My Naughty Sister Ch. 03

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The next story in the adventures of my fictional naughty little sister and I. Thanks to those who sent me feedback on the previous chapters, it is all much appreciated.

I awoke with the bright Saturday sun streaming through my blinds, the golden rays bringing a soft glow to the air. I couldn’t help but compare the sight to my little sister’s blonde curls, the way they framed her face and drew attention to her sparkling blue eyes.

Just thinking about Katie made my morning wood ache, the eighteen-year-old vixen had been teasing me mercilessly for the past week, always giving me glimpses of her magnificent body while our parents weren’t watching.

The crunch had come when we were eating dinner as a family two nights ago and she had rubbed my hard-on under the table while talking to about school to mum, before feeding me her fingers covered in her delicious pussy juice while the oldies were distracted. Alas we hadn’t had a chance to release our sexual tensions, but today was different. Today I knew our parents had gone away for the weekend, leaving me to look after my little sister, an assignment they thought I despised. If only they knew!

Walking into the kitchen fresh from my shower wearing only a pair of boxers I spied Katie making a sandwich at the counter. She looked stunning in a long t-shirt, her well-toned legs drawing my eyes, not to mention her firm teenage breasts standing proud under their thin covering. As I stood in the doorway and admired my oblivious little sister she reached up to the top shelf to fetch a plate, the shirt riding up to expose her bare bottom. The sight of that pale naked flesh bringing an instant rise from my member, the head poking its way from the fly of my suddenly too-tight shorts.

Moving softly across the smooth tiles I crept up behind Katie and enveloped her in a warm embrace, my cock finding its way between her thighs to nestle against her soft folds. Her startled cry was quickly cut short, replaced by a moan as I began to kneed her boobs and pinch her nipples through the shirt. My mouth planted kisses up the curve of her beautiful neck till my mouth was level with her ear. With a whispered “good morning sis” I began to rub my hard cock bostancı escort along the length of her bald pussy, her quickly spreading wetness coating my shaft and making the kitchen fill with the marvelous aroma of her sex.

Neither of us could wait a second longer, pulling her shirt off, leaving Katie in all her naked glory, I bent her at the waist until her breasts were squashed against the counter. This left her tight young pussy at a perfect height for me to enter in one smooth thrust.

As my balls came to rest against her engorged clit we both let out loud moans of appreciation. Her eighteen-year-old pussy was a velvet glove encasing my hard shaft as we began to move in harmony. With each stroke the head of my member would go from the entrance of her nirvana to it’s deepest depths, before repeating the journey seconds later.

It took only a few minutes of this heavenly assault for sis to start cuming, her pussy gripping my cock in a indescribable embrace as she shouted out her pleasure. I gave her no rest, gripping her shoulders I began to thrust into her body with furious strokes, my heavy balls slapping against her clit with every movement. Katie let out a strangled scream as she exploded again, her entire body shaking with the force of her duel orgasms.

Easing from my sister’s sopping pussy I stepped back to allow her room to stand and turn to face me. Standing on shaky legs Katie kissed me passionately, her tongue dueling with mine as her hard nipples pressed against my chest and my straining cock was wedged between our sweaty bodies.

With the mischievous twinkle in her eye that I love so much sis slowly kissed her way down my body to my rigid member. Maintaining eye contact she gently blew on my penis, the warm air making it twitch, much to her amusement. Wrapping my hand through her soft curls I guided her mouth onto my cock, the feeling of my head slipping into her warmth making me fill the kitchen with my moans. Without prompting my sexy little sister sucked me deep into her mouth before starting to bob her head in an excruciatingly pleasurable rhythm. With my hand on the back of her head I started to match her motions with my own.

çeliktepe escort Pausing only to bath my cum-filled balls in saliva, Katie let me fuck her face with long joyous strokes. Relaxing her throat muscles my incredible girl took my cock deep in her throat till all eight inches had disappeared into her willing mouth. I could take no more, with a groan I spurted my load into her hungry mouth, Katie moaned in contentment as she tasted my hot seed upon her tongue. Slipping my softening member from her mouth Katie showed me the puddle of my sperm she had collected upon her tongue before swallowing deeply.

Lifting my wonderful sister to her feet I kissed her deeply, our tongues sharing the taste of my cum between them. Letting my hands roam over her form I kneaded and squeezed my way to her firm butt. With our tongues entwined my hands squeezed her glorious cheeks and pulled her body against mine. Reaching lower I scooped up a generous helping of her juices before depositing them against her little puckered butt hole. Repeating this several times I was able to slowly ease my finger into her incredibly tight orifice, my actions generating renewed moaning from Katie.

Spying a bottle of cooking oil on the shelf I spun Katie around till she was again bent over at the waist over the kitchen table. Easing my digit from her warmth I dropped to my knees behind her before burying my tongue in her wet folds. Sis cried out in pleasure as I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth, her hand reaching back to pull my head closer to her crotch.

Alternating between flicking my tongue over her sensitive clit and plunging into her wet hole I greased her asshole with a generous helping of oil before slipping first one, then two fingers inside her butt. My other hand lubed my hardening cock as Katie begged me to make her cum again. Being a proper gentleman I could not do anything other than honor such a request. Taking her clit in my mouth I gently grazed it with my teeth before sucking it hard as my fingers plunged into her slowly loosening ass. It was only a matter of moments before my little sister was thrusting herself madly onto my face and fingers as she experienced another cihangir escort glorious orgasm. I could feel her ass clench my fingers tightly as my face was bathed in her delicious love-juice.

After licking her clean I stood to position my hard cock against her winking ass. Easing forward the oily head disappeared into her body with a soft pop. This generated an immediate response from Katie, her back arched as she thrust back against me, my entire shaft disappearing into her tightness in a series of movements.

Feeling my balls resting against her pussy, sis pulled me down for a rough kiss before demanding “fuck my ass hard big brother, make me your little slut” With a groan at the nasty words my ‘innocent’ little sister was producing I started to fulfill her request and pump my shaft into her ass in long strokes. As I repeatedly buried myself completely in her willing butt my balls slapped against her pussy with every stroke. As she matched my thrusts, her fingers furiously strumming her clit, our combined moans were so loud I momentarily feared our neighbors would hear.

I forgot all about the neighbors as I lifted Katie up with my shaft buried inside her ass, and pressed her against the fridge. With the cold metal pressing against her diamond-hard nipples I continued to pound her tight eighteen-year-old butt. By this point sis had no idea what day it was as her body was continually racked with orgasms, each merging with the next until it seemed she was cuming continuously.

With my legs beginning to tire I crab walked us over to a dinning room chair before sitting down heavily. Gesturing for Katie to straddle me I slipped my cock back into her ravaged asshole as we kissed with furious passion. As I pinched her sensitive nipple my other hand ground our crotched together, the friction against her clit sending her over the edge again as she threw her head back and screamed. The force of her climax was too much for my straining cock; with a bestial roar I came deep inside Katie’s ass, my seed filling her bowels with warmth.

I not sure how long we sat there with my slowly softening cock still buried in my little sister’s body. Eventually Katie raised her head and kissed my gently, then looking deep into my eyes she said “thanks big brother, I needed that” to which I could only respond “anytime sis.” With a final loving hug I lifted her up and carried her to the shower, a small voice in the back of my mind reminding me that we still had all weekend before our parents got home.

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