One More for Dinner

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Nicky and I had been friends and next door neighbors for what seemed like forever. A few weeks before my eighteenth birthday Nicky asked me one day if I wanted to spend the night at her place. “Sure sounds fun, we can make popcorn and catch the MTV music awards,” I replied.

“See ya later, then,” Nicky said as we headed off for our last classes of the day.

After school that day we put our books away in our lockers for the weekend and headed to her house. For a couple hours up in her room we chatted on the phone to other friends and played around with different clothes and make-up. Then we heard Nicky’s ma calling us for dinner so we went down and ate dinner. We offered to do the dishes before we made ourselves comfortable in front of the TV in the den.

“Cool, all done, lets go catch the awards,” Nicky said as I dried and put away the last dish. “I’ll go get some popcorn and sodas while you spread out our sleeping bags, OK?” Nicky asked as we made our way back upstairs to get into our pajamas and grab our bedding.

“Wow, that was awesome, I can’t believe Beyounce got three awards,” I said as we turned off the TV and settled back onto our sleeping bags.

Nicky propping herself up on her elbow said, “I know, But I wish Eminem had won more awards though.

“Yeah me too,” I responded back.

Her next question shocked the ataşehir escort bayan hell out of me though as she asked me, “Hey, you ever had oral sex before?”

“No not really,” I said awkwardly

“It’s pretty much the same with a guy or a girl, better though that you can’t lose your virginity or get pregnant,” Nicky informed me. “So ya wanna try it with me?” She asked. Hmm OK I thought, I could try a new experience. Nothing like two bored teenagers on a Friday night.

“Sure,” I said.

Nicky smiled then, “OK lay back and spread your legs.” I wiggled onto my back on my sleeping bag and parted my legs slightly. I jumped a little as she slid my pajama bottoms off. “Mmmm you’re gonna love this,” I heard her murmur as her head dipped down toward the slit between my legs. I nearly hit the ceiling as I felt her warm wet little tongue slip between my lips and begin to lick inside my folds. I was laying there moaning softly in the middle of their den as Nicky licked my pussy until my clit was hard and throbbing.

Meanwhile Nicky’s dad had been walking by the den and saw a beam of light from under the door. Are those girls still up talking he thought as he pushed the door open a crack, prepared to tell us lights out. Everything froze, his movements, his thoughts as he stood there and took in the sight of his daughter engaged escort kadıköy in oral sex. He didn’t know what to do, he kept thinking he should yell, but it was two girls. As he continued to watch his little girl’s tongue licking the glistening pink crotch of the little girl from next door he felt his cock start to harden. God he was gonna burn in hell he thought but he was mesmerized by the sight. It was like having a live porn show right here in the middle of his den.

It wouldn’t hurt anything if he just watched he thought and relieved himself here in hallway. God it was so erotic he thought as he watched his daughter lick that wet, hairy piece of snatch. His cock was already leaking sticky precum as he pulled it out of his boxers. He stood there for a while jacking his throbbing hard on as he watched out in the hallway.

he figured they wouldn’t even hear or see or him they were so taken with what was going on between them. I’ll just sit on couch, nothing wrong with that, he thought. It had been getting uncomfortable standing in the hallway trying to peer threw the tiny crack in the door. Mmm that’s better he thought as he relaxed back on the couch, took his throbbing cock out of his boxers and began stroking his erection again.

He didn’t even realize at first his daughter had said anything to him, he was so intent on jerking bostancı escort his cock. Then her words came threw into his aroused brain. “Mmmm that’s it daddy jerk that cock,” She had said huskily. Oh yeah Nicky was completely aroused now herself as she crawled over my body and told me to lick her pussy too.

It was so arousing to watch Nicky’s dad pump that shaft of his as we laid their sucking and licking each other’s pussy. We could both feel our bodies tingling as we neared our peaks. Nicky’s dad was now jerking his cock harder than ever as precum practically ran from the tip. Nicky thought she’d try and help him along as she said, “Mmm you wanna fuck this tight little slut, don’t ya? ” She then took her fingers and spread my lips wider so her dad could see too as she rolled her tongue and began fucking my wet little hole. I thrust my tongue up into her pussy then too. All three bodies were jerking and moaning. Then all control was lost as I heard Nicky say to her dad, “Oh God come fuck your little whore.” I looked over to see Nicky’s dad rise up off the couch and walk over towards us. There he stood with the head of his cock touching his daughter’s pussy lips as I licked her clit.

“Oh yeah!” he growled as he shoved his massive cock into her tiny little snatch. Burying it in her wet folds he began to pump her furiously. “Cum on daddy’s cock,” I heard him say as I felt Nicky’s body stiffen. She screamed into my pussy as she sucked my clit into her mouth pushing me over the edge. I spasmmed so hard as I watched Nicky’s dad’s balls from underneath tighten as he filled her juicy little cunt full.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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