My Hilton Head Affair

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Author’s note: One my readers enjoyed my recent story,” Making my Fantasy Real.” She liked the fact that I wrote about the experience of another couple and decided to share her experience with me.

This is her story.


My Hilton Head Affair

A true story of finding love and romance

I met a man while on vacation at Hilton Head. I was in an unfamiliar area and asked him for directions. That chance encounter changed my life.

My name is Pat. I’ve been retired for five years from a large manufacturing company and a widow for the last three. I am fortunate that I have the financial means to travel and play as I choose. My husband and I began to vacation at Hilton Head every spring for more than twenty years and I have continued our tradition. I love this place and enjoy my days of biking, playing tennis and golf. The courses are beautiful but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable sharing the fairway with the alligators.

I was staying in a different plantation that was a bit further from the ocean but closer to the golf course that I like. I went out for my daily bicycle ride and I thought I would ride down to the beach. I like to do several miles each day and I enjoy the hard sand on the beach for riding. I headed out on a bike path in what I thought was the correct direction. But, the longer I rode, the more I began to question my decision. There was only one person that I saw along the way so I dismounted my bike and asked him for directions. “Is this the right path to the beach?” I inquired.

He looked me over and I felt quite self-conscious as I was in my biking shorts which are really comfortable but leave little to the imagination. I shouldn’t be so self-conscious because I actually have a nice shape. He was quite handsome and I know I turned a few shades of red but I just kept looking him in the eyes. I fought the urge not to look down at this crotch.

“It’s a perfect day for it and not only is this the right path, but you’re nearly there.”

He followed my gaze as I looked down the path and I guess I had a bewildered look on my face. “It’s hidden by the savannah grass. Just stay on the path. Where are you from, if I may ask?”


“Really, so am I. Boston area. And you?”

“West, near Worcester.”

“Don’t you hate our winters? That’s what brings me down here. I hate to be so bold, but are you alone?”

That caught me by surprise, “No, I’m staying with family.” A truthful yet not completely accurate statement.

“I must say you look in great shape.”

“Thank you. Probably because I play a lot of tennis, plus I golf and ski so I guess that keeps me in shape. “Do you play any sports?”

“Yes, I also play golf.”

“Well, this is the perfect place for it”

He glanced at my hands then looked back at me. “Are you married?”

I’m sure he saw the surprised look on my face and it certainly made me uncomfortable. I wanted to lie but my gut was telling me this guy was ok. Finally I said, “No. My husband died a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. I apologize for being so forward. I didn’t see a wedding ring. I’m a widower and for years my wife and I came down here pendik escort for vacations. This year I’m renting to see if I like it. I am very tired of the Massachusetts winters, and, I guess the truth is, I’d like to meet a single woman near my age. One of the things I find appealing is a person who makes staying in shape part of their lifestyle.”

“I’ve been coming here with family for years, too. We love it. Besides the weather, I make use of the golf, tennis, and beach.

“I don’t want to hold you up anymore but before you go, would you like to meet for a drink later and get better acquainted?”

I thought about it for a moment and my first reaction was to decline. But, he looked so handsome, definitely friendly and outgoing, and I decided that a drink wouldn’t be very committal. “I’d like that.”

“Are you familiar with a place called the Black Marlin?”



“That works. Thanks for the invitation and I’ll see you at 5:30 at The Black Marlin.” I headed off to continue my ride and was pleased with myself that I had accepted his offer to meet. He seemed like a nice man despite being a bit forward. But then, why not, I thought. You never know until you try. Isn’t that one of the lessons we learn in life?

I suddenly felt like a young girl again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been “hit on” by a man. I felt alive again and as if by magic, like a new woman emerging from a long sleep. This is the stuff romance novels are made of. None the less, I was smiling and giggling all through my five mile ride which I did at quite a clip.

I headed to the shower to get ready for my “date”. As I ran my soapy hands over my body, I couldn’t help but remember how wonderful that felt when it was my lover’s hands. We shared a lot of intimate showers over the years. My pussy began to tingle and I began to rub my clit. For too long my sexual release has been my hands and a vibrator. How nice it would be to feel a man’s touch and hopefully more. I miss feeling a man inside me.

One of the things I learned from my husband was to be on time. Being on time is a sign of respect he would say and it is a philosophy I follow to this day. I walked into the restaurant promptly at 5:30 and there stood Paul. He must have had the same upbringing. He had already reserved us a table. He looked handsome in his tan slacks and blue polo shirt. I wore a fun sundress that emphasized my figure which he commented on when I met him in my bike shorts. I wanted to keep his visual focus on me and perhaps even entice him more.

The Black Marlin is a family oriented restaurant with a bar off to one side on the terrace that is usually packed at that time with the happy hour crowd. Even though it was busy, it wasn’t too loud, so Paul and I could carry on a conversation with out shouting. We both ordered wine and began to tell some of our life’s history. He was a widower and had been longer than I had been a widow. He was an engineer at a petro cracking plant and when he named the place, I had big grin on my face. “I’ve been to your plant,” I announced.


“Oh it was at least fifteen years ago. I was a VP of the company that made the valves you used and maltepe escort I came down to do a quality control audit and meet with the client.”

“I was in that meeting. I have been thinking to myself that you looked familiar. I never said anything so you wouldn’t have remembered me. We all were impressed with your knowledge of our process and what we needed. What a small world.”

I was speechless for a moment, which for me is quite a feat. I took up my wine glass and we toasted to old times and how life can throw us a curve.

We chatted about our families and such. I don’t have children and he has two grown daughters with five grandchildren. He had pictures to prove it, too.

We adjourned to the dining room and enjoyed a pleasant evening of reminiscing about the old days and the variety of things we did for work and play. He told me he doesn’t cook much and invited me to join him for dinner the following evening. I was feeling very comfortable and definitely wanted to continue seeing him. I accepted and informed him that I would rather cook for him. Eating out is ok now and then, but I prefer to cook and it would be fun to make a meal for him. “I make a great chicken Marsala.” The timing was perfect since my family would be leaving tomorrow night for home as we all share a condo on vacation.

“I’ll bring the wine,” Paul said with a smile.

After a nice hug we said good-by. I smiled all the way home at my good fortune. Maybe it was infatuation, but I genuinely felt attracted to him. My body felt warm all over and I know it wasn’t the wine. When he gave me a hug and held me close, I was pretty sure he was sporting an erection. The more I thought about that the more turned-on I got. I could feel my pussy tingle again and when I looked down at my blouse, my nipples were making their presence known, too. Looks like I’ll need my vibrator tonight.

I had rather a sleepless night. My mind was recalling some sexual moments I had experienced through my years with my husband, times in the hot tub, in the shower, in the car, and even the mile high club. We shared a lot of fun getting away with sex in public but out of the public eye. It was our ultimate fantasy that became a reality. I was recalling vividly holding his dick and giving him a blowjob. How much I missed the sensation of feeling him cum inside me or in my mouth. Often when I thought about our sexual exploits, I would wake enough to run my fingers over my pussy and insert a couple of fingers. It was so wet and warm. I know I had several orgasms throughout that night.

The next morning I was still horny and gave myself one more encounter with my vibrator. In my mind, I could feel my husband and lover’s hard penis and then I began to imagine how nice it would be to feel Paul’s dick. As I climaxed, I wanted it inside me and soon.

I made a quick run to the grocery store for a few items. I needed ingredients for a salad and I couldn’t believe that when I picked up a cucumber, I just stared at it. I don’t know for how long but finally someone came along and broke my trance. I shook my head and thought, girl you need to get a hold of yourself.

Paul arrived at the appointed time and he was kartal escort sharply dressed in dark slacks and a white golf shirt. I made a mental note that we need to see about playing a round soon. When I thought of golf, I immediately thought of balls and well, I had to pinch myself to refocus.

He tossed the salad and set the table while I finished the chicken and vegetables. “Bon Appetite,” I said as we touched our glasses together in a toast. This time we talked about our dreams and desires for the future. One thing we had in common was traveling and enjoyed exotic locations. It wasn’t long before we talked about maybe a cruise or a trip to Europe in the future. I can’t believe how comfortable and yet exciting I felt about the way our conversation was progressing.

With wine glasses in hand, we adjourned to the love seat (appropriately named, I thought) with hopes of things to happen. Within moments, Paul reached over, placed his fingers under my chin, lifted my head and kissed me gently. I didn’t hesitate and kissed him back. Soon our lips parted and our tongues were engaged in an intimate dance. He slid his hand up and touched the side of my breast. I moaned in his mouth and moved my hand up his leg and placed it on his growing dick. I could actually feel it getting hard in my hand. I rubbed it through his slacks and he moved his hand up my leg to my panties, now wet with excitement. I was so glad I chose to wear a skirt and sexy underwear.

It didn’t take long before clothes were flying off. I helped him remove his slacks and I gazed with delight at his erection that was visible yet hidden by his briefs. I carefully removed his dick from bondage and he stepped out of the last of his clothes. I could see the precum on the tip and I took it into my mouth and licked the head all over. Seeing his member, touching it, tasting it, and filling my mouth with it made my pussy ache to have it inside me.

I laid down on the carpet and pulled his dick straight to my love hole. I watched him slide his rod up and down my slit and then gently insert it. I gasped as he entered me and spread my legs wider. He began with slow thrusting, moving slowly in until he was in all the way. I was gasping and panting all the time as he filled me up. It had been a long time since I’d felt this and it was wonderful. Vibrators are fine and they serve a purpose but nothing beats the real thing.

He stayed fully inside without moving for a few moments, gazed into my eyes and gave me a kiss. When he started his long strokes, my mind was in heaven and I think I started having one orgasm after another. I could feel them flow through my body and I loved the way it felt. I moved my hips to match his thrusts and savored the wonderful sensation of his dick filling me. Sometime later, I don’t know how long, I could hear his breathing change and his tempo increased. Within moments, he tensed and I could feel his hot cum hitting my cervix as I exploded with him. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight. I didn’t let go until his dick was soft.

I snuggled in his arms and we enjoyed the afterglow of beautiful sex. Later we headed to the hot tub and I asked him to spend the night. I have a wake-up routine involving my mouth and a dick that I was sure he would enjoy. And, he did.

We have continued our romance, chasing our dreams and sexual fantasies around the world and we return to Hilton Head every year to celebrate that chance encounter.

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