My Whipping

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It’s summer of COVID-19 and I just turned eighteen. My mother remarried last September and we moved into his house, me, my mother and my sister. Plus he has two sons by his first marriage, couple years older than I. My brother was out on his own. I moved out of my mother’s house in Trenton last March to go get work in the tourist towns by the ocean waiting tables or working as a motel maid and shit. And two weeks after I arrived the whole tourist economy disappeared when the virus hit and there was no work. I had no money to buy food or pay the rent, or at least not much but I wouldn’t go back home. Or what I called home. I wanted my own life and my mother is entitled to a chance at a new start. Oh, I’m Avery.

Things weren’t all that bad. I found a nice little room down the end of one of the main streets, two doors up from the bicycle shop. I had my own bathroom and kitchenette. The guys at the bicycle shop let me use a bicycle when I needed it to get around and I provided them with blowjobs in return because, of course, I couldn’t afford a bike, not to mention a car.

Mornings I worked at the restaurant another two doors up. People couldn’t eat inside because of the virus but customers could call in orders or order from the window and wait on the porch. When the orders were ready I would take them out on the porch and find the right customer either standing there or sitting in a car. Most people who ordered food paid electronically but for cash customers the owners would trust me for the money which impressed me greatly. Of course I never went further than the curbside with the loot but still. They knew I was broke. More about that in a minute.

I was happy at the breakfast place and appreciated their keeping me even though there was little business. After two weeks they came up with this scheme to increase business by making up breakfast sandwiches and a huge think of coffee and selling them down at the dock to fishermen heading out to fish or pull traps. In order to increase sales I cheerfully agreed to wear my thong bikini and we made good money. In fact, after a few days lots of guys who did not work on boats started showing up to buy stuff. It was a little tough because it was still just the first of April and it’s cold in Maine but I wore an Eisenhower jacket which I kept open in front and managed to display as much skin as possible and not freeze my ass. Which was, of course, quite visible beneath the Eisenhower jacket.

As I say the breakfast people trusted me with their money. What they didn’t know was that before I left home I stole money my mother had hidden away. After a while Mummy found out, of course. At first they questioned my sister but she wouldn’t tell, even after my stepfather stripped her, tied her to a chair and hit her trying to make her own up after leaving her there all day. His beating us naked was another reason I left. I had been getting my bum whipped all my life but my real father never stripped us naked. That was new. Anyway, they finally found out I took the money. So I knew that when I went home next I would be getting a licking. That’s really the subject of this story which I will get to shortly.

When I moved out I was still in high school, a senior. I hitched a ride to the school which was inland every day for two weeks and then they closed the schools because of the pandemic and we did everything online. I missed being with my friends but I could work more hours because now I was in town all morning and could work at the breakfast place starting early and then walk up to the corner and make subs at the sub shop. Again, people ordered take-out so the logistics worked OK. Problem was there were not that many tourists in town because everyone was scared to go anywhere. With less business there were fewer jobs and bosses began to pressure girls to surrender their virtue in order to get work. I knew people, being local, and they would help me pretty much. But when the yearly crew arrived from Ireland to work things got bad.

So at that time it was still late in March. Winter exits slowly in Maine but I didn’t have to go very far so the snow didn’t matter much and it’s not super cold because we’re by the ocean. I’d get up at five, eat and shower and wash my hair and be at the restaurant by six. We didn’t do much business, just about all locals. Afterward I’d go out and run. When there was snow I’d just run up and down my street. They do a good job plowing city streets and there’s not much traffic to compete with. Then another shower and off to the sandwich shop. Do my high school class work on the computer in the afternoon , a little tube in the evening and in bed by nine.

I didn’t have much of a social life. I saw one of the guys from the bicycle shop regularly on Saturday nights but it wasn’t serious. We were both just horny. We’d wrestle. Of course he won but that wasn’t the point. We’d go to either his place or my room and we’d both strip to our underpants and fool around wrestling. It was strange and freeing to be just in my underpants with a boy. I loved feeling beşiktaş escort his almost naked body against mine and he appreciated my bare boobs and almost bare ass. So we’d wrestle for a while. To give me a fighting chance he would have to get my panties off all the way. All I had to do was get a firm grip on his already firm penis. Who won pretty much determined what happened next. If he won I had to blow him. If I won he had to fuck me in the manner I directed. Like me on top or cowgirl or whatever.

Of course if he won we usually ended up doing it after the blowjob anyway, after a decent interval of necking and him feeling me up and, at my insistence, him eating me out. I loved getting fucked after all that wrestling foreplay. Nobody would believe it but I didn’t have that much experience going all the way. Most of my dates ended with me giving the guy a hand job, or maybe a blowjob if I really liked him. But it was hard to fine a place to do it and I wasn’t going to do it in the back seat of some guy’s car.

But the wrestling really turned me on and I really needed to do it. I couldn’t wait until later and use my hand. I’d feel a slow burning feeling rising from somewhere inside me rising out and spreading all through me and it would grow greater and I was barely able to take it and then he’d put his dick in me and start moving gently back and forth and then faster and faster and then I’d start to cum and I just got lost in my body while he fucked my brains out right there on my bedroom floor and then he’d cum in me and slowly start to relax and at the end he’d just be lying on top of me and I’d have this weird sensation wondering what had just happened to me.

Anyway I stayed with him through April and the weather got warmer but there wasn’t much of a Spring because we were so far North. I’d get a bike to use in recompense for my involvement with the bicycle guy and head out Schooner Head or, if I was feeling ambitious, down towards the other harbor. I’d take food and drinks and have a grand old time just by myself. By May every so often there was a day which was good enough to go to the park beach and the park roads were beginning to open so there were more places to go.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. A lot of the girls were in real trouble, especially those who had come a long way to work and there wasn’t anything. Especially hard hit were the Irish girls who were five thousand miles from home and whose families were poor by United States standards so they couldn’t help the girls financially. In fact they depended on the girls working in America to help them.

With jobs and money scarce bosses and landlords started making demands on the girls. Girls I knew from town went along but most of the Irish girls were virgins. It’s kind of a cultural thing in a country where birth control and abortions are now available but not exactly mainstream. Many of the girls I knew just didn’t think about using the pill and certainly not if they didn’t have a regular boyfriend. So when the price of getting a job or staying in an apartment you couldn’t pay for involved surrendering your virtue they were in trouble. Blowjobs were common currency and taking it in the bum was a close second. Blowjobs I already copped to in this story and I had taken it in my ass a few times too, though not exactly voluntarily.

In fact it was involuntary bum fucking which led me to getting my first boarder, Ciara, a pretty Irish girl with black hair and a nice body who approached me one day on the dock and asked if I could help her get a job at the breakfast place. They couldn’t afford to hire her because business was so bad but she stayed with me a few days and they fed her. She was essentially on the streets after refusing to come across and being forcibly taken in the ass. She was really upset but after a few days she moved out and I didn’t see her for a while.

Well I wasn’t willing to fuck anyone for a job or a room but I did miss going to the gym, which had been closed because of social distancing, which means everybody had to stay apart so the virus wouldn’t spread. One day I saw the gym owner who was young and kind of nice looking and actually was kind of a friend of mine and I took a chance and asked him if he would give me a key to the gym even though they were officially closed. Since he was kind of attractive I was prepared to give it up to get that key. But he didn’t ask me for sex, he asked me for pictures. He said if I let him photograph me doing bodybuilding poses in the nude I could have the key. I agreed instantaneously. He said he wanted somebody who looked in shape but not weirdly so to attract ordinary girls to the gym when they re-opened which they did in July. Having the pictures made is another story but I enjoyed it and he never messed with me.

Finally it was June and there were more beach days. I almost always went to the park beach. They had some hunky lifeguards and you could sunbathe topless which I liked and walk the beach that way too except beylikdüzü escort you might draw some rude looks or be photographed. As it was Federal land there were no rules prohibiting bare boobs on girls. You didn’t see it a lot though and usually it was us locals and later in the summer German girls who were used to doing it. The Germans were amusing. Even middle aged women took their tops off and would lie there with their families, including their equally topless daughters, ignored by their sons and oblivious to the odd stares they got from some Americans.

Somewhere just before the July Fourth holiday, independence day in the United States, two things happened that changed things. First thing was Ciara came back. She had been beaten up this time, instead of being bum fucked like before. So she started staying with me and became the first girl I ever went to bed with. Which is another thing that is another story. Also, the incident of my stealing my mother’s money reared it’s ugly head. I found out about my sister being beaten, still another story, and knew I had to go to see her. I didn’t know what we would do but I had to go and I did. Which is this story, finally.

Anyway day before the Fourth, a Friday, also a holiday to give people a four day week. I was having my period so I had a tampon in, later to my chagrin. After work I thumbed out to Trenton to see my sister. I figured my mother and stepfather and stepbrothers would be out at work and they were. My sister was home and she showed me the chair she had been tied to out in the barn and her bruises. There had been a story in the paper about an Irish girl getting the same treatment which is where my stepfather got the idea. While we were out in the barn step brothers had come home and I was caught. They knew I was due a whipping and they knew what to do so I’d be ready when the time came which it would after the rest of the family finished dinner.

They took off my shirt and tied my wrists together in front of me and took me out to the store room. There was already a rope hanging down from the last whipping. There was already a step underneath it. They stood me on the step. One of them held my bound wrists high above my head while the other tied my wrists to the rope hanging down. They removed the step and I hung straight down my toes barely touching the floor. Just about everything above my waist hurt. My wrists from the ropes cutting into them, my shoulders and my back from the weight of my body hanging down. Only a summer bra stood between them and my tits. And then it didn’t. Two cuts with a pen knife on my bra straps, another on the little piece of cloth in the front between my bra cups and my breasts were bare. Naked to the waist the rest would be easy when my stepfather got around to it. Shorts, panties, shoes and socks would come easily off. Then I would be whipped in the nude. Well, nude except for my tampon, the string hanging down.

Until my stepfather, we were never whipped in the nude. He said it increased the embarrassment factor and would teach us modesty. He was right about the embarrassment factor, him taking full advantage of an hour with us bound and naked. And maybe it did give us modesty because I was always careful after the first time about how I dressed around him. And undressed. He was expert at catching us coming out of the shower or changing into or out of a bikini or trying to sneak out to the bathroom to take a leak when we slept in just our bottoms on hot nights.

For now I was left with my step brothers. They had plenty of time and I have attractive breasts. They pinched my nipples and scratched the skin with the same knife that had cut off my bra and spent the better part of an hour with me feeling me up. All the time my nipples were so hard they hurt. The older stepbrother did most of the stuff to me. He started kissing my cheeks and the nape of my neck, my ears and hair. He stopped to kiss my mouth. He started to take down my jeans but stopped because he knew they were reserved for his father.

He kissed my belly, and licked my belly button. All the time his hands were on my body, my sides, my tummy, my tits. I was getting turned on in spite of myself. He could see enough of my panties and told me don’t ever wear nylon or lace or satin panties, always wear cotton. He kissed each breast and then sucked on them. He started to lick my belly button and I started to feel tingles between my legs. Despite the heat I found I was shivering and there were goose bumps all over me down to my waist. I was both cold and hot at the same time. He told me I was beautiful, at least my body was, with its curvy ass, long torso, big breasts, long, straight brown hair falling over my shoulders.

In some ways I didn’t mind their fondling my breasts. It distracted me from the whipping to come. I love it when a boy who loves, admires, and respects me fools with my breasts. I love it when a boyfriend feels them. I love attention and don’t usually mind having it on my body. I’m not offended beyoğlu escort when boys look at my breasts when I’m in public places. Sometime I find I’m getting aroused from it. I feel good when I’m being watched like that, as a sexual object. I’m not ashamed of my naked body. Sometimes I want people to see me for my body, I want them to find me attractive and desirable.

After a while they were called into the house. And for three hours I waited. I sweat like a pig, out of fear and the summer heat in the barn. I could smell dinner being cooked and it made me feel my hunger. My thirst was awful from the sweating and the heat and the fear. It was agonizing hanging there like that and soon I couldn’t feel my hands and my shoulders and upper back went numb. But my breasts and my ass and my ribs and the backs of my upper thighs didn’t go numb. But they would soon after he started whipping me. Finally there was no more smell of food. And about seven o’clock he came out to me.

“So, here’s our little thief!” And he started on me. I remember he waited until I turned eighteen and then the first few times we were out in the barn he would insist on hugging me and later kissing me mouth to mouth for long periods of time. I didn’t resist and we kissed like lovers. I was really in a trance as he continued to kiss me. He would begin to caress my back, face, ass, neck and between my legs. He always found a way to get me to accept more touching. Since it was summer I was all about belly shirts, short shorts, halter tops and revealing stuff that made it easy for him to touch me intimately.

After a while he would lower my top and reveal my boobs which were bare since I never wore a bra under that stuff. I felt good about it as he would touch my soft breasts with their hard nipples and then he would open the top of my pants and put his hand down there. He loved the fact that I was shaved clean. He’d touch the hot little honey pot between my legs, and I’d kind of disappear somewhere amid the heat and wet.

Today I got a repeat performance though it was hard to get excited knowing that the body that provided me with such great pleasure was, for the next hour, going to provide me with great pain as he whipped me. His mouth was hot on mine and his hands warm on my breasts and down the back of my slightly opened shorts and inside my panties. Then my shorts were down below my hips and his hands were busy in between my legs and he found the string of my tampon and laughed uproariously at me and he pulled it out of me so he would have an unobstructed view of my womanhood.

And now my pants and panties were down around my knees and his fingers were feeling up my cunt lips and now they were inside me and I gasped in spite of myself and then both his hands were around in back of me caressing my ass cheeks and then sliding down the crack in my ass and then I felt the fingers feeling for my asshole and he tried to slip two fingers in there and I cried out. And then my pants were off and I was barefoot and he went back to kissing and caressing my naked body until I guess he got tired and then he stepped back and prepared for the job at hand. The whipping. My whipping.

He went off and came back with the last four feet of a bullwhip. Complete with a weighted end. The weighted end I knew would leave marks on me for weeks, where ever it struck. And which would eventually find its way to my genitals because the last thing he did was spread my legs as far as they would go, stretching my body even tighter, tying my ankles to either side.

“You deserve this and you know it.” He stood there watching me and for an odd moment I basked in the glow of my nude body and what was being done to it. I love being tied up and having my arms stretched high above me and my legs spread wide apart was delicious. I even had found I enjoyed being whipped. Feeling fear in the pit of my stomach, the sweat under my arms, the feel of the ropes. I tried to escape the ropes that held me but no go. Then sanity returns and I’m scared again. Scared and waiting, waiting, waiting for the pain to start, terrified, trembling, struggling against my ropes, feeling them cut into my soft skin. Aware of the slight heaving of my chest.

And then he started. It is difficult to describe what it feels like to be whipped. It used to be just on my bum but now it was bum, upper thighs in the back, inner thighs in the front, up the rib cage, just to make a nice red color, and then tits. And then pussy. Now the waiting is over and mercilessly it starts. The pain is the worst but the anticipating is next. And nothing quite equals the reality. Nothing quite equals the sensation as every inch of you that the whip touches burns. And everywhere the tip of the whip hits leaves a mark for days. You struggle helplessly against the ropes that hold you tight.

I don’t know how long he whipped me. He started with my bare ass and it hurt like hell. I had lost weight over the Spring and Summer and having less padding made it hurt worse. It was unimaginable how much it hurt. But I enjoyed it. Absolutely loved it. The stripes left by the whip and the abrasions left by the tip. By the time he was through with my ass it was bright red and pock marked with abrasions. He started on the tops of my thighs, the skin tighter than on my soft white ass and it was easier except for where the tip landed.

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