Nan, Mom and Me Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: JD Joins the Family Festivities

After a couple of years of servicing all my beautiful ladies, Nan, Mom and Gracie, the time had come to introduce JD to the family festivities.

He had just turned 18 and Fran, my Mom, and Grace, my Nan, both decided they were going to think up a way for them to seduce my boy, JD.

I had already explained the facts of life to him a few years earlier and I am sure that he may have already lost his virginity, but not within the family circle.

One night when we had all finished dinner, Grace and Fran asked JD to join them in Nan’s bedroom as they had something to discuss with him. He followed them to the room, leaving young Gracie and myself alone. Of course, we took advantage of that and proceeded to kiss and cuddle on the lounge. We were so used to each other by now that we knew just what buttons to push to get the other one ready for a sexual encounter.

I did eventually fuck Gracie on the lounge, and just in time. Fran came out and told us that she had left JD with Nan and he had taken the news of the family fuckfest very well. In fact, at that moment, he was intent on eating out his Nan’s pussy before inserting küçükçekmece escort his cock into her juicy cunt.

He was then going to meet his Mom in her bedroom and do all the same things to her. She told Gracie and I that we could spend the night together as she was going to keep JD to herself for the night and that they would see us in the morning.

I think JD was very eager to get to fuck his sister. Even though he was 18 he had been sneaking looks at her body whenever he got the chance; and that was often, as Gracie would wear as least amount of clothing as possible, just to tease both me and her brother.

This is the story told to me by Fran, my Mom and my Love.

That night, when JD joined his Mom in the bedroom, he asked Fran to parade in her lingerie for him first. Then he wanted to slowly remove it a piece at a time. He slid the straps of her bra down her arms and undid the back all in one go, at the same time he slipped his hands round her bounteous breasts and rubbed the nipples between his finger and thumb. He then lowered his head and met her upturned face to kiss her deeply on the mouth, delving into kurtköy escort the recesses with his tongue. He then dipped down to engulf her nipples with his mouth, biting them softly. In the meantime, one of his hands made its way down to the pubic area of her body. Fran had previously shaved her mons so that it was clear and clean for her baby to explore.

He found that her pussy was hot and wet and waiting for him. He worked his way down between her legs and just gazed at the wondrous love hole in front of his eyes. He looked up at Fran and then lowered his head and immediately started to lick and suck on those luscious labial lips, progressing slowly towards that little button that was waiting for some licking too. His tongue eventually landed on Fran’s clit and she lifted her body into the air, just from the sensation of having her darling son, licking and sucking her clit and cunt.

After a while, Fran whispered to JD, “Baby, I want you to fuck your Mommy, please.”

“Gladly, Mom.”

He rose above her and looked her in the eyes, and plunged his still rod into her hot, moist love hole. She reacted by meeting his rhythm with maltepe escort her hips and soon they were away on a magic carpet ride. This culminated after about fifteen minutes from cum shot from both of them at the same time. JD just lay there deep inside his Mom’s cunt, enjoying the emotional and physical pleasure they had both enjoyed.

They continued to make love most of the night, with JD bringing Fran to orgasm about 4 times and Fran also sucked him off and swallowed all his sperm.

We all met the next morning for breakfast. Before Fran and JD joined us, Nan bought us up to date with what had happened with JD and herself. Nan was getting on in age, and didn’t really want to get fucked. She just wanted to suck JD to orgasm and maybe have him give her some satisfaction the same way. Now JD must have the same taste buds as myself, he feasted on his Nan’s cunt until she was too sensitive to carry on. So she just sucked on his cock without her teeth, until he gave her all his cum. That satisfied her, so she said. I think maybe a little fucking will be had by both of them now and then.

When we had all congregated for breakfast, including Fran and JD, everyone had big smiles on their faces and were looking forward to the next suck and fuck fest. JD knew that his sister was next and he couldn’t wait to sample her wares.

I think it is okay to say that I had eventually found someone to help me out with this harem of beautiful ladies…

Short but sweet and more to cum…

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