My Sister Wants to Hire Me Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 5 – Exhibitionist

It’s Friday night. This week they ate before they came over. They know there is no script for this week, it’s going to be reactionary. I am going to put my sister in a situation where people may or may not see her. My go-to for this type of stuff is lady’s night at the strip club. I tested Beth, and she has zero talent at dancing. She wasn’t just bad, she was terrible. Being Friday night, the movie theatres will be filled. The bars will be filled. Oooo, a bar.

Beth is wearing a white blouse that is too small. It wants to tear itself into strips, she has no bra on, the ladies are bouncing wildly. Then she is wearing a shorter skirt with no panties. Her long, athletic legs are on full display. I have seen shorter skirts, it’s not illegal. Bending over at the waist will put on quite the show.

Roger is in a pair of shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Nothing special about him but the shorts come off easy for a blow job. I can work with that. They know that they are drinking, so they will gain courage tonight. I am driving and will be drinking soda. They are spending the night in the basement; extra clothes are in the basement already.

The bar has a back room with some dartboards. There is a young couple back there. She is younger, he is older, and neither looks as good as Beth, and Roger. They have been drinking for a while, so they are friendly.

I ask the bartender to turn up the lights in the back a little so we can see the dartboard, she does. I buy four shots for the group. The free shots get us introductions to Mike and Gina. I am videotaping their date, I am not drinking, ignore me. They did that very well. Mike can’t keep his eyes off Beth. She loves the attention, Roger isn’t.

While Mike is concentrating on throwing his darts, I whisper into Gina’s ear, “Take off your bra.” That is the one thing she has, a nice rack of titties. Beth’s are nicer, but these aren’t bad. Gina starts to walk away; I grab her hand. She looks at me with a confused look.

I mouth to her, “In front of Mike.” Her hand goes to her face. I smile big at her. Roger saw what I did, and he gave her a thumbs up. Gail reaches into her shirt, straps go off her shoulders, she pulls her bra out and places it on the table. She looks nervous.

It’s her turn to shot, and her breasts flop around. Mike’s eyes pop out of his head.

While that is going on, I softly tell Beth, “Two buttons.”

Now it’s Beth’s turn to look shocked. She thinks for a few seconds and undoes two buttons. It’s her turn, and she throws badly. She is concerned about popping out. She almost does. Both men love it. I turn to Gina, and she is already unbuttoning two buttons. AWESOME!

Gina takes the darts from Roger and tosses them at the board. She too is terrible, same issue, concerned about her shirt. I look at Beth and hold up one finger. She seems excited but deeply concerned. She unbuttons another button.

By now, nobody is keeping score. They are watching Beth, and Gina toss darts, and then the wobbles that follow. Both men are moaning. Beth almost falls out, only part of the breasts buckles out. I go to her with two ice cubes. I place my hands that are each holding an ice cube on her nipples. I lean in and kiss her on the lips. My hands linger as I tell her, “You are fucking awesome.”

By the time I stop holding the nipple, the ice cube had melted enough. I told you she was wearing a thin white blouse. I just added water on the nipples, you can see straight through the blouse, and see the nipples, clear as day. It’s her turn to toss darts. On stepping up to the line, she smiles because both men and standing, unable to move. Mouths open, and drool spilling out.

Beth throws hard, and the breasts almost fall out again. It sure was a sight to see them wobble. Oh my, those nipples! My cock is hard, I am ready to fuck my sister. I see Gina take the darts, and then throw them at the board. She has undone two more buttons; the breasts swing around freely. Oh my.

I look over, and Beth has no buttons anymore. Her shirt flutters open and then closed as she walks. At throwing the darts, her body sways from the weight of the breasts moving around. She is no longer embarrassed; she is having fun.

I take the darts and then say with a big smile on my face, “Here is $20 for each of you. I want each of you to buy two more drinks for you, and your man. Then. I want each of you to convince a man to buy you two or more shots.”

Beth is first to object, “No way! I can’t short my boobies to strangers. That’s going too far.”

Gina saves me, “With as old as you are, you probably couldn’t get a shot anyways.”

She winks at me and grabs the $20 from my hand. Beth is furious, she angrily grabs the money from my hand and stomps over to the bartender.

Gina etiler otele gelen escort easily coaxes a man to buy two shots for her by letting a guy touch her tits. Beth walks up to a pair of older men in suits.

Beth asks the guys, “Are these worth four shots?” At the same time, she fully opens her shirt. Both men yell to the bartender, “Four shots of Crown Royal, please.” One of the men stumbles and drops his cigarettes. I run to get behind them.

Beth puts up a finger saying, “One second.”

She kicks the cigarettes out a few feet, so they are out in the open. Beth slowly widens her feet and then bends at the waist to pick up the pack. She is slow and purposeful. All of the men are straining their necks and have stopped breathing. Slowly the skirt rides up, and up. I can now see the bottom of her pussy lips. The skirt is still riding up.

Beth reaches down to pick up the pack, and then while her opposite hand is in the air for balance, she uses a finger to bring up the skirt and then inserts a finger into her pussy. They all said something, most said, “fuck me.” She stands up, smiles, and hands back the pack. She picks up a tray of shots and walks back to the back room. Every man follows her.

I yell out, “If anyone steps into the back room, we are all leaving. It’s a private party.”

Most of the men walk back to their tables. Several linger to watch. As I walk past Beth, I help her slip out of her shirt. It didn’t bother her at all. She acted like we just walked into the place. Mike took Gina’s shirt off. Wow, nice breasts. I clear my throat; they are all looking at me.

I smile, pause, and then say, “Drink up your shots. I move three shots from Beth’s tray to Mike and Gina. They drink, eyes tear up, and then shot glass goes down. After the girls drank two, and the guys drank three, they are all feeling wonderful.

I say clearly to the group, “Ok, time to make this interesting. You will play 301, and the loser’s woman loses her pants. Next loss and the woman is spit-roasted. Before we start, Mike, give me your car keys. You are in no condition to drive. I will get an Uber for you.” He eagerly hands over his keys.

301 is a game where you alternate partners throwing darts for points. Each score deducts points from 301. The key is that you must end up with precisely zero. You lose your turn if you go over. Example, they are at 12 points. If they hit a 19, turn over.

Roger and Beth hit several triples and are at 6 points in just two turns. Mike and Gina are at 216 still. Beth and Roger hit two ones but end up losing to Roger, and Gina. They high five each other. Beth looks at the men staring at her, turns around, and slowly lets her skirt fall to the floor. Is she nervous?

The next game is very close all the way to the end. I don’t think Mike was trying too hard, Gina is having a hard time hitting the floor. She is wasted but pleased. Beth hits the 13 that they need and win the game.

Mike pushes Gina’s shorts, and panties down, so she is buck ass naked like Beth is. Everyone looks to be feeling great. Mike stands up, takes the darts, and throws a bullseye, a triple 20, and then a triple 19. Roger scores 23. Gina throws a triple 19, triple 19, and then a 20, they win, and Beth hasn’t even touched a dart. They look stunned.

Mike smiles, “We are world champions, and the line is too close. We really are drunk as skunks, however, we are used to drinking, and throwing, we get better as the night goes on. You guys were a blast. It was an unfair bet; you don’t have to spit roast her.”

Beth smiles at Mike, walks her fingers up his chest to his mouth, and then puts her finger to his lips, effectively telling him to shut up.

Beth looks at Gina and says words so cryptic, I am sure she is drunk off her ass, “You will understand.”

Understand what? She didn’t say anything. Beth bends her legs, widens her stance, and then grabs me. Roger’s pants and boxers are around his ankles. He thrusts up into my sister, forcing her body to jump into me. She yanks down my pants, and boxers, and grabs my meat.

Several people, including Gina, says, “Woah.” That is awesome on the ego.

She starts sucking me much faster than Roger is fucking. I don’t mind, but I don’t understand her. She is using her hands in a pattern and sucking me as hard as she can. Fuck me, she wants to get me off quickly so she can try another. I wonder how Roger will receive that.

I say softly to Beth, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

I help her out, I don’t hold back. When the feeling starts, I don’t do anything to hold back. I give it to her and let her suck me dry as I pound her oral cavity. As soon as I am done, and cleaned off, Beth reaches for Mike. She tugs on his cock and starts sucking it with less enthusiasm.

I walk to Gina, who looks bored and give her a suggestion in her ear. She gives me a look of shock. I can see her thinking about it as she watches her boyfriend blow another guy. etiler rus escort That did it, she walks behind Roger, and pushes his ass down. He widens his stance. Oh wow, he is in for a hell of a surprise.

I must get this on film, ok, it’s not film, but the phrase works. Gail squats down and puts her nose right up into Rogers ass. He releases a deep moan. Gail uses both hands to hold his cheeks wide as her tongue slips into his rosebud. She licks him good, causing him to prematurely orgasm. Only two minutes of ass licking, and he couldn’t hold it anymore. He blows his load into Beth. She is still going so I insert myself into Beth, and now she can barely concentrate on Mike.

I spank her ass, and she resumes her skills on Mike. It takes no time for him to spew his load down her throat. I stop my fucking; this isn’t about me. While I am ordering an Uber for our friends, Beth and Roger sit on the stools and wait. They are done, and Roger is not happy. We hug Mike and Gina; I make sure they get in the car and hand the driver their keys.

I take Beth, and Roger by the waist, and we walk out of the bar. They have their clothes, and both are buck naked walking on the street at 2 AM with cars passing on the busy street. They are by the van’s door when I stop.

I ask Roger, “Is there a problem?”

He is near tears, “She sucked his cock. We never agreed to do that.”

I ask Beth, “Care to explain yourself?”

Beth is shy, “It has been a fantasy I wanted. It was there, I am drunk, I took it. I am sorry.”

She drops her head in shame. I have seen this before.

I gave them explicit instructions, “Roger, she is in the wrong, and I find in your favor. When we get home, I will announce the sentence. For now, until we get home, you can do anything you want to her. I suggest you start in the back of the van.”

On the way home, it was deafening in my van. I couldn’t see much, but Beth screamed out several orgasms, and I know Roger got one as well. We get out of the van; they are both naked still and don’t seem to care.

I bring them to the basement and grab my old camera, tripod, a hand cam, some rope, a ball gag, and the collar with a dog leash. I put them in a box for Roger.

I say in a cold voice, “Beth. You disrespected your husband, you performed unauthorized sex. For that offense, a class 2 fetish, you are being sentenced to three consecutive days as a slave. Roger, you will record the punishment for the court. I need proof it happened. You can do anything you want.”

Beth tries hard not to smile.

I am still cold, “This court is done. You may go to bed now. Beth, I expect eggs, and sausage with toast tomorrow morning.”


The next morning there is a knock on my bedroom door.

I yell, “Come on in, it’s safe.”

A shy Roger comes in and sits n the edge of the bed. He composes himself for a moment.

He finally says timidly, “You saved our marriage yesterday.”

That’s it. He doesn’t expound or tell me how. It’s ok, I have a pretty good idea why.

I try to cheer him up, “She was pretty drunk last night. I can’t believe she does that with you around without that many drinks in her. She truly loves you. I only see a small part of it. Look at the DVD’s, you see it there. She plasters her love for you all over the screen. Don’t be too hard on her, she is a woman, they’re not like us. They are emotional creatures.

“It’s not like we haven’t fucked up a time or two in our lives either. I just did it when you two weren’t around. I would have deserved two weeks! Enjoy your three days and make her pay for it. However, she is still my sister, so I also must tell you to take it easy on her.

“When we left here yesterday, did you expect Beth to be topless in a bar, have her tits hanging out, and being spit-roasted? I sure as hell didn’t. With the camera going, people do stupid shit. It has happened several times before, that’s why I know exactly what to do. Only recently have I had people record the stuff. The footage is amazingly creative.”

I see my sister in the doorway. I wink at her, and she runs away.

Roger asks me, “She was listening to me, right? Worried I might hurt you for last night?”

I try to look guilty, “DUH! Look at what I made your wife do? Fuck yeah, I am worried.”

Roger laughs at me, “Dude, after our nights we have awesome sex for two days, then for another two when the DVD comes, and then another two if she wakes up with you in the morning. Zero when I woke up with you, I think we will skip that. It was funny as hell, but I prefer my wife, thank you. Let’s go get some breakfast, we have shopping to do today. I want to eat this week.”


Sunday morning, Beth is back in bed with me.

Beth is sleepy, “Roger is out playing golf, and I am sure he is bragging about our Friday. Boy did I fuck up big time. I had no idea what I was doing, and no clue how he felt. I missed everything. I am sorry for making you deal with it. I am also etiler türbanlı escort sorry for not draining you last night.

“After watching all the naked body parts, and then being sucked off, I should have finished you off, so you didn’t suffer. You have been amazing. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us. You can take this as a thank you, a tip, or just the fact that I need big meat. However you look at it, I want you fucking me hard, and fast. I am in doggie, come get me.”

I don’t need to be asked twice. I was tired and am still horny after last night. I can see in my mind, her nipples through the shirt. White shorts will forever make me hard now. She is naked and excited; this will be quick. I start at a decent pace; I need to limber up and get the muscles moving.

After a few minutes of long stroke fucking to get her in the mood, I suddenly move to my fastest speed. I try to add anger, like the look of Roger when she went after Mike’s cock. That allows me to pull harder and push harder. I am now a man possessed. I am forcibly pulling her into my cock, and then pushing her away. We make a popping sound as our bodies slam into her other. My balls are swinging wildly, and I feel terrific. I am gaining energy as I fuck faster. This has never happened before. I find that I can go even quicker.

I grab her skull, slide up my hand, so the hair slides through my fingers until I make a fist, and pull up on the hair. Her head, neck, and body follow. Her chest is bowed, and out on display for all to see. Like last night, her breasts are swinging away and flopping around. It’s a glorious sight.

I can’t stand it anymore, I use all my strength to thrust, and hold my cock into her body, moving her entire body. I shoot my first rope of cum and scream. On my second hard thrust, Beth screams louder, and longer. She grunts through the orgasm and has control of her body. She is excited and enjoying the fucking, I am giving her. She rolls over, hand over pussy, not letting any swimmers escape.

I laugh as I walk into the shower.

Chapter 6 – Group Sex

Tonight, we are back on script. I don’t like this script. For group sex, I wanted them to get a friend, they both insisted it had to be me. I am playing Theo, Roger’s best friend.

I am in bed, naked, with a naked Beth. She is mounted on my cock and is bending over, kissing me much differently than a brother, and sister should. Beth is moaning softly; she loves my cock. The bedroom door flies open, banging into the wall.

Roger starts with a loud voice, and it quickly trails off, “Hi honey, I am …” Now Roger is booming, and pissed, “I am home early God damn it. Theo, what the fuck! My best friend? Gwen? After all we have been through? How could you? Dammit, you two!”

His hands are upon his head, and he is walking back and forth quickly. Soon he has an idea. Fuck, he is breaking from the script. What is he doing? I hear a pump. No, no, no, too soon!

Roger is a man possessed; he ignores us. He lubes up, and quickly he sticks his cock into Beth as she is cowgirl on me. He pushes her forward, onto my chest. Then she shoves his cock into Beth’s rectum, forcing her to scream out, and then she moans followed by grunting.

She is full of sweat, she can’t fuck me anymore, I need to start working. It’s hard, Roger is thrusting hard into her. He looks different, he may be mad at her. I have never seen this before. This might be bad.

Roger is fucking her hard, I can feel her body jumping each time he slams into her. I start my fucking since she can’t move. Like I said, it’s not easy, but I need to fuck her. Beth, for her part, is literally going crazy. She screams, then moans, and then grunts a few times. She has no idea what she wants to do. I doubt she can even move.

I yell out, “FREEZE!”

Roger, and I freeze. Beth wobbles on us. She is enjoying an orgasm, I can feel ripples washing over her body.

I say out loud, “Damn, can you feel that orgasm washing over her body?”

Roger sounds excited, that relieves me. I thought he got jealous and lost his mind.

Roger continues, “I can’t believe you fucked my wife. We have been best friends since grade school.”

He is back on script. No kidding, I thought it would be all ad-lib from here on out.

I try to look sheepish, “We are best friends. You just have a smoking hot wife and were supposed to be out of town. She has, I mean had needs. I thought it’s better me than some stranger down at a bar.”

Roger chuckles, “Oh geez, way to step it up for me. We also cleared up several fantasies for her. She wanted to try group sex and a big black cock. Ok, she really doesn’t care what color is it, she wanted a big cock. I know you’re hung like a bull, you fucking porn star freak. She doesn’t like anal; it was awesome to take her like that. Although I think she enjoyed it a bit as well. We will have to try this out more. She never let me take her anally before.

“I have never seen a real male-male-female before. Wow, she is gone. We fucked the life out of her. My view was awesome. However, for the next year, you are buying when we go out. You fucked my WIFE! I should kill you.”

I laugh at him, “You need me to keep you out of trouble, to flirt at work, and to double penetrate your awesome wife. I have done group sex, and swinger clubs, she is amazing.”

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