My New Family

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I know many children don’t want to see their parents divorce, but I was happy to see my Dad escape the clutches of my mother. She was a selfish woman, wasting my father’s money on her so called friends. When the divorce was final, I chose to live with my father. My father dated different women but I never got to meet them. I asked questions about his dating, but he told me that he’d let me meet someone whenever he got into a serious relationship. Finally, one day he told me there was someone important he wanted me to meet. Her name was Tracy, and when I met her, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was. She had bright and vivid red hair and a really cute face, but what I liked most of all were her disproportionately large breasts. She was fairly short – maybe five foot one – but stacked. Boy, was she stacked. I had never seen such large breasts in my life. I felt both proud and envious of my father. I was nineteen and in my senior year of high school, but had never been with a woman before.

The second time I met Tracy, my father mentioned that Tracy had a daughter my age, Viviana, and that he and Tracy would be married and Tracy and Viviana would live with us. Being a horny teenager, I wondered what Viviana looked like – how awesome would it be if she inherited her mother’s breasts! I quickly found out that Viviana was quite the looker, as my Dad took the four of us to dinner. But Viviana only had one thing in common with her mother – her giant tits, not as large as her mother’s but unusually large nonetheless. Tracy’s first husband was Columbian and Viviana had soulful dark features and a sexy, husky voice. The idea of sharing my father’s small condo with two large breasted women was more than I could bear. The week before their arrival, I must have had two or three wet dreams, imagining myself sucking their breasts and tit-fucking them, only to wake up in a pool of my own semen.

But the reality was not as good as my dreams! Viviana was stuck up and treated me like a child even though we were the same age. And when Tracy was around the house, she mostly wore baggy clothes that didn’t show off her figure. But Tracy seemed to really love my Dad and make him happy and that made me glad. At night, I could hear their bed banging against the wall and moaning noises coming from their bedroom. “Well, at least someone is getting laid,” my teenage soul bitterly expressed. I tried once to masturbate while listening to them, imagining Tracy’s tits sloshing back and forth as I, not my Dad, pounded her, but it was just too creepy and my dick stayed limp.

I wasn’t getting any action, but Viviana was getting laid a lot. My Dad and Stepmom were gone during the day, leaving Viviana and myself to our own devices. Viviana used this situation to basically become the biggest slut in our high school. She constantly had college boys over, with her door locked, and the boys were always buying her expensive gifts. One particularly productive afternoon, she had two different boys over; I could hear her gargling with mouthwash as she shuttled the boys in and out of her room. Bitterly envious of her callers, I was trying to listen through the wall into her room when I noticed a gap in the wooden walls. I realized I could see clearly into her bedroom through this gap. I know it was wrong to spy on my stepsister, but I justified to myself that if Viviana was getting laid daily, I should at least get some sexual pleasure.

While Viviana entertained boys, I would watch her and masturbate furiously. Viviana specialized in blowjobs and titfucking. Guys rarely got around to fucking her because her tongue and tits made them climax in a matter of minutes. At night I dreamed about fucking my step sister but it was just a dream – she saw me as a child even though we were both nineteen.

I’m a bit of a geek, and I began to keep a spreadsheet of her conquests, noting the sex acts she committed with them, the amount of time it took them to ejaculate and a qualitative assessment of the amount they ejaculated. I had recorded 28 different sexual partners and only two had actually fucked her pussy – the rest had climaxed merely from her blowjobs and titfucks. One guy had begged to fuck her ass, but she had refused.

One day I was reviewing the spreadsheet, running averages on the data, ranking the boys in terms of their staying power and volume of cum. Where I didn’t know their name, I gave them a nickname, like “bad haircut.” I know the idea of running statistics on my stepsister’s sexual activity sounds ridiculous, but I have always had this weird analytical side to me. I must not have been paying attention, because Viviana came into the room behind me and before I knew what was happening, she saw my spreadsheet.

“You little pervert!” she screamed out. “You’ve been watching me, but how?”

Sheepishly, I showed her the gap in the wall. I figured I was busted and there was nothing to do but come clean. She peered through it and a smile came over her face. “I bet you jack elmadağ escort off when you watch me,” she accused me.

I shrugged. “Admit it,” she ordered me, poking me in the chest and stepping forward to me. I fell back onto the desk chair. Her tits were inches from me and I wanted nothing more than to grab her breasts and suck.

“It’s true,” I told her. “I jack off to you all the time. I think you’re really pretty. I’m sorry if that makes me seem like some kind of pervert.” She laughed at me.

“I’ll tell you what,” she told me. “We’ll play a game. If you can get me to orgasm, I’ll have sex with you.” She left and went to the kitchen, then led me into her bedroom and sprayed whip cream onto her clean shaven pussy. “Lick away,” she commanded me. I didn’t particularly like whip cream, but lick away I did. I hadn’t had sex before, but I had read books about it and seen pornos and I tried to follow the instructions I had read and the things I had seen, fluttering my tongue near, but not on, her clit. I focused on her moaning and before long she was building to a crescendo. She grabbed my head as I continued to lick furiously and she orgasmed. I could feel her stomach muscles contracting against me and she yelled loudly, “Oh, God! Yes! Oh God! It’s so good!” I felt so happy, knowing that I was about to have sex with my big-titted sister.

After her orgasm, she lay next to me panting and finally she turned to me. “Okay, it’s your turn,” she told me. I had removed my shirt and pants when just then we heard the door open and Tracy called out, “I’m home!”

“Quick, get in my closet,” Viviana told me.

“Viviana, you have a visitor – James,” Tracy called out. “He was arriving just as I was pulling up and he’s here to study with you.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Viviana told her. “I’m studying up in my room.” She hurriedly threw clothes on and I could hear James ascending the stairs. Viviana kicked my pants and shirt under her bed, so I remained in her closet in my underwear as James entered the room. James pulled the door to the room closed and took Viviana in his arms.

“I missed you, baby” he told her, lifting off her shirt and lifting her large breasts out of her bra. I felt angry – those should have been my hands on her breasts.

“I missed you, too” she told him as he began to fondle her breasts and suck on her nipples.

“Oh, I have to get my cock between your tits,” he told Viviana. I gently pushed the closet door open slightly so I could better watch the two.

James stepped out of his pants and Viviana kneeled to the floor, taking his cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cock and then began to bob up and down on James’s cock. He had a six inch cock and Viviana took it in to the hilt, making gurgling noises as her tongue lathered his cock. She paused and spread baby lotion on her cleavage and then wrapped her breasts around James’s cock, arching her back. James grabbed ahold of her breasts, placing his hands over Viviana’s and, pressing her breasts together, began to fuck her tits. Viviana was shaking from the force of James’s thrusts. He began to moan and Viviana admonished him, “Try to be quiet, my Mom’s home.”

“Maybe she can join us,” James joked. After mere minutes of his powerful thrusting, he began to climax. Ropes of ejaculate forcefully bounced off of Viviana’s chin and settled back on her breasts. James continued to hold her breasts tightly and thrust his penis, which was slowly becoming flaccid. Finally, he came to rest and Viviana took him in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head of his cock. James rubbed his ejaculate into Viviana’s breasts. A dribble of ejaculate rolled over her lips as she let his cock fall from her mouth and she held James by the waist, pressing her breasts against him.

“We’d better get dressed,” Viviana told him, handing him a towel and using a second towel to clean the fluids off her chest and chin. The two got dressed and after a few minutes of studying, James got up.

“I’ve got to head out,” he told her.

“Okay, babe,” she told him, giving him a quick kiss. He grabbed his bookbag and left the room.

After she was sure that James had left, Viviana opened the closet door fully and laughed at me. I had a massive erection under my boxer shorts. “You’ve pitched a tent,” she told me. “Okay, I did say it was your turn.” She took out a plastic squirt bottle of chocolate syrup and, pulling down my boxers, squirted a line of chocolate syrup on my cock. I waited, imagining how her tongue would feel on my cock. I had never had a blowjob before and the anticipation was almost too much to bear. “Just a minute,” she told me, leaving the room.

“What the hell?” I thought to myself, wondering where she had gone and what she was doing. My erection began to soften and the chocolate began to drip to the floor. I noted the time on the clock and wondered how long I should wait. Five minutes passed and my hands were on my hips and esenyurt escort my cock was completely soft. Angry at Viviana, I took one of her panties and used it as a towel to remove the chocolate from my cock, fetched my pants and shirt and got dressed.

Downstairs, Viviana was helping Tracy prepare dinner. “Sorry, kid,” Viviana told me, “Mom asked me to help with dinner and I got distracted.”

“Sorry for what?” Tracy asked.

“Oh, I was helping him with some homework,” she smiled.

“That’s so sweet,” Tracy told her, giving her a half hug.

Hearing this, I went from angry and frustrated to irate, but I tried not to show my feelings. Not only did I not get a blowjob, but the idea of Viviana helping me with my homework was insulting. Viviana was an airhead and she’d have as much use helping me with my homework as a dog would.

Dinner was painful. My balls were sore from getting excited without release and I must have been scowling or looking depressed, because Tracy made a point of asking me what was wrong. “I don’t know,” I told her, lying. “I guess I had a really stressful day and I’m just not feeling well.”

“Sweetheart,” Tracy said to me, affectionately. “I know just the thing. Go upstairs and lie down and I’ll give you a massage – it will get all of that stress out of you.” I was surprised by her offer and I reflexively glanced at my Dad.

He nodded his approval at me. “Tracy is amazing at massages,” he told me. “She’ll have you feeling like a new man in no time at all.” I shrugged and rose from the table.

“Get comfortable and I’ll be right up,” Tracy told me as I left the table. “He’s so serious,” I heard her tell my Dad.

I wasn’t sure what Tracy meant by get comfortable, so I kicked off my shoes and lay on the bed on my stomach. I heard Tracy enter my room. “No, no, no, this won’t do,” she laughed. I turned on my side to look at her. “You’ve never had a massage before, have you?” she asked.

“No,” I admitted sheepishly. I didn’t like feeling like a naive kid around Tracy and Viviana.

“Okay,” she told me. “You have to have your skin exposed to be massaged. Depending on how comfortable you are, you can either strip completely nude, or you can leave your underwear on.” I must have looked curiously at her because she laughed at me and asked, “You’re not uncomfortable with your body are you? Sometimes people can be so uptight about things.” She walked over and shut the door. “I’ll tell you what – I’ll make this easier for you.” She began to remove her clothing and I gasped as she freed her breasts from her bra. Her large fleshy breasts tumbled out and gently bounced. She didn’t even pause and stepped out of her skirt and removed her panties, revealing a full bush. She stood before me naked. “See, no big deal,” she told me. I gazed in amazement at her naked body.

Tentatively, I got out of bed, glad that I didn’t have a massive erection. I stepped out of my clothes and sent them gently on my end table and laid back down on the bed. Eager to not be seen as being ashamed of my body, I removed my underwear, turning quickly so that Tracy couldn’t see my penis. “See, that’s not so bad,” Tracy told me. I could hear her rubbing oil between her hands and then I felt her climb on top of me, her legs straddling my thighs. Before I could adjust to this sensation, I felt her warm, oily hands kneading my back and shoulders with surprising strength. Leaning forward, she asked me, “Does this feel good?” and I could feel her nipples and then breasts briefly press against my back.

“Yes!” I told her and then I worried that I had maybe been a bit too enthusiastic.

“That’s good,” she told me and she resumed massaging me. As she massaged out from my back to my arms, she leaned up against me and I could feel her body against mine. I found my body responding involuntarily to her, my back rising up to press against her breasts and belly, my ass arching up so that I could feel her cunt against me. I expected her to react in some manner, but she continued to concentrate on the massage and my cock became steadily erect.

Rising off of me, she told me, “turn over.”

“Um, I better not,” I told her.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she told me. “Let me guess – you’re probably feeling stimulated by the massage and you have an erection.” She rolled me over. “Yep!” she proclaimed, “and it’s a doozy!” Before I could protest, she had mounted me, sitting atop my thighs. I could feel my erection twitching – it was almost as if it could sense how close her pussy was and was reaching out to it. She began to massage my neck and shoulders and chest. Then, as she began to massage my outstretched arms, she leaned against me and I could feel her breasts brushing against my cock. It was too much to bear and I began to moan slightly.

“I’m sorry,” I told her quietly.

“Don’t worry about it,” she told me.

She positioned herself so that she sat by the top of my head and she etiler anal yapan escort began to massage my forehead. As I looked up, I could see her breasts dangling above and it was all I could do to keep from reaching out and grabbing them. From there, she worked down to my neck and shoulders and further to my chest and the side of my abdomen. As she reached over me, her breasts hung down and bounced gently on my chest and she began to gently rub around, but did not touch, my erect cock. I felt like my cock was throbbing and the tension was almost more than I could bear. Bending forward on her knees, she reached further, massaging my thighs, and she pressed closely to me as she leaned onto me to rub my thighs. I could feel her breasts on either side of my cock, pressing and rubbing against me. I began to moan again and, unable to control myself, I placed my hands on the side of her breasts and pressed them against my cock. Hearing no resistance on her part, I began to buck my hips lightly and thrust her breasts as best I could. But the process was difficult and awkward.

“One moment,” Tracy told me and she got up. I was disappointed and embarrassed. How could I have been so stupid as to have lost control like that? What if she told my Dad what I did?

“I’m sorry,” I told her and she looked at me and smiled. I was confused and I held still, watching my step mother.

Before I knew it, she had repositioned herself, spreading my legs and squatting on her heels, inside of my legs, just below my groin. Quite limber, she had lifted up my cock and enfolded it in her breasts, which she grasped on either side as they hung down to the bed. Tracy began to rhythmically massage my cock with her breasts as I lay still. The feeling was incredible. “Does that feel good?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I slowly moaned. “Oh God, it feels good.”

“It’s better this way, isn’t it?” she asked me.

“Yes, much better,” I slowly released.

“Are you feeling stressed?” she teasingly asked me.

“God, no,” I told her, my breath tightening with pleasure.

She quickened the pace of her titfucking and I let out a guttural groan as I climaxed. I had never had an orgasm before other than through masturbation, and this feeling was incomparable to my self-inflicted orgasms. It was as though I had lost control of myself and my entire body was shaking and emptying itself out through the head of my cock. I could feel spasms erupting from me and raising up my head, I could see the jets of cum flying into the air and falling back upon my belly. It felt like the orgasm would never end as rope after rope of ejaculate erupted through the air, some of it falling onto Tracy’s breasts but the majority of it landing on my belly and the bed.

Finally, my cock ceased throbbing. Tracy sat off to the side of me and pet my cock. Her hand felt gentle and light. “Boy, you really needed that,” she told me. “I bet that was several months worth of sperm!” she joked. She picked up a towel and cleaned off her breasts and began to dress. Once dressed she gave me a peck on the cheek and rustled my hair. “You’d better clean up,” she told me and then she left the room.

I lay on the bed in bliss, making no immediate move to clean myself and before I knew it, I was sound asleep. I awoke to my foot being jiggled and, slowly awaking, I saw Viviana at the foot of the bed. She was staring at me and I suddenly realized I was naked. I hurriedly pulled a sheet over myself.

“You fucked my Mom, didn’t you!” Viviana hissed at me.

“No!” I insisted.

“She was in your room for twenty minutes and now you’re naked on your bed with sperm all over yourself!” she accused me.

“I don’t have sperm all over myself,” I protested and with that she ripped the sheet off of me.

“Look at this!” she half cried, half whispered. My sperm explosion hadn’t even yet dried.

“I must have had a wet dream,” I suggested. I expected Viviana to laugh but she was silent and it soon became apparent to me that she was staring at my body.

“Damn you are hung,” she told me. “Does it get any bigger?”

I raised myself up and looked at her, my cock flopping over like a beached whale as I rose up. I was tempted to say, “Ask your Mom,” but I bit my tongue. “Yeah, of course it does,” I told her. She didn’t respond but remained staring at my cock. Her gaze filled me with pride and under her scrutiny, my cock began to harden again, forming a taut arc over my belly.

As if out of curiosity, Viviana ran her hand along my cock and then circled her hand around it, as if to test its girth. She then suddenly set my cock back down and withdrew her hand. “Gross!” she said. “I’m not fucking you after you just got done with my Mom.”

I was stunned, thinking that I hadn’t asked Viviana to fuck me and then I realized, she was responding to herself. She wanted to fuck me and was talking herself out of it. Realizing this made my confidence grow further. “I’ll shower later on and then come visit your bedroom,” I told her. My father’s condo was a split level – a bit of an odd design with a bedroom on the main floor, which my Dad used and two bedrooms on the second floor, which Viviana and I used. I realized that if things went well, I could be fucking Viviana pretty much every night.

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