Out of the Whiteness Ch. 06

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This is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers, etc., are not mentioned unless part of the sexual activities.

All participants in sex are over the age of 18.

This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.


When Adriana collapsed to the floor, Mum and Becky pulled themselves out from under. They cuddled together on the floor catching their breaths.

I wanted, no, needed to fuck the sexpot Adriana again. And again. I would force myself though to wait until I had accomplished my goals with her teenaged twin cheerleader daughters. I had to remember this was just foreplay.

Giving all three mothers time to recuperate, I was able to turn my focus back to the pair of teenaged cheerleaders currently sharing my bed. Since I had lost my momentum with them, I decided to go back to basics.

With a grip on their long raven coloured hair, I conveyed my wish that I wanted them to move back up the bed. I started kissing Athena. Again, she wanted to start with that platonic style of kissing but I soon put an end to that. My tongue forced its way past her closed lips and into her mouth.

Arya, in the meantime, was laying half across me, gently rubbing my balls, watching closely what her sister and I were doing. Athena seemed to remember the earlier lessons as her tongue moved into action.

Athena’s lips tightened against mine. Her tongue slid between my parted lips and into my mouth. The girl was much better at kissing than she was at sucking cock. Great.

We were engaged in French kissing, an occupation the girl excelled at. Her tongue was not like a weapon. Just a soft growth seeking something to rest against or upon. She used her tongue along the insides of my mouth, the backs of my teeth, and on my tongue. The kisses were gentle and relaxing.

I pulled Athena tighter to me. Arya seemed to dislike my focus on her sister as she asserted her dominance once again. The second twin took hold of my chin in order to drag my lips away from her sister’s.

Kissing the two teenagers was quite different. Both were very good and seemingly well practiced at making out. Yet each sister was quite different. Where Athena was soft and endearing, Arya was much more forceful.

Arya’s mouth approached mine allowing her teeth to pull out on my lips. Just going with it, I didn’t pull back when her teeth began a series of small nibbles and bites of my lips. Sometimes she bit harder than others causing little bouts of, not pain really, and not hurtful, but something I just don’t have the words for. Excitement maybe?

Her tongue in my mouth was completely different than her sister’s oral probing. Arya was again forceful and she dueled with my tongue. There was a small battle in my mouth.

To my surprise though, Arya was willing to share with her sister. Still with her tongue in my mouth, she groped around until she found Athena’s head. Arya pulled her twin’s face to mine and somehow conveyed to her that Athena was to nuzzle and lick my jaw and neck.

However it was accomplished, I was enjoying these two cheerleaders making out with me. They were doing such a good job of it that my cock was hard again. Still, I wanted more from these little beauties.

I slipped the arm I had around each and pushed on their shoulders until they were both laying out across my body. I could feel the rise and fall of their tits as they breathed in and out. Once happy with their positioning, I slid my hands back down until I had their tight little butts cupped in my hands.

This was heaven to me. Two nubile teenagers lying on my body and their asses in my hands. Despite Arya’s not wanting to share my mouth, I was the decision maker here. That being said, I pulled my mouth away from Arya in order to share my lips with her sister.

Going back and forth from one to the other was like night and day. Athena so soft and inviting. Arya hard and challenging. I don’t know which of the two I preferred so I continued going back and forth while the pair continued rubbing their tits across my chest and caressing my face. One place I did not need to choose a winner was on their asses. My hands could discern no difference between their bums. Both were prominent, toned, and firm.

Although my cheerleaders kept their hands busy, neither was doing anything with my hard cock. Making out with them and caressing their asses was keeping me hard yet I still wanted escort bostancı more. Greedy bastard that I am.

On the verge of giving them instructions on how to treat my cock, my attention was diverted by the return of the mothers. My mum was laying spread out on the couch beside the bed while Adriana and Becky had taken up positions on either side of the bed.

The two gorgeous older women were still wearing their slightly rumpled but still extremely attractive lingerie. Their bodies were stunning. I could only gaze at them one at a time since my head was constantly being turned one way or the other by the daughters.

I didn’t feel I wanted to give them verbal instructions since that would take me out of the makeout session with the teenagers. Of course, though, that didn’t stop me from instructing the mothers. Almost immediately their hands joined mine on the cheerleaders’ asses.

The mothers joined me in rubbing and caressing their daughters’ buns. In a moment, they inched their hands in position to pull the daughters’ panties down and off. They also flipped the extremely short skirts up, leaving the girls’ asses fully open to the air and my groping hands.

Although I had my hands on a number of different asses since my eyes had reopened, none of them compared to the two bums I was currently fondling and groping. Their skin was so smooth, so hot, so tight and firm. Their mothers had great asses too but nothing compared to the daughters. Age definitely made a difference.

But, just feeling those asses was not enough to keep my mind’s eye occupied. I wanted to see more. I wanted to see something different. Watching two teenagers was not going to be enough.

“Ladies,” I began, saying to the mothers, “I want to see their tits.”

Without any hesitation, the pair of mothers pulled the daughters up to their knees. The girls silently obeyed their mothers pushing and pulling them into the proper positions.

Reaching around from behind them, Adriana and Becky began to unbutton the fastenings on their tops. Each mother watched the other’s hands so their unbuttoning was in tandem. One by one, button by button, the mothers were revealing their babies’ tits to my devouring gaze.

I was entranced by the matching cleavages. I couldn’t even begin to decide which looked better. Finally, their tops were removed and tossed carelessly on the floor. No doubt of it, the girls had been dressed in lingerie for my viewing pleasure.

Granted that all I could see at this point were their bras but they were extremely sexy. Again, going with matching styles but different colours, their bras were quite sheer. I could make out the outlines of their boobs without giving myself eye strain. Both girls were excited as evidenced by their rock hard nipples poking through the silky material. Although their boobs were smaller than Adriana’s tits, the cheerleaders’ nipples rivaled those of their mother. They were large around, thick, and, obviously, rock hard. Even though still covered somewhat by their bras, it was a mouth watering sight.

“Play!” I commanded.

There was no hesitation on the parts of the four women. Athena and Arya leaned forward to launch a new make out session. I watched as they caressed each other eventually ending up caressing the other’s tit. There was a surprise soon enough though as I saw four hands on each pair of boobs, Adriana and Becky having joined in.

All the hands molded and caressed their respective tits. The girls had their heads back, long hair streaming down their backs as they reveled in the sensations they were feeling. Becky and Adriana were dealing with those bodies as they would girlfriends, not their daughters.

Each of the older bombshells was pinching nipples while nuzzling the girls’ necks and kissing their jawlines. They seemed to be trying to crane their necks far enough around to kiss the younger girls. They all seemed so comfortable with one another that I felt I had to search their memories to see if anything like this foursome had happened prior to this occasion.

Giving up the girls’ mouths, I focused on their tits as well. Of course, one hand on each body meant the teenagers were receiving equal time from me. Although, truth be told, I couldn’t be so sure they even noticed me since Bex and Adriana were using their hands, lips, and tongues to drive the girls crazy.

I had to push hands away to get mine on those boobs. I wanted the nipples specifically. I wanted ümraniye escort to pinch them, to pull them, to get my lips and even my teeth on them. I was so turned on, my cock was literally aching. I would have put my hand or hands on it if they weren’t so busy playing with nipples.

I conveyed my distress to my mother who was fully occupied devouring the scene before her with her eyes. There was no hesitation though as she sauntered to the end of the bed before climbing on it. She lay down with her head on my thigh and her hands on my dick. Ahhh, a mother’s love is a wonderful thing.

Mum’s gentle caresses of my balls and her tongue lightly licking its way up and down my shaft were enough to diminish the aching need I had been feeling by some small degree. Enough to allow me to turn my full attention back to the other four women.

Foremost in my mind at this point were those nipples. Big and hard, sticking straight out like pencil erasers, their allure was being hidden by the groping of all the hands, mothers’ and daughters’.

Doing my best to force my way into contact with them, I pushed and even slapped the competitive hands out of the way. Part of my problem was that I was attempting to get to both teenagers at the same time and seemed to be lacking in sufficient coordination.

Finally, it sank into my sex addled brain that I could only work on one girl at a time. Arya was my first choice. Pushing Becky’s hands out of the way, I moved in on my target tits using both hands. To my surprise, Becky began to move in collaboration with me. Her hands slipped under Arya’s boobs and still standing behind her, Becky held up her step daughters boobs for my inspection.

Not wasting time, I grabbed Arya’s nipples. Finally, on target, I pulled them, I pinched them, I licked them, I sucked them. Those nipples were everything I could have asked for. In fact, I had asked for them. Arya was moaning as I toiled over her tits.

Adriana, seeing what Becky had been doing, her offering of those young, firm boobs to me, put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards her other’s daughter’s tits. As I moved closer, she mimicked Becky by holding them up in an offering to me.

While in between daughters and breasts, I had to acknowledge Mum’s efforts on my cock. She was still caressing my stones but by this time, she had the head of my cock in her mouth. Mum was not in a hurry as she ran her tongue around the tip of my cock. Her hand that was not on my balls was stroking my shaft very gently and slowly.

It was odd that I felt no urge to speak to the other four women in my sexual odyssey but I needed to assure Mum.

“Mum, that is so fucking good. You are the best a son could ever hope for.”

Mum hummed a response further hardening my straining dick. She smiled around my cock.

There could be no wasting of the other women though. I also was not too concerned with Athena’s nipples by this time. Playing with her twin had satisfied that craving.

Thankfully, the bed in the VIP room was large enough for all of us. I instructed the mothers to roll their daughters onto their backs and to climb on top.

Then with my mother still worshipping my cock, I watched as Adriana move between Athena’s legs and Becky between Arya’s. A further command and the mothers were soon doing their own oral worshipping. Of the daughter’s breasts.

I had to direct this scene more than I really wanted as the twins wrapped their hands around their mothers’ heads, plastering their breast against their willing mouths and lips. But, doing this blocked my view.

Even though Mum was getting slightly more energetic with my cock and balls, bringing me along the path to me cumming, I still wanted the visual stimulation of seeing what mothers and daughters were experiencing.

Each of the girls removed their hand and arm closest to me from the back of their mothers’ heads. Lying flat on my back, I was able to watch each mother and daughter duo playing together. This position additionally served to allow my mother better access to my cock.

Mum was so good at what she was doing. She had moved from just holding my cock head in her mouth to deep throating me. She was taking all of me into her mouth. I could feel her throat grabbing my dick as Mum tightened up by making a swallowing motion. Gawd, my mother was a great cocksucker.

Seeming like a choreographed routine, both daughters let go of their mother’s heads in order to allow kartal escort bayan their outside arms to travel down their mothers’ backs to their asses. By craning my neck, I could see the younger hands molding, shaping, and caressing the asses. One at a time, they slid their hands underneath their mothers’ panties in order to continue their groping and fondling. The moms in turn kept up the same actions except for substituting their lips and mouths as found appropriate.

These women were turning me on so much even despite Mum’s best efforts to keep my dick just below the boiling point. She was still deep throating me. Still squeezing my rod with her throat muscles. Getting prepared to milk me.

Deciding I wanted to see the girls in action instead of just on the receiving end, I gave silent directions to them all. The mothers released both the daughters as well as their own breasts from the confines of their bras. Now that was a glorious sight.

Very quickly the two mother and daughter duos arranged themselves in a sixty nine position. Again, as if choreographed, four tongues moved out towards labia between tight firm thighs. I was surprised at how much this affected me.

Mum wasn’t just deep throating me any longer. She was immersed in sucking her son’s cock to the best of her ability. Mum was swallowing my shaft whole until I was back at her throat. As she pulled back, Mum gave me the best imitation of a hoover as she could.

I felt like my sperm was coming to a full boil. It was not going to take Mum much more effort before I would begin to pump her mouth full of that sperm. And, that was not what I wanted.

“Mum, I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” I almost gasped out.

Her smile widened around my cock but she lessened the tightness of her sucking mouth. Having established that much control over her without resorting to mental commands, I turned back to my other women.

Rolling first to one side and then the other, I was entirely focused on what was going on with first one duo and then the other. I’m not sure who was putting in the most effort, mothers or daughters. I think the cheerleaders were far more expressive though as their moans and groans of passion, the trilling sounds emerging from their lips were far louder than the similar sounds their mothers were making.

The closer they came to individual orgasms, the more my sperm bubbled and churned. I knew I would be cumming soon but I was sure my mother would not drain my cock into her sucking mouth.

In moments, the daughters reached the brinks of their own orgasms. The yips and yikes they were letting out increased my own rising level of sperm.

“Mum, I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” I gasped out without bothering to look in her direction.

She was letting go of her oral suction hold on me, sliding up my body. She wanted to see the multiple orgasms that were overtaking all the women at this point.

I didn’t pay any attention when Mum leveraged herself upwards to get a better view. I was much too busy admiring the young girls as their orgasms took over their bodies. Although I was really fighting to keep from cumming myself, I was getting more and more excited knowing I would be fucking the teenaged twats shortly.

Mum put her hand on my dick, squeezed hard in an attempt to hold back the cum then threatening to bubble out. Still not looking at her, I watched the two mothers licking and sucking the tender pussies above their faces.

And, that was when she did it. Mum swiftly threw a leg across me and was, in mere seconds, sliding down my rock hard pole. Her pussy was so tight, she was able to lock down on me. I began to squirt into my mother’s demanding cunt. Ropes of cum spurted out of me bathing my mother’s now orgasming cunt.

There was no stopping me from cumming inside my mother. There was no stopping the cheerleader daughters from cumming on their mother’s faces. Everyone was cumming.

“Moooooooom,” I bleated out.

Well, folks, this is the finale of this series. The further into it I got, I realized I really didn’t like Rick. I couldn’t figure out how to make him more likeable considering the circumstances.

If I am ever tempted to revisit this story line, I will be able to do it as a fresh start once the family has returned home. I enjoyed writing about the mothers all together in the last chapter but not so much with the daughters in this one. Sorry if I have disappointed anyone.

Writing the story of Rick’s development has become more and more a chore. The readers weren’t seeming to enjoy it either as determined by the votes and lack of comments. So, I’m taking the unspoken suggestions to put an end to this one.

For those of you who did, thanks for reading.

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