New Neighbour Gets A Helping Hand

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My name is Sara I’m 32 years old, single and the fact that I’m writing this story down is as unexpected as the events that unfolded that summer day.

I decided since I was on holiday for the week that I would make the most of the good weather. I fixed myself some breakfast and sat out on the patio to make the most of the sunshine.

“Hello!” A man’s voice shouted, startlingly me. I looked up to see a face peering through the back gate.

“Yes, can I help you I asked?” Hurriedly pulling the straps on my t-shirt back over my shoulders. Regretting my decision to put on the skimpiest top I could find.

“I’m looking for number twenty-six.” The man replied. “Removals.”

“It’s three doors up.” As if he didn’t know; he was obviously taking the opportunity to ogle me at closer quarters through the gate. I decided to play along, I stood up to reveal my long legs and shapely body, with an exaggerated flick of my long blonde hair I pointed in the direction of the now no longer vacant property; as I did so I allowed my top to ride up to reveal the bottom of my full breasts.

“Thanks” He managed to say over his bulging eyes. “Eh…any chance of a cuppa, love?”

“None.” I replied, making it clear that his leering fun was over. I sat back down and continued reading my book.

After an hour or so the removal men finished unloading and departed, leaning out the window of their truck one of them shouted something but was drowned out by the driver leaning on the horn.

I blew them a kiss and then gave them the finger to make the message clear. Fuck off!

“Hey don’t be like that.” The one I recognised from earlier shouted out. “Don’t you want to come with us for a ride?”

“Yeah, we’ve a double bed in the back we could make this a fuck-truck.” Another shouted.

I was livid, nobody speaks to me that way, I threw my book down and in the process spilled a glass of ice-cold water all over my shorts. The shock of the cold and the laughter that now came from the pigs in the truck made me jump up and storm towards the gate to give them a piece of my mind.

“Is there a problem here?” Another voice asked forcefully, just as I wrenched the gate open. I jumped at the unexpected appearance of another person, took a step back and turned my ankle in a flowerbed, falling over in the process. The removal men were stunned into a momentary silence, which ended abruptly when they saw that my top had ridden up over my right breast, which was now exposed to their leering stares.

Another face appeared at the gate; it was that of the man who had just demanded to know what was going on. He immediately started forward to offer to help me back on my feet, but stopped when he noticed my predicament.

“You lot, fuck off right now, or I’ll be on the phone to your office to make a complaint.” He snarled at the removal men.

I quickly sorted my clothes and retrieved my sunglasses, which had also fallen off. The stranger offered a hand to help me up, which I gladly accepted and he gently pulled me back to my feet. The pigs in the truck slowly drove off, laughing uproariously as they did so.

“Thank you.” I said, taking the time to examine my would-be rescuer. He was in his forties with greying hair, he was certainly a handsome man and must have been a very attractive man when younger. I put weight on my injured foot and stumbled into the stranger.

“Whoa. Did you hurt yourself when you fell?” he asked, grabbing hold of me firmly to steady me. His hands topkapı escort were slightly cold to the touch and they felt electric when they touched the bare skin around my midriff.

“Yes…I think I’ve twisted my ankle slightly.”

“Okay let’s get you to a chair.” With the aid of the stranger I managed to hop back down to my chair, conscious of the fact my boobs were barely under control beneath my top.

“My name’s Charlie, I just moved in a couple of doors up. Do you want me to call and complain about those idiots in the truck?”

“No, it’s okay. I only have myself to blame; if I’d just ignored them then I wouldn’t have hurt myself.”

“Okay, if you’re sure. Do you want me to get you an ice pack or something for your ankle.”

“Would you mind?” I asked. Charlie headed into the kitchen and came out a minute later with some ice wrapped in a towel. “Ah. My night in shining armour.” I joked as he handed me the icepack.

“When I see a damsel in distress, especially one as beautiful and sexy as you, then how could I resist.” He replied with a mock bow. I was a little taken aback to be called both beautiful and sexy by this stranger, that I was finding increasingly attractive. My face must have flushed as he winked at me then said, “Well I’d better be off, my brother will be wondering where I’ve gotten to, he’s helping me move in and since it’s just the two of us I’d better get a move on.”

Eventually the pain subsided in my ankle and I was able to change into a clean pair of shorts and fix myself a sandwich for lunch. A couple of hours passed by, lost in my book when there was another shout from the gate.


“Hello Charlie” I responded.

“I’m not Charlie, I’m Dave, Charlie’s brother.”

“Oh, you’re twins?” I said stating the obvious.

“That’s right. Good book?”

“Oh no nothing serious, just some trashy novel.”

“Well, Charlie asked me if you’d like to come round and help us celebrate his moving in; we’ve just opened a rather nice bottle of wine.”

I couldn’t think of a reason to decline, and in fact I rather wanted to check out my new neighbour so I readily accepted. Dave seemed every bit as charming as his brother and obviously he shared his brother’s good looks. We all sat down at a small table and spent a good hour or so chatting away. I found out that Charlie had decided to move back to Scotland when his wife divorced him; something that had hit him hard Dave explained when Charlie went back inside for our third bottle of wine. That had been a year before and it had taken him that long to sell his house in London and find somewhere suitable here.

We continued to down the wine like there was no tomorrow and the conversation flowed on. I was surprised to find out that the brothers were actually 52 years old.

“You guys certainly don’t look your age,” I said.

“Well you know what they say,” Dave started.

“You’re only as old as the woman you feel.” They both finished.

“Ah, so it’s true, what they say about twins, you guys know what each other are thinking.”

“It is, and I can assure you Sara, that Charlie should be ashamed of himself for thinking what he’s thinking about you right now.”

Charlie spluttered his wine at that one, and we all laughed.

“Well Sara you are a very gorgeous woman, I hope whomever you’re with appreciates you, time is a precious commodity and it shouldn’t be wasted.” Charlie said draining the last of tuzla escort his wine, without another word he rose and went into the kitchen.

Dave watched him go inside and gave me a half-smile; “It’s probably all a bit much for him, today.”

“That’s okay I understand.” I offered.

“No you probably don’t. You see you look very much like his wife did. She was a very beautiful woman. And a stone cold bitch as well.”

Dave went on to reveal that Charlie’s wife had been cheating on him and had left him for another man, ten years his younger. It also came out in the course of conversation that Dave was divorced as well.

Charlie returned with yet another bottle of wine, and by the time that bottle was empty the sun had lost most of it’s strength and we were all getting a little bit colder.

“Shall we move inside” Charlie suggested, “I can see that Sara is getting cold.” They both looked directly at my chest, my erect nipples were pressing against the flimsy material of my t-shirt. Ordinarily I would have been slightly embarrassed by this but the wine had obviously dulled any inhibitions I had.

“Oh, am I making you boys feel uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Frankly if we continue to stare at you Sara, you’ll be seeing more of us than you bargained for.”

I leaned over to look into Dave’s lap and could see a definite bulge in his shorts. I guess it was then and there that I knew something was going to happen and I was happy to instigate it. I raised my right leg and placed my foot on Dave’s lap and started rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts. Dave looked somewhat surprised but didn’t stop me. Next I raised my other leg and started doing the same to Charlie, I kept this going for a minute or two but I had to stop as my legs were wide apart and it was becoming uncomfortable.

“Oh no fair, I was enjoying that.” Dave complained.

“I can see that.” I replied. Both now had massive bulges in their shorts, they were both obviously very erect and were both wondering where this was headed. “I’ve always wondered about twins, you guys look alike but are your bodies also identical?”

Dave looked over at Charlie as if to say, this can’t be happening. “Well, there is one way to find out. Shall we go inside?”

I don’t know what had come over me; it wasn’t just the alcohol, although that was obviously playing its part. I had never felt a desire so strong in all my life for anything, I led the guys into Charlie’s lounge, which was still filled with unopened boxes.

“Well, let’s see those cocks of yours then.” I demanded. They both froze for a split second; both slipped their shorts down to reveal their erect penises. I remember letting out a long, slow breath at the sight of their beautiful, circumcised cocks. They were big, about 7 inches long and beautifully formed. I knelt down in front of Charlie and took a hold of his now twitching cock. I gently stroked him and slowly brought my mouth to his member. I slipped my lips over the head and took him as far down my throat as was comfortable and then worked my tongue slowly back up his shaft. He let out a loud moan and I thought for a minute that he might come, but I needn’t have worried. I then went to work on his delicious cock, sucking it and massaging it with my hand.

After a couple of minutes of this I felt a pair of hands on my bear belly move up to cup my breasts, Dave had evidently gotten bored watching me sucking his brother and decided to get in on the act. pendik escort He gently played with my still erect nipples, this is something that I love and it really turns me on.

After another couple of minutes, Charlie stepped back, “You’d better see to Dave now, I don’t think I can last much longer.

Dave wasn’t complaining about that, he stood up as I moved over to sit on the edge of the couch. Dave’s cock appeared to be exactly the same as his brothers and I gave him the same treatment. Dave was a little more forceful, grabbing my hair and slowly moving his hips back and forth to give me a gentle face fucking. While I was sucking on his cock I slipped my hand inside my shorts and started to rub my clit, it wasn’t easy given the position I was in so I stopped for a second to re-adjust my clothing.

“Stand up and let me help you with those.” Charlie ordered.

Happy to oblige I stood up, swaying slightly, and allowed Charlie to pull my shorts and sopping wet panties down; he then pushed me back onto the couch, pulled my legs forward to position me on the edge and without another word went to work on my pussy with his tongue. The sensation was out of this world, he certainly knew what he was doing, his tongue traced around my clit before he sucked on it, repeating the process over and over. Dave knelt down beside my head and guided his cock back into my willing mouth. I was in a state of existence that I had never known before, Charlie’s expert tongue was taking me to the peek of excitement and Dave’s cock felt fantastic slipping in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before the first orgasm rippled through my body.

Charlie stood and swapped places with his brother, I took his dick in my mouth; eager to repay him for the pleasure he had just given me. I was concentrating on Charlie’s cock when I felt Dave’s penis slip into me, again the sensation was extraordinary. He buried his shaft all the way in and I felt his balls bang against my ass as he pushed in, slowly at first he continued, gradually quickening his pace. I stopped sucking on Charlie’s cock to admire my grey haired lover and to savour the exquisite experience.

It wasn’t long before Dave’s thrusting started to have the desired effect on me, I felt a second orgasm building in me and I started to moan louder and louder as the pounding grew faster and faster. The tension in my muscles released another wave of joy through me, just as Dave found himself at the same point. Jet after jet of his hot cum flowed into me and filled my already soaking pussy with his own juices.

I think I might actually have fainted at that point, so intense was the experience. I felt Dave’s cum leaking from my stretched pussy and sat up.

“My turn now, I think.” Said Charlie positioning his engorged and glistening penis in front of me. I bent over slightly, enveloped him with my lips and started pumping him rhythmically as I sucked down on him. We continued like this for a few minutes, before Charlie started to breath more heavily, I knew what was about to come and I wanted to swallow all of his seed.

“Ugh…I’m…cuming.” He stammered, as glob after glob of thick semen exploded into my mouth, there was so much of it I struggled to swallow it all so I deliberately dribbled it onto my tits.

“Sara, you are one incredible woman.” Dave stated.

“Yeah, I’m gonna love living next to you honey.” Charlie added, laughing as he did so.

I said nothing, simply putting my shorts and t-shirt back on and heading for the garden door.

“Eh, Sara.”

“Yes.” I answered without looking back.

“We’ll be having a regular poker session with a couple of my friends most Friday nights.” Dave said. “How’d you like to join us sometime?”

“Oh, I think I might.”

But that’s another story.

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