My Loving Gym Teacher Ch. 03

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Thank you all for your criticisms I appreciate them. For those who have been along for the ride from the beginning, know that it has been fun writing for your enjoyment. This however will be the final chapter in Ariel and Mr. Scott`s love affair, but not the last you will hear from me. This will also be told in only the eyes of Ariel.


I drove onto the small street of Dewey Dr. The houses were aligned perfectly, each not being the same as the last. I finally came to Mr. and Mrs. Scott`s small town-home. With two cars parked in the driveway, I pulled over and parked onto the curb. My mind began to race and I started reconsidering if this was a good idea after all. Headlights lit up the interior of my Volkswagen beetle, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned my car off, put my cardigan on and grabbed my purse. My legs seemed to be walking slower than normal as I approached the front door. My finger shook as I rang the doorbell and waited for an answer.

Mr. Scott answered the door wearing a suit with his hair slightly growing back. I struggled for the words to come out of my mouth as I looked at him. He smiled noticing how nervous I was.

“Hi Ariel, please come in.” His arm gestured me in and I walked past him trying to control my urge to fuck him right there.

“Thank you Mr. Scott.” The small house makes me feel at home immediately. The caramel brown walls make it inviting. The L shaped couch is tucked into the corner of the living room facing the flat screen mounted on the fireplace. The dining room is complete with a granite table top and black matching chairs. I took my shoes off at the door and continue looking around.

“Please call me Jason.” I felt his hand touch my back and for the first time I did not except it and inched away. His reaction was surprised as he saw me pull away.

“Gene, Ariel is here.” He called up stairs. A short plump woman came walking down stairs. Her black dress flattered her figure perfectly. With her light brown hair curled and hanging a little past her jaw and skin glistening from the light. I smiled and shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you Ariel, I’m Gene.” Her smile was beautiful as she spoke.

“Likewise.” I looked at Mr. Scott and he seemed to be pleased that his lover was shaking hands with his wife.

“Okay so we will be at dinner and won’t be back until around midnight. Please make sure Jamie and Kevin are in bed by 9 pm. speaking of Jamie and Kevin where are they?” Gene went to the front of the stairs and called for the kids. Both kids hid behind the stair wall looking at me. Jamie looked like she couldn’t be older than 6. Her brown hair could easily be noticed to be from Gene. It hung completely straight to her shoulders. She was wearing blue pajamas riddled with small pink butterflies. Her green eyes shined just like Mr. Scott`s. Kevin stood behind her noticeably younger than Jamie only being around 3. He was a spitting image of Mr. Scott but with Gene`s big blue eyes. He was also in pajamas only his being camouflaged.

“Come on kids come say hi to Ariel.” Gene said with her left hand reaching out towards them. They both ran to her and hid behind her waist. Gene and I both laughed at their shyness.

“Well there’s a number to reach us at and a frozen lasagna in the freezer for dinner. They both are allowed one small bowl of ice cream each and only if they completely finish their dinner. They are not allowed to watch TV before bed. Make sure they both brush their teeth before bed and you will have to read them a bed time story. There is no guest room so if you must fall asleep, which I’d really prefer you didn’t, you’ll have to take the couch.” Gene stopped smiling and the kids backed away from behind her hip.

“Okay, well have fun you too.” I smiled and shook Gene`s hand one more time before she left.

“Jamie and Kevin, why don’t you two go upstairs and get a board game. I’m sure Ariel would love to play a fun game with you two.” pendik escort Mr. Scott told his kids with a smile. Jamie ran upstairs and Kevin followed. It was now just me and Mr. Scott standing in the entrance of his home.

“Thank you Ariel, Mrs. Scott and I really appreciate it.” He pulled me and kissed me hard, his hands squeezing my ass. I pulled away and looked into his vibrant green eyes.

“It’s no problem, have fun at your dinner.” I tried to smile as he took his keys from the table next to the front door. He gave me one last kiss and left, seconds later I heard their car start and drive away. I sat on the couch as Jamie and Kevin came running down stairs.

“Look Ariel, I found Monopoly, want to play it.” Jamie asked, her smile showing her two front teeth missing.

“Okay but I get to be the shoe.” I smiled as Jamie and Kevin both laughed. We sat up the game and began playing. It was an hour later when I glanced at the clock. It was 8:30 and I had not even pre heated the oven for the lasagna.

“I’ll be right back guys, okay?” I turned on Sponge Bob and went into the kitchen.

“Mom says we aren’t allowed to watch TV.” I heard Jamie’s voice say from the living room. I preheated the oven and walked into the living room and sat back on the couch.

“Well then this will have to be our little secret.” I smiled and Jamie and Kevin hopped on the couch sitting on both sides of me.

It was 10 pm when I woke up on the couch, Jamie and Kevin snuggled in to my arms snoring lightly. I picked Jamie and Kevin up, each in one arm. I walked up stairs and into the bedroom they both shared. I tucked them in and turned the lights off. The house was dark except from the glow of the TV still playing Sponge Bob. Walking downstairs I looked at the family pictures aligning the wall. There was one of Mr. and Mrs. Scott`s wedding day, I looked at it for about two minutes before I started walking back downstairs. I washed the dishes from dinner and cleaned up the living room. I had Bruce Almighty playing when Gene came bursting through the door.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a fucking asshole, I could actually have a decent evening with you.” She slammed the front door before Mr. Scott could come in.

“You get the hell out of my house.” She pointed at me and my heart sank to the floor. I jumped up and quickly grabbed my stuff and left the house, the door slamming behind me. Mr. Scott was sitting on the step hands on his head. I sat next to him with my coat and shoes in my arms.

“Sorry Ariel, she doesn’t mean to take her anger out on you.” He looked at me his hands removed from his head and resting on his knees.

“You mean she doesn’t know about us?” I asked feeling slightly relieved.

“Course not, She’s just mad because. Well I don’t honestly know why she’s mad.” He looked at me and smiled.

“Well I should go home than.” I stood up not giving him a chance to respond. I turned around and looked at him.

“You coming?” I asked smiling.

“What do you mean?” He asked looking at me standing next to his car.

“I need a ride, I’ll show you where to go.” I said this winking at him. He stood up and walked to his car. We drove in silence and only spoke when I told which streets to turn on.

“Pull over.” I told him. He did as I asked and pulled over to the side of the road facing the woods. I leaned in and kissed him pulling his jaw into mine. He took off my tank top and bra, taking my right breast into his mouth. I brought his head up and kissed him again removing his jacket, tie and shirt. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me holding my back. I felt his cock growing in his pants and I began dry humping him. He leaned me onto the steering wheel and un buttoned his pants. I pushed my skirt up and took off another one of my lace G strings. Mr. Scott rubbed his cock head on my pussy and shoved it in. I leaned more forward and started to ride him slowly. My arms wrapped his maltepe escort neck and he hugged my waist. I kissed him hard and he started to pump his cock in and out of me quickly. I moaned feeling my breath enter his mouth. I put my hands on his chest and felt his heart race. I smiled through our kisses and moans.

My ass began to bounce as I took more control over riding him. I felt my pussy swell as my orgasm approach. My eyes rolled back as I squirted all over his cock. It was moments later that I felt his cum enter my hot pussy. This time I didn’t care and kept him inside of me. I laid on his chest and felt his arms wrap around my body. For the first time we didn’t just fuck or have sex, we made love.

It was five minutes later when Mr. Scott pulled out and I got back into the passenger seat. I pulled my skirt down and got my shirt back on. He leaned in and kissed me again and started the car. We finally arrived at my driveway and walked around the car to his window. I motioned for him to roll down the window. I opened his hand and put my wet thong in his hands.

“For later when you’re horny again.” I wrapped his fingers around my thong and kissed him again. I walked through my front door to my empty house. There was a note on the kitchen counter saying that my dad was out with Samantha. I slid down the counter and smiled thinking about Mr. Scott.

I woke up late the next morning. I quickly hopped in the shower and got dressed. I put on a purple ruffled blouse with black leggings that showed off my ass. My light purple flats went perfectly with my shirt. I grabbed my bag from the couch and saw yet another note from my father reading, took Kelly out to breakfast be home later. When I went out into my driveway I remembered my car was still at Mr. Scott’s house. I fished for my phone in my bag and called Mr. Scott.

“Hey my car is still by your house, and I have no way to school.” I told him hearing his wife yell in the background.

“Okay I’ll be on my way.” He hung up and I sat on my porch waiting. It was 20 minutes until he finally arrived. I got into his car and kissed him. As we were driving I noticed he had already passed River Grove High School.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I just have to make a quick stop at my house again.” He said turning onto his street. We got out and went into his house.

“ARIEL!!” Jamie and Kevin came running up and hugged my waist. I hugged them back and smiled at Mr. Scott.

“You made quite an impression on them, they haven’t stopped talking about since.” He laughed as he walked upstairs.

“Jamie, Kevin go finish your breakfast.” Gene said coming down stairs. Her plaid pajama pants and dirty over sized grey shirt really made her look homeless.

“Hi Gene.” I said as she got down from the stairs. Gene didn’t respond just rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen. Mr. Scott came downstairs minutes later with papers and a small black box. HE went into the kitchen and tried to kiss his wife but she turned her head. He looked down and walked over to Jamie and Kevin.

“I’ll see you guys after work okay, maybe we will go out for some ice cream.” He said bending down next to them giving them a hug and kiss.

“Yes daddy.” They said together. Mr. Scott gave them another hug and kiss and walked to the front door putting his shoes on. His hand rested on my shoulder as we walked out together. The car ride was silent and when we arrived at school we only had 10 minutes before the bell rang. We sat in his car for a couple minutes before getting out.

“Coming by my classroom after school today?” Mr. Scott asked me with a smile.

“Course I am.” I said leaning in and kissing him. We kissed for another 5 minutes before finally leaving. The day was slow and it seemed to take forever before the final bell rang. I walked down the hall to Mr. Scott`s class room. As soon as I walked in Mr. Scott grabbed my waist, picked me up and held kartal escort me in the air. I kissed him madly, our tongues playing with each other. His hands roamed my body, squeezing my ass as he held me.

I felt my nipples harden at the excitement as his cock hardened in his pants. My feet finally met the ground and I slowly kissed from his lips down to his waist. He reached down and un buttoned his pants, I pulled out his cock.

“Never seizes to amaze me how big your dick is.” I said smiling, looking up at him and slowly stroking his dick. My lips kissed his swollen head and I worked my way down his dick. My mouth watered as I felt his dick touch the back of my throat. My hands reached down and massaged his balls while my mouth worked further and further down his dick. I gagged on him and his hand reached behind my head and forced it further down his dick. I felt my cheeks heating up as I gagged harder and harder. Mr. Scott`s hand was refusing me to come up for air.

My nose went into his pubic hair as I my mouth fit his entire cock in. I felt his head touch the back of my throat. Mr. Scott removed his hand and I finally got my chance to breath. He pushed me up against the wall and shoved his hands in my leggings and began to wildly rub my clitoris. His lips sucked my neck while his fingers worked my pussy. I moaned and leaned my head back. I felt my pussy getting wet, coating his fingers. Mr. Scott reached his finger to my mouth and shoved them in my mouth. I took his hand in mine and sucked my juices off his finger. He knelt down and held my waist. His tongue was like an electric shock going through my body as it touched my clitoris.

Mr. Scott licked from the bottom of my hole all the way to my clitoris. This sent a jolting orgasm that rocked my body. He gave me a few more licks to my tender clitoris before standing up and kissed me. My juices swapped between my mouth and his. Mr. Scott reached his arm against the wall and got centimeters from my face. His green eyes looked into mine as he guided his cock into my wet and willing pussy. My hand found his and I held it tight as he thrust into me.

I felt his balls slap my thighs as he continued to thrust me quickly refusing to slow down. Mr. Scott kept fucking my pussy until it felt like it had gone raw. I held him tight as I felt my second orgasm approach. Before I knew it my eyes were rolling back and I was coating his dick with my juices. I squeezed his hand as my orgasm washed over my body. His dick went faster until I felt streams of hot liquid flow into my pussy. I held him close to me and we embraced. He looked at his watch, it was half past 4.

“Shit we better get going.” He put on his clothes and handed me mine. We walked out holding hands. We got into his car and kissed again. We held hands the whole time he drove to his house. I played with his fingers kissing each one. Mr. Scott pulled into his drive way and we both got out. I walked into his house behind him. We were immediately greeted by Gene.

“Get that whore out of my house now!” She yelled. Mr. Scott dropped his keys on the table and took his shoes off.

“You do not talk to her like that.” Mr. Scott yelled back at her.

“Why don’t you just say it Jason you’re fucking her aren’t you?” Her face was red and hair falling out of her pony tail.

“Yea I am but I’m not just fucking her, I’m leaving you and staying with her.” All three of us stood frozen.

“Well it’s been a long time coming, take the kids I don’t care just don’t ever call me again.” Gene disappeared up stairs and came back down 10 minutes later. “I’ll be back for the rest of my stuff in a week or two.” She didn’t give either of us a time to respond before she left out the door. I went up to Mr. Scott and kissed him hard. We went upstairs and went into a fierce passionate fuck.

About a month later, I found out I was pregnant and we moved into a bigger home. It wasn’t long before me and Mr. Scott were married and had two kids of our own plus Jamie and Kevin. Even though school was over, I still enjoyed dressing up in a mini plaid skirt, with a tied blouse and black heels. His name may be Jason, but to me he will always be Mr. Scott, my loving gym teacher.

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