My New Roomie Ch. 05

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After breakfast I went upstairs and got dressed for my morning run. As I came back downstairs I saw Jen being fucked on the den floor by her brother Jack while my aunt Laurie and mom Mary watched. I told them that I was going for my run and that I would be back in a little while. Standing outside I begin to stretch and get warmed up when I realized how horny the sight of my cousins fucking had left me. My nipples were hard and my panties wet but I choose to ignore it until I got back.

Just as I began to start my run my next-door neighbor Luke stopped me. Luke was a nice enough guy but the kind of boy you never really noticed. He was 5’11” with an average build he was nothing special. His hair was a light brownish color and he had blue eyes. Luke was a week older then me so he to has only been 18 for a few weeks now.

I asked him what he needed and he told me had something inside he need to show me. I asked if it could wait but he said no that I needed to see it now. I followed him inside his house to see what he wanted. The first thing I noticed was that Luke’s parents weren’t home. He told me that they were gone for the week. Luke led me to his room, which was upstairs. As I looked around I saw he had a video camera set up at his window pointing at something. Curious I went to the window to see where it was pointed that was when I noticed that it was aimed at my open bedroom window.

That was when I heard his television come on and I saw him insert a tape. There on the television was my mom, aunt, cousin, and myself from this morning when we were having sex. I sat there stunned at the revelation that we had been caught. Cursing myself for not closing the window I asked Luke what he wanted. He looked hurt and then he told me that he wanted me that he always wanted me. I did not no what to feel here was my neighbor that I never really noticed telling me how in love with me he has been. Finally he told me that I could have the video if I would do one thing for him. I already knew the answer but etiler bdsm escort I asked anyways. He said he wanted me to be his first. I agreed.

Getting off his bed I got on my knees and went to him. I sat there and started rubbing his already hard cock through his pants. I unzipped his pants and out popped his cock, which smacked me in the face. I gasped at the size of Luke’s cock because this average looking guy had the biggest dick I had ever seen. His extremely hard dick was at least 9 inches.

I began by licking up and down on his huge stick. Swirling my tongue on his dickhead I could already taste his pre-cum spreading on my tongue. It tasted salty and sweet at the same time and I could wait to taste his load. Moving down his shaft I began to suck on his hairy large balls. Luke was groaning and he his leg became like rubber. I pulled his pants and underwear off and lead him to the edge of the bed. I to his huge stiff dick and swallowed as much of it as I could. I got about 8 inches in before gagging on it. The next time down though I did manage to swallow his whole tool. With my face in his lap I could feel his balls on my chin before I began to slowly move back up. Half way up I moved back down taking him again before pulling out. Stroking his huge dick I tell him how much I love his huge cock. He seemed embarrassed but I didn’t care I need to keep going until I would get his load in my mouth. While stroking him I asked if he ever had a blowjob before and he said no that he had been saving himself for me. I was honored that he wanted me to be his first and I went back to sucking. I was very shocked because he lasted almost 15 minutes before I felt his balls tighten up and he warned me that he was going to cum. I began sucking a few inches while stroking the rest of his cock until I felt his load begin moving up his shaft. I tried to swallow it all but he came so much that it leaked out of my mouth down my chin and onto my shirt.

I swallowed the last drops etiler elit escort of his cum and told him how great he tasted. I moved up to kiss him and he tasted himself for the first time. As we kissed I moved his hands up to my 32 C cup tits and showed him how to rub them. I broke the kiss so that I could remove my shirt and sports bra. I heard him gasp when he saw my big lovely tits for the first time. I lead my tits to his face and instructed him to suck my tits. He lovingly began sucking one then the other while he played with the other nipple he was not sucking. After a while I removed my tits from him and instructed him to remove my shorts. He pulled them down to see that I was not wearing any panties. I told him to rub my slit then showed him my clit and told him to rub it. Soon he was rubbing my like a pro and I was breathing hard. I managed to instruct him in eating my pussy and so he began. He was now sucking my clit while fingering my pussy. He was good a natural pussy eater and with in minutes he had me cumming all over his bed. He lapped every drop of cum that I pored all over his face and he made his way up to me kissing me so I could taste myself on him.

By now Luke’s huge boner had returned to its full 9 inches. While kissing I moved the head of his dick to my pussy and he began to push in. He took a few minutes to get his full length into me. Once there I told him to stop for a minute to let me adjust to his size. Soon we were going at it nice and slow. We were in the missionary position while he fucked me for the first time. Our speed varied from fast to slow to in between. Soon I moved my legs so that they were resting on his shoulders opening myself wider to him. I told him to fuck me harder and faster. He did as I told him and soon my big tits were bouncing back and forth and I was screaming that I was cumming. He continued to pound me until me very large orgasm stopped. Still buried deep inside me he leaned down and kissed me. I told him that he etiler escort was incredible.

I took Luke’s still hard cock from my pussy and licked my juices off of it. I asked if he had any lube and he said his dad did. I told him to go get and when he returned he found me on the bed on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. Luke smiled and I told him to lube up his cock and my ass. He squirted out some lube on his cock and began rubbing it in then squirted it on my asshole. Pushing the lube in with his finger he soon add a second finger deep inside my ass. I was moaning from him finger fucking my ass. I then felt his large dick head pushing at my tight little hole. At first it hurt like hell but he was slow and kind. He pushed his cock in a little at a time taking almost five minutes before he got it all in. Once in he began fucking me hard. Changing speeds from fast to slow while rubbing my hard clit quickly took me over the edge for another earth shattering orgasm. This time he could no longer hold out and while I was cumming he started moving faster and faster before screaming out that he was cumming. He stuffed his cock deep in my ass and began shooting stream after stream of cum into me. He shot so much cum in me that it began to leak out of my ass around his cock to drip down my cunt and onto his bed. Luke’s finally spent cock slipped out of my tight ass and we lay there panting on his bed. I rolled over and kissed him for several minutes before getting up. While getting dressed I told him that he was the best fuck I had ever had and that we would be doing it again real soon. He got up to hand me the tape but I told he could keep it as long as he showed no one else. He thanked me and walked me to the door. I turned to look at his still naked body and told him that he was a whole lot more fun then running for exercise. With that I left and went home.

When I came home I found my family members still lying naked in the den just through with their own sexual exercises. My mom asked how my run was and I told her about Luke and his huge 9-inch cock. I told them every detail of the adventure Luke and I had just had. This made us all so horny that we masturbated to another orgasm each. Afterwards we all agreed that we had to have Luke over to join in our family’s fun real soon.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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