Now It’s Mother after Barren Sister

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This is the second part of my story “Impregnating childless sister leads to sex with mother”. However for those who have not read the original story, I may tell in nutshell that we are a middle class Muslim family of Luchnow in India. My father Saifuddin Khan is working in Dubai and he is there for the last about 10-12 years. He is working as a carpenter there. We live in a village near Lucknow. We are 3 members in our family. I am Ahmad Khan age about 22 years and a student in a local college. My mother KulsumKhanam, aged about 45 years and my elder sister Salma aged about 28 years.

In the main story I told how my sister could not beget any child and then to save her future in family, with the advice of my mother, I fucked my sister to impregnate her. Then after living in our house for 10 days and being fucked by me for about 28-29 times she went to her in-law’s home. I also told as now I caught my mother peeping on we brother sister fucking.

Now the second and final part of the story continues …


After Salma Baaji left with her husband, only we mother and son remained. We came back in house. There was an awkward and frustrating silence between us. Ammijaan was avoiding eye contact and even talking with me. She was apparently ashamed to be caught by me when behind the curtain; she was spying on us while fucking.

But I thought to bring the atmosphere to normal and said:

“Ammijaan! Salma baaji is gone. We have done everything to save her future. Allah is merciful; He will not let her life ruined. Lets pray and hope for the best for Salma.”

Ammijaan looked towards me in surprise, as she was not expecting me to talk to her normally, rather she was expecting me to reprimand her for peeping us, but I was behaving normally, so she also relaxed and answered me normally.

We ate our dinner together and after normal talk for some time, went to our rooms. Summer season was on peak and weather was very hot and humid.

Within 2-3 days everything was normal and we mother and son was talking and behaving normal as usual. But I was feeling some change in Ammijaan. She was not so normal but many a times, I had seen her watching me intently, and as when I looked towards her, she immediately changes her gaze.

Because of summer, I was wearing only a small lungi or Tehmad (a small lungi type cloth, which is wrapped around the waist and is only knee length long). I saw Ammijaan looking my bare chest many times, but the main difference was, that it didn’t seemed to be the gaze of a mother but of a “women” to a “man”. There was something unsaid in her eyes now, sometimes I saw her looking my crotch area also. Perhaps the sight of having seen her son and daughter fucking each other and that also about 3 times a day, for continuously 10 days had some effect on her.

First of all, I didn’t have any thought to it, but I was aware of Ammijaan changed attitude towards me. Now about 3 days have passed since Salma had gone, and I was also feeling need of a fuck now, as regular fucking of my sister for so many times, had made me addicted to more of sex. I also started seeing Ammijaan as a “women”.

I had never given any thought about the figure and beauty of my mother but now as I started looking her this way, I found that she was very fair in color and beautiful. She was about 46-47 years of age but looked much young. She was a bit voluptuous but her boobs and her buttocks were very big and firm, so she was looking a beautiful chubby lady instead of some old and fat hog.

Now as I was not getting anyone to fuck, so with each passing time my frustration was getting worse and I was looking Ammijaan more intently and with lust.

Ammijaan also seemed to be in the same boat. Recently she had started joking with me and sometimes to my surprise she made some double meaning jokes also. It seemed that she was also feeling the need of sex and as Abbajaan was away and she had been watching her children fucking each other regularly, so she was also getting horny now.

One more difference which I noticed was, that Ammijaan stopped wearing any bra or panty under her clothes now. I didn’t know if it was for her being horny or summer, but it gave me many good chances to watch her swaying boobs and her chubby body. She was wearing only a maxi these days and as she was totally naked under it, so her boobs used to sway as a pendulum when she walked in house. And her big buttocks used to be clearly visible and on display under her robe.

I had started looking her body shamelessly as I had noticed that many a times she had seen me watching her swaying boobs or her butt with lustful eyes but instead of getting angry she just smiled on me and seemed to like the gazes I were giving her. She no more looked the same old orthodox Muslim lady as before but seemed to be a bitch in heat.

She also used to watch my crotch more intently and as I had stopped wearing any underwear taksim grup yapan escort under my small and thin lungi, so whenever I looked her body, my cock gets hard. And Ammijaan was always eager to watch my throbbing cock under the lungi.

One day, some local street vender was wandering in the street selling the maxi and other ladies wears. Ammijaan called him in and asked to show her some cheap cotton maxi. I knew that she already had many good maxis, so I was surprised as to why she was buying one. Anyway it was ladies matter so I kept mum.

Ammijaan selected an off white maxi, it cost only 100 rupees. It was very thin. Street vender showed her many other good ones as this present one was very thin and a bit translucent but she wanted to have that only. Vender told her that actually he was having this cheap and thin maxi, for Hindu ladies, who use petticoat and blouse below the maxi, so that when they wear sari, they may only change maxi. Otherwise the maxi is so thin and somewhat translucent. Ammijaan said that she needs it for a gift to her Hindu friend, and she bought that.

Ammijaan told me that as the summer heat is so unbearable so she will use it in home, as nobody outsider comes in and even if one comes she can change the clothes before opening the door. I had nothing to say, so kept silent.

Ammijaan went to bathroom to test it and after sometime she came back to drawing room. She was wearing the same thin whitish maxi.

She came to me and asked,”Ahmed! Look how it looks? Is it so thin or transparent/. I feel the touch of cotton so soothing and nice in summer.”

I turned towards Ammijaan and as I saw her, my jaw dropped. She was looking so stunningly beautiful and sexy in that. The stuff was very thin and somewhat translucent. As she was not wearing anything beneath it, so her rigid nipples were poking through the thin material of that. The color of maxi was off white, and she was not having any bra or panty, so her dark brown nipples and her areola on her breasts were clearly visible under the maxi.

Due to the color and stuff of cloth, she was looking so stunningly sexy, and it seemed as if she was not wearing anything at all. I was lost in her beauty. There was almost nothing to imagine about her body shape.

The neckline of maxi was so low that 70% of her cleavage was visible. Had she bought it to seduce me? She was looking almost nude under it and as it was day time so due to the sun light in the room, her silhouette was clearly visible. I could see almost all the curves of her body. Her big boobs and nipples were all before my eyes for a feast.

With a smile on her face, she asked me again,”Ahmed! What happened? You didn’t reply. Is this dress really thin or transparent? Should I not use it, or am I showing too much in this?”

I said:

“Oh Ammijaan! This dress looks so good on you. Just the color of it is light so it does not hide anything much. Anyway it is not transparent but just a bit translucent. But it is beautiful. I think you wear it; I am your son so I have seen you in childhood also. So no problem, even if some of your body shows out, but when you are going out please change it, otherwise many in the street will die.”

And I laughed.

She also blushed and seductively said,”Ahmed! You are my son and I have breast fed you. So it is no problem with you, because it is so hot in summer that I want to wear it.”

Naturally I was more than happy with her new dress.

After that day, I noticed that whenever I was at home, she wore that thin and translucent maxi only. It showed her body almost clear in the day light, so I was always having a big erection.

I also bought a white and thin small lungi and was also wearing it at home. I was not wearing any banyan or underwear at home, so my erection was visible to Ammijaan, and she seemed to enjoy the regular sight of a tight cock.

Now with each day, I was getting hornier and was ogling my mother shamelessly as her breast was almost clear in her dress and very less to guess. Many a times, I had seen her ogling my hard cock also, which was so clear like her boobs, under my thing lungi.

We both knew of each other ogling and wanted to move further in our relationship, but didn’t know our next move.

When I was at home, she normally used to mop the floor unnecessarily, as in this was she was to sit on floor and I could have a better view of her cleavage. At such times I noticed that one or two buttons on her breast was unfastened and many a times I could see between the valley of her big breasts right up to her nipples.

And when she used to mop, and I was ogling her, I used to spread my legs and she could see my throbbing cock, which would have gone erect by them, watching her breasts.

One day something happened, which brought our relationship some steps near to being lovers than being mother and son.

One day as usual, I was sitting on drawing room taksim masöz escort and Ammijaan was mopping the floor. She had kept 2 buttons on her maxi open and that gave a clear and uninterrupted view of her big and full boobs.

As usual I was ogling her melons and enjoying the feast before my eyes. I was sitting on the dining table and watching her beauty. By now my cock had gone erect and was throbbing with lust.

Ammijaan has noticed my gaze on her melons and she pretended as if she had not noticed me watching her jiggling boobs and she kept mopping the floor as usual. As she was sitting on the floor so with the knees pressing in her boobs had made the swell of her boobs more clear and I could see almost whole of her big boobs. There was a mischievous smile on her face. She was wearing her old thin maxi and through its light color her big boobs were clearly visible. I could see up to her nipples in her cleavage.

Ammijaan thought for something and she rose from the floor and came near me and started mopping the dining table I was sitting on. She did not look in my side and kept cleaning the table. She was looking down on table as if to give me time and chance to have a better view of her cleavage and swaying boobs.

She was moving her body sideways to clean the table top and as 2 of the upper buttons on her maxi was open, it was giving me an uninterrupted view of her hanging boobs. As she was moving her body sideways, so with the movement of her body, her boobs were also moving sideways as if pendulum of a watch.

This was giving me immense pleasure. This was the first time that I was watching her boobs from so near and clear. I could see right unto her nipples, which were dark and erect. Obviously she was also horny.

By watching her hanging boobs, my cock was rock hard and standing like a flag pole. After giving me pleasure of watching her boobs, and having finished the cleaning of table top on her side, Ammijaan came to my side to clean it.

I felt sad that now I may not be able to see her boobs. I was sitting on chair. My side was near the wall. There was only a space of about 2-3 ft between me and the wall.

For cleaning the table from this side, I had to stand up and go away, so that Ammijaan could clean it.

But before it that I could stand and move away, Ammijaan said in a husky tone,”You just stand back and I will do it in no time.”

I pushed backward and Ammijaan came between me and the table to clean it. There was only a space of about two feet between me and wall behind, so I could not move back. I thought Ammijaan will cross me and move a bit ahead of me, but she kept standing between me and table and bent herself a bit and started mopping the table top.

This was a peculiar position. There was little space between me and Ammijaan and I could not move back even and Ammijaan was bent waist down just one foot before me.

Her big buttocks and protruding ass was just before my eyes. Her buttocks were big and like two pitchers or big melons and the crack between them was also clear. The maxi was stuck in her butt crack and giving an outline of her ass hole even.

It instantly hardened my cock. My cock was standing up and prominent behind my lungi. I feared that Ammijaan may not move back ward, because there was a chance that my rock hard cock may touch her.

Ammijaan was standing the same way and by now she had parted her legs about 2 feet, perhaps to give her better balance, but this resulted in parting of her buttocks and her ass crack was much clear now. As she was wearing only a thin maxi and no panty under it, so her ass crack was so clear to me as I was standing just behind that.

I feared a lot as my cock was getting more and harder with each breath. Suddenly Ammijaan moved back, perhaps to mop the table near her, but it did the ultimate, what I feared.

As she moved back, her buttock touched my hard cock. This was the first time in my life that my cock had touched her ass. It felt like a 100000 volts electric shock to me. And tried to move back to escape the touch, in a reflex action. But there was no space behind me and I touched the wall behind.

Ammijaan also felt my cock on her butt, but she behaved as if she was totally oblivious to the hard cock of her own son poking in her butt. She kept standing like that only and kept mopping the table top.

I was in a bad position, as my cock was so hard now that it was paining and it was poking in her butt, but Ammijaan was not moving ahead so that I could break the touch. I was, no doubt, enjoying the touch of my cock with her butt like anything but also I was feared to death.

After some time like this situation, I felt that there was no need to panic, as Ammijaan was not showing any sign of anger or disliking but she was acting innocent. I was sure, that she could not be oblivious to the cock touching her, because the maxi she was wearing was so thin and neither she was taksim otele gelen escort wearing any panty nor I was any underwear and there were just my thin lungi and her thin maxi between her naked ass and my naked hard cock.

So I also thought that if she is enjoying the touch, than why I should not enjoy the first touch of my steel hard cock in her butt. So involuntarily I moved ahead and my hard cock poked like a knife in her butt.

A moan let out of Ammijaan’s mouth and she also moved her butt backward to let my cock wedge in her butt more freely. Now I was shamelessly poking my cock in her butt. She moved a bit ahead while mopping the table and the touch stopped.

I thought perhaps Ammijaan did not like me doing that or she was angry, but then she parted her legs a bit more, opening her ass crack a bit more and then moving a bit sideways as if to make the perfect angle, she then moved back again while keeping her mopping action.

This time as her ass crack was more open and she had aimed my cock in her ass crack, so when she moved back, my throbbing cock poked directly in her butt crack straight on her ass hole.

My cock head was jabbed in her ass crack and perhaps hit on her ass hole, this was all heaven. I let out a big moan and Ammijaan also could not stop her own moan. Now the position was that my hard cock was wedged between her parted ass cheeks and resting directly on her ass hole. Her big butts had clutched my hard cock in them and it seemed as if my cock was in her ass instead of her buttocks.

I was feeling like clutching her buttocks in my hands and straight way start fucking her in the ass. After having fucked my elder sister Salma, so many times in the recent past and now totally being without getting someone to fuck, had already increased my thirst for a fuck and here my own mother was standing waist bent and my hard cock was wedged in her ass cheeks and I was supposed to stand still.

Ammijaan was still doing her mopping action and showing as if she was totally oblivious to the cock wedged between her ass cheeks. I did not know what to do next. Still many mother son issues were there and a wall of our relationship was standing tall between us. Ammijaan was perhaps waiting my next action and was moving slowly giving cock a dry fucking action.

Perhaps she was hoping me to do the next move but I was such a coward and just kept standing like the same. I was just dry fucking her with slow thrusts which were rather involuntary of my cock and not intentional as I was scared to make another move.

We both were standing in a doggy style fucking position, but Ammijaan could not keep standing there like that for a long time, as she was just mopping a table and it was already late her doing it. I was on the verge of my climax. And I feared I may not cream in my lungi, wetting her own maxi causing a awkward situation for both of us. So I held my breath and kept standing still and even stopped my dry fucking motion, to avoid my approaching climax. Ammijaan could sense the same perhaps, as she also stopped her own rocking motion.

She gave a big breath of disappointment and for the last time, she thrust her ass backward causing my hard cock to wedge in her ass crack and then she straightened up and moved away from the table.

I was standing with a hard cock which was clear from the thin cloth of lungi. And Ammijaan moved towards kitchen. My cock had pushed the cloth of her maxi between the ass crack and it was held there only, and because of this both her ass cheeks were clearly visible separately as the cloth was struck in her ass crack.

My eyes were glued to her swaying ass and I was caressing my cock with one hand while sitting on the dining chair. Ammijaan turned her face towards me and when she saw me watching her buttocks, she smiled and while still walking to kitchen, she brought her one hand to her butt and scratching her ass crack as if scratching an itch, she scratched in her ass crack and pulled the wedged cloth out from her ass.

She smiled towards me, as if to show that she knew what I was watching and as if to give me assurance that there was nothing to worry and she was not annoyed and had even enjoyed the little sexy game we both had played just now.

She went to kitchen and unable to control myself I rushed to bathroom to give my cock a much needed beating.

I was so near my climax that I could move my hand only 2 times on my cock that it climaxed and juts and juts of my thick cock juice spurted out from the cock hole. It was perhaps the most intense orgasm in the last 10 days as my cock was so hard since morning or rather many days because of the intentional teasing of my own Ammijaan.

Having spent my pent up sexual frustration in the bathroom I went to my bedroom and fell on it like a dead wood and kept sleeping till evening.

I woke up at night and had my dinner. The evening was uneventful, with my mother giving me usual glimpses of her cleavage and her swaying ass through her thin and translucent maxi.

In the morning, I woke up late, at about 9. As it was Sunday, so Ammijaan also did not woke me up, as I was not to go to college. I did my usual morning chores and after bath I went to kitchen to have my breakfast. After breakfast I went to drawing room and started watching television.

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