My Son, My Lover Ch. 06

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Public Sex

Dinner was ready when Drew finally returned, he kissed me when he came in the room, a real kiss, we were both gasping when we finally separated. “Hold on, Drew, lets wait until after we eat.” Drew grinned and said he was starving, then he went and sat down at the table, in his fathers place.

It was a good meal, at least I think it was, all I could do was think about the possibility of being pregnant with my sons baby, and trying to work out how I was going to tell Drew. And Drew? Well he seemed to be enjoying his meal. Finally we finished. We sat quietly for a while, then Drew asked what was for dessert, I’d completely forgotten to make a dessert! I told him I was sorry, he said not to worry he’d make do. When I asked him what he meant my son stood, and came around to my chair. Wondering what he was up to, I found myself pulled to my feet, and into his arms. He kissed me, then reached down, running his hand up my leg to rest on my pussy, once there he gently rubbed the crotch of my panties against my labia, before saying, “This is the dessert I want, Mom.” Before I could say anything, he pushed my plate away, picked me up and sat me down on the table, then he reached under my skirt and started to pull my panties down, I quickly lifted myself a bit off the table so he could get them off. As he pulled them down my legs I let myself back down to the table, it felt cool on my bare butt. Drew pulled my panties over my feet, then he began running his hands up the insides of my legs, pushing them apart as he moved higher. When he reached my skirt he flipped it up onto my belly exposing my pussy, saying, “Mmm, that looks delicious.” Drew sat down on my chair, pulling it up to the table between my now widely spread legs, then he lifted my legs over his shoulders. Suddenly he pulled back and stood up. Startled, I asked him what was the matter. He just said that he had an idea. He went to the fridge and fished around for a moment or two, then he returned to the table and sat down again. It was then that I saw what he had gotten out of the fridge, a can of whipped cream! Drew vigorously shook the can, then said, “Now, where were we?”

First, Drew began to apply the cream, I shivered involuntarily when I felt the cold cream coat my pussy. He didn’t just cover my pussy, he covered my lower belly as well. When he was satisfied he put the can down and hooked my legs over again. Then he bent down and began to lick up the cream, avoiding my pussy he worked his way around my stomach. The feeling of my sons tongue licking me had me arching my back, presenting my pussy, which he ignored, much to my frustration, until there was no other cream left. Then he pulled back, “That was great, I think I’m full now.”

Realising he was teasing me I arched my back even more, and, crossing my legs behind his head pulled his face down into my pussy, once his mouth touched my cream covered slit he dove in and began to lick me clean. His tongue made long, firm strokes first up one side, revealing one of my labia, then down the other, revealing the other. Then Drew ran his tongue up the slit between, I jerked when I felt him pushing between my lips, then again, when, at the top of my pussy he touched my clit, I couldn’t help moaning when he did. Quickly looking up Drew realised that he had done something very right, he tentatively repeated his action, again drawing the same reaction. I hoped he’d continue, but he didn’t, instead he reached up and using his fingers separated my labia, exposing my inner tissues to the action of his tongue, and releasing more of my juices which were already coating my upper thighs, and his face.

My son dove right back in, his tongue almost caressing my pussy, lapping lightly around the opening entrance to my vagina, occasionally darting his tongue inside, circling my vaginal wall, it was great, but I wanted more, so I told him to go higher. He’s such a good boy, doing what his mother asks. He easily found my prominent clit, first he lightly flicked it with his tongue, sending electricity shooting through my body, then he took my clit between his lips and began to suck on it while rubbing his tongue rapidly back and forth on it. It was too much. My orgasm struck, waves of pleasure şişhane escort radiated out as I collapsed gasping.

When I finally came back to myself again I realised that Drew was still lightly licking my pussy, I also realised that I wanted more, I wanted him in me. I had meant to talk to him about me possibly being pregnant before we fucked again, but I was just too turned on to wait, I decided I’d talk to him after we finished, this time, for sure. Besides, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d have one more chance to get pregnant before I’d let Drew decide if he wanted his mother to have his baby. To decide, if I wasn’t already carrying his child, if he wanted to deliberately try to get his mother pregnant, or if he would start using condoms, like his father. God, I hoped he’d want to make me pregnant, still I’d have this one last chance to get pregnant ‘accidentally’. I wanted another load of his sperm in my womb, just in case.

I pushed Drew back, slipping my legs off his shoulders as I did so, then I quickly swung myself to the floor. Once off the table I turned around and leaned over it, then reaching back, I raised the back of my skirt, hooking the hem in my waistband, leaving my butt uncovered. When that was done I spread my legs exposing my pussy, looking back over my shoulder at Drew I asked him if seeing my cunt was giving him any ideas. He nodded. I just said, “Good, now why don’t you drop your pants and stick your cock into me, my cunt needs it, I need it, now!”

Within seconds Drew was stepping out of his pants and shorts, his cock bobbing wildly, I know it was only because he’d just yanked his underwear off, but to me it looked like it was eager to enter my pussy. I know I was eager to have it inside me again, and, as my son stepped forward I knew I’d get my wish.

As he moved into position behind me I felt Drews cock slide down the crease of my ass as he guided it into my crotch where he rubbed it back and forth between my labia. I reached down between my legs, grasped his cock and guided it into my slit, positioning him at my entrance, it was all the help he needed. Once Drew felt the head touch my vaginal opening he pushed forward, his cock entered my vagina and drove deep into my body. I hadn’t had time to release his cock before he began penetrating me, so I felt his shaft sliding through my hand as he entered me, I loved the feel of that powerful mass, I kept my hand in position until I felt his balls touch my fingers and I had to remove my hand so I could get all of my sons wonderful penis inside me. Once Drew felt his balls touch my pussy lips he slowly pulled back, he pulled back a little too far and his cock slipped out of me, I quickly guided him back in. For the first few minutes of his slow fucking I kept my hand ready but he’d learned from his mistake and didn’t pull back too far again.

When he was more confident, more comfortable with our new position, Drew began to accelerate his pace, I began to bounce around which upset our rhythm. I quickly reached across the table and grabbed the edge with both hands to stabilise us, Drew had also acted, he grasped my hips, holding me firmly as he drove in and out of my body. I loved the feel of his cock surging through my vagina, deeper and deeper, almost into my womb, the womb he’d grown in, the womb I wanted him to fill with new life. God, I wanted his baby, growing in my body, swelling my belly, I wanted his sperm as deep in me as it could be, fertilising my egg. I moaned with the excitement I was feeling, with the climax that was coming. Suddenly Drew released my hips and moved his hands up to my breasts, cupping and squeezing them, I just moaned again, as the extra stimulation shot through me, driving me closer to my orgasm.

Drew was obviously enjoying playing with my breasts, but as it proved he wasn’t happy to have my clothes in the way. He released my breasts and moved his hands to my buttons, but he couldn’t wait to undo them. Instead he worked his fingers into the gap between the sides of my blouse, then he just pulled. The buttons of my blouse sprayed over the table top as my son ripped my blouse open, I hadn’t worn a bra, now my naked breasts were his for şişli anal yapan escort the taking. And he took, boy did he take. His hands were all over me again, almost mauling my breasts in his excitement. Then his fingers found my nipples, and he squeezed. That was it, waves of pleasure and I must admit, a little pain, shot through my body as I came. Realising what was happening, Drew released my throbbing tits and grabbed my hips again, driving himself into me faster and faster as he approached his climax. I could feel his cock as he drove on, using my now unresisting body as he wanted, I loved the power of his strokes, the assertiveness with which he used me for his pleasure. I was his, and he knew it. I think his climax took him by surprise, the head of his cock was only just inside my pussy when the first spurt of cum erupted from it, he quickly drove as deep as he could and held still as spurt after spurt decorated my vagina and womb, I came again, just the knowledge my son was releasing another load of sperm in my fertile womb was too much for me. Drew slumped down over my back as he emptied his balls into my depths, he began kissing the back of my neck as he rested on me. I turned my head and our lips met, we kissed, not a passionate kiss, a very loving, gentle kiss, my heart melted as I felt my sons love for me in that kiss, a love I returned. As his last spurts were released from his cock he began to move in me again, gently, slowly, moving further out each time until finally his softening cock slipped out of me. I hated to feel his cock leave my body, if I could have my way I’d want my son inside me all the time, I knew it was impossible, and ridiculous, but it would be wonderful. Still, I knew he’d want to fuck me anytime I’d let him, and that would be anytime he wanted, anytime, anywhere. Drew turned me toward him, pulling me into his arms, renewing his kiss.

It was time for me to tell him about the possibility of me being pregnant, but not here, not in the kitchen. “Drew, take me to bed.” I told him, he smiled at me, swept me into his arms and carried me to my room.

Once we got to my room Drew set me down, I pulled off my ruined blouse and looked at it, shaking my head. “It was such a nice blouse.” I said

Drew paused removing his shirt, “Sorry, Mom. I was just so turned on, I needed to get to your naked breasts, feeling them through your top wasn’t enough.”

I just smiled at him as I climbed into bed, “It’s okay, baby, I’m glad I excited you that much.”

“You always do, Mom, you always do.” Drew said as he finished removing his shirt and joined me, taking me in his arms again, and lightly kissing me.

I could feel his cock hardening, and I knew he’d soon be ready to go again. I had to talk to him now, while I still had the chance, and the will power. I pulled away from him, and Drew looked at me in surprise. “I want to talk to you about something first, Drew.” Drew leaned back and motioned for me to go on. Taking a deep breath I began. “Drew, I wasn’t expecting to have sex this weekend, what with your father being away, what happened between us kind of took me by surprise, a very pleasant surprise. Still I wasn’t thinking I was just swept along by my arousal, and I loved every minute. After you left I realised that you hadn’t worn a condom.”

“Sorry, Mom. I didn’t think either, it all happened so fast.”

“I know, baby, I know. The thing is, condoms are the only form of birth control your father and I use, I can’t take the pill. So, when we made love, I had no protection, and I’m in the worst part of my cycle.”

Drew tensed, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes, Drew, I am. There’s a very good chance, with all the sperm you’ve shot into me, that I’m pregnant. That I’ve got your baby growing in my womb right now.”

Drew reached out, lightly touching my stomach, “You might have my baby in here, mom? Are you sure?”

“No, not yet, but I think that there is a very good chance. And if not yet, if we keep making love like we have been, I’d say it would be almost a certainty.”

“Do you want us to stop having sex, mom, until you find out?”

Now was şişli bdsm escort the opportunity for me to make my move. “There’s no need to stop, Drew. If you don’t want me to have your baby you only have to start using condoms.”

“If I don’t want you to have my baby? Mom, do you want me to make you pregnant?”

“Not if you don’t want to, unless you already have knocked me up, in that case there’s no choice. I’d love to have your baby, but only if you want me to. If you don’t, and I’m not pregnant, then we’ll just have to get you some condoms. Its up to you.”

“Mom, I’d love it, to see your belly swelling with my baby, to know that the new life you were carrying was created between us. I’ve never thought of it before, but now that I have, the thought of making my own mother pregnant turns me on like nothing else ever has before. I want you to have my baby, how long will it be before we know if you are?”

I laughed, relieved, “It’ll be a while yet, but we can keep trying while we’re waiting if you like.” Looking down, I saw his cock was fully erect. “I see you like. Do you want to stick your big cock back in your mothers cunt and plant a baby in her belly?”

“You’re damn right I do.” Drew replied as he took me in his arms again and pushed me onto my back. He reached down between my legs, finding that my pussy was still wet and stimulated from both our last lovemaking and our conversation, he spread my legs as wide as he could, moved into position and mounted me. He guided his cock into my slit and slid slowly into me until we were fully joined. “I love you mom, I want you to have my baby, I want you to have my babies, as many as we can.” He said, “I can’t wait to watch your belly swell with my baby. Just think, mom, everyone will see you’re pregnant and think its dads baby in you stomach, they won’t know that you’ve cheated on dad with your own son. That its your sons baby you’re carrying.”

“God, yes, Drew. I want it so bad, I want you’re baby growing inside me.”

“Your wish is my command, mom.” Drew said, as he slowly started to work his cock in and out of my pussy. “I’m going to put all my sperm as deep in you as I can, I’m going to plant my baby in your womb.” I hooked my legs around his, holding him tightly to me as he began to drive into me harder and faster. “I’m going to give my mother a baby.” Drew gasped, obviously speaking more to himself than me. “My mother is going to have my baby.” Just hearing my son say that was such a turn on to me. “Yes, Drew.” I whispered in his ear. “I want to have your baby, give me a baby. Make me pregnant, fill my belly with your child.”

“I will, Mom.” Drew said between kisses as he worked his cock inside me, moving us towards our climax. “I’m going to give you a baby now, and I’ll give you another one later.” I could tell that it was almost time. “Yes, Drew, yes. I want you to keep me pregnant, I want to have your children, as many as we can.” Suddenly Drew stiffened, driving deep one final time as he unleashed his sperm into my receptive, if not already pregnant, womb. I came with the thought that my son was deliberately trying to make me pregnant.

When my breathing calmed down I asked Drew to get off me, as he pulled his softening cock out of my very satisfied pussy I explained. “I want to give your load the best chance to fertilise my egg.” I reached over and got a pillow which I worked under my hips to elevate them. “This way your sperm will trickle further into me instead of coming out.”

“I understand, mom. Is there anything I can do to help?” I laughed, “You’ve already done your part, Drew. Just think, your sperm are swimming through my body, searching for my egg, and if they find it they will create our baby.”

“It might be happening right now, Mom.” He said as he placed his hand on my belly. “You might already be pregnant with our first baby, with your first grandchild. Just think, you will be the mother of your grandchildren, and I’ll be their uncle as well as their father.”

We lay there talking for about half an hour or so, making plans for the rest of the week, and for after Mike and Ronnie returned, we decided we’d make the most of the time we had we had until they came back. Finally we got ready for bed, still naked. As I was brushing my teeth I noticed very little sperm was coming out of my pussy, good, I thought, it’s staying where I need it. When I finished I went back to bed, and fell asleep in my naked sons arms, right where I belonged.

To be continued.

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