My Visit to Dad Ch. 2

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I woke up about 4am, I was alone, slipping on a robe I went downstairs and found dad in the kitchen sat at the table, there was a half finished bottle of whisky there, “Dad, what’s wrong? Couldn’t you sleep?” I asked.

Not looking at me he answered, “What we did Jessie…it was wrong, I shouldn’t have let it happen, I’m your dad, I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you, I’ve been sat here, thinking that you will probably hate me now, oh I’m so sorry Jessie, I’m so sorry!”

I went over to him, pulled up a chair and sat next to him, I took hold of his hand, “Look dad, we should get this sorted out once and for all, what we did dad…well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, I’m glad it happened, sure – I don’t suppose there are many women who have sex with their dads but I can’t really see the big deal, we both knew what we were doing, you didn’t force me, we are both adults…can you tell me you didn’t enjoy it dad, can you honestly tell me you are really sorry it happened? I don’t hate you, I love you dad, I love you so much!”

“You mean that Jessie, you still love me…I was so worried” he squeezed my hand tight, “Last night was the best thing that has happened to me since your mom died Jessie” I stood up, “C’mon dad, lets go back to bed” We went upstairs, “Do you want me to sleep with you dad?” I asked.

“Yes please Jessie, I would like that very much” he replied. We went to sleep with dad cuddled tight into my back, his arm over me gently cupping on my tits. The next day dad seemed more relaxed, more happy, he took me down to the river and we fished, I actually caught my first fish which dad said he would prepare for dinner, that night I suggested going into town on Saturday, having dinner.

“I’m sorry Jessie but Saturday is my poker night, I meet up with a few guys and this week is my turn to have them over here, I could cancel if you wanted” he said, “No, you go ahead dad, I know, I’ll go into town anyway, I need to get a few things and I’ll take in a movie, you have a good time with your buddies” I told him. For the next two nights I slept alone in my bed, I didn’t want to pressure him, I wanted him to make the next move, of course I showed him my intentions by wearing skimpy clothes etc. around the house.

I teased him, flirted, then on Saturday afternoon I drove into town telling dad I would be home around 10pm, my first stop was to buy some sexy underwear and I wanted a new dress, afterwards I had a burger and after going to the cinema I stopped off and had a drink. When I got home dad was with his three buddies playing cards, dad introduced me to them, they were all about the same age as dad, if anything a couple were a bit older, I fetched them beers and some snacks before telling dad I was going up to have a bath and then I would be going to bed, “Why don’t you join us for a few hands?” dad asked.

“No, not tonight dad” I told him, “Maybe some other time, I’m a bit tired” I said. I had a nice long soak, I shaved my pussy making it very smooth, then unpacking the bags I got dressed in my new underwear, I bought a black half cup bra, it lifted my tits – if anything making them look even bigger, the top half were totally exposed, my nipples stood out hard, I did not bother with panties and put on my suspender belt and black stockings, the dress was very short and very low cut, my nipples were almost poking out over the top and my stocking tops could easily be seen, I fixed my hair and makeup, stood back and looked at myself in the mirror – just the right look I thought, sexy, tarty, If dad doesn’t get a hard on seeing this nothing would do it.

I waited upstairs till I heard car doors slamming and driving off, then went down, “What do you think dad? Do you like the way I look?” I asked, walking over to him, dad was speechless, he just stared, “Oh Jessie…does this mean?”

“Yes dad, I want you to make love to me tonight, do you want that dad?” He reached out, his arms went around my waist and he pulled me tight against his body, we kissed passionately, deeply, I could feel his dick getting bigger and ground my pelvis into him, he cupped my tits over my dress, then scooping one of my tits out went down and started to suck deep on my nipple, his other hand went to my smooth pussy and he started to finger my wet cunt, I sunk down to the floor and lay there with my legs wide open, one tit out of my dress which was up around my waist, dad quickly stripped off his clothes, “Play with my pussy dad, lick it, suck it, finger my cunt” I asked.

I felt his tongue lick along the length of my pussy, it darted in to my cunt, then his fingers slid in, filling me up, he licked around my ass hole which caused me to moan out loud, “You like that Jessie? You like getting your ass fucked?” he asked.

“Yes dad, I love it, I love getting fucked in my ass, make it wet dad, finger it first” I told him, he fingered both my cunt and ass at the same time, “Turn around dad, let me suck your dick while you play with me” We got into the 69 position, I took the full length of his dick down bahçelievler escort my throat, I played with his balls as he continued to finger and lick at my cunt and ass hole. It was probably because of the noise I was making that we didn’t hear Frank, one of dads card buddies enter the room, the first we were aware of his presence was when he ‘politely’ coughed – how long he had been standing there watching us – who knows?

“Frank! What the hell are you doing back here?” dad asked, jumping up and quickly getting into his pants, me, I just lay there, he had seen all of me by now anyway, I didn’t give a fuck!

“I’m sorry Pete, the door was open, the lights were on, I called out – I left my glasses behind, If I knew what was going on I wouldn’t have disturbed you”

“You had no right just coming in Frank, if you say a word about this to anyone – I’ll kill you Frank, I swear to god I’ll kill you!” Frank couldn’t take his eyes off me.

“Look Pete, what you get up to is no business of mine, I won’t tell a soul Pete, I promise, is this really your daughter?”

I got up. “Yes Frank, I am his daughter!” I walked over to him, my tit was still out of my dress, I reached out and cupped my hand over the bulge in his trousers which made him gasp, “Jessie, what are you doing?” dad asked, “It’s ok dad, I think Frank here could do with some help with this hard on he’s got, “How about it Frank? Do you want me to take care of it for you?” I asked, unzipping his trousers I reached inside and grabbed hold of his semi hard dick, he looked over to dad.

“Is it ok with you Pete?” he asked, dad didn’t answer, as I started to play with Franks dick I saw him step out of his pants and start to wank on his own dick.

“Come here and suck on my tits dad” I said, dad came to me, slipping the straps over my shoulders my dress fell to the floor, he sucked and squeezed my tits as I wanked Franks now very hard dick, if anything it was bigger and fatter than dads, it was very knobbly and full of prominent veins, “How about getting your clothes off Frank?” I told him, soon he too was naked like dad, me I still had on my bra, stockings and suspenders although my tits were both out on display to them. I knelt in front of both of them, taking hold of their dicks I started to suck them in turn, sucking deep on one, wanking and playing with the other, I managed to get both their tips into my mouth at the same time, I would have liked to have taken more in but they were too big!

They played with a tit each, squeezing, pinching and tugging at my nipples, Frank seemed to enjoy the deep throat blow job he was receiving, he caught hold of my head with his big hands and tried to fuck my throat – I wasn’t complaining, after initially gagging a bit I managed to get his entire length into my mouth. Later I lay back on to the floor, Frank took up position between my legs and licked and fingered my cunt while dad knelt at my head and I continued to suck him off while he played with my tits. “I need fucking!” I told them, Frank didn’t waste any time and plunged his dick into me causing me to scream out with the immense pleasure I felt, he pumped his dick into my cunt, hard and deep as I asked him to do, they swapped around, I licked my juices and pre cum from Frank while dad took his turn at fucking me.

Frank was first to shoot out his stream of hot spunk, I felt his dick twitching and throbbing just before it spurted into my mouth, he pulled out and shot the rest over my face then using his dick he smeared it around, dad lunged deep into my cunt and unloaded his hot cum. It took me thirty minutes of playing around with them before they were hard again, this time whilst straddling Frank and bobbing up and down on his dick dad gently slid his dick into my ass hole – something I had never experienced before, a double fucking by two guys, again I screamed out loudly with the pleasure I was getting, they fucked me for what seemed like ages before they again spunked in me and over me, that was it for them, both admitting – to my disappointment, they couldn’t carry on any longer.

Before leaving Frank promised dad again he would keep quiet about what had happened but not before he got an open invitation to call back and visit whenever he wanted, I slept with dad again that night, dad was too tired to have sex again but cuddled and held me close as we both fell asleep. Next morning over breakfast I revealed to dad that one of my fantasies had been to be fucked by two men, “Well, did it come up to your expectations, fulfilling your fantasy?” he joked.

I told him it was great, “Do you want to know another fantasy dad?” I asked.

“Sure, tell me” dad replied.

“To be fucked by a group of men, just me and say…four guys, just like the four of you here last night, four randy old men, four men who probably haven’t had sex for ages, four men fucking my cunt, ass hole and mouth all at the same time, then cumming all over me” as I was telling him this I played with my pussy bahçeşehir escort with one hand and with my tits with the other.

I looked dad in the eyes as I talked, I could see he was getting interested again, “You’re not serious Jessie, Are You?”

“Oh I’m serious alright dad, how about you? Do you think you would enjoy seeing your daughter get fucked that way?”

“You sure are one helluva sexy, dirty minded woman Jessie, any more fantasies you want to tell me about?” he laughed. He did as I asked him and invited the guys back the following Saturday.

Frank apparently asked dad if he could stay behind afterwards for some ‘fun’, dad didn’t let on anything to him, I heard him tell him that he would ask me if it would be ok. Throughout the rest of the week I dressed to tease dad around the house, I never wore underwear, just loose shirts that would gape open revealing my tits, short skirts that would show my ass and pussy, dad never asked for sex so I didn’t pressure him, he seemed content to be able to see me dressed this way, I guess he was saving himself for what would happen on Saturday, I must admit there were times when I craved sex, luckily for me I packed my vibrator so I could at least get some relief.

Dad wanted to know what I had planned for Saturday, I just told him he would have to wait and see, to be truthful I didn’t really have a plan, I just knew that if I handed sex to four guys they would have a hard time refusing me! I spent most of Saturday afternoon preparing myself, I wanted to make myself look as sexy as I could, I had been shopping again and bought myself some very sexy clothes from a specialist shop I had found, if anything I might have overdone the makeup, my lips were bright red, I had applied eye shadow, my hair looked good, I nervously waited. I heard the doorbell ring, I heard voices downstairs, I gave them thirty minutes and went down.

The dress I wore was basically nothing more than a long vest, it was black and totally see through, it almost came down to my stocking tops, again I didn’t wear panties, I opted for my half cup bra again as this made my tits look really great, the dress was so low cut (thanks to a bit of alteration from me) that my nipples were only just covered, I wore stockings and suspenders. I didn’t want to look too brash so before I went down I put on a long silky dressing gown, the guys all greeted me, “Anyone fancy a beer?” I asked.

I fetched the beers along with a couple of bottles of whisky and sat with them at the table, “Can we deal you in Jessie” dad asked.

“Oh, I don’t know dad, I’m not very good at cards, you four will probably take me for everything I’ve got, anyway – what are the stakes you guys play for?” I joked.

“Don’t worry Jessie, we only play small time here” Frank assured me, the others agreed with him.

“Ok, you can deal me in, but first I want your opinion of something” I said.

“What’s that then Jessie?” dad asked.

“Well… you guys being men of the world, it’s just that I’ve bought a dress, it’s going to be a sort of ‘welcome home’ present for my husband when he returns from abroad, I would really like your opinions of it, tell me if it’s…you know – Sexy!”

There were murmurs of ‘Yeah, Sure we will, etc. I stood back from them and slowly untied the belt of my robe, seductively and slowly took it off, “Wow! – Jesus Christ! – If that ain’t the sexiest dress I’ve seen! – You look great!

They shouted out, they stood trying to get better views, “You think he’ll like it?” I ‘shyly’ asked, they all agreed my outfit was very sexy.

“Your husband is sure one lucky guy!” Frank said, the rest agreeing with him. I picked up my robe and put it back on, “You don’t have to Jessie, we don’t mind looking at you! – Do we guys?” dad said laughing, “I think I better had dad, you boys need to concentrate on your poker – don’t you!” I joked back. Actually I’m very good at poker but trying to lose I soon got rid of most of my chips, I liberally filled their glasses as we played, everyone was in a happy, carefree, and somewhat raunchy mood, the pot was between myself and a guy called Billy, “I’ve got nothing left to bet with” I told him, “Will you take my marker?” I joked, “Sure Jessie, your credit is good with me, how about if you lose I get a kiss” he laughed, “Ok, you’re on!” I told him “What have you got?” I had two pair, Billy had three tens.

“Bad luck Jessie, I thought you had me then” Billy said, raking in his winnings, “Now, about this marker..” “What, you want to collect now? Ok, a bets a bet” I told him, “It’s ok Jessie, I was only joking with you” Billy said, the others went quiet and looked on as I got up, I went over to Billy, sat on his lap and proceeded to give him a long, deep kiss, I ruffled his hair as I got up, “Was that ok for you Billy? Does that settle our bet?” I laughed, making my way back to my seat. There, I had done it, I had no chips left, If I lost any hands now the guys would expect the same treatment Billy bakırköy escort got, as I sat down I felt four pairs of eyes on me, they all seemed deep in thought, the game got a bit more serious, there was now more to play for than ‘Chips’ Losing the next few hands I gave each winner a big kiss, then it was dad and me, dad only had a pair of jacks, I easily beat it but threw in my hand, “It looks like it’s your turn dad” I said, sitting on his lap

I saw the others (Apart from Frank) look in amazement as I kissed him, after all it’s not every day you see a daughter give her dad a full blown lingering kiss! I lingered longer with his kiss than the rest, when I eventually got up from his lap I said, “Wow, it’s getting warm in here!” and untying the belt of my robe let it fall to the floor, I stood, all was quiet as they again took in the way I was dressed, I went to the kitchen to fetch some more beers, I adjusted the hem a little so my pussy was barely covered, as I walked back to my seat they all stared at me as I felt the dress ride up even higher “That sure is one sexy dress you are almost wearing there Jessie!” dad said, “You guys definitely like it don’t you, I mean…You’re not just saying that?”

I looked down and feigned embarrassment when I ‘realised’ that it had ridden up so much, I pulled it down a bit “You don’t think it’s too revealing do you?” I asked “It looks great” Frank said, his words echoed by the others, my nipples were jutting out hard, everyone was looking at them, “What about changing the rules and upping the stakes in this game boys” I said, “What do you have in mind Jessie” they asked, “Well, how about having a bit of fun! Instead of chips you boys bet with articles of clothes, if I lose you get a kiss and a cuddle, if you lose, you lose that article of clothes you betted with” “Sounds good to me” Frank said, “Yeah, me too, I’m in” agreed Billy and the rest including dad. Now the game was serious, from here on I played to win – though sometimes to keep them happy I would lose on purpose and kiss them, thirty minutes later most of them were nearly naked.

I lost the next couple of hands, the first with Frank, I sat on his lap and he kissed me deeply, his tongue going into my mouth, I took hold of his hand and cupped it over my tit, this it seemed was what he had been waiting for as he mauled at my tits, getting up from him I playfully grabbed his dick, “I wondered what that was sticking in me” I laughed, the others had seen him playing with my tits, “Ok boys, in future if I lose the winner can play with my tits – that is if he wants to” I told them.

Stan – the quietest and oldest of them was the next loser, “Off!, Off!, Off!, the others shouted as Stan had to take off his last piece of clothing – his shorts, he stood up and pulled them down revealing a huge semi erect dick, it resembled an elephants trunk hanging down between his legs, it must have been a good 10 – 12 inches long and it was only semi hard, the next hand between Stan and me I lost on purpose, I got up and sat on Stan’s lap, as I did I took hold of his dick, he kissed me and played with my tits, pulling the front of my dress down and totally exposing them, I stood up, pulling his head towards them, “Suck on them Stan, suck my nipples” I told him.

He did so for a couple of minutes, I was fed up with the game, the time was right to take things further, I slipped off my dress, unclasped my bra and standing there wearing only stockings and suspenders I said “How about you playing one more hand, the winner gets a blow job!” They all were very quiet, “Fucking Hell! Is she serious Pete?” they asked dad, “You heard her” he said, “The winner gets a blow job and I want that guy to be me” he told them, “Wait a minute” I said, “First you all strip off, I want to see all your dicks” I told them, they did as I asked then sat and played poker.

Five minutes later there was a shout of “Yes!” from a triumphant Billy, his face beamed with happiness and I presume the thought of getting his dick sucked by me, I went over to him, knelt in front of him and took hold of his giant dick, “You like having your dick sucked Billy?” I asked in a sexy voice, “Jessie, I haven’t had a blow job for over twenty years” he confessed, the others watched, shouting out dirty remarks and edging Billy on as I licked up along the length of his shaft, there was no way I was going to be able to take it all in my mouth, I had enough in already and there was still enough left for me to encircle with both my hands, I played with his large balls as I sucked, I didn’t expect him to last long and feeling his dick start to throb I stopped sucking and wanked it until it shot spunk out all over my face, neck and tits, Billy collapsed back into his seat, drained physically.

I stood up, Frank, Stan and Dad all had hard dicks, “Well, what next? Anyone got any suggestions?” I asked coyly, Billy’s spunk dripping from my chin, “I know what I would like to do” remarked Frank, “Oh yes, and what’s that Frank?” I asked, knowing exactly what his request would be. “I would like to fuck you Jessie” he said, “Join the queue” dad told him, “If there’s any fucking going to be done I am going to be first in line” he said, “Patience boys, there’s plenty of time, you’ll all get your wishes, but first I think you should play another hand, this time the winner gets to play with my pussy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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