Nadia and Her Family Ch. 01

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Nadia had been toying with her juicy pussy, trying desperately to get herself off when her brother, Bobby passed by her room after a shower.

“Jeez sis, couldn’t you wait five minutes till I finished my shower?” asked Bobby with a stupid grin on his face.

“Oh, Bobby baby, I need to get off sooo bad, I am sooo horny thinking of you baby!” moaned Nadia with lust.

“Well, what are big brothers for?” replied Bobby as he removed his towel and revealed his 8 1/2 inch dick.

Ever since Nadia’s 18th birthday, Bobby made sure she was taken care of, keeping her as his little cock-slut.

“Let me suck on that monster cock while you lick my sweet pussy till I cum!”

“What the lady wants the lady gets!” and with that Bobby jumped into a nasty 69 and started greedily licking out every last bit of pussy juice and playing with her engorged clit.

“Oh Bobby, if you keep on sucking my little clit, I’m gonna cum!”

“Well baby sister, if you stop sucking my cock I’m never going to help you get some relief ever, ever again, understand?”

Obviously she did, because she started to suck like never before, juicing it up with saliva and deep throating it like a woman possessed, while rubbing my balls.

I decided I’d give her what she needed, shoving two fingers in and out as fast as possible while flicking the nub of her clit with my tongue.

“Ohh Bobby, keep going, yeah, Ohh, yeah, I’m going to cum so bad!”

I stick a finger into her istanbul rus escort wet pussy and rubbed it at the entrance of her arse. putting pressure on her rosebud till it opened up.

I could cense her fast approaching orgasm, so I decided to blow her brains out. I licked her ass while ramming two fingers in her pussy and another is her butt.

“Ohh, I’m cumming, yeah Bobby, yeah, Ohhh, now, yeahh…”

“Ohh Bobby” she moaned, coming off her orgasmic rocket, “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, baby, only you can make me cum that baad!”

“Yeah, I always like to help, but maybe you could help me with a little problem of my own?”

“Oh no, big brother hasn’t cum yet, maybe I can help with that!” And so she reached over and started to slowly jerk his big cock till it was half erect.

“Would big brother like to fuck his little sisters hot pussy and cum in me?”

“Do you need an answer to that question? Get your sexy ass over here!”

Bobby lay down on the bed while Nadia slid down onto his now fully erect cock. She stopped as the head was just above her pussy and let it rub back and forth, back and forth.

“Not today sis, I’m too horny, stop teasing me!”

And with that he grabbed her shoulders and nailed her down until her clit was touching his pubic hair.

“Awwwwweeee, Ooooooohhhhhhh, Bobby, that was too much baby, give me a second to adjust.”

“Oh no, not tonight, you wanted kadıköy escort to act like a little slut, fingering your little pussy in front of your big brother, than your gonna get treated like a slut, starting now!”

Bobby started pummeling his dick into her cunt like a steam engine, trying desperately to get his rock off.

“How does it feel to be a little slut?”


After pumping away, Bobby was getting tired so he flipped her over into a doggie style position.

“Now whore, I want you to close your eyes and grind on my dick!”

Nadia started flying back and forth, pushing their bodies together, enjoying the sensation of his balls slapping her ass.

Nobody heard the door open as Julian Roberts walked into the house to find clothes all over the floor and the musky scent of pussy filling the room. ‘Hmm, curious.’ So he went to investigate. As he walked further he could hear the loud sounds of hot sex. He walked cautiously to the door of his daughter, Nadia’s room and stared in disbelief as he saw his daughter fucking his son. He quickly retreated to his room and couldn’t get the picture out of his head. He couldn’t help but to get horny, hearing the noises and watching the pictures play in his mind. He decided ‘Fuck It’ and stripped to his boxers. He quietly walked towards Nadia’s room again and stood in the doorway.

Nadia’s kartal escort eyes were closed but Bobby could see his father with his hand in his pants, jerking his stiff cock. Bobby winked at his father and stopped fucking her.

“Ooh, Bobby, don’t stop! Keep fucking me with that monster of yours!” moaned Nadia in ecstasy as her brother shoved his prick back into her hot, dripping pussy.

“Sis, you are insatiable, now shut your slutty little mouth and suck your daddy’s big, fat cock!”

Nadia moaned again as she saw her daddy rip off his boxers and pull out his giant 9 1/2 inch pole out of his pants. ‘Hmm, now I know where his son gets it!’

Julian was so horny that he couldn’t wait for her to try to suck his cock so he started fucking her face, while bobby helped pushing it down by fucking Nadia as hard as possible.

“Yeah, look at that, my little daughter can suck almost as good as her mom, but can she take this?”

And with that jet after jet of hot cum came pouring out of his cock. Nadia could barely keep it all in but somehow managed to swallow it. Julian’s orgasm sent off hers for the third time today.

“Ohh bro, cum in my pussy, I want to feel you shoot it into me, come on bro, in my pussy, yeah!”

That was all the encouragement Bobby needed as he released shot after shot of hot cum.

Nadia sat between her daddy and her brother, lying with their shrinking cocks and scooping off cum, while they played with her tits and cunt.

“There you go baby, did big brother and daddy help you?”

“You wouldn’t believe it, but I still feel empty!”

“Well, maybe I’ll be able to help you out!”

They all jumped as their mother and wife, Bianca, was standing there naked, playing with her cunt and pinching her nipples…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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