Neighbors Sissy Son Ch. 03

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It’s been a few weeks since the move and Carol was finally settled in to the new place.

From time to time she would fondly remember moving day as the best sex she’s ever had.

The way that those uneducated, dirty, crude movers with their muscular bodies and big fat uncut co… well it was an eye opening experience!

She never would have imagined that she could cum so much being treated like a common… SLUT, I’m a SLUT! She shivered.

‘Why did that word make me so wet?’

There was no denying how wet her pussy was right now just because of the power of that word…SLUT.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m sitting in my kitchen, pussy juice running down my legs and I can’t stop thinking about that day… and how slutty I was… and how good it felt to be treated like a piece of meat… Stop! She had to get it together. She shouldn’t let men treat her that way!

And yet she knew she wanted…no needed to be treated like that again and again.

Carol having finally gotten some real live cock, as opposed to a plastic one, had no intention of going back to her sexless existence.

With her son graduating soon and starting college. Her responsibilities as a mother were practically over. Which meant she could now tend to her own needs and what she needed was to be with someone that would respect her, love her and of course fuck the shit out of her.

While Carol was in the kitchen getting worked up, Charles was in his room editing the video he captured the day his neighbor “Daddy” came over and used him/her.

He was Charles when his mother was home but watching the video was having an effect on him. So much so that by the time he was through editing, “she” was in full blown Tiffany mode.

With her pants at her ankles and panties around her knees, she had four fingers buried in her asscunt while her girl cock dribbled cum down her legs.

‘Oh yes that’s two ass fucking in as many months. I need more Daddy cock! I’m such a cock whore. I need to go see Daddy.’ And with that thought Tiffany came again, her little cock oozing sissy juice out all over her fingers which she eagerly licked up.

When she was done she ran to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Back at her computer she made a small trailer of the video so she could advertise it for sale to her customers.

Putting hidden cameras all over the apartment was a good idea. Putting one in her mother’s bedroom was genius!

Once she saw the video of her mother being a total slut with those movers, the same movers that also used all of Tiffany’s holes, she decided to put a camera in her mother’s room as well, she figured she would get some usable video of her mom being slutty. Though it hasn’t happened yet, the camera was there to catch Tiffany getting her boypussy used and stretched by Daddy.

Happy accident!

Having put the camera in the light above the bed meant a perfect downward view of both oral and anal action.

An evil little grin appeared on Tiffany’s face. ‘I wonder what Daddy would think if he knew the camera over my mother’s bed captured every move, every face fucking thrust he made, every boycunt pounding moment!’

As Tiffany was deciding which outfit to wear to Daddy’s she just happened to notice her window was open and a window in the building across the street was also open. Th ere was an older man watching her get dressed. Deep down inside Tiffany knew for certain that he must have seen when she was fisting herself.

Tiffany giggled and waved, then drew her blinds. Sorry no free shows! Time to go see Daddy.

Then Tiffany had a thought, ‘Daddy said he wanted his friends to get in on the action. What if he decides to rent a hotel room for the night so him and his friends could use me all night? Not that I would have a problem with that, it’s just that if I could get them to come to my place, I could stream the action live and make a bundle.’ Tiffany pondered. küçükçekmece escort

Tiffany needed to go over to Daddy’s and find out how this situation could be salvaged.

So she told her mother she was heading out for a little while and would be back in time for dinner.

While this was transpiring at the Bennings resident, next door Greg, AKA Daddy, was making plans of his own. He figured enough time has gone by and this would be a proper moment to go welcome his new neighbors to the building.

So with bottle of wine in hand he took one last look in the mirror before heading out the door. Of course he was shocked to run right into Kitten, AKA Tiffany AKA Charles.

Tiffany was just as shocked to see Daddy heading straight for her and her mother’s apartment.

‘Daddy I was just coming to see you. My mother is home and plans to be all weekend so I thought I’d come over.’ She said in a hushed tone.

‘That’s funny I was just coming over to introduce myself to your mom being we’re going to be neighbors and all. And since you obviously didn’t tell her you were going to see me, you must have told her you were heading out for the day. Am I right?’

Tiffany seeing the bottle in Daddy’s hand put two and two together and said ‘Yes Daddy but it looks like somebody else is going to be enjoying your delicious cock today. Here’s a bit of advice, my mother is a submissive slut deep down inside. And a total cock junkie. She just hides it well.’

Hearing this brought a smile to Greg’s face. ‘Go for an hour and come back quietly and I’ll leave the bedroom door open so you can watch us.’

‘Yes Daddy what ever you think is best.’ And with that Charles headed off to kill an hour.

This new information on the mother was just what Greg needed to formulate a loose plan.

Carol wearing just a tee shirt tied under her breast and panties was just getting the last load of laundry out of the dryer and folded when she heard the door bell. Thinking Charles must have forgotten his keys and not expecting anybody, she went and answered the door as is.

‘I hope you didn’t lose your keys Char… Oh my God your not Charles. Carol said as she tried in vain to cover herself with her hands!

‘No I’m not, I’m Greg your next door neighbor. I thought I’d welcome you to the building hope you like a red.’ He said holding up the bottle and lustfully gazing at the double Ds under that tee shirt

Carol not wanting to be rude said, ‘ I’m so sorry yes come in have a seat on the couch while I go throw something on.’

But after she closed the door and before she could run off Greg took hold of her hand and said ‘No don’t, I like what you’re wearing just fine.’ and pulled her in for a kiss.

Being caught off guard Carol didn’t put up any resistance and slowly warmed up to the kiss. After a moment she put her hands to his chest to push him off of her but she felt the muscles under his shirt instead ran her hands down to his abs to give them a feel too.

Greg taking this as a signal to go for it reached up and began massaging and tweaking Carol’s breast and nipples.

This was her kryptonite, this and a good kisser and Greg was giving her just the right amount of tongue and lips.

While Carol was on cloud nine Greg slipped his free hand down the front of her panties and grazed a very sensitive clit sending sparks to the nipples and back again.

Felling how wet she was he knew he had her now. ‘Your pussy is soaked my pet, it’s time for you to get on your knees like a good slut and take out my fat cock. Now do as your told!’

Carol still in a daze and affected by the rough treatment, was so turned on she fell to her knees like it was her job and reached for his zipper dying to know how big his cock was.

When she got him undone she reached in and felt a very fat shaft so she looked up and smiled at her master kurtköy escort because at this moment she was his cock slave. She was unwittingly coming to terms with her true nature, she was a slut.

She tried all those years to fight it, even after getting used like a common whore by those movers, cumming multiple times on their fat Mexican cocks and even after just this morning swearing she wouldn’t get in that situation again, here she was about to swallow this fat 10 inch cock attached to the neighbor she only opened the door to 10 minutes ago. SLUT! And with that thought her pussy gushed and she came.

‘Nnnggghhh oh fuuuck!’ was all she got out before diving on Greg’s thick cock.

‘Oh fuck this slut sucks cock better than her sissy son.’ Greg thought as he pushed his cock down the sluts throat.

Carol pulled back and licked and sucked the swollen head for a minute before going down to the balls and licking and sucking them one at a time.

‘I knew you was a slut the day you moved in. The way you traded looks with those movers I bet they fucked the shit out of you that day. You couldn’t even walk straight.’

Carol almost choked when she heard that. She would have to be more careful in the future lest Charles discovers what a slut his mother is. Carol wasn’t sure but that thought made her cream some more and she moaned on the cock in her throat sending vibrations along Greg’s slick shaft.

Was she excited by the thought of her son finding out? Did she want to be shamed and humiliated in front of her son? And with that thought she had the strongest orgasm yet and squirted on her new carpet.

‘Nnnggghhh ooohhh fuck!’ she screamed as soon as she popped the cock out of her mouth.

‘I’m such a slut, fuck, please fuck me baby. I need it soooo bad. Please use me fuck all my holes just fuck me.’

Up on the roof of the building Charles was watching his mother deep throat the neighbor’s fat cock on his cell phone, since he could access the cameras in the apartment.

‘my customers are going to love this video! I can’t believe I finally got my hot slut mommy involved in my web business. I’m gonna make so much money. I already made three thousand dollars since this morning on the video of me and Daddy. I’m buying new tits with that money!’

Looking at his watch, Charles realized it was time to make his way back to the apartment and get a closer look.

Greg was getting close to busting his nut, so he reluctantly pulled out of that warm cozy throat and grabbed Carol by the hair.

Dragging her down the hallway towards her bedroom, the very same bedroom in which he just recently used Carol’s sissy son Tiffany. Life has cum full circle in the Bennings home.

‘Ok slut you want to get fucked, then get on the bed face the headboard on all fours and begin begging like the cumslut you are!’ Greg put her in this position so the door would be behind her, giving Tiffany an unobstructed view when she arrived.

Carol was getting desperate for Greg to fill her pussy with cock. So she did what she was told and stared begging.

‘Please master don’t make me beg. My pussy is so wet right now, it needs cock soooo bad.’ To emphasize this need Carol was slowly gyrating her hips to unheard music.

‘Slap my ass baby, I need to feel something, please don’t leave me here hanging’!

So Greg slapped her ass hard which earned him a small scream.

‘Aaahh fuck yes do it again please.’

So he did again and again and again about ten slaps to her reddening ass then Greg changed it up by slapping her hard on the pussy.

‘Nnnggghhh ooohh aaayyyee shit!’ was all she could muster as she went into convulsions and squirted harder than she ever had before.

Before she could recover Greg shoved all ten inches of his fat cock in the still squirting cunt causing Carol to cum again and black out!

Tiffany standing in maltepe escort the doorway, saw the whole thing while she played with the extra large anal plug in her boypussy.

‘Oh Daddy you made mommy squirt cummies all over you. I want to squirt cummies too, nnnggghh.’

‘Then get on the bed next to your mother and let me see that juicy ass cunt!’

‘Yessss! I want mommy to see I’m a real girl now.’ So she hopped up next to her mother Carol and removed the plug with an audible pop.

Carol, never having come so hard in her life, slowly started to recover. It took a while to realize that the moaning she heard was not coming from her so she looked for the source and found her son next to her in the same position moaning like a slut whore while Greg was slamming his cock to full depth in his 18 year old ass.

Carol was not surprised to find out her son liked men, he was always very feminine. Carol was not surprised her son was in makeup and a sexy pink baby doll. No these things she expected to see sooner or later.

What did surprised Carol was that her sissy son was smiling while he had his fingers buried in his own mother’s ass.

‘I’m getting you ready for Daddy! He wants your ass next… uuhh…he’s fucking me into a real girl now! Nnnggghh oohhh yes!’

Tiffany getting fucked hard now still had the frame of mind to add a final finger to her mother’s ass so as to make her ready per Daddies orders. With all her fingers in and a little bit more pressure it wasn’t long before the whole hand popped in and Carol was experiencing her first fisting, anal or otherwise!

‘NNNGGGHHH OH FUCK! You’re fisting your own mother’s ass! This is so wrong… fuck…’ Carol screamed

Greg was getting close and he still wanted the mother’s ass so he pulled out and got behind Carol.

‘Take your hand out Kitten, it’s time for mommy to get her slut ass pumped!’ Greg said as he stoked his slick hard pole aiming it at his next target.

As soon as Tiffany removed her fist, her mother came and Greg buried his cock in the gapping hole Tiffany left behind.

With nothing to do Tiffany got up on her knees and rested her head on her mother lower back to watch the taking of her mother’s ass.

‘Fuck her harder Daddy, she’s an anal cum slut just like me!’ and with that said Tiffany slapped her mother’s ass.

Carol was on fire with Greg pounding her ass. Every time he bottomed out, his balls would slap her pussy and clit. But what pushed her over the edge was her own sissy son calling her a cumslut and the slap to her ass delivered by her very own sissy son.

‘NNNGGGHHH shit I’m cumming again! Fuck I can’t take it anymore.’

Tiffany wanting to keep her mother in the throes of ecstasy inserted two fingers in Carol’s pussy in search of her G spot. When she found it her mother began squirting again.

‘Jesus fucking Christ! Shit.’

And every time Carol came her ass would contract around Greg’s cock pushing him closer to the edge of his own squirting episode.

‘Fuck your ass is so tight it’s choking my cock. I’m not going to last much longer. So who gets it?’

Tiffany’s head was still rested on her mother’s lower back so she opened her mouth wide letting Greg know she was ready to go ass to mouth.

So Greg pulled out of Carol’s ass and shoved it in Tiffany’s mouth none too soon, shooting ropes of cum mingled with ass juice and filling her mouth to the point of overflowing.

With the fat cock out of her ass Carol rolled over on to her back just as Greg finish filling Tiffany’s mouth.

So with a mouth full of cum and ass juice, Tiffany crawled up to her mother’s mouth and kissed her before she knew what was happening.

Mother and sissy son sharing Daddies precious gift.

Carol never imagined she would one day be sharing a mouth full of cum with her son thought a lot has changed since moving day!

After watching mother and sissy son swapping his cum back and fourth Greg decided he was going be a regular around the Bennings household and laid down in between Carol and Tiffany to rest.

Tiffany, kissing Daddy on the cheek and mommy on the mouth, ran off to do some serious editing. This was going to be her most successful video yet!

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