard against her and pushing her hips up into me. She convulsed for several minutes and I continued to play with her. Finally as her body settled, I slid back up across her and kissed her deeply. Our tongues intertwined and she moaned into my mouth. “That was amazing.” She whispered.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I said as I kissed my beautiful wife again. We kissed for several minutes while the movie played in the background.

“Now it’s your turn.” She said as she rolled me onto my back. My cock stood upright begging for her touch. She pendik escort bayan smiled at me and then began kissing my stomach and thighs, she soft blonde hair sliding over my skin. Her hair slid over my cock, driving my crazy.

Finally, she began to kiss and lick and tip of my penis, causing me to groan. “Do you like watching these women fuck each other?” She asked, glancing back at a scene of four women caressing and kissing each other in an outdoor scene.

“Yes.” I ached for her to take me into her mouth.

She slid her fingers up and down my shaft, still wet with her own juices. “Would you like to watch one of the fuck me?” She asked coyly.

“You know I would.” I closed my eyes at the thought of it. Suddenly, I felt the warmth of her mouth close over my cock while her hand grasped the base firmly. Collette can suck cock better than any woman I’ve ever known. I continually fantasize about her lips wrapped around me, sliding up and down on the shaft.

She moved her hand up and down my cock, which now glistened with her saliva. Her wet lips sucked against my shaft, causing me to lift up into her. Slowly this went on, and I could feel my excitement rising. All I wanted was to explode inside her mouth. “You make me feel so good.” I moaned and ran my hands through her hair.

“I can make you feel good in other ways too.” She answered and slid up along my body. We kissed passionately while she straddled my body. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my cock. “I want you inside me.”

With that she lowered her body down, impaling herself on my cock in one slow thrust. We groaned in unison. She lay on top of me, let us both savor the feeling of ultimate closeness. Then she looked back at the TV to see one of the women fucking another with a pink dildo while a third woman sucked her breasts. Collette began moving up and down on my cock while watching the scene play out.

“Would you like to be fucked like that?” I asked, running my hands up along her sides.

“Unnnh. Yes.” She replied breathlessly. She continued riding my cock.

The women on the TV shifted so that the fourth could lick the redhead’s pussy while a second continued fucking her and the third moved up to kiss her lips.

“Do you wish they were sucking your pussy and playing with your breasts?” I teased. My hands cupped her breasts, massaging them gently.

“Yes.” She began the grind her hips into me. Her breathing picked up. She glanced back and forth between my face and TV. I slid one of my hands down her back.

“Play with my ass.” She begged. “Please.” Collette picked up her pace, moving hard against me. I lifted up into her, matching her movements. My finger traced across her skin, moving slowly down the crack of her ass until finally reaching her anus.

“Ahhh.” Her back door was still wet and slick. I touched her, caressing and gently probing. I could feel the cum building in my balls. Collette’s hips were pressed tightly against mine. Her breathing was ragged and came in short gasps. She glanced back to see the redhead on the TV arching her hips up and she came forcefully under the skilled stimulation of other three women.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” I could feel her body clamp tightly around me and I exploded inside her, cumming for what seamed like minutes. Again she convulsed atop me, my cock inside her and my finger playing with her ass.

We lay there breathless, smiling and kissing gently.

“You are incredible.”

“Mmmmm, so are you.” Collette murmured back.

We shut the TV off, and snuggled up under the covers. Her back was warm against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. Slowly we both drifted off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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