My Wife Has Two Sisters Ch. 02

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(I think I need to insert names in the spaces that I didn’t want to use previously and to help you with associating them to the previous story here they are. Wife Ann, older sis Regina, and younger sis Angela. Older sis’s husband John and younger sis’s husband Willie. I should have done that in first story.)


The first two days of the vacation were nothing short of spectacular. The last few days went by very quickly. I had fucked one sister in law in a dressing room and been given a blow job by the other in a hot tub. I had hoped to have fucked them both by the end of day three, but it didn’t happen. We ended up at an Amusement Park and spent the entire day there leaving us completely wiped out.

Day four began on a positive note with my wife waking me with a blow job.

“Your dick was actually holding the blanket up like a tent.” my wife told me, “I couldn’t very well let it go to waste now could I.” she added before taking me into her throat. She always did give great head. She started a nice rhythm up and down my cock. I was thinking about her sisters and how hot they were, that’s what gave me the morning wood. I was getting close to coming when my wife pulled away and asked, “What were you dreaming about that made you so horny this early in the morning?”

Trying to come up with a quick answer was tough but I managed, “It’s just been a while since we last had sex so it just happened.” I answered. She was back sucking my cock as I answered. She stuck her tongue inside my foreskin and licked around the head. She knows that drives me wild.

“I can’t let you go around horny all day, not with my sisters so close by all the time.” she told me between gulps down my cock.

“They don’t have any affect on me.” I lied.

“Sure they don’t.” she mumbled.

“Seriously, they don’t.” I confirmed. She continued sucking and my cock was ready to explode. I felt like I erupted like a volcano into her mouth, but in reality my load wasn’t even average for me. She swallowed it with little effort.

“I thought you said that you were horny because we haven’t fucked in a while?” she asked.

“That’s true, why do you doubt it?” I asked in return.

“You shot off such a small load like the way you use to when we had sex at nearly every free moment after our daughter moved out.” she stated sharply.

Not wanting this topic to continue I simply said, “I jerked off in the shower last night, that’s why.”

“So you really were getting horny, weren’t you.” she said as she kissed me and headed for the shower.

“Damn right I was!” I said back sharply and maybe a touch defensively.

Laying on the bed relaxing and thinking about the last couple of days made me a little anxious. I still wanted to fuck Angela. Visions of her tan body naked with those tan lines showing like a pink thong bikini kept racing through my head. I rolled onto my side on the bed as my wife exited the shower. I didn’t want her to see that I was getting aroused again. I acted as though I was dozing until she left the room to join the others for breakfast. I just lay there letting my imagination run wild and contemplated what I would have to do to get into those pants I was longing for.

“You going to sleep all fucking day?” I heard Angela holler as she crashed into my room. She was wearing a little sundress that reached about mid-thigh and had small ties crossing over her shoulders.

“NO!” I shot back at her. “I’ll be out in a minute.” I added.

“Hurry up, we have a long day ahead and I don’t want to bostancı escort waste away in this cabin all day.” she said as she left the room. Damn I wanted to fuck her in the worst kind of way.

I met everyone by the van as all were raring to go. “I don’t want to drive today.” I told the group.

“I’ll drive.” my younger sister in laws husband Willie said.

“Thanks man.” I said. “It’ll be nice to see the sights instead of just the pavement again.” I added while staring at Angela and Regina. Regina noticed the longing in my eyes as I looked at her little sister. Ann just hollered “I got shotgun!” As she jumped into the front seat. My next dilemma was which lady to sit by. Seeing that Willie was going to drive I thought Angela was going to be my seat mate in the rear of the Van.

WRONG! Regina climbed to the rear seat right behind John and said, “I love riding in the back, I don’t like center seats.”

I damn sure wasn’t wanting to sit with John so I climbed in the back along with Regina leaving Angela to sit in the seat directly in front of me and next to John. Off we went. I guess everyone had drank enough beer the past few days so it was sodas all around which was fine by me.

We barely reached the main road when Regina’s hand found my crotch. I looked at her in disbelief that she would make such a move in such close proximity with the family. I watched the others and we all made small talk and Regina kept rubbing my dick through my shorts making it harder by the moment. I think she was wanting a repeat of the dressing room performance. Well, if I wasn’t going to get to fuck Angela I damn sure wasn’t going to turn down Regina.

“Where the hell we headed today?” I heard Willie ask.

“You’re the driver, pick someplace.” Anne said in response and everyone agreed.

“Looks like we’ll be going to the wildlife refuge then.” Willie laughed.

It was going to be a long day.

This refuge isn’t the typical refuge. There are hiking trails everywhere and supposedly a lot of wildlife roaming about. There were people every fucking where. We parked the van and coupled up as good couples do and made our way up the first trail. Now John and Willie are big into hunting and fishing and shit like that, but I’m not. I like more controlled things like Golf and Softball. I love to fish also but you don’t walk trails and look at fish. Ann and I decided to walk in the rear, at least with Regina and Angela in front I had something to look at while walking myself to death. After about a half hour or so I had had enough walking.

“Come on Anne,” I said to my wife, “Lets head back to the Van.”

“What’s the matter,, old man tired.” my wife said sarcastically.

“Bored is more like it.” I told her. “You coming?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” was her answer.

Back toward the van I headed shaking my head and wondering what the fuck the big attraction was. Back at the van I reached in the cooler and grabbed a soda. I left the side door open and sat with my feet hanging out the door. People were parking and leaving their cars to take the hike up the trails. At every private moment I would take my cock out and stroke it and imagine plowing it into Angela. I was getting close to coming more than once. I enjoy getting to the edge and turning off and bringing it back to the edge over and over. When the time comes to finally let the juice fly I have built up an enormous load. I was hoping to flood it into Angela at some point that day.

After about a half büyükçekmece escort hour or so I heard the gang coming down the trail and back to the van. They were doing a lot of fussing about the lack of animals spotted on their little journey. I chuckled at their open disappointment.

“What you guys do, scare the wild animals?” I asked sarcastically.

“Too many damn loudmouths up the trail I guess.” Willie answered.

“Where too now?” I heard John ask.

Willie answered, “Still a lot of refuge left, lets just find another spot and look around.”

We only drove a short ways and passed dozens of people before Willie pulled into a seemingly empty looking location.

“Well, you think this is a better spot?” Angela asked her husband.

“Can’t be any worse.” Willie answered.

“At least it looks like we’re the only ones here so far.” I said. “I still don’t want to go trudging around the woods looking for supposedly wild animals so I think I will just relax right here.” I added.

Regina and Angela said simultaneously, “My feet are hurting.” and looked at one another shocked that they both wanted to stay behind.

“Well, I want to see a bear or something so I am going.” Ann shot quickly back.

John and Willie looked at each other and John said, “Looks like it’s just the three of us.” Up the trail the threesome headed, talking and pointing the camera and talking about what they may see on this new adventure.

“Don’t make too much noise ladies, I’m going to take a nap.” I said as I reclined the rear seat to get more comfortable. The girls exited the van with a couple of roll up camping chairs and sat talking under a shade tree. I just laid back and let visions of all kinds of sexual fantasies pass through my head. My dick got hard and with them out of the van I felt it would be safe to do a little cock rubbing through my shorts. Glancing the girls way and seeing that they were holding a little conversation I imagined the two of their bodies totally un-clothed and shut my eyes for some serious fantasizing. I must have kept my eyes shut a little longer than I had planned.

Somewhat oblivious to my surroundings and happily rubbing my hard cock through my shorts the tapping on the van window shocked the living shit out of me. I quickly jerked my hand from my crotch and hit my funny bone on the arm of the seat. “What the fuck was that?” I asked myself while looking out the window. I saw Regina and Angela standing with their faces pressed against the window and giggling.

“Busted!” Regina said with a laugh.

“I wonder what he was dreaming about?” Angela asked her sister.

“I don’t know but it must have been a hot one.” Regina answered.

“If you only knew.” I said while looking from one to the other.

“Let me guess?” Angela asked. “Shopping, I bet it had something to do with shopping.” she stated while grinning at her sister. “But what was he shopping for?” Angela asked her sister.

At that point I realized that perhaps Regina and Angela had discussed our little shopping spree a few days earlier. It was a good time in my mind to join this little chat.

Looking at Regina I said, “I like shopping a lot more these days than I use to.”

Angela was being rather assertive and open as her next step was lifting her little sun dress and asking me, “Did you see any panties like this in your shopping dream?”

I stared and said bluntly, “Those very ones to be specific.”

She looked around and shimmied çapa escort the panties off and handed them to her sister. Climbing into the back of the van with me she looked at Regina and said, “You’ve had your turn so now be a lookout while I have mine.”

“Just save some for me.” Regina answered.

Angela undid the snap and zipper and actually jerked my shorts down exposing my now fully erect cock. She assisted me to the center of the seat and tried to get over me and straddle my cock but the seat in front of us made it too difficult. She turned facing away from me and that position seemed to solve the problem. She was just about ready to sit on my cock when I stopped her and admired her amazing ass. All I wanted to do at that moment was bury my face in it.

I pushed her forward so she was draped over the seat ahead of us.

“What the hell?” I heard her asking as if puzzled by what happened. In the position she was now in I was able to stick my face right between her ass cheeks. I licked her pucker vigorously. She moaned and wiggled her ass against my tongue. I shoved my tongue into her ass and started fucking her ass with my tongue. I pulled out and moved to her pussy and started licking her clit. She was shaking with arousal and moaning.

“I think I am married to the wrong fucking guy.” she told her sister.

“Better not let Ann hear you say that, besides, I think we can probably have him almost anytime we want now.” Regina said back to her sister.

Angela’s pussy was dripping now so I thought it was a great opportunity to do one of the things I like doing most when having sex. I pulled my face away and leaned back in the seat. With my hands on her hips I started pulling her back in the direction of my throbbing cock. I was so fucking horny I was afraid I would blow the load I had been working on before I stuck my cock into her soaking pussy. Just as the head touched the opening I jerked her down impaling her on my cock. I went all the way to the hilt and I actually hurt my nuts she came down so hard.

With a hand over her own mouth I could hear a muffled scream, In fact, her sister put her hand over Angela’s mouth also. “Quiet, you trying to tell the world what’s going on or what?” Regina said sternly.

Angela replied, “That felt so good that at this point I don’t give a shit who knows.” with that she raised herself up and repeated the drive down my cock. A third time, another and another. Up and down she drove herself on me.

My balls were taking a beating but I didn’t give a fuck either. “You can do better than that, drive that pussy down baby, the harder the better.” I could feel the head of my cock touch bottom and when Angela felt the same thing she put her hands against the roof of the van and pushed down as if trying to get more of me than I had to offer inside of her. Buried entirely inside of her my load let loose. I could feel my cum running out of her and onto my thighs. She started shaking.

“O fuck, I’m cumming.” she said in a very broken voice. My cock jerked several times more and Angela kept pushing down and shaking.

We both were exhausted and she had enough trouble climbing off of me that her sister had to assist. As Angela exited the van Regina crawled in and started licking the cum off of my dick and thighs. Looking down at Regina lapping up the cum all I could think about was what a wonderful family I had married into.

About ten to fifteen minutes later Ann, John and Willie came stomping down the trail passing the camera back and forth looking at some pictures they had shot. Regina and Angela were back under the shade tree and I was faking sleep in the van. I stretched and rubbed my eyes as everyone started climbing into the van and I heard Angela say, “One more day and night and it’s back to the real world.”

“Shut up!” all the others said in unison.

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