Mrs. Valderes for Dinner

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His hands aching, Danny threw his utensils on the table and gladly freed his chair for Juni, who had just arrived as a relief. They exchanged a few agonised glances as Danny untied his apron and chucked it in the laundry bin. It was the best way of communicating sympathy with one another when a language barrier allowed nothing more than an exchange of “See ya, man”, which is what Danny told his colleague before pushing his way out of the narrow door.

His first stop was a bathroom, staff of course, but the one on the floor above had lavender soap; reason enough for him to skip up one set of stairs with grimy fingers. Upon seeing his face in the mirror, he splashed water onto it to remove beads of sweat that had glistened on his forehead. Kitchen duty was the worst. Who could have known that those old stories of potato peelers still applied nowadays. Apparently the fancy folk who were toasting with champagne a few levels up liked their spuds as much as the old-timey fisher or pirate did.

At least he was done with peeling vegetables for the day, and he wasn’t going to have kitchen duty for at least a week, so he could take it easy. Maybe go for a round of pool in the staff quarters if anyone was still up for it. They had pulled into port for the night, so most of the guests were going to celebrate their gross amount of wealth on shore for a change. That meant fewer tips, but more peace for the boys.

On his way to the staff quarters, he smiled and nodded at guests who passed him on their way off the ship.

“As long as you’re in that uniform, you are on duty,” was the first thing he’d been told upon recruitment. So, he remained polite and spotless, and hid his haste beneath a polished facade.

Just as he was about to round the corner to after-hours, someone called him with a voice that grabbed him by the collar of his polo and spun him around on his heels. It was the voice of the boss.

“Yes, sir,” Danny replied duty fully. The man in front of him was dressed head to toe in expensive black, two of his body guards flanking him on each side.

“Finally, I can get a hold of one of you roustabouts to do something useful,” the man growled, clearly displeased that Danny’s colleagues were busy doing their jobs. He saved none of the feigned cordiality with which he treated his guests for his employees. Sometimes Danny wondered if Mr Valderes would keep human employees even once robots were a thing, just so it would be more satisfying to look down on them.

“How can I help, sir?”

“Bring my wife dinner to her room -“

“Yes, sir.”

” -and you better make sure she eats it.”

After just a moment’s hesitation on Danny’s part, Mr Valderes bellowed: “Instantly!”

“Yes, sir!”

Keeping his head lowered for a few meters, Danny hurried away without daring to glance back at his boss. Encounters with the man were rare, even though he frequented the ships he owned and liked to use them as a means of transport between the ports of the world. Still, Danny did not anticipate the rare meetings. Annoyed but aware that he had no choice, he returned to the kitchens, only that he did not use the back entrance this time.

“Back so soon?” asked the chef teasingly, who had heard Danny moan all throughout his shift.

“Just quickly whip up something fantastic for Mrs Valderes, big guy’s orders.”

The chef made a face. “A personal errand to run for Juliana, who wouldn’t mind that job.”

“Just hop to it,” sighed Danny who had really been looking forward to the few hours of down time before his morning shift. Hector the bar man took a step towards Danny, towel and glass in hand.

“I bet they fought again,” he hissed with a knowing look on his face.

“Again?” asked Danny.

“Yeah, Margot from house keeping says she hears him yell all the time. Especially before he goes to port. I’m telling you, there’s something dodgy with that guy.”

“You don’t say,” huffed Danny who was very aware of the cloud of possible threats emanating from Mr Valderes. Threats that were easily turned into reality, whatever that man’s business was.

The chef had listened to Danny’s headings and brought the tray out soon. It was complete with a wine glass and bottle and Danny rolled his eyes. He should have used the upstairs kitchens, even though he didn’t know the people up there as well. After thanking the chef he decided wisely to take the elevators this time.

The top floor, of course, was reserved for well-paying guests. Mr Valderes quarters, and therefore his wife’s, were a few floors lower, but completely prohibited for guests and it usually allowed only select staff. The guard by the elevator door had clearly been expecting someone, and only briefly inspected Danny’s tray before nodding him to go on. Danny had only been here once before, but he found the room he was looking for easily enough. All angels in hell hated him today.

With the bottle on the tray, it was impossible to balance it with one hand. Uncertain he looked around for help and when he found none, ataşehir escort bayan he decided to open the door using his elbow. Cautiously he walked into an empty lounge area and searched for a spot to place the tray.

The door to an adjacent room opened, and he spun around to face Mrs Valderes who looked as startled as he was. He should have called out as he entered to warn her. The woman had stopped in her tracks and regarded him, not shyly. With a tissue she dabbed at her reddened eyes, and it was clear that she had been crying. Danny immediately felt uncomfortable for barging in unannounced to find her in such a compromised state. He had previously seen her when she was dining in one of the restaurants with her husband, or when she accompanied him to one of the bars. Every time she entered a room, it posed a challenge to not freeze up and stare.

Even in this compromised state she was a sight to behold. She was wearing a curve hugging red dress that sparkled despite the low lighting in the room. Her get-up did not give anyone reason to assume she had been crying her eyes out in her chambers. Indeed, she quickly composed herself and walked towards him. Quickly, he bowed his head. Where were his manners?

“Excuse the interruption, ma’am. Mr Valderes ordered me to bring you food. I apologise if I have put you in a compromised position -” With a wave of her hand she cut him off.

“Apologies, ma’am.” He made to leave the room backward, but then he stopped. The boss had demanded that he make her eat. So he stepped forward again and began setting a plate for her at the table.

“Don’t bother, I am not hungry,” she intervened, and he said “Apologies, ma’am,” this time because he was not going to leave.

“Mr Valderes insisted that you have dinner.”

There seemed to be words on her tongue that she swallowed, knowing full well that it was not going to be her getting into trouble if she refused. He was thankful for that. Mrs Valderes sat on the sofa and asked him to serve the food on the table in front of it. He did.

“What’s your name, boy?”

“Daniel,” he replied dutifully and forced himself to look away from the rounds of her breasts as he bent down to arrange the plate and cutlery. The food under the silver dome smelled delicious. It would be a waste if she threw it away.

“Sit,” she demanded once he had poured the wine, and uncomfortably he did so. Uncomfortably for many reasons. One, she was his dodgy boss’s wife and usually deckhands like him had no place sitting next to her. Two, she was stunningly gorgeous, much too young for the old sucker, and again, he had no place sitting next to her.

Yet he did, staring at the food or more so staring at nothingness. She was still clutching the tissue from before, and it seemed like minutes ticked by in silence.

“It’s a quite expensive dish, so I doubt there is actually much underneath the cover,” he offered in an attempt to encourage her to just get the food down so he could leave.

However, by looking at her eyes that seemed to be brimming with tears again now, he hadn’t really helped. When her shoulders began trembling, he instinctually did what a man tended to do when he thought a woman needed comfort, security and such sorts of things; he placed an arm around her shoulders. To his surprise, she was not surprised. In fact, she did not react at all, only brought the tissue to her eyes again to soak up the rolling tears. Danny remained with his arm around her, until he felt silly, more like a statue than a comforting human.

“Ma’am, is there anything -“

“Shht!” she silenced him. “Don’t ruin it.”

Not wanting to freeze up again, Danny decided to rub her back, in a hopefully soothing way. He did not usually fall onto his face or trip over his tongue with women, he had grown up with them, but usually the women around him were not married to someone who could ruin his life. Trying to tap into his usual confidence, he rubbed circles on her back to console her while at the same time trying to pretend she wasn’t crying. At some point, she stopped, but his circles continued. Circles, and lines up and down and eventually, at some point, he ran blindly into another instinct of his, tracing the curve of her back down until his right hand was suddenly holding Mrs Valderes ass.

This time, she turned her head, and her eyes were blazing with something he could not identify. It was not lust, but it also wasn’t rage. He did not move his hand, despite being very aware of his impudence. If he was getting fired or worse, fed to sharks, it was not going to matter how long he was holding Mrs Valderes masterpiece of a buttocks. Only if she continued not to say something, then maybe things would get awkward if he didn’t move. What seemed to last ten minutes, but was a mere seconds in reality, ended when Danny finally gave into her stare and retrieved his hand, feeling like a complete and utter idiot. If he was honest with himself, he had felt like an idiot the whole time, only that he had not wanted to admit escort kadıöy it to himself for as long as her ass was in his hands.

“My sincerest apologies, ma’am. I…” He what? Got carried away? “I’m sorry.”

“Do you desire me, Daniel?” she asked, and his neck was flaming hot within an instant. This was not what he expected in response to his behaviour. If he said anything now, he was going to be stuttering incomprehensibly. He chose to swallow for starters. Her eyes did not break contact, and the arrogance he had observed in her expression every other time he had seen her, crept back onto her face. Arrogance and amusement, but there was more. “Do you?”

There was power there, too, but more still. Danny swallowed again. “Maybe it is best that you eat, ma’am.”

“What is your job on board?” she inquired and actually reached for the wine glass to humour him.

“I am a deckhand.”

Even as she drank a sip, Mrs Valderes did not break eye contact.

“Do the other deckhands desire me, Daniel?”

Why did she have to say his name like that? Of course, they desired her. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? Male or female. She was undeniably magnetic. “I believe so, ma’am.”

“All of them?”

He leaned forward and uncovered the food. Indeed the portion was tiny, there were three scallops on a bed of beats. Innocently he presented her with the fork, which she ignored.

“I believe so, ma’am,” he replied, still holding the fork.

“Would you like to touch me again, Daniel?”

This exchange was not good for Danny’s health. His heart had skipped at least five beats already and was otherwise pounding as if it was racing with a cheetah. He might also loose his job for this, he reminded himself.

“Ma’am, the scallops smell delicious,” he said as calmly as he could. Her eyes twinkled as she took the fork to spike up one of the rounds. As she leant forward her breasts bulged against the neckline of her dress, and Danny briefly closed his eyes sending a prayer to the heavens that he would still be alive tomorrow. If she ate just one bite, he could tell himself that he had done his job and run out of there like his life depended on it, which it did. Mrs Valderes regarded the scallop she had retrieved from the plate and then tipped it in Danny’s direction.

“Try it.”

“Thank you, ma’am, but -“

“I’m ordering it.”

“Yes, ma’am.” His mouth was dry, and he wished hard that he could taste more than his own panic at that moment, because this was probably the most delectable food that was ever going to go between his lips. Even in his current state he knew the scallops were perfection. As soon as he had swallowed, Mrs Valderes held the wine glass in front of him.

“I don’t drink, ma’am.” She blinked and put the glass down.

“Why did you touch me, Daniel?” she asked and tilted her head ever so slightly.

“It was a mistake, and I apologise for overstepping my boundaries.”

Even as he said it, his eyes darted down to her cleavage, and he suddenly wished he had taken that wine.

“I’m done playing games, Daniel,” Mrs Valderes said with an edge. “If you don’t fuck me, I will have you killed.”

There was no breath in him. None. The forbidden, lustful excitement he had felt since she had entered the room, and bitter, existential terror were now mixing inside of him. Mrs Valderes had gotten up and strode towards the cabinet, wine glass in hand.

“I know you desire me, Daniel. It is written all over you, and it is… endearing. You made a sexual advance on me, so you have two options.” Gracefully slow she turned around again, her body curved to one side, one hand resting on the extended hip. “Either, you can stand by what you did and go through with it, or I can tell my husband about what you did, and he will solve the problem for us.”

The smile that followed her words seemed genuine, although he knew to the bone it was carefully calculated. What did it matter though? Really, he had no choice. He could leave on the futile hope that a powerful woman scorned would not keep her fatal promise, or he could give into a desire he had been fostering for at least the last thirty minutes and then, if he still died, at least he was not being killed for merely putting his hand on the wrong woman’s ass.

Maybe, if he pretended it was a dream, he could get up as composed as possible, bridge the distance between them, slide a hand between her arm and waist and finish the glass of wine in one go, for courage. He could then place it on the cabinet, and trace her skin from her shoulder to her elbow on the side where he was not pressing her to him. And so Danny did. Although she was tan for European standards, her skin looked light underneath his fingers. He explored her eyes with his and discovered that hers were still blazing, with undiminished power.

The zipper made a familiar sound, as he pulled it all the way from between her shoulder blades to the top of her bottom, and he delicately peeled the thin straps off her shoulders. As maltepe escort if it was made for a moment like it, the fabric slid down her body, and Danny took in a sharp breath when her body revealed itself before him. Her breasts were free, full and her nipples perky, and he had never seen anything more inviting in his life. Like the dress had before, he traced her curves with his hands, but she grabbed his wrists.

“I didn’t ask you to make love to me,” she said in a much harder tone than even when she had threatened him. “Did I, Daniel?”

“No, you asked me to fuck you, ma’am.”

“I did.”

Not many people needed to be asked three times to fuck the most faceable woman they had ever seen, and neither did Danny. He grabbed her waist and pulled her onto his hips, all ten fingers digging into her muscular thighs, and assuming she had come from her bedroom before, that was the door he took. On his way, he shifted her weight, with one hand on her ass to hold her up and another grabbing into her hair to reveal her neck to him. Danny tasted it like he had wanted to taste the scallop before. Mrs Valderes arched into his chest and held onto his shoulders, grinding her hip against his. Sucking and kissing at the skin of her neck, shoulders and collar bone, Danny took the last few steps until the edge of the bed and threw her onto it. The high heeled slippers had fallen from her feet a few steps back, and she laid under him only covered by silky panties. These were his wildest dreams all rolled into one.

The bed dented under his weight when he climbed on top of her to pin her arms above her head with one hand. She wanted him to fuck her, and he was going to, but he was going to do it his way. There was no way he was going to die without having paid true tribute to her breasts. Like a connoisseur he filled his hand with one of them and felt their shape and texture. The power he had seen in her eyes was streaming in his veins now, as he lowered his lips onto her nipple and circled his tongue around it. After a few moments he looked up and saw the satisfaction in her eyes.

When he let go of her arms, she raised them to his hips and slid them underneath his polo, stroking over the muscles in his back as she peeled it off and over his head. The arch of her eyebrow told him she was pleased. He liked it. So, he slid off the bed, grabbed her legs and pulled her to its edge, where he pulled the slip off her body. The flimsy piece of fabric fell to the floor, joined soon by his pressed pants and boxer briefs.

To soon return the warmth to her middle, he pushed his way between her legs, but instead of giving her the fuck she had asked him for, he sank to his knees and wrapped each arm around a thigh to hold her hips in place. He found her easily, parting her labia to reveal the hot wetness dripping from between. He dipped his tongue into it, then carved it upwards to lay his lips around her clitoris and suck like he had on her nipple before. Her body squirmed under his work and her delectable moans sounded as if she was the one savouring delicious gourmet instead of him. When her juices began running down either side of his mouth, he reached one hand up to grab and knead her breast, and brought his other hand to her opening, where he pushed two fingers inside of her in the rhythm of his tongue. As a response, she raised her hip up to meet him, her hands grasping at the duvet which she was soaking with wetness below her. When the rhythm with which she pushed her hip into him accelerated, he pulled away, and grasped his cock for a few pulses. Then he lifted her to lay higher on the bed and explored her dazed eyes. One of her hands shot up to clutch his coated chin.

“Fuck me, Daniel,” Mrs Valderes demanded a last time.

“Yes, ma’am,” he obliged and pushed his cock into her. The sounds she made were rounder and more solid than before now, but he remained in this position only for a few moments to warm her up. She was making him fuck her, or so he would say in front of a court of law, and he wanted to retain some kind of dominance for himself.

So after a particularly savouring moan of hers, he flipped her onto her stomach, placed each of his hands on one of her cheeks and thrust back into her. Her moans climbed in pitch and his inclination kept moving forward until he had to press a fist onto the mattress to keep stable. The other hand he slid underneath her to lift her up to him, pounding into her at an unbreakable rhythm until it was time to retract from her. The result of his passion first gushed than dripped onto the small of her waist and the top of her ass. He was coating her in his juice. His hand back on her cheek he spread his cum with his thumb for a few strokes, then rose off the bed.

Mrs Valderes rose herself. She stepped into the ensuite bathroom and returned moments later while wrapping a shimmering robe around her body. Her hair was loosely pinned up, and she looked like she had just opened the door to an unexpected visitor. Amazing. Danny had managed to pull on his pants in the meantime. Since she seemed so unperturbed by what had just happened, he tried to hide his embarrassment and equal astonishment. Not quite sure how to resolve the moment eloquently, Danny took extra time with his polo, so Mrs Valderes could take the lead, literally, to the lounge room.

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