My Sister, And Her Friends Ch. 03

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(Part 3 of our story continues with David making some progress towards becoming a man, he’s been kind of a pussy. Please check out parts 1 and 2, but as a quick reminder we have with us today: David, an 18 year old college freshman. Vickie, his hot older sister who’s a senior at his college. Vickie has had our boy handcuffed a few times which pisses him off, but she also gets his rocks off so there’s some mixed feelings about that. We also have Vickie’s friend Vanessa of the H-cup who isn’t fat and yes, there is such a thing, (she’s real, trust me!). Vanessa and David had a rather wild time but no fucking. Then there’s Michele, the final gal of the trio.)


—Friday, after the titslapping and cocksucking adventures at Vanessa’s house.

I guess I drove home from Vanessa’s house. I might’ve floated. The afternoon seems like a dream… I molested Vanessa’s gigantic tits, came in her mouth… twice! And spanked her pretty fucking good. And not just a regular ass spanking, I spanked and slapped her tits, and she loved it!

She wouldn’t let me fuck her, or lick her pussy, either. I could have forced the issue, but she did threaten to kick my balls. These instructions not to fuck me came from Vickie, my sister.

I don’t know what to think about her right now. I mean, yeah, she’s apparently trying to make a man out of me, which I appreciate, but she’s also doing this dominant thing on me and I’m not liking it so much.

When I got home, Mom made me dinner, I showered and went back up to the college to hang with a couple guys from my accounting class in their dorm room . We’re just barely friends, but it’s better than hanging with Mom. Vickie was out on a date.

The dorm was pretty cool, wish I was setup like that. Well, maybe. I mean you have a lot of freedom, but you also have a roommate who may or may not be a douchebag. Anyway, we hung with a few gals, too. One gal, Cheryl, was showing a bit of interest in me, but Chad (my new buddy) was interested in her so I distanced myself from her. Bro’s before ho’s and all that. Only, we didn’t say this back then. Plus, she seemed really excited about accounting. I fucking hate accounting but I have to take it. Who gets excited about accounting?

I got home pretty late. Vickie was home but her door was locked. Yes, I checked. But she forgot to lock the door from our adjoining bathroom. I tiptoed in… I could hear her lightly snoring and could smell the booze and cigarettes on her. Form the glow of her clock radio, I could see about half a boob peeking from her flannel pajamas. She was sleeping hard on her back.

You’ve all seen ‘Animal House’, right? Pinto is looking at the passed out chick, and an angel and devil appear on each shoulder, each with conflicting advice as to his next course of action. I had a similar experience for a few moments, but then a third guy showed up; we’ll call him the Flim-Flam man. Flim was like, yeah, you could jump her bones and get it over with. But wouldn’t it be much better to do something to pay her back for all the humiliation she’s caused me? Do something with some style? Do it when she’s sober so she’ll remember it forever? I asked Flim what the plan he was, he said he was working on it. Alright, no Grand Scheme tonight then.

But, I couldn’t just walk away. I had a semi going and it seemed like a good time to at least leave her a message of ‘hey, you don’t know what’s coming next’.

I reached over and carefully unbuttoned another button, then another. Her breathing didn’t change. I unbuttoned the last one, and gently opened her flannel top, exposing her breasts. God damn they were nice. And I sucked them last week. Yes I did, sucked them good. And she jacked my cock off with them, with her beautiful tits… and she likes to suck them, too… and so does Vanessa… Nessa and I had a tongue fight on her big fucking nipples… the nipples that I slapped and spanked and squeezed and bit and sucked hard and kissed gently… and I saw Michele’s gorgeous tits, too… and Nessa’s hairy cunt…and I made Nessa cum so hard she cried some tears of joy… what a freaky bitch, that Vanessa… and she watches her mom suck dildos with her mom’s cunt juices on it… and I forced her to say she wanted to eat out her mom…

Jesus fucking Christ… I leaned on the bed and shot load after load of hot cum on my sister’s tits… three shots… four shots… stroke stroke fucking faster… five shots… any more? Nah, just drips on her sheets…

That will be something nice for her to wake up to!


I woke up Saturday around 11:00. Didn’t hear anything in the house. Rolled on my stomach and humped the sheets for a few moments, thinking of Vanessa watching her naked mom masturbate… rolled on my back and came all on my chest and stomach. Ahhh…

Vickie was still asleep… too bad! I wanted to catch her reaction to the dried cum on her tits and jammies.

Even though we just had mid-terms, the year ain’t over and we have this big, stupid biology project due at the end of the year. I gotta go to the campus library and use some kağıthane escort of the reference books, no Interwebz back in ’87!

I go to the second floor of the library where all the reference books are. There’s almost nobody in the library. Most people are taking the weekend off after the Mid-terms, it seems. Coming up the stairs, I see a gal wave to me.

She’s got dark, shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail… but a few of the front strands are hanging down, framing her luscious face. The face of an Angel. The face of one of my sister’s best friends, Michele.

In my sister’s latest little torment/game, she had me handcuffed to the bed, naked with an erection, and brought in Vanessa and Michele to tease me. My embarrassment was supreme. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out. The fact that Vickie came back and titfucked my cock was nice (ok, it was fucking awesome!), but still, embarrassment stings.

I muster up some courage and saunter over.

“David!” she whispers. “What are you doing here? Trying to graduate early?”

“Ha, yeah definitely,” I whisper back. “Got that freshman bio project, ya know? Need to tun in the next progress item…”

“Ah yes, Professor Digby’s famous project. How long will you be here?”

“I dunno… couple hours at least, I guess…”

“Good, me too. Um…” She was thinking hard about something. “I need to concentrate and so do you, but come talk to me when you’re done, okay? It’s uh… it’s important… to me…”

“Yeah, sure. I’m gonna go spread my shit, uh, stuff over in the science section. See ya…”

Now what was that all about? What important stuff does she have to talk to me about?

I struggle to concentrate and study my shit. I’m supposed to be making notecards in order to write my big paper. I thought I would get 30-40 done today. After 2 hours, I’ve got 5. I cannot fucking concentrate.

I gather up my books and papers and shuffle over to Michele to see what’s so important. It’s quiet in the library, of course, but the nearest person is about 100 feet away. She invites me to sit down; she’s on the end of the table so I sit 90 degrees to her on the side.

“David,” she begins, her voice barely above a whisper. “I just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay, and to tell you that I am really, Really sorry about the other day in Vickie’s room.”

I blush. God I hate it when that happens but I can’t help it.

“Apology accepted. Thanks.” And I start to get back up.

“No, wait!” she whispers.

“Look,” I say, raising my voice. “I know she’s got you all in on some grand plan…”

“Shhhhhhhh!!!” The obnoxious mouse girl 100 feet away is pissed.

“I know”, I begin again, whispering. “Vickie’s got you guys all teasing me…”

“No,” protests Michele. “It’s not like that. Vickie does want you to… grow up to be a man… we all want to help you, David… Vanessa and I love Vickie like a sister and she, Vick, adores you…”

“She adores me so much she has to tease and embarrass me, and set me up with Vanessa but puts out strict rules on what I can and can’t do. That’s bullshit. That’s not love, or kindness, it’s just her being a bitch and I’m not taking it anymore.”

Michele bows her head. “I don’t agree with her methods. I thought we could just talk with you, tell you some stuff, give you help with girls and how to talk with them. You’re such a great guy but you are so painfully shy… correction… you WERE so shy… you don’t seem so shy any more.”

“Yeah, well that’s because I’m pissed. I’m not some plaything…”

“No of course you aren’t. The issue is… Vickie is the most sexual person I’ve ever met, or heard about, or read about. So she has great intentions, but the she struggles with this… this sex-devil inside her. She has taught Vanessa and I so much about sex… but she doesn’t know that much about life. That’s kind of my area, so I’m trying to help her come to terms with this.”

“Sex-Devil?” I ask. What the fuck?

“Well that’s what we call it. She just gets overwhelmed with sex thoughts and, well sometimes there’s no stopping her. The thing is, you seem to have a similar sex drive, but you’ve been repressed so long you don’t know how to let it out. It’s mostly your mom’s fault, and Vickie’s too. Since you were young, you grew up with kind of bitchy chicks. You learned to only respect women, you never learned that your own wants and needs are important. You don’t have to subordinate your feelings for a woman’s sake. Or for society’s sake. But you’re making great strides… I talked to Vanessa last night…”

I couldn’t help but grin at that. Vanessa. Mmmmmm. Vanessa… “She told you… everything?”

Michele looked around the room, nobody was paying attention to us. She lightly slapped her own tits a couple times and whispered “more… more…” She grinned.

“So, basically, David, I mean… holy shit!”

“Shhhhhh!” hushed the brainiac.

“Shhh yourself!!” I replied.

“So… you’re not, like, kartal escort disgusted or anything about me?”

“Gosh no,” replied Michele. “I’m impressed as hell!”

“I haven’t spoken to Vickie about that yet, she was passed out when I got home.”

“I don’t think she knows. Vanessa went with her mom to visit their Gran.”

“Wonder what she’ll say. You know, Vickie wouldn’t let Vanessa fuck me. Oh shit, I mean, um, make love…”

“You can say anything you want David, I’m very far from being a prude! But… Vickie wants to be your first…

“But she keeps telling me it’s wrong, then she handcuffs me… jacks me off… and calls me pervert…”

“Yeah, I know… like I said, I don’t really agree with her methods. But look at the results. You’re walking tall, you’ve got confidence in your step, you’re talking to me for, like, the first time ever and you are looking me in the eye. You never, ever did that before.”

“I know. I feel really good about myself. But I want this humiliation shit to stop. I’ve been afraid to stop it, though, because… because…well…”

“Go ahead, say what you need to say, David.”

“Alright fine. Because I feel like a fucking sex monster and I need to… I need to get fucked. And I’ve watched… I’ve watched Vickie for so long and I… I really want to fuck her and make her cum a million times… and she’s jacking me off now and that’s fantastic and I don’t want it to end…”

Michele put her hand on mine.

“David, she loves you. I don’t mean romantically. I mean she has deep love for you that will never go away. There’s almost nothing you could do to make her stop loving you. She’s your sister. You feel the same way about her. That’s fine!”

“Thank you, Michele. I’ve needed to talk about this. But there’s nobody who could even begin to understand…”

“I know, David. I know.”

“In spite of all her good intentions, I still want to get back at her. Some way good. I uh… I jacked off on her in her sleep last night. But that’s not exactly revenge.”

Michele giggled. “No, not exactly! I’ll tell you a secret, though. My dad’s a cop, you know. He’s got handcuffs in the house. Vickie didn’t want to use those cuffs. She and I went to the magician’s shop downtown to buy those handcuffs she uses on you…”

“Huh? you mean…”

“Yeah. They are trick handcuffs. There’s a button on there to press and they release.”

Very interesting…

“Say, uh, Michele… do you think I could borrow a set of your REAL handcuffs?”

“No problem at all, sweetie. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Yeah, turnabout is fair play! I’ll talk her into cuffing her with her handcuffs that she thinks are trick, but they’ll be real ones, instead. Then… holy shit…” My mind filled with dark thoughts.

“Ok, Michele. Will you help me with one last thing?”

“Sure! Anything!”

“I think… I think I kind of understand how to… fuck. I’ve been practicing for years, ya know? But… um… I want to… I want to lick her and make her cum. And I want it to be great and I don’t want to fumble around and mess up…”

“David, you are such a good guy. I would love to give you some tips… um… you mean now?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind. Vickie’s going down soon, and I want to be ready.”

“Ok. Um eating pussy. Well, every woman and every situation is different, of course. It’s not like a cock where you just rub it and cum flies out. But a good way is to start slow… Don’t just dive headlong into her puss and start chomping. Assuming you’ve done other foreplay, start with her stomach. You can trail your tongue downwards… slowly… get closer… then divert at the last moment and go down one of her thighs. Then switch over to her other thigh and go back up. One thing I like, is to look me in the eye once in awhile while you’re doing this. That lets me know that you’re into this. And it’s very sexy.

“So back to the pelvis… you know, mix it up a bit, kiss her here, there, so she doesn’t know where you’re going, exactly. The teasing is part of the build-up. But then, you’re there. Some guys make the mistake of diving for the clitoris and just beating it up. For a great orgasm, you’ve got to involve the whole pussy.”

“Ok,” I interrupted. “And the clitoris is, where, exactly?”

“It’s up in the folds… um… I can’t really show you here… oh! Duh! We’re in a library!”

We get up and she leads me to the section with the medical books. We find Gray’s Anatomy. Nobody can see us back here in the racks, we’re further away from the studying bitch. We flip through the pages… there it is. The vagina, in all of it’s clinical glory. Great diagrams. Michele sets the book on a shelf at the end of the rack.

“So, here it is. Except, your sister shaves her pubic hair.”

“Uh, really? Why? And uh, how do you know?”

“I just know. I told you, she’s brought Vanessa’s and my own sexuality up several notches…

“Anyway. This shows it all closed up, that’s pretty much how it looks normally. Start here küçükçekmece escort at the bottom, and lick slowly… slowly up… don’t press to hard, you’re just licking the outside right now…”

“Don’t I want to stick my tongue in there?”

“Patience, young man! It’s not about your enjoyment, it’s about hers. This is all about her.

“Keep licking up to the top. See this area? the clitoris is under this bit of skin. So you’re just licking the outside for now. Do this a few times, whatever you feel. 3 times. 10 times. Mix it up. Lick up and then lick back down. Then, finally, press harder with tongue, right down here, just up from the base. Separate her pussy lips. The heat you will feel from this is incredible.”

I looked at Michele with a sideways glance. She’s done this before. She’s eaten pussy. Most likely, she’s eaten Vickie’s pussy.

“‘Scuse me for a second,” I tell her. I reach into my pants and adjust my raging cock. It’s getting hard, but it’s pointed downhill. That won’t work for me. It’s also a bit juicy with some pre-cum on it. I pull out my hand, which has some pre-cum on my palm. Michele sees it. I lick it up. “Ok, sorry, all better.” I move closer and am now pressing against Michele a little as I try and investigate the diagrams of cunts. My hand just naturally rested on her hip. Right on her pantline. She turned slightly, then went back to the book. My thumb and forefinger are now resting on her bare skin, beneath her sweater.

“So, um. Holy shit. I mean, uh… now, she’ll be getting pretty warmed up. You’ll be tasting her juices. Have you… did you get to taste?” I slide my hand up her back a little. her skin is so soft and warm…

“Yeah. Vickie put her fingers on my lips with her juices. And I got some of Vanessa’s too. It was kind of weird, but interesting, too.”

“Well, you’ll be drenched in it. And, this is the moment of truth. She’ll know if you don’t like it or are grossed out by it. And there won’t be any cumming if you pull back and say ‘How was that?’ Stay in there. Tough it out. It’s an acquired taste. You’ll learn to like it. You’ll learn to love it. Then you’ll crave it.”

“I’m already craving it…”

“Yeah, I can see that… So now… just go exploring in there. Push your tongue in as far as you can go. Get your hands involved, too. Spread her legs, spread her lips. Work your way up here…”

“The mysterious clit.”

“Right. the magic button. The man in the boat. Sometimes direct contact with it can be fantastic, sometimes it an actually hurt the gal. You’ll have to see. It’s okay if it hurts her for a moment, just change tactics. It’s not the end of the world. Lick around the top, lick all the skin… everywhere… the exploring is the fun part. Take your time.” My hand has now slid down to her ass. I’m cupping her goddamn ass cheeks. My cock is pressing against her thigh as as she stands slightly in front me, pointing to the pussies in the book.

“At some point, though, you need to get down to work. Um… what works with me… is… oh god I didn’t think I would do this!” She blushes to a beet red.

“So you get the idea, David… I’ll see you…”

“Whoa no!”

From across the room, I get “SHHHHHuuush”-ed again.

I push Michele’s back against the stacks of books. My hands are around her waist.

“Finish it. What works for you.”

I lean into her, my cock pressing right against her crotch.

“If you take… two fingers…”

“Yes… two fingers…” I plant the tiniest of kisses on her neck. Working my way all around.

“Right… um massage the pussy with them…”

“You mean, massage your pussy, right? Not the pussy. We’re talking about what works for you.” I continue to kiss her neck. Her breathing quickens

“yes…” she whispers. “My pussy… coat your fingers with her juices. I mean, my juices. Slide up inside me… fuck me with your fingers… at the same time, you’re still licking me up a little higher, around my clitoris and… oh god David…” she moans as my cock-filled jeans press hard into her crotch and rub up and down.

“Keep going, Michele. Tell me how to eat your cunt,” She’s actually panting a little bit.

“Um… haha!… so yeah… get a rhythm going, but you can speed it up and slow it down, too. And don’t forget to look up at me once in a while.”

I pull away from her a little bit, and I look directly into her eyes.

“Yes… like that…”

I keep staring into her eyes. My hand slides down… inside her sweatpants… and panties… and I find a very hot and very wet spot. I massage the lips. “Keep going…”

“David… don’t… um… I don’t mean that… just…”

“Keep talking, tell me how to make you cum.”

“Um… you can shout out some things yourself while you’re doing this, let me know you’re enjoying this… mash your tongue onto my clit… and kind of pulse it in time with your hand strokes… keep doing that… keep doing that… yes… David!”

“SSSSHHHHHH!” from the peanut gallery. God these people should read a book or something.

I plant my lips full on her mouth so she’ll quiet down. My middle finger is up her pussy hole a little bit, (Hey, her pants and panties are still on. We’re in a library for crying out loud! Keep it down!) and my palm is pressing into her clitoris. I’m rubbing firmly, creating a rhythm, pulsing on her clit…

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