Not Just for Breakfast

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I couldn’t believe it…I fucked my mother!

As I was sitting in class, that was all I could think about…getting caught by Mom…and ending up cumming in her pussy! My teacher was rambling on about something, but my thoughts were on meeting Mom again tonight. My cock started getting hard as I thought about her beautiful big tits, her tight pussy & her beautiful ass! I thought about ditching the rest of school, but figured the trouble wasn’t worth it. Instead, I opted for a trip to the bathroom & while thoughts of my Mom’s tight pussy wrapped around my cock filled my head, I filled the toilet with a nice sized load of cum!

School was finally over & I raced out of there. I drove like a mad man & finally pulled up to the driveway. I went inside & saw Mom in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I walked in & said hi…she smiled and said hi back.

“What time’s Dad getting home?”

“The usual…6:30” Mom replied.

“Where’s Jen?”

“She’ll be home any minute.” Mom answered.

I walked over to her, spun her around & planted a deep, wet kiss on her perfect lips. Even though I caught her off-guard, she was quick on the uptake because her tongue darted into my mouth faster than a jackrabbit! After a couple minutes of this, she broke the kiss & said “you know the deal…wait until tonight!”

She patted my ass & told me to go do something…anything…apparently, I was driving her crazy just being there. As I grabbed my bag, I ran into Jen in the hallway. Damn…that was a close one! She followed me upstairs & we went into our respective rooms. I’ll tell you…if I wasn’t so obsessed with my mother, my sister would be getting all my attention! She’s a younger version of Mom…and believe me…she’s a real hottie! I was going to attempt my homework, but knew my mind wouldn’t allow me to think rationally so I popped in a video game & waited until dinner. Mom finally called us & as we headed downstairs, I was treated to my sister’s beautiful ass jiggling as she bounded down the stairs. Dinner was interesting…I was trying not to look at Mom too much for fear of giving away my horniness! When we were done, we all cleaned the kitchen & decided to watch a movie. As usual, Dad went to bed early & Jen went upstairs to get started on a paper. I decided to follow suit & prepare for our little rendezvous! Mom winked at me & mouthed “Twelve bahçelievler escort o’clock.”

I went upstairs & decided to take a shower. I fought off every urge I had to jerk off…I wanted to have a full load for Mom later…better not waste it! As I shut the water off, I heard Mom’s shower going…apparently, she had the same idea!

My cock was rock hard as I laid on my bed, waiting for the clock to hit 12. It finally did & I headed downstairs. As I passed my sisters room, I heard her typing away. I knew she was bust & wouldn’t bother us. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, I saw Mom standing there with only her robe on. I walked over to her and was greeted with a deep, probing kiss. Her robe opened up & I was treated to her hot body again. Those big, beautiful tits, her toned belly, her shaved pussy…it was a sight for sore eyes. I took a nipple in my mouth & sucked it like I was a baby searching for her milk. She let out a little moan & I picked my head up, put my hands under her hips & lifted her onto the center island counter top. I kissed & licked my way down her belly & pushed her knees apart. Her pussy opened up and I could tell she was soaking wet. I leaned in & stuck my tongue out. Her pussy was dripping wet & I got a good scoopful of her juices. As I ate her cunt, I watched as she squeezed & pinched at her tits. She grabbed my head with one hand & moaned really loud as I devoured her wet bald pussy.

“Mmmm…yea…that’s it…eat my pussy, Mark…eat Mommy’s wet cunt!”

I took her engorged clit into my mouth & sucked on it. This sent her into a frenzy!

“Oh my God…Mark…you’re going to make me cum!…Don’t stop…don’t stop…!”

As I sucked her clit, I stuck my finger all the way inside her. She screamed & something happened that I never would have imagined. I watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her entire body stiffened and with a buck of her hips, her pussy shot out a stream of cum! I was shocked, frightened & turned on all at the same time! The more I fingered her & ate her, the more cum would squirt out of her!

“Oh my God…I’m squirtinggggg…I’m squirtinggggg…Marrrrrrk!!

My cock almost exploded as she squirted right into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed it all up. It tasted soooo good!!

When her pussy became too sensitive, bahçeşehir escort I pulled her up & she kissed me with a passion, tasting her cum on my lips & in my mouth.

“Mmmmm…that was awesome!” she sighed…”now it’s MY turn!”

She helped position me onto the counter and began kissing her way down to my cock! She grabbed it & began licking the shaft, like it was a dripping ice cream cone. She pulled her head up, looked me in the eyes & in one motion, sank her head & mouth down over my cock, taking it down to my pubes. She came back up & as she pulled her mouth off my cock, there was a long strand of saliva dripping down. As I put my head back, I was treated to one of the best blow-jobs I’ve ever had. I felt her mouth take an inch of my cock at a time. I felt her tongue bath my cock as it got closer & closer to the back of her throat. I almost screamed as I felt her push a little & I felt my cock start to bend as it slid down into her throat. I felt it hesitate until her muscles gave and finally allowed the hard intruder into her gullet. I almost started crying when I felt her mouth hit my pubes & her tongue started licking my balls.

“Oh Mom…my cock is all the way down your throat!” I somehow managed to say…

I watched as Mom pulled her head up slowly & saw my cock bend as it began to see light!

She sank down on it again & this time, I this time, I was treated to something very hot…her throat muscles started to constrict then loosen…then constrict, then loosen.

“Holy shit, Mom…you’re milking my cock with your throat muscles.”

She pulled her mouth off me & smiled. She pulled me up & leaned over. I got behind her & slowly slid my cock deep into her cunt. She let out an audible moan as I sank balls deep into her.

“Yea…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me hard!” she screamed. I banged away at her tight wet cunt. The squishing noises we were making was almost perverted. She was so wet & my pumping didn’t help matters any.

“Mark…fuck your mommy…just like you’ve always wanted to…fuck me…use my cunt like you want to…use ME like the cunt whore I am!”

I almost came right then & there. Every ounce of energy not being used went to holding back my cum!

When I thought she couldn’t get nastier…she did!

“Come on, Mark…fuck me hard bakırköy escort & fill me with your hot cum…fill mommy’s cunt with your hot, baby-making sperm…you like that, don’t you… the thought of fucking me until I get pregnant with your baby?…mmmmm…you want that, huh?…watching your mom get fat with your baby! Feeling it kick…knowing that it’s your baby that’s inside me…come on, Mark…fill my womb with your hot, potent sperm!”

She started cumming as a result of turning herself on with her nasty talk!

“I’m cumminggggg…I’m cummingggg!…UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHHH!! Give me your babyyyyy!!”

That did it!

I pushed so far in her & felt my cock bottom out. I had to be in her womb by the feel of it! I gave a few last thrusts & then it happened!

I started to get dizzy as my cum raced up my cock & into her waiting cunt. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum painted the inside of her pussy.One…two… three…four…five…six…seven…eight squirts of cum shot into her cunt. She screamed & moaned with every squirt of cum that I pumped.

“Are you ready for the treat that I promised you?” she asked while trying to catch her breath.

“OH…absolutely!” I managed to reply back.

I pulled my cock out of her with an audible pop and watched as she leaned over to the dish rack. She grabbed a glass and winked as she positioned herself like she was going to pee. She squatted down, put the glass under her cunt & I watched as my mother began to flex her pussy. As she pushed, it began making squishing noises until the first squirt of my cum shot out into the glass. My cock started getting hard again as I watched all eight loads squirt out into the glass. When she was done, she wiped her pussy on the rim of the glass, held it up & looked at me.

“This is because I missed my breakfast this morning!” and I watched in amazement as my mother drank down every drop of my cum from the glass. When it all disappeared, she began licking the sides of the glass, not wanting to miss any of my precious fluid.

“Just so you know, I kept a little of it inside me…gotta have something in there to make the baby!”

My cock started getting hard again and as my mother began to suck me slow & sweet, we heard a noise that sounded like heavy breathing. I knew it wasn’t me & since mom’s mouth was filled with my cock, it couldn’t have been her…

There…standing in the corner…was my baby sister Jen…a big tit in one hand & her visably wet pussy in the other.

I tapped Mom to look over & as she did, she stopped sucking.

“Don’t stop on my account…I want some of that for my breakfast also!”

“Come and get it!” moaned Mom!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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